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You know those days that just sort of breeze past, I like to think of them as ‘Dining Table Days’. Mostly because you wake up, then you are sitting at the table eating dinner.

Nothing happens, the day just disappears and you realise that it’s nearly over. The day this story starts wasn’t a Dining Table Day, it was something else entirely.

I woke up, slowly, it as a Saturday. No one likes to get up early on a Saturday, and when you are married and have a child who doesn’t play Saturday morning sport, slow wake up are a priority.

The wife decided she was going to head out early to meet friends and left before my daughter was awake.

I dragged myself downstairs for coffee and didn’t expect to see or hear anything from her until midday. So, when, “Help! Mum! I need you!” was yelled from her bedroom, I was shocked and worried.

Running through the house I didn’t stop to think, “Why did she just call for her mother?” If I had, then this Saturday would have been a Dining Table Day.

Throwing open the door I looked around for my 19-year-old daughter, “Nancy, what’s wrong?” I called into the room. “Dad? Where’s Mum?” came the reply from the side of the bed.

I still couldn’t see her so I walked around the side to see what was wrong. Big mistake. My quiet, bookish daughter was on her hands and knees with a vibrator.

“Jesus, Nancy! I mean. Sorry. I’ll leave you alone. Fuck…” I said, trying not to look at the writhing girl on the ground.

“Sorry dad. I fell off the bed and didn’t know what to do. That’s why I called mum, it wouldn’t be as awkward then,” she said. Nodding while looking at the ceiling, “Why did you need your mother? Have you broken something?” I asked. She grunted, hopefully in pain, terrible father. “I don’t know, I think I tweaked my back, I can’t move…” she said.

“Ok… well, what can I do?” I asked, continuing to stare at the ceiling.

She sighed, “I need you to take it out… and help me back on the bed,” she görükle escort said, “I’m sorry dad, I didn’t want you to see me like this.” She seemed to be on the verge of tears.

I can do this, I’m just helping my daughter… just don’t think about it… it’s like she’s got a… a really big, pink, vibrating splinter.

“Oh, and dad,” she started.

“Yes…?” I replied. “Don’t move it to much… I’m really, really close,” she said, going scarlet. “Jesus, Nancy! No more talking alright? Let’s just get this done and never talk about it again. Please?” I said.

She just nodded. Alright.. let’s pull the vibrator out of my daughter… who coincidentally is about to cum.

What could go wrong. I tentatively put out my hand and gripped the base of the… really wet vibrating toy. Nancy moved slightly and had to stifle a moan. “Sorry dad,” she mumbled after she had bitten her lip.

I started to pull it out and she moaned and slid back onto it. “Nancy?” I asked. “Sorry, just so fucking close…” she said and moaned again.

“Nancy!” I said again, loudly this time. She nodded and stopped moving back onto the toy.

I took a firmer grip and continued to pull it out, when my phone rang.

“Shit!” I said as I jumped and patted the pocked of my robe as Nancy fell onto the floor writhing and moaning. “Yes,” I said into the phone.

My wife replied, “Hey honey, everything all, right?” I just nodded dumbly, trying not to watch my daughter, “Sorry. Yes. I’m fine. Coming home soon?” I asked, staring at the ceiling again.

“I’ll be a while,” she replied, “I met up with some of the girls and I think we are going to go to a step class. Can you look after Nancy?

I’ll be home when we are done,” she said.

We both said our good byes and hung up. “Nancy? Are you alright?” I asked, bending down. “You pushed it in dad. Then as you let go you put the vibrating up to the max.

I’ve cum about 3 times on the floor!” she said, panting eskort bayan heavily. “Sorry honey. Here, I’ll get it out,” I said. She held up a hand and twitched a little, “4 times,” she said dreamily as a small amount of her juice squirted onto the toy.

She pushed her ass up in my direction and looked over her shoulder, “Slowly please,” she said. Sighing, I gripped the wet toy, my thumb sliding against the side of her lips and nearly going inside, then started to pull it out of her soaking vagina again.

“Oh god! Don’t stop dad! Don’t stop!” my daughter moaned as she flooded the toy and my hand with another orgasm. She flopped down onto the carpet again as I removed the offending… splinter.

“Thank you, daddy,” she slurred from the floor. I just nodded and looked away again. “Just… what do I do with this now?” I asked, thrusting the toy at her, “I’d say fuck me with it, but you already did that,” she said, quietly. “Nancy! Enough. This never happened,” I said, pushing the vibrator towards her again. She stood up quickly and took the toy in her mouth while looking up at me, “What has gotten into you?” I asked, regretting my choice of words instantly.

“You did,” she said, batting her eyelashes at me. Nodding, I turned to leave, looked down at my hand and looked around for somewhere to wipe… my daughter’s vaginal juices off.

“What about your back?” I asked, thoroughly confused. She just winked and replied, “Orgasms fix sore backs daddy.

Oh no, did I make a mess?” she asked, making her eyes go wide. Then she bounded forwards and before I could stop her, proceeded to lick each of my fingers and the back of my hand while looking up at me.

“See daddy, I like to clean up after myself,” she said, then gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed for the bathroom. “Hope mum gets home soon to take care of that,” she said, pointed at my crotch, then she was gone.

Reaching down I brushed the front of my sleeping boxers and altıparmak escort saw that she was right, Mary-Anna had better be home soon.

I spent the rest of the morning trying to keep as far away from my daughter as possible, who, for her part had decided that our morning adventure had opened a weird door in our relationship.

Now she felt it was alright to parade around with as little clothing on as possible and masturbate with her door open. When Mary-Anne came home it was in the middle of one of Nancy’s many morning orgasms.

“What’s going on?” my wife asked. I gulped, “Hun, after you left… well, something happened,” I said, then told her the whole story.

“Did you fuck her?” my wife asked. “Fuck her? Nancy?” I replied, shocked. “Of course. I fucked her when I caught her masturbating, she was terrible! I like to think she has learnt a few things since then. I didn’t think she was into older men… interesting. Do you want to fuck her?” she asked, coming towards me.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement, “You… with Nancy? What? No?” I blubbered.

“Honey,” she started, while running her hand over the front of my pants, “Oh my! You were always a sucker for a woman with a toy,” she said, dropping to her knees and taking me in her mount.

I let her go until I couldn’t take it, I pulled out of her mouth, pulled her to her feet and bent her over the kitchen counter, “I knew you’d fuck me soon enough. Didn’t think it,” I pulled down her yoga pants, “would take you,” I thrust inside her wet vagina, “this… long,” she finished.

“That’s not fair mum!” said a voice from the doorway, we both looked over to see a very naked, very flushed Nancy watching us.

“Oh, hello honey. I hear you had a fun morning teasing your father. Don’t you stop now,” she said looking at me over her shoulder.

Nancy nodded, “Don’t stop daddy, she doesn’t like it when you stop fucking her, she gets angry. She spanks me when I stop,” she said, smiling at her mother, “so I stop a lot.”

Mary-Anne laughed, “You bad… oh… girl!” then moaned, “Faster!” so I did what I was told.

Definitely not a Dining Table Day.

This could be Part 1… or it could be the entire thing, depends on if it is well received.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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