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Laura was nervous. It was one thing to fantasize about bedding a man not your husband, but actually doing it was much more difficult. Following several months of erotic exchanges on the dance floor she had invited a man to meet for sex at her home while her husband was out of town. Reality set in, being alone and naked with a man 25 years younger than she would be different than dancing and rubbing on a dance floor surrounded by a crowd of inebriated others.

She was confident in her appearance born from the looks men gave her when in the public eye. But she was almost fifty and her body was not as firm as it once was. What would he think when they were totally naked together? Should she undress alone and then ask him to come to bed? What if he didn’t like her? No, this was becoming a lot tougher. She should have just clung to the erotic fantasies that evolved from a few minutes dancing, the touch of his hands, the feel of his hard cock on her belly and hip, his coarse erotic comments that had thrilled and aroused her.

They had agreed to meet in the parking lot behind the local hotel. She would drive up without parking and he would jump into the back seat and lay down. He would remain down until they were safely in her garage at home with the door closed.

It was a very cold winter night, the clear sky brightened only by starlight. She backed out of the driveway and onto the street nervous and wondering how many neighbours were peeking. No doubt one of them would be Beth her best friend and co-conspirator with whom she had confessed her obsession of this young miner and who had helped her plan this assignation.

Her side and rear windows frosted up quickly in the minus 40 degree temperatures the snow creaking under her tires. It was a ten-minute drive and by the time she turned into the hotel parking lot she was hoping that her potential lover would not appear. What the hell, this was not even close to a fantasy. There was very little romantic about this rendezvous.

Alas, he was standing there huddled up in a heavy parka, head pulled into the hood with shoulders hunched against the freezing cold. He looked like a spy at a drop point. He was in the back seat in seconds and Laura quickly drove out the other side of the lot. No sound until she heard over her shoulder, “Hi, how are you?”

She burst out laughing, all this drama and the planned erotic coupling starting out with a ‘Hi, how are you?’

Mark joined the laughter from the back seat and said, “I had no idea how to greet you. Last night I was imagining all the moves I would make when we were alone and now I’m lying in the back seat of a car in freezing weather and can only see the back of your parka!”

Laura was relieved somewhat although still quite nervous and said, “Despite all my plans and schemes now that we are alone it all seems too real. Don’t worry I’ll settle down soon but at least we can laugh now.”

His muffled reply was, “Nothing happens you don’t want to happen Laura. It will only be good if you really want it to be good.”

Laura turned the car into her driveway got out and hoisted the overhead door and eased the car into the garage. She said, “Stay down until I close it.” As she moved to the doorway she peered out at the few houses visible but high snow banks provided some cover and she did not notice anyone peeking out of windows. She pulled the big door down.

Mark scrambled out of the car and followed her as she opened the door to the house. Wordless, they removed their heavy clothes and kicked off their snow boots. Mark followed her down a stairway to a rec room.

Laura was still not relaxed and showed it. She turned to him standing a few feet distant and said, “I thought we might pick up where we left off at the last party. I’ll pour some wine, start some music, and we can dance,” a pause then nervously, “first.”

He smiled easily and said, “Sounds like a plan, a little wine will warm us up.” He knew that he was going to get laid. His mind was already picturing her pussy between those long legs, just waiting for him to slide it in her.

Laura went behind the counter of a small bar, poured wine from a recently opened bottle into two glasses and then reaching down to start up the music and lower the lighting lending the room a more seductive tone. A fireplace at one end shed a flickering orange light.

She remained behind the bar as Mark moved to the other side and toasted her with his wine glass. He leaned across the counter-top for a first kiss. She met him half way as their lips engaged softly for several seconds before parting. Laura knew that she could do this.

She moved around the bar and into his arms. Their bodies melded as their mouths met hungrily. She wrapped her arms around his neck while his hands roamed from her hips to the side of her breasts and back down to circle behind her and clasp each ass cheek in a big miner’s hand. She felt his cock begin to stiffen and she shamelessly pasted her mound rize escort against it. They were already back to where they had left off at the last party.

They began to dance to the silky soft strains of “Unforgettable”. But they were really dancing to their own music, bodies totally tuned to the others, reacting to a rub or a touch, pressed together as if trying to enter the others’ body through the pores.

Laura whispered, “I loved our dances. I thought of them always. They were magic. All I could think of was being alone with you like this.”

Mark replied, “My hands were almost beyond my control and especially the last time when you told me that you had removed your panties.”

Laura said, “I want you,” she paused, “to take my panties off tonight.” Their bodies melded as their mouths met in a rage of tongues and lips. They held each other by the ass, bodies grinding together, a green light for whatever would follow.

Laura pushed back a bit, “We should slow down. I’m still nervous about being naked with you. I want to ease into it. There is a robe for you in the bathroom and one for me in the bedroom. We can strip and then come back for one more dance.” A pause and then, “Leave your shorts on.”

Mark was relaxed despite the burning urge to fuck her there on the dance floor and said, “Beat you back!” He kissed her and moved quickly to the bathroom to change.

He did beat her back, but not by much. He was at the bar sipping his wine when she reappeared in a silky black robe that complimented her alabaster white skin. He followed her with his eyes as she approached. She seemed quite relaxed and ready for anything. God he wanted to fuck her. She stood about two feet from him waiting for his next move.

He tugged the waistband of her robe, his eyes fixed on hers until the robe fell open revealing her almost naked body she wearing only black lace mini-panties. Her tits were quite small, nipples black in the orange light, her long legs terminating at slim hips and tight waist accentuated by an appealing thigh gap.

He mumbled, “You are gorgeous Laura.”

She stood there mesmerized, relieved that he could not take his eyes from her exposed body. She said, “I’m so glad, I was afraid you might not like me, my boobs are not very big and sag a bit and I have narrow hips like a cowboy. Touch me.”

She shuddered as his hand caressed a tit while rolling the nipple between his big fingers, her pussy tightened and cramped and she closed her eyes to better savour the urgency in her lover. His hand moved to the other breast and repeated the caress.

He loved the feel of her skin and continued his exploration of this woman he had once thought was beyond his reach. His hands went to her sides, starting at the swell of her breast, his fingers clasped behind her back and slipped down to her hips. He pulled her close until their hips were welded together, his fully erect cock crammed against her belly. He cupped her cheeks, fingers exploring under the hem of her panties and then sliding under the cloth to meet in the crack of her butt. Her mouth was wide open as his tongue circled between her gums and teeth before twisting around hers. They took turns sucking the others tongue.

He stepped back a bit, needing to see her in total and pushed her panties down around her ass cheeks and hips. He needed to see her pussy and her crotch and her bush and the tip of her slit, the ultimate objective. His cock ached in anticipation.

She stepped out of her panties and her eyes rose to meet his. She murmured, “My turn now. I might faint, my heart is pounding, your hands drive me wild. I can barely stand upright.” She reached over to grasp his stiff cock through his shorts.

He was so hard and so long that his knob had caught up under his waistband jutting outward at an acute angle to his belly. She had to lift the waistband up and over the end of his cock to free it. Her hands were shaking as she pulled it out. She had imagined this moment while using her dildo on many mornings since they first had met on the dance floor. It was all she had expected and more. It felt like a steel rod covered with hot velvet skin. It had been some years since she had felt one so hard. She circled her thumb smoothly around his knob and revelled in his reaction.

She could not stop caressing it and Mark groaned, “Laura, please, you are close to ending it right about now!”

She giggled, “Sorry, don’t want to waste any of it.” She was already in that nether world with thoughts of him only in her mind. She sank to her knees as she pulled his shorts down over his heavily muscled thighs and calves. She pressed her head against his shaft and rubbed her face on it before standing up once more. They embraced with robes open, their sex-starved bodies merging into one.

They began to dance their fantasy turning to reality with his cock in between her legs and her juicy pussy sliding back and forth along escort rize the top of it in time to the music.

He said, “Do you want me to tell you what I am going to do to you? This is not a dream or a wish Laura, I’m really going to do it to you.”

“Please,” Laura groaned, “this is so hot. You have a beautiful cock; I can feel it in me already. You are going to fuck me soon aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah,” Mark said, “But only after you have been properly prepared. I haven’t even put my fingers in your pussy yet, or my tongue, haven’t sucked your nipples, we haven’t even kissed that much yet. A woman as beautiful as you has to be worshiped first.”

He backed her toward the bar and lifted her to sit on a padded stool. She leaned backward, bracing herself on her elbows as he pulled the robe wide open. He kissed her mouth, behind her ears and down her neck, finally nuzzling between her breasts. He pushed his lower body between her legs spreading her wide. His belly rubbed up against the wet gash of her slit.

He moved his mouth back and forth from one nipple to the other, increasing the suction with each move until the nipples jutted out like little fingers. Laura’s eyes were closed, her head sideways with her chin on her shoulder, totally surrendering to his touches. He pulled her butt closer to the front edge of the stool, allowing his hard shaft to press against her pussy lips. His head moved between her breasts where he applied some suggestive vertical licks as if tonguing her pussy. Laura understood and used one hand to press his head down along her belly as his tongue danced and swirled on her skin.

She groaned in sweet agony as he lashed her slit from bottom to top with his full tongue, pressing her hips forward begging for more. He worked his tongue to her clit while she felt him rubbing her pussy lips between his thumb and forefinger. He straightened up and leaned in for a pussy-flavoured kiss, finger fucking her as he did.

“Take me to bed Mark, hurry,” she cried.

“In a minute baby, in a minute,” he muttered. He pulled back a bit and lifted his cock up to massage her slit with his swollen knob. “Been dreaming of this, can’t wait,” he groaned and pressed his knob hard against her pussy. She did not pull back wanting to feel it in her as badly as he wanted to put it in.

“Ah,” she cried as she felt his knob enter between her lips. She involuntarily clamped behind the knob. She leaned back on both elbows to keep from falling off of the stool. But she need not have worried as one of Mark’s big hands held her by the ass and pulled her to him as he worked a few inches of cock into her.

He felt her gradually relax, her vagina opening up to receive more. He was able to gain almost full entry with a few more strokes.

They paused, just enjoying the feel of each other, her tiny bush hairs mixing with his. She reached down and pulled her lips apart to feel her cunt lips against his skin, his balls tickling her ass.

They kissed slowly and Mark whispered, “Love your pussy Laura, feels even better than I dreamed, let’s just have a little more, maybe two or three strokes and then bed.” He pulled his cock back slowly. Laura looked down to see his long shaft and big knob emerge from her pussy lips. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned as he circled his knob and then slowly sunk it back into her. He dove back in two or three more times, Laura raising her legs to clamp behind his back, her body trembling in anticipation.

He pulled out abruptly to bend down and lift her in his arms while pushing her robe to the floor. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed with her head on the pillow. She lifted her knees up and spread wide.

She looked so perfect and wonderful, her gash of a pussy wide open and glistening in the soft light of a single bed lamp. His intense stare of appreciation set her mind at ease and she arched her hips up in shameless invitation.

He stood beside the bed, shrugging his robe off of his shoulders, his cock fully erect and hard and bent up like banana. His knob was swollen and purple, his shaft still moist. He climbed on the bed and settled in between her legs on his knees increasing the desperation that he read in Laura’s eyes. She reached down, needing to feel his shaft, pulling it towards her pulsing pussy, the inner lips shivering in a perfect circle.

She rubbed his knob in her squishy pussy lips, centering it on her opening, pulling at it, and desperately needing it back in her. “Take me now Mark, use me, anything, anything, my pussy is starving for it.”

Mark remained on his knees, lifted her ass up with one hand and slowly sunk his cock into her. He fucked her a bit, slow strokes, gradually increasing his speed and force. He needed to feel her body on his and tugged her down off the pillow before lowering down to crush his chest and belly on hers. The shift of focus to her pussy soon took over and it was the only thing that mattered in the rize escort bayan world as he savoured the feeling of it trying to twist his cock off of his body.

Laura was in that nether world totally oblivious to where she was or who was with her, her mind and body focused on the long shaft entering and leaving her body at a faster and faster clip. She got off in a frenzied orgasm, clamping her heels into the back of his thighs, biting at his shoulder while turning and twisting around the hard bone relentlessly penetrating her body.

Mark slowed a bit as Laura went rigid, and then as she relaxed he returned to a more moderate stroke, seeking only pleasure now, feeling her pussy relax and pulse around his shaft. The cum column had entered the base of his cock demanding release.

“Where do you want it Laura?” he panted, “In your pussy, your belly and tits, in your mouth, tell me.” His strokes increased again as he fought for control.

Laura said in a dream like voice, “I don’t care, anywhere you want, everywhere you want.”

He cupped his hands up under her shoulders, chinning himself on her body as he lost control, burying as deep into her as he could, jamming tight against her crotch to release two or three jets of hot cum. He laid on her totally spent, his cock still pulsing inside of her as she dug her fingernails into his hard butt.

He pushed up off of her, still buried, his eyes a little wild from the intense sex and groaned, “God Laura, that was as good as it gets.” He continued with achingly slow strokes, eking out every last ounce of pleasure. Her arms spread out as she slowly came back to this world. Her eyes closed and reopened several times as she nodded her agreement.

He rolled to his side and pulled her towards him, seeking her soft lips in a gentle kiss. He bowed down and licked her nipples, his wet cock rubbing her thighs and belly. Her nipples hardened again, jutting out as she luxuriated in his attention.

“Funny,” she murmured, “I was so afraid that you would not like my tits. I’ve always wished I had bigger ones like my friend Beth. Do you know her?”

He pulled his lips off a nipple and said, “Oh yes, Larry’s wife, don’t know her well but have danced with her a few times. You and she are always together at the parties. She has been blessed hasn’t she?”

Laura laughed, “That’s a good way to put it. She would like my slimmer hips and I would love a bit of her boobs. We often talk about it.”

“You are perfect just the way you are right now. And so is she, she is quite beautiful in her own way,” he said, “and both of you are very desirable.”

Laura continued the chat, “Does that mean that you would enjoy making love to her? She says that she has a real burn for you. I should tell you that she helped me plan this rendezvous. I told her how much I wanted to have sex with you.”

Mark had wondered where this conversation was going and now understood. He was being offered a chance to bed Beth as well. He said, “What man would not like to screw her? But right now I have you and I hope this night with you is not over.”

Laura leaned in and kissed him passionately, “We have more time, it is only 9:30 and I will want you again. I am all sticky now and want to wash off before we continue. You can use the shower down here if you want and let me go upstairs to my own bathroom to freshen up. Wait for me in the rec room.”

This was a little strange to Mark’s mind, but what the hell, he had loved the sex with Laura, was recovering from it already and a new start with clean fresh bodies was a good way to go. “Okay Laura,” he said, “I’m almost ready for more of you right now, so hurry please.”

Mark took his time showering and towelling as he suspected Laura would take her time. He combed his hair, pulled the robe on and drifted out to the rec room. She was sitting on a bar stool, but it wasn’t Laura.

Beth turned towards him as he entered the room. She did not look all that comfortable. She was usually a little brassy and loud, an attribute that Mark did not normally appreciate in a woman. But she looked shy and embarrassed now as she smiled weakly at him, obviously hoping the sight of her would please him.

If there had been any doubt about Laura’s comments earlier, it was obvious now. He had been set up. But any anger that might normally occur in his mind about being used without his knowledge was pretty well submerged under a flood of lust. She looked very alluring covered only by a white terry cloth robe with her breasts loose and lurching at every move of her body. One of Mark’s first requirements prior to making a move on any woman was that he had to be confident that she was interested in him. That was obvious right now and Mark knew that there was pussy available.

Mark moved up a few feet from Beth smiled and said, “What a nice surprise, Laura and I were just talking about you, and here you are!”

Beth released her breath. Brassy or not, she had been prepared for the worst. She said, “I know, this is crazy isn’t it, I’ve been sitting here wondering if I should just slink off.”

Mark said, “I’m glad that you didn’t. Slink off I mean.” He was warming to the idea but wanted her to be the prime mover, at least during the preliminaries.

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