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Hello, my name’s April. I’m a rather short (5’3″) brunette with a slender figure. At 19, I was still a virgin. Apparently, all of the guys were nervous about asking a blind girl out on a date, and it was all I could do not to ask some of them. However, even though I’d never had a cock introduced to my pussy before, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t experienced.

A year earlier, my friend from childhood had arranged for us to spend the weekend at her parents’ cabin in honor of my 18th birthday. In order to get ready, and to celebrate my new sexual freedom, I had gone to get a complete Brazilian wax done; gone was all of the hair that I had nervously trimmed beforehand. The feel my underwear without any barrier excited my beyond description, and kept me in a continual state of arousal for the rest of the day. I’d asked my friend to pick out some sexy clothes for me, including a new bikini, and was waiting for her at home to come and pick me up.

Allexa finally showed up, and convinced me to start trying on clothes in the living room.

First she brought out the usual cammi tops and short-shorts, then gave me a strapless mini-dress to try on. I wasn’t too sure about it, being only a 34A bust, but she said that if it slipped and I had to adjust, it would only add to the allure. It had a zipper running all the way up the front, and reached only from about the half-way point of my breasts to the top of my thighs. A pair of stilletto heals completed the ensemble. “Mmmmm, sexy” Allexa said, slapping my ass playfully. She then gave me a couple of mini-skirts and halter tops to try on, but I could think of nothing else after the dress. We decided that in order to maximize my chances of getting a guy sincan otele gelen escort that weekend, I would ride out to the cabin wearing one of the.

short skirts and a low-cut halter top whose V reached to the bottom of my cleavage, and one of the g-strings that Allexa had thoughtfully included. Allexa opted for an older pair of my gym shorts that fit so tightly she said that she could almost “read her own lips” and a camisole, then away we went.

After reaching the cabin and grabbing an early supper, we drove into the nearest town to see if we could pick up any guys. The places where teenaged girls could go were pretty limited, but Allexa assured me that we hit them all up. At each place, we had a lot of guys come up to us to chat, but they only ever flirted with my friend. Back at the cabin, I expressed my frustration to my friend. “Well, its certainly not because of your looks” she assured me. “You’re one of the hottest girls I know.”

I curled up on the couch tighter. “So what?” I complained, “none of the guys ever want to do anything except talk to me. That’s the only complaint I’ve really got in my life-not a single boyfriend.”

I felt her come over and sit on the couch beside me, and felt her arms slip around me. “Well, they were definitely wanting to see more of you tonight” Allexa told me. “There were a couple of times when your top slipped to the side and a bit of your breast was hanging out, and for most of the night your underwear was showing either above or below your skirt. I think that they’re just not wanting to take advantage of you. Tell you what, tomorrow night we’ll let them know that you’re ready and willing.”

The next night, sincan evi olan escort clad in the new minidress and a comfortable pair of flip-flops (in case it took a while for the studs to notice me), we headed back out. At the last minute, Allexa convinced me to leave my underwear at home. However, even though I danced with and kissed Allexa, none of the guys tried to pick me up, although I heard my friend turn down several offers. Riding silently back to the cabin, I retreated to my room and private bath to have a soak and a good cry. Evidently though, Allexa didn’t want me to be alone, because she found the key to the bathroom and joined me in the middle of some frustrated tears and masturbation. I heard her walk in, then stop abruptly. So did I, embarrassed beyond description. The longer my friend stood there, the more embarrassed and frustrated I got.

“A little privacy?” I snapped abruptly. I’d been so close to release too, my fingers working their habitual magic. I was about to say something again, when I heard the sound of clothes rustling and hitting the ground.

“God you’ve got a great body” Allexa breathed as I heard her kneel beside the tub. “I’ve always been jealous of how great your body looks.”

At this point, I was uncertain of what was going to happen, but her hands slowly began to trace around my sides, chest, and belly. All doubt was removed: my friend was about to sexually stimulate me.

Her hands slowly slid up and around and over my breasts, lightly carressing them as she began to outline a plan to get me laid. She began gently tugging at my nipples, slippery from the cooling water, occassionally nibbling at my ears or neck as my own sincan sarışın escort hands began again their familiar pleasing rituals. Gently down my slit, in around my vaginal opening, back up and over my clitoris, circling it and back down to slide inside. Having another’s hands on me was the best feeling I’d ever experienced, until I felt her mouth closing over my nipple. I moaned in pleasure, getting closer and closer to climax. Allexa’s hand joined mine in pleasing my nether regions, focusing on probing for my g-spot and allowing me to work on my clitoris.

I’m sure the water went all over the bathroom as I climaxed from these mutual administrations, but never got a chance to clean it up as Allexa led me out of the bathroom and to the bed. I willingly lay down, wondering what was going to happen next, until I felt her kissing and nibbling my thighs. As willing as I was for this, I didn’t want her to feel left out.

“Have you ever done anything like this to a girl before?” I whispered.

“No” she breathed against my hipbone. I pulled her up beside me on the bed so that we could learn together. Gently I kissed around her groin, feeling the tickle of her short pubic hair against my face. Slowly I traced my fingers around her labia, then spread them so that I could administer to her orally. I could feel her doing the same to me. As I licked her clitoris, she shuddered, then moaned in pleasure. Oh so slowly, I slid my middle finger into her waiting vagina, teasing its walls as I entered. Having already cum, I wasn’t sure if I would again, but sexually stimulating someone else increased the rate at which I normally climax. Just before going over the edge, I felt Allexa’s legs clamp around my head, pulling my face deeper into her pussy. As she began, I started my second orgasm of the night, moaning with pleasure and trying to get her face as deep in me as I could. We lay there gasping and trembling from the aftershocks, then cuddled up to spend the night together, naked, intwined, and happy.

…to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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