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When I first met my wife twelve years ago, her oldest niece, Janet, was only seven years old. I was 23, so I didn’t pay much attention to her. As she got older that started to change. By the time she turned 19, she had become a true knock-out. She had long blonde hair and big green eyes. She was about 5’7″ tall and couldn’t have weighed over 105lbs. Her ass was perfectly round and tight, and although her tits weren’t big, they were stunning. Since she wasn’t more then a B-cup and her tits still had their youthful perkiness, she had little use for a bra, and she seldom wore one. Her legs were long and toned, and she had a perfectly flat stomach that was accented by a cute little belly-ring.

She had gone to community college after High School, but then dropped out after the first semester. Since she couldn’t find a job paying over minimum wage, she still lived at home and I got to see her whenever we stopped over there. I always had a hard time keeping myself from staring at her tight little body. I could imagine doing nasty things to her, but I could never act on them, right? That’s where my story really starts…

It was October. My wife had decided to start taking classes towards her Master’s degree after work. Since she would go to class three nights a week, I would get bored after work. Once in a while, instead of going home, I would stop off at a local tittie bar. That’s exactly what I decided to do one Wednesday evening.

It was 5:30 when I got to the bar. It was still pretty empty in the place, since it was so early. I got a drink and took a seat at a table right next to the stage. I was sitting facing the stage and the bar was behind me.

I had been there for about half an hour and had watched a couple girls dance when a hot little number took the stage. She was really working it and was making me hot. Once she got down to her G-string I decided she deserved a tip. I walked up to the stage and put a bill in her G-string. She gave me a peck on the cheek and I turned around to go back to my table.

That’s when I noticed my little niece Janet sitting at the bar. She was talking to a dancer and the bartender. I wasn’t sure what to do. My first thought was that I didn’t want her to see me and tell anyone in the family that she had seen her Uncle hanging out in the strip bar. I had decided to sit back down and hope she left before she saw me. Just before I turned around to sit, she looked up at me.

I could tell by the look on her face that she was as surprised to see me in there as I was to see her. She hesitated for a moment and then walked over to me. She lowered her head a little as if she was ashamed and said “Uncle Ray, please don’t tell anyone you saw me here.”

The fact that she was worried about me telling someone she was there was a relief. “I’ll make you a deal. You don’t tell anyone I was here, and I won’t tell anyone you were here.”

“Deal” She said as she raised her head and smiled a little.

“What are you doing here anyway?” I asked her.

“Well, I’ve only been able to make minimum wage, and I can’t get my own place making that. I had met a couple of girls in school who danced, and they made good money.”

“I’m sure they do, and I’m sure you could too, but is this really what you want to do?” I was trying to ask the right questions, but my mind was racing. All I could picture in my mind was my hot little niece dancing on stage. I could feel my dick starting to stiffen a little just at the thought of it.

“I’ve come in here a few times now. I’ve talked to some of the dancers and the manager. He really wants me to dance here. I just haven’t been able to get up enough nerve to try it. I took the bus all the way here today. Could you give me a ride home, Uncle Ray?”

“Sure görükle escort bayan Janet, let’s go.” I put my arm around her and we walked out to my car. As we walked past the bar, the manager gave me the evil eye. He knew I was taking a huge money maker out of his club.

We got in the car, and started towards her house. I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t get the image of Janet up on stage, in nothing but a G-string, out of my head.

After a couple miles, Janet broke the silence. “Uncle Ray?”


“Could you do me a huge favor?”

“Listen, I promise I won’t tell anyone you were in there.”

“No, that’s not it. Like I said, I haven’t been able to get up enough nerve to actually try dancing in there. But I really think I would like to try it.”

“O.K.” I said, not really sure where this was going.

“So, I was kind of wondering…could I maybe try dancing for you?”

“What? Are you kidding me?” The question sincerely shocked me. I wasn’t sure what else to say.

“I mean, if I could get myself to dance for you, maybe that would help me get used to it. Plus, you’ve seen real strippers before. You could tell me if I’m any good.”

“I don’t know Janet, I just don’t think that’s right. I’m your Uncle.”

“Come on Uncle Ray, it would really help me out to see if I can do this. Aunt Cindy’s not even home tonight right? We could do it right now.”

At that point, my dick took over for my brain and I couldn’t do the right thing anymore. “Alright,” I said, “we’ll try it just this once.”

She smiled and then neither of us said a word until we got back to my house. It was almost 7:00. My wife, Cindy, wouldn’t be home until almost 10:00. We both got out of the car and she followed me into the house. I couldn’t believe this was going to happen.

“Why don’t you go into the den. Put on some music, and sit in your leather chair. I’ll be right in.” She turned around and took off her jacket. She was wearing a little short t-shirt, a pair of black tight cotton pants, and an incredible pair of pumps.

I went in and put on the closest thing I had to dance music. Then I sat down.

She came in a moment later and stood in front of me. She just stood still for about 30 seconds.

“Look, maybe this wasn’t a good idea.” I started to say.

“No, I want to see if I can do this or not.” And with that she started to sway her hips a little. She started really slow, just letting herself move with the music. She turned around, bent over a little and waved her ass at me. When she turned back around, her eyes were closed. Her hands were on her hips, and she started to slide them up her sides. She seemed to be starting to get into it as she brought her hands up to her tits.

She started to rub and squeeze her tits through her t-shirt. It became obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples hardened. She pinched each nipple with her fingers before she started to slide her hands back down her belly. When her hands made it to her waste she turned back around.

She bent over again and slowly started to slide her pants down. She was wearing a little red pair of boy shorts, which I think are even hotter then a G-string. Her ass looked perfect as she bent all the way over to get her pants down to her ankles. I could even see a little of the outline of her pussy as her shorts were pulled tight.

She stayed bent over as she stepped out of her pants. Then she started to slide her hands up the inside of her legs. They slid all the way up the inside of her thighs, and then her right hand continued up on to her ass, through her legs.

She lined her middle finger up with the crack of her ass, and then pushed the fabric of her boy shorts altıparmak eskort into it a little. She left her hand there for a second before she started to slide it down her ass towards her pussy. As she did, she kept the pressure on her finger, which pushed her shorts not only up into the crack of her ass, but into her pussy. She now had a beautiful “camel-toe” showing through her shorts.

She straightened back up, but stayed facing away from me. Then she raised her arms and lifted her t-shirt up over her head. She tossed the t-shirt aside and turned around. Her arms were still over her head as she swayed topless to the music.

Her tits were perfect. When I finally was able to take my eyes off of them, I saw she was watching me staring at her tits. She smiled as if she liked the way I was mesmerized by her. She lowered her eyes to my crotch, which was starting to show a significant bulge, then smiled at me again.

She got down on the floor and layed on her back. She was doing the standard stripper moves. Spreading her legs and pumping her hips, all the time rubbing her whole body with her hands.

Then she suddenly hooked her thumbs into the waist of her shorts and started to pull them down. All the strip clubs in our area were only topless, so I wasn’t sure why she was taking it to this level. But, there was no way I was going to stop her.

She was still on her back, with her legs together and pointing up, as she slid off her shorts. That position gave me a perfect view of her tight little pussy from behind. Her pussy lips were shaved smooth.

Once she got her shorts all the way off, she spread her legs apart. Now I could see the little tuft of hair she left just above her pussy. It also spread her lips out enough to see just a hint of pink.

By now, my cock was fully hard, and I’m sure it was evident through my Dockers.

She sat up, leaned forward, and crawled towards me. She came right up to kneel between my legs, and her tits even just barely brushed against my cock. I gasped a little as I felt the softness of her tits through my pants.

“Did I do good Uncle Ray?”

“Damn Janet, you were incredible. You’ll make a fortune if you start dancing.”

“Maybe. I think I can handle it now, but the dancers at the club said the real money is in giving private dances in the back room. Can I try that with you too?”

“Um, I…”was all I could get out before she crawled up into my lap.

She straddled me sat right down on my hard cock. I could feel the warmth of her pussy through my pants as her lips spread onto either side of my dick. She started playing with her tits and rubbing her crotch on my dick.

She leaned forward against my chest and I could feel her nipples pressing against me. She let out a breath of warm air on my neck and then swung her legs together between mine and started to slide down my body. Her tits rubbed all the way down my stomach and then she actually pushed them together as the rubbed past my cock.

She was now kneeling on the floor between my legs. Her face was inches away from my cock as she slid her hands up my legs. They slid up my thighs and each of her thumbs brushed against each side of my cock. Then her hands came to rest on my stomach as she started to stand up again.

She stood straddling one of my legs and started to lean into me. Her knee was pushing into my crotch as she leaned against me. I could feel the heat of her pussy again. This time on my hip

She was circling her knee in my crotch and rubbing her tits against my chest. She brought her face to the side of my neck and licked up my neck to just under my ear. She gave me the lightest of nibbles there and then whispered into nilüfer escort my ear.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Fuck yes.” I said before I could remember who I was talking to, “I mean…”

“It’s o.k. Uncle Ray. The girls at the club said a good lap dance should leave a guy thinking of nothing but fucking me.”

“Thanks Uncle Ray. I’m pretty sure I can make a living as a stripper now. I felt comfortable doing this, and from your reaction, I must be pretty good at it.”

I couldn’t speak. All I could do was stare into her eyes.

“I want to do something to really thank you Uncle Ray.”

“Believe me Janet, you don’t need to thank me. I enjoyed myself plenty.”

She brought one hand up and put a finger to my lips. The other hand moved down to my pants. She quickly unzipped my pants and slipped her hand into my boxers.

My niece now had her hand wrapped around my cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

She pulled my cock out of my boxers and swung her leg around so she was sitting on my lap again. First she just slid her pussy up and down along the underside of my cock. She was dripping wet.

Then she raised herself up on her knees and held the tip of my dick right against her cunt. She started to lower herself very slowly onto my cock. As I started to enter her, I couldn’t believe how tight and warm she felt.

Finally she lowered herself all the way onto my cock and started to rock her hips back and forth. Her pussy felt amazing.

She closed her eyes and bent her head back as she rode me. I sat up a little and took her nipple into my mouth. She moaned as I licked and sucked it.

I put my hands on her hips and lifted her up just a bit onto her knees. The tip of my dick was just at the entrance to her pussy. With her kneeling like that, I started to raise my hips. I pumped my cock into her tight little hole again and again.

“Oh fuck yes…fuck me Uncle Ray!” She started to drop her cunt down to meet each of my thrusts. “Yeah, fuck my pussy good!”

I continued to pound her pussy as she bounced on top of me. The suddenly she stopped moving and just let me pump my cock into her.

“Oh, yes…yes…You’re going to make me cum Unlce Ray…Fuck me hard!…Now Uncle Ray, Fuck me hard!”

I couldn’t do anything but slam my dick into that hot little cunt as hard and fast as I could.

I saw her chest and tits start to flush. She put her hands on my shoulders and clenched my shirt in her fists. Then she took in one long deep breath and closed her eyes. She let out one loud guttural groan as her whole body started to convulse. I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick. I pushed up into her as far as I could and let her pussy squeeze my cock. Her body continued to shake and her pussy pulsed around my cock for what seemed like forever.

Finally she opened her eyes and said, “Damn Uncle Ray, I’ve never cum like that before.” As she said that, she started to rock her hips on my cock again.

“I’m about to cum too, Janet. I’ve never felt a pussy like yours”

“No, not yet.” And with that she jumped off my dick and knelt between my legs again. Immediately she buried my cock in her mouth.

She reached up and started to massage my balls as she bobbed her head on my dick. Then she looked up into my eyes and I could swear she smiled, even with my cock in her mouth. That’s all it took.

My balls tightened and my cock exploded into her mouth. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she sucked every bit of cum out of my dick. My dick didn’t slip from her lips until it had started to soften.

She licked her lips and smiled again. “I really think I’m going to enjoy stripping, Uncle Ray. And I think I’ll enjoy the private dances even more.”

“I’m sure you will, Janet. And I’m sure your customer’s will enjoy them even more then you. In fact I might even come in for a couple myself.”

“Never mind that, I’ll give you all the dances you want in private.”

Since that day, our relationship hasn’t been the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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