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this written like a 9year old wrote it, so spelling and grammar is on purpose.

I was in behind my house n the woods picking berries in a small patch hidden. and i had a hand full of pretty flowers. I was wearing a purple cord jumper wiff a pink silk kitty sewn on my chest. honey blonde hair n pigtails. i felt warm breath on the side of my face n a tung that coverd my whole cheek n nose.I turned round and was eye to eye wiff a very big dog! as he licked my face i started to relax and giggle finding him friendly. as I giggled his tung went in my mouth touching the back of my throat.
i dropped my hand full of flowers. and my ice cream bucket of berries. having my very first kiss in my young life. as he was licking the blueberry flavor out of my mouth i held his big strong head small fingers playing with his ears. I got weak at the knees n him pushing his head forward lapping in my mouth i fell back. looking up all doe eyed my jumper was round my waist, showing my white cotton panties. wiff princess Cinderella on the front.
the big dog starts lapping at my privates making my cotton panties see threw. u can see my smooth puffy folds up my privates. I was enjoying the feeling of his big tounge on my wet cotton coated flesh, I leaned back feeling a funny tickle in my tummy. I pulled my panties off and hung them in a tree to dry, if my mommy seen my wet panties she would make me wear diapers.
and the big dog was licking my tender flesh, sending warm waves of pleasure in my tummy! I got super dizzy and my body trembled i felt like i had to pee real bad but different. I let go, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world! like ice cream chocolate from a nice chocolate factory, strawberries n cherries n merry-go-round and being at the fair! all at the same time! I was breathing soo fast! my heart felt like i was running on sports day and won first place!

i started to pet the big dog and pulled up his head, he started making out wiff me i could taste my own privates. i reached down feeling his collar, n read his dog tag, “buck! ur name is buck” I look like a dreamy angel in a fairytale. my prince charming panting his slobber coating my privates and my mouth. he licked all of the blueberry stain from my face. I started to get up and said “buck, I have to go home now, my mommy will be worried bout me” as i got onto my knees buck mounted me i could feel his thing stabbing tween my legs! i got scared n started to scramble from under
him, he bit down on my neck n every time i moved he bit! his jaw covered my whole neck! i screamed n kept trying to fight! but he kept a firm grip on me! a hard wet thing was pressing gainst my virgin flesh! I realized wot he was going to do! i screamed ! but i was soo far n the bush no 1 would here me! tears streamed down my cheeks! I settled down and let buck rape me he kept a firm grip on my neck he started to thrust and wen his hard thing broke my hymen he shoved it into my tummy lifting my knees off the ground i screamed! and he started humping me real fast! my virgin blood dripped down my long slender iner thighs as tears streamed down my face! the princess feeling i had 3 min before disappeared as I felt like I being torn n half. 10 min later he had finished stabbing into my tummy as I stayd and obediently obeyed him, i learned bout the knott. it grew inside of me as he tried to dismount me but couldnt. I snuggled and fell to the ground feeling like a broken angel. he gave up drying to pull his thing out of me and curled up behind me his big front paw over top of me I was in a fetal position wiff a dogs thing inside of my tummy! he licked my tears away. It was like he was comforting me. after 20 min his thing softend, i got up and ran home i never went bk for over a week, curiously looking for him

I was walking in the bushes behind my house wearing my Disney princess party dress its very pretty white silk with a red sash at the waist, my hair in pigtails tied with red bows white silk tights with the crotch part torn giving buck easy access to my privates iv gotten use to being humped in my bottom and i am starting to like it i always finger myself wen buck humps me n my bottom so i get a orgasm too. im wearing my pretty white T strap shoes I like to pretend i am a princess and buck is my prince charming even though he drools on my back. as i walk along the path to a secret place buck meets me hes always there waiting for his 9yr old bitch, i thnk in dog yrs i would b 1yr old bitch, i am not sure. when i come round the corner to a hidden spot i see buck and he comes running up and licks me on the face he smeared my red lipstick that matched my painted nails, but my nails have sparkles on them. i put on make up but i kinda look like a preteen hooker. i let bucks tung go in my mouth i love it wen he kisses me i just know he loves me. I wear a matching dog collar with my name on it “Dixie”.
she makes out with her boyfriend when she gets startled by another dogs nose poking at her ass. she looks down at a german sheperd not as tall as buck buck is a great dane and looks like a small horse, she did ride on bucks back a few times shes small and light enough. she looks at the german shepard and then sees his collar and a leash! she looks up the leash, she screams and gets behind buck! she yells buck protect me! but buck doesnt move she crouches behind buck wide terrified eye look up at the tall man holding the leash, she starts to cry as the man walks closer n pets buck, “he’s my dog i been wondering where he’s been going every day so i followed him here. i watched you a few times, you really love buck like a boyfriend dont u sweety?” in a trembling voice like a scared kitten she trys to say yes but it comes out n a whimper as tears stream down her angelic face. she nods her pretty lil blonde head dumbly. his big hand reaches out to pet her head n she falls bk and cringes behind buck. he says” its ok sweetheart im not going to hurt you, whats ur name” as he reaches out to read her dog collar she lifts her chin getting up to let him see her name, feeling kinda funny in her tummy, she has been pretending she was a dog with buck for a few weeks this summer, and having some one inspect her like a dog made her feel good, she sniffled n made a timid smile,

he lifts up the red shiny heart with her name on it, he says “hello Dixie! your a very pretty puppy” I can see why buck is gone all day, i watched him wait here from early morning till night time, sometimes he came home very happy, other times he was pouting. but every morning he would leave early.” his big hand felt very rough, but he was soo gentle as he held her jaw line lifting her chin up n wiping her tears from her cheeks. she tried to speak but she was still terrified. it just came out more babytalk her trembling made it sound more like a whimper. she clings to bucks big strong body feeling his muscular body coated in short fur, she grown to love how his fur felt on her baby soft skin. bucks owner petted her on the head like she was a puppy, and held a pigtail and said, what pretty long ears you have” she put her chin down in a super shy bambi pose as her angelic face went red,she tried to speak but still made babytok. “aww you are such a cute little puppy Dixie” wanna come home with me and buck and rex? i make my own dog food i dont belive in store bought, I want buck to live a very healthy long life. so I make him real food just like I eat, I found a website that gives you recipes, and i tried them they are yummy wanna come home with us Dixie? she looks at buck he’s panting away, she tries to speak but she continues her babytok, the owner pets her gently and says “its ok sweetheart, you know buck is a very protective dog, he wont let any one or any other dog hurt you” she looks up with her wide sparkling baby blue eyes biting her lip looking like a Sex hikayeleri adorable baby as she continues to try and speak but it comes out in baby jibberish, as much as she tries to speak. shes dizzy. buck licks her face she opens her mouth to let the dog make out with her, she looks into bucks eyes trustingly. then looks up at the owner.
she nods timmidly. the owner puts a leash on buck holding the leash to rex, and he reaches out for her collar she backs away still terrified n says “its ok Dixie!” “im not going to hurt u im just putting a leash on you so you dont get lost” she obediently lifts her chin letting him hook her leash on it was brand new! it was silky red matching her collar! had a diamond on it! her angelic face lit up! make up all messed up from her crying her lipstick smeared all over her mouth, she looks at bucks leash it is red too with a diamond near the clasp that hooks onto her collar. she smiles and reaches out her tiny pink fingers feel the diamond and her
er tiny pink fingers feel the diamond and her other hand feels the diamond on her leash. she smiles making babyish sounds and looks up at the owner holding 1 leash of rexes in his left hand and buck’s and her leash in the other, he says its a engagement present from me, to you and your boyfriend. I watched you with him and listend to you talk with him bout school and your mom and ur dad not living at home. and how much you wish you wer just a dog and got to play all day” she makes a shy happy sound her wide innocent eyes look up at the man holding her leash.
he says in a authoritative voice “lets go home boys….and girl” he smiles at her lovingly. she jumped at his voice as did buck and rex. they started tugging on ther leashes toward home. she jumped up and kept up. moving like a cat she was so graceful as she skipped threw the brush both buck and rex wer sniffing the ground and trees and marking ther territory. Dixie was just skipping along like a deer. the owner behind hanging onto 3 leashes was running behind his dogs. she happliy kept up.

she was use to bucks speed! he would race threw the bushes he took her to a pretty stream and they made out there and he mounted her again. after he was lapping up water from the stream. she copied him and was lapping up water like a puppy following her daddys every move.

shes skipping along and as buck and rex stop and sniff and mark trees, she tries to speak but still dizzy as her 9yr old mind tries to explain her words still come out in gibberish but she smiles wide sparkling baby blue eyes tell the story shes happy. she stands at 4’3inches tall weighs 61 pounds she wears a size 7 kids dress shes is very agile even in her 1 inch white patten shoes. they finally get to the place the dogs are leading to. thers a open gate a beautiful yard inside a 7foot fence. grass is trimmed shinny green a garden with a waterfall and a bridge over it small ornament childern holding a jug pouring into the stream. she looks into the pond and sees something sparkle in the morning sunshine,

its goldfish! her eyes light up as she starts to race to the pond then remebering she has a leash feeling it tug on her neck she ‘Yelps! falling on her bottom and whimpering:c the owner comes to her side and so does buck. he licks her face as the owner picks her up taking off her leash. her dusts off her pretty dress feeling her small bottom as he does n patts her bottom n says “go play Dixie” she looks up at him wiff her big puppydog eyes and tears streaming down her angelic face he wipes her tears away, and says” go look at the pretty fishes sweety”
if i didnt know any better id swear you wer more feline not canine they way you moved so gracefully threw the woods. and the way you ran toward the fish as soon as you seen them! mabe you need a differnt diet then the boys! she looks up at him kinda confused. she trys to speak but her words still baby sounds. her brain is like a computer that crashed. memory wiped as she is living her dream of being a puppy.

she coo’s and skips off to the edge of the pond looking at the fish her wide sparkling eyes follow 1 fish then sees another her pretty lil head darts like a kitten ready to pounce! the owner says in a laughing voice, you must be hungry Dixie! she looks up, hearing her name. she smiles wide sparkling up at the nice man who is playing with her letting her be a puppy. she goes back to looking at the fish and darts from fish to fish ther gold skin shimmers in the early morning summer sun. owner says ” buck! make sure rex and Dixie stay in the yard while I go in and make brunch for us.” buck was relaxing watching dixie, he jumps up and stands close to the gate making sure rex and Dixie stay in the yard.

the owner calls out “come inside time to eat!” buck and rex look up rex runs to the door past the owner. buck nudges Dixie pushing her to the door she wants to watch the fish, buck bites her neck, she obediently obeys buck learning from ‘if she doesnt listen to buck he bites her neck n holds her ther’ wen he raped her the first time. and every time she tried to get away wen buck was raping her bottom he bit her neck his jaw could fit over her whole neck she learned quickly to obey buck. she put her head down and followed buck past the owner, she didnt look up, feeling ashamed for being disobedient.
she follows buck as he goes to a dog dish beside rex. rex dish has a gold plate that says rex, bucks says “buck” and the other dish has tape on it Dixie. she stares at it for a min n the owner pats her bottom and pushes her forward. “go on! I know your a hungry little puppy!” and I didnt know your name or I would of had your name plate, the in-graver is waiting for me to send your name engraved. she looks up wide sparkling eyes angelic face beaming! she finally can talk, “thank you Mr. bucks owner!” she gets on the floor on all fours beside her boyfriend buck and laps at the dish its more of a bowl so she can get her face in and lap up her food.
its rice and hamburger with veggies and mashed potatos, as shes hungrily eating it she thnks its shepherds pie! she loves shepherds pie! the dogs each had a bowl of water but she had a bowl of milk. she purrs softly as she slurps up the milk. buck and rex wolfed down ther food. she was eating slowly but enjoying her meal like it was the best gourmet meal she ever had in her life! owner was a very good cook. her milk had sugar and vanilla it was soo sweet! she lapped up the bowl dry! after her meal she looked round seeing buck was laying on the floor watching her but rex was in a dog bed with his name plate in silver plate.

she looks up at owner and asks how come buck doesnt have a bed? looking like a very sad angel. owner looks at her lovingly” lets clean up ur pretty face Dixie, buck loves you! you dont have to try so hard.” Dixie looks down feeling embarrassed. owner takes her by the hand and leads her to the bathroom and sits her on the potty lid. he runs a sink full of warm water and starts wiping her angelic face from her make up. he looks down into her angelic face seeing her beauty as he wipes the warm water from her face ever so gently. she looks up with child like innocence smiling loving how nice it made her feel. she liked when her mother gave her baths. he was nice and gentle. she was still very shy but she was able to say thank you. he smiled n said “Buck loves you” and I know you love him very much.”
he picks her up like a baby, her small legs wrap round him her arms round his neck as she looks behind her watching where they are going. buck is standing at a door. he pushes the door open thers barbie bed with a canopy the room is all pink and white and gold. her eyes widen!
at home all of her bedroom is second hand and a little worn. but this room sparkles theres a tv and a dvd player. he follows buck, buck stands Sikiş hikayeleri beside the bed. owner carefully places her on the bed. and hands her a gold key and a regular key. this is your room. I dont want to see you in the bushes again.

if any 1 else caught you, buck would be destroyed. you would be in a hospital for crazy people. the regular key is a house key. the gold key is this room key. its spare is on the dresser. it is your private place no more woods.he starts to walk out of the room. then turns round ” theres a phone there its a private line, if im not home you can call the police, ther is a alarm system the password is “buck” but i will change it to “Dixie” he turns round locks the door and closes it behind him leaving her in privacy with her boyfriend.

she sits on the pink silk comforter, small hands feel the cool silk she purrs softly.(at home hers was second hand and was not silk. she looks round the room white fur carpet she looks at the open closet ther is 3 dresses bout her size, she jumps up! feels the pretty red dress silk with a white sash, a matching white silk caller with a diamond on it. her eyes sparkled as she looked at it! the other dresses wher white silk and black silk but she took the dress down n tore her barbie princes dress off n put on the red dress it was too big for her, she tied the sash round her 20inch waist. and then picked up the collar she took her red name tag and put it on the collar, and put it on her neck. she went to the mirror and smiled at her reflection never in her whole young life feeling so beautiful as she does now. she spins round doing her little girl twirl smiling feeling like a princess.
her fingers feel the diamond on her collar. she gets on her knees and makes out with buck “dont I look beautiful buck? I love you soo much!” buck stops kissing her n his nose under her jaw pushing her to the side, she obediently turns round and lifts her pretty red dress, he puts his thing inbetween her smooth puffy folds, her velvety tight flesh squeezes bucks hard thing like a vice as he pushes it into her tummy he never goes slow hes always rough and fast lifing her knees off the ground. she whimpers as her knees hit the hardwood flooring she wishes she ws on that carpet or on the bed. but obediently stays put.

her knees banging on the hardwood and her whimpers makes owner knock on the door asking if shes ok? she whimpers “I am ok I just have to let Buck finish humping me”. tears stream down her angelic face. her knees are bruised the left one is bleeding staining her winter white tights buck finally orgasms after 10min and he is stuck in her. she movies to the carpet he follows her walking on top of her shes so tiny under her bf who looks like a horse. she goes to lay down he fallows like they always do in the woods she curls up like a baby and buck behind her his paws over her protectively he licks her tears away and she responds by making out with him as her whimpers subside, she starts to talk buck.
she feels warm and safe in bucks arms she cuddles.” my room at home isnt as pretty, she explains her parents divorce and how her mom cant buy stuff. and everything in her room is second hand including the taterd Disney princess dress she wore today. it was her prized possession. but cuddled up in her pretty red silk dress her boyfriend stuck inside her she talked dreamily. her small hand would feel his silky fur of his foreleg he would lick her cheek lovingly. she cuddles, I wish I could stay here its soo much nicer
then where I live.
my mom is always tired and doesnt tell me stories anymore. she says I am old nuff to read. I miss cuddling up listening to her read to me her voice I could feel some times i would lay on top of her listening to her voice I would fall asleep. I loved falling asleep with my ear gainst her heart. “I always had the greatest dreams”.

Bucks thng went soft but he never moved till she did. like he was just listening to her tell stories. she finally got up and made out with buck, before going to the door, opening it and finding owner there. she looks up at the 6’2 very big man in front of her “hello mr.bucks owner” he cups her face,” are you ok? I heard thumping and crying!” he looks at the Persian white carpet with bloodstains, before he could speak her arms went up in a defensive position and buck went tween Dixie and his master and barked loudly! the owner backed away and said its ok buck! its ok Dixie! I was just worried. buck pushes his owner away from Dixie sensing her fear. she crouches beside buck hugging him like a live teddy bear.

she whispers “it is ok I think you owner was just concerned but last time i stained a carpet i got hit cross the room, I didnt wake up til the next day. she takes buck by the collar holding him in front of her like a shield, she finds the owner in the kitchen making dinner. she timidly says “I am sorry about the carpet sir” she feels bucks body tense! she lets go of the collar. owner says ” its ok I promise Dixie, I was just scared you wer being hurt! Buck is a very big animal! he can over power some one my size and I am 6’3 and 245pounds. buck is 130 pounds but he can hit you like a Mack truck!
“she giggles yah! I know! he knocked me to the ground lots of times! and he packs me like my little pony:) he lets me ride im all the time! he takes me threw the bushes very fast i hang onto his collar someimes I hug his neck real tight!”
she bends down her knee shows with blood on it. owner notices n asks if she would like a band-aid for her knee? he notices her ripped crotch of her winter white tights showing her smooth puffy folds, obviously not a virgin torn flesh. but doesnt mention or think bout it, like she was a regular girl dog.

she nods shyly ” yah, I wasnt ready, in the bush i have a old pretend fur purple coat that doesnt fit, i kneel on it so wen my knees hit the ground it doesnt hurt” owner smiles. “yah I seen that in the woods, thats why theres a Persian carpet in the room” I watched you pull a blanket out and a coat set it up, she looks up confused tween thankful for her new place to hump her boyfriend but feeling violated by being watched getting humped she starts to sniffle. buck starts to tense up n into a defensive lunging position, “growls”! sensing Dixies sadness. she hugs buck tight. owner is behind a counter island in the kitchen. she walks up and sits on a beige captains chair cross the counter. he stops making a chicken dish.

walks round and goes to the bathroom getting a band-aid and a warm facecloth and some medicine. comes back and sits in the chair beside her, gently he lifts her leg, tearing her tights.she makes a small whimper. its ok sweety i have a new pair for you. she looks up with her wide innocent eyes, still dizzy from her experience today. as she feels the warm facecloth wash away the blood, she whispers in a melodic voice, “thank you mr. bucks owner I had a wonderful day pretending to be a real girl dog! it was super special:)” he smiles as he puts the medicine on her knee and puts a snoopy band-aid on it. she giggles! I love snoopy! he smiles “there all better? go , top drawer, thers a package og tights and panties i didnt know ur size. go change, dinner will be shortly” she looks up and nods obediently.
she skips to her new room buck follows her, she goes to the drawer, opens n pulls out a pair of silk white tights. she takes them out with a package of panties too big for her she wears a size 6x childerns size these are size 10. she opens the panties and picks out the pink panties and opens the tights. she sits on the edge of the bed pulling her torn tights off n leaves them on the Persian carpet. she puts on the pink cotton panties covering up her smooth puffy folds. they are very big on her tiny body.she takes the tights bunches them up in her Erotik hikaye tiny fingers feeling the silkiness of them on her soft pink fingertips. she smiles never feeling anything like them before. she puts her toes in and slowly pulls them over her long slender silky smooth slightly tanned calves feeling the cool silk of her comforter on her cotton panty coated bottom. she gets on the bed feeling the silk comforter under her silk tight coated feet she coo’s softly. as she lays on her back in her pretty red silk dress she pulls up the tights feeling the silkiness gainst her long slender thighs.
she pulls them up feeling the silky tights hug her long slender legs scrunching up her too big panties she reaches in and gets the folds smoothed over her puffy folds. she wiggles her butt pulling up the tights and then looks in the mirror.

buck lays on the carpet watching her she gets off the bed and buck stands up his head is at eye level with hers she makes out with him. he stops and nudges her under her chin pushing her to the side she obediently lifts her dress and pulls her brand new panties and tights down her long slender thighs takes a pillow off the bed under her knees and bends over the edge of the barbie pink silk bedding for her boyfriend. she became a well trained bitch. as she feels buck mount her the silky tights coating her long slender legs knees resting on a soft pink silk barbie pillow her silk dress lifted up. her bare baby smooth pink bottom arched up like a bitch in heat,
her boyfriend buck, his strong sleek muscular body mounts her like a stallion. she feels his soft underbelly fur gainst her bare bottom his hard moist thing is stabbing at her privates. she cringes as she feels his hard thing push into her tight 9yr old bottom. her tiny body stiffens as buck lifts her tiny body off the floor pushing her gainst the silk coverd bed slamming his big hairy balls gainst her smooth puffy private flesh. his 8inch rod stabbing into her baby bottom. the first few times he raped her she had blood running down her legs she was screaming!

but she practiced at home putting a hairbrush handle in her privates both her place where babys come from and her bottom, she would do it very rough so she got use to it. she became a great willing bitch for buck. she feels the cool silk gainst her cheek as buck slams her tiny body into the bed she feels bucks hard thing going into her tummy, feeling the knot get bigger stretching her bottom she arches up her bottom trying to make that pain go away. it always hurts more wen that knott got big inside her bottom she cries softly as buck slams into her mercilessly. she learned to be obedient no matter what. her small fingers play with the long ribbon tying her hair into pigtails, rembering when owner said they wher pretty ears. she smiles dreamily as her boyfriend humps her bottom. she feels the hot liquid shoot deep inside her tummy she purrs softly.

buck licks her cheek she smiles n whispers melodically: ” i love you buck” she falls to the floor tights and pink cotton panties round her silky smooth thighs bucks 8inches and knott stuck inside her bottom. his big ball sack tween her preteen legs she snuggles up gainst her boyfriends big chest he is so much bigger then her his right front paw holds her close in a loving embrace.
she cuddles n talks about winter and how much fun sledding is and it would be soo kewl if u could pull me up the hill after. as she continues to talk bout music bucks hard thing softens and rests tween her preteen legs. he licks her face as she talks. every once n a while she responds and makes out with him. having a dogs toungue touch the back of ur throat is odd but feels so loving. she would hold his big head lovingly making out with her boyfriend. she kept her eyes open watching him, he was soo happy as his toungue would dart in and out of her candy sweet mouth really fast!
rex pushes open the door, as shes making out with buck rex mounts her his hard thing is stabbing at her privates it goes in tween her smooth puffy folds, slamming into her tummy she screams! and buck hits rex like a fright train biting into his shoulder tearing his flesh before knocking rex cross the hardwood floor into the closet.

her scream has the owner running into the room! he looks over her sitting on the carpet buck with blood dripping out of his mouth and a whimpering rex in the closet. shes whimpering n says “rex was humping me and i did not like it at all! and buck pushed him over ther” as she points like a innocent child telling on a sibling to her father. her chest is heaving her heart racing!,
owner comes over and picks up the child. pulls her onto his lap wiping tears from her eyes calming her down. shes whimpering. he takes the hem of her dress covering her pulled down tights and panties, the hem of her pretty red silk dress covers her knees she watches her snoopy band-aid covers she smiles as she continues whimpering.
his rough fingers gently wipe her tears away she slowly starts to calm down. he holds her close petting her head soothingly. he starts to tell her bout the birds and the bees in a dogs eyes. explaining that girl dogs get mounted by lots of boy dogs weather she likes it or not, if she is disobedient she gets hurt.

she whimpers”yah i no that part if i do not let buck he bites my neck until i listen to him” owner kisses her on her pretty lil blonde head petting her softly,
she gets embarrassed n changes the subject. ” why do you have a pretty room like this? it cant just be for me!?” he takes in a deep breath……….. “it was my daughter Sara
she clings to him as his tears fall coating her cheek hitting her nose she sniffles as her tears fall mixing with owners tears. she clings to him listening to his heart. as he talks her small hand explores, tiny fingers feeling his wrist following over his fingers feeling the knuckles they cry together as he expresses how much he misses them. buck is laying on the carpet by the bed rex is still in the closet as crimson red liquid pools under him. owner explains how his ‘boys’ have been there for him and he gets buy but is sad alot. “wen i seen u there wer buck had been going every day I was thinking of how buck would b with Sarah. he would protect her he walked her to skewl and waited, he watched her all day long.

Dixie smiles, “yah he follows me to skewl too and waits for me.” “should of seen him wen this other dog came near me he hit him like a fright train the other dog fought but he was being tossed round! the dogs owner came out to pull his dog out and i called buck! he listened to me n stood at my side. the other dog im not sure wot happend”…
owner whispers “i do, I had to pay the vet bill for ‘Jake’ to be put down.” she whispers “i am sorry i promise!” she for the first time sat up n looked up at him wiff her wide sparkling baby blue eyes.

“mr bucks owner” he smiles liking how she addresses him. “I think we have to fix rex” as she points to rex laying in the corner of the closet the small crimson pool of blood round his left shoulder. he doesnt move or make a sound. she looks up with hr wide innocent eyes. he puts her onto the bed and walks over to rex inspecting his wound. I better take him to the vet, i thnk he will need stitches. its not serious but hes prolly in alot of pain,
buck bit him befor, he was protecting Sarah. he gently scoops up rex. “would you like to come along or stay here? and can u turn the oven off? diner is prolly ruined, its ok we can get take out boys havnt had Chinese for a while:) i know the cook at china sail, he cooks a dinner for my boys thats healthy.” she slides off the bed landing on the floor silky tights coating her small feet she coo’s feeling the soft fluffy carpet under her toes she trys to speak but comes out in baby jibberish. she pulls her panties and tights up her long slender legs wiggles her bottom feeling the to big panties, she knows now who they belonged to. she follows owner to the kitchen n runs ahead n turns off the oven

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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