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The muffled white noise of the inside of his skull crystalized into the ambient sounds of reality as his frustrating dream of a futile search for a bathroom fell prey to awareness and a sense of urgency.

‘Gotta pee,’ Arron thought as he turned back the corner of the sheet and thin blanket of his sister’s bed.

Though still half asleep, he made a conscious effort to open and close the bedroom door as quietly as was necessary to ensure that Kelly and Nicole remained undisturbed.

After relieving himself and washing his hands, he made a detour to the living room to grab his phone. Outside the bedroom door, he took a moment to sleepily check the settings on the camera app. The flash would be unfortunately necessary, but turning the sound off was an easy precaution.

With repeated stealth, he entered and stood at the foot of the bed for a moment to appreciate the scene before carefully peeling the covers from his two favorite girls just long enough to snap a picture and then cover them up again.

A small relief washed him when they showed no signs of bother.

Minimizing the app and turning off the display, he set the phone on the bedside table and carefully climbed back into bed. Only slightly more awake, he lie on his right side and stared across at his sister’s sleeping face with her cheek nestled into his girlfriend’s bosom.

Still lacking waking clarity, he thought to himself, ‘I don’t want anything to destroy this.’

He felt as if a warm force was expanding from his body and creating thick armor around him.

‘This must be protected at all costs. I would crush a man’s throat and watch the life fade from his eyes to protect them. I have to be able to do that. I need to be able to defeat all threats. I need to be stronger. I need more weight.’

His thoughts trailed off, and his eyelids fell, as he was enveloped in restful darkness.

Some hours later, sunlight seeped out from the edges of the Venetian blinds and the incessant chirping of a bird began the slow process of waking Kelly from her sweet slumber. The song had integrated itself into her dream, eventually becoming slightly annoying and waking her just enough to barely notice a sensation on the skin of her left side.

Within a time frame of two seconds, she wondered if it might be a tiny insect or spider crawling on her, but the sudden increase in speed as it moved beyond the rounded corner of her ribcage and leaving behind a remnant of itself as it traveled around her body and to the sheet made her realize that it was some kind of liquid.

She opened her eyes in confusion but the sight of Nicole’s head reminded her of all that had happened. Kelly peered down to see Nicole’s partially open lips deformed by an awkward pressure that allowed a slow but steady stream of drool to pour out.

Kelly smiled and gave a quiet giggle.

‘I wish I had my camera. This is too good.’

She looked across to Arron hoping maybe he was awake, but she found his face in peaceful slumber. The thought crossed her mind to wake him but quickly thought better of disturbing his sleep for such a thing.

‘Then again, what would he think if I allowed him to miss out on this? He probably wouldn’t think too much of it for long, actually, but seeing it would certainly make him happy.’

Keeping her torso as still as possible, she reached across and stroked the side of his head and face until his eyes fluttered open. She took the briefest of moments to appreciate the hint of a smile that curved his lips before pointing to Nicole and whispering.

“Take a picture.”

Kelly found it curious that his phone was on the bedside table, but she let that pass from her mind as Arron readied, aimed, and snapped a picture. He then put the phone back on the table and returned to his laying position to watch in amusement.

Turning her attention to the next mission, Kelly stroked Nicole’s hair and shoulders. Eventually, Nicole began to stir and soon opened her eyes. Nicole peeled her face from Kelly’s skin and then gained some awareness of her current state.

“Hey, there, drooly face,” Kelly teased, still lightly caressing the back of her head.

“Uh? Oh, fuck,” Nicole said, drowsily inspecting her leakage.

Nicole grabbed the edge of her sheet and drew it up to wipe her drool from her mouth and Kelly’s body.

“Sorry ’bout that,” Nicole added before peeling the rest of her body from Kelly’s. The sensation flashed the memory of the previous night, and a faint shiver of arousal passed through Nicole.

Nicole left the room to Kelly and Arron so she could pee and splash some water on her face to clean up and fully awaken. She sat on the toilet, let loose her floodgates, and was about to pick the sleep from her eyes, but stopped when she noticed her fingers were still coated in the dried combined residues of both Kelly’s and Arron’s cum.

Curious, she put those fingers in her mouth to see how the flavor might have changed. It was stale and faint, but it refreshed her memory of the satisfaction and joy of having the şahinbey escort opportunity to experience the manifestation of her hopes. It was almost a pity that she would soon be washing that residue away.

She smiled into the mirror and felt nostalgia for the months she spent with her brother under both this and their parents’ roof. Hours of studying each other. She knew how every inch of him tasted.

She knew his scents and had become the one who decided when he would take a shower so that she would not be unduly deprived of his musk.

She knew exactly what teased and tantalized him into maximum arousal; what kept him on the edge just long enough to raise his hips and make him cry out his satisfaction.

And the best thing of all was that he knew all the same things about her.

But there was still the sadness that there was the one thing that she would never know. It was her own choice, so she accepted it without regret, but she still could not help but feel incomplete.

She would never know the sensation of his firm length pushing in between her legs and up into her body. She would never experience the heat of his explosion kissing her walls. That honor was for Kelly alone.

As she dried her hands and face, she thought to herself, ‘I’ll cook lunch for them, later. I think we have plenty of eggs and ground beef. I hope so. It’d be a shame to have to leave the apartment, today.’

“She’s such a changeling,” Kelly said after Nicole had exited and shut the bedroom door.

Arron scooted across the mattress pull Kelly to his chest and kiss her lips.

“How’s that?” he queried.

“Well, it was nice, but you’ve definitely done better,” she teased.

“I mean about Nicole,” he said, smiling and giving his kisses to her shoulder instead.

He had an idea of what she meant, but he wanted to hear her perspective. He wanted to know every thought in her head now that she’d gained this recent knowledge about his and Nicole’s past.

“The way she can seem like she is younger than us; sometimes almost childlike, but then other times like what you would expect from an older sister and friend. Most of the time, you can see her confidence, but every so often, you get a glimpse at a fragility that…”

Kelly’s words trailed off with uncertainty, and she was quiet for a moment.

“Yep,” Arron agreed. It was the familiar dichotomy that fueled his respect and admiration of his sister but also his protective instinct. She was somehow both his big and little sister.

He guided her lips back to his and kissed her with an almost teasing delicateness that elicited a Pavlovian reaction from Kelly’s pussy.

Even though he’d never touched her directly before yesterday, he had never kissed her like that except as a prequel to a determination to make her cum by any permitted means necessary, and he rarely ever failed.

Her body warmed, her nipples grew rigid, and her cat instantly began to salivate.

The door opened with Nicole’s return, and Arron suddenly pulled away saying, “I gotta go pee,” leaving Kelly momentarily dizzy.

“Wha-?” She quietly whined as her eyes opened in search of answers.

She became unexpectedly aware of her rapid heartbeat and heavier breathing, as Arron and Nicole passed each other.

“Oh, my god. That man’s trained me,” she said both to herself and Nicole, who lay on the edge of the mattress alongside Kelly.

“What?” Nicole asked smiling at the amusing but confusing statement.

“He just started me right up and walked away.”

Nicole giggled and Kelly then offered a little breathy laugh of her own. Nicole realized exactly what she was talking about because he’d done the same thing to her plenty of times without realizing it, but she felt it was probably better to leave that unsaid.

Kelly lightly fanned herself with her hand and decided to redirect her attention to a different matter of concern.

“Are you sure you’re okay with all of this?” Kelly asked.

Nicole couldn’t help but smile at the amusing irony.

“I’m as okay as I need to be.” Nicole knew this was not a satisfying answer, but it was the true one, and she would never lie to her best friend.

Kelly stopped fanning herself and looked sympathetically into Nicole’s eyes.

“But I don’t want you to need to. That’s the thing. I want you to just be okay.”

Kelly turned onto her side to face Nicole and put her comforting hand on the side of the girl’s face. She was going to say more, but Arron returned.

He easily saw the signs of an important discussion in progress and didn’t want to get in the way.

“Do you two need some time alone?” he asked.

Kelly wanted to say yes, but she also rather urgently wanted to take her turn in the bathroom. She let out a whining groan that blended into, “No. Not right now, anyway,” and then she crawled down to, and off of, the foot of the bed to be on her way.

Once Kelly was out, Nicole rolled and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

“I şahinbey escort bayan suppose you will be exercising soon?” she asked, standing and beginning her slow walk around the corner of the bed to meet him near the doorway.

“Yeah.” His gaze made a pass down her nude body and back up.

It had been slightly over a year since the last time he saw her nude if you didn’t count yesterday, and he didn’t. She still looked as good as he remembered.

“Would you like me to be your weight?”

She watched his dick begin to grow longer and thicker, and once her pussy pulsed, she redirected her attention to his eyes.

“Actually, I want you both on me,” he said, fully aware of his erection, although trying to ignore it, but then a huge sly grin spread across Nicole’s face as she drew closer. He smiled in confirmation of how that unintentionally sounded. “You know what I mean.”

As the gap closed, they embraced. She pressed her face into his chest and wrapped her arms tightly around his torso. He held her shoulders and head close, and they pretended to ignore the length of his firm dick indenting her belly.

They’d been living under the same roof the entire time, but it suddenly felt like they were seeing each other for the first time after a long separation.

‘I miss this so much,’ she thought but knew better than to say. He shared the same thought and remained silent for the same reason, but they both knew it was a sentiment that neither needed to outwardly express, to begin with.

When they heard the toilet flush, they parted and met Kelly in the hallway.

“What’s up,” she asked, curious about this air of intent that Arron and Nicole were radiating.

“Exercise,” Arron said, leading the way into the living room and moving the coffee table to clear a space.

“Would you like the honors?” Kelly offered since it had been quite a while since Nicole had filled in when Kelly was unable to for one rare extraneous reason or another.

“He thinks he can handle both of us,” Nicole revealed with a smile.

“Is that so? Well, this should be interesting… in more ways than one,” Kelly returned with a small laugh. “How’re we gonna do this, then?”

“Preferably longwise, but I’ll let you two sort out the rest,” Arron said, assuming the position on the carpet, making sure to wedge his now mostly deflated length securely between his thighs.

“I guess I’ll lay down first, and you can lay on my back,” Kelly suggested.

It made the most sense given that Nicole was technically the smaller of the two, even if not by that much. Nicole nodded in agreement so Kelly took position over him and lowered until her breasts pressed firmly into his back.

Kelly tried not to focus too much attention on this new and tantalizing sensation, but then an entirely different new and tantalizing sensation followed as she felt Nicole’s rigid nipples briefly scrape against her before they were pressed firmly by the girl’s weight, which in turn pressed Kelly even more firmly into Arron.

Arousal invaded Kelly once more with naked flesh compressing her from both sides and adding to the heat that was already warming her.

‘God, I wish Arron was turned over right now,’ Kelly thought.

“Ready,” Nicole announced, and Arron focused his attention on a good, steady push to help ensure the pile did not collapse.

He underestimated how much extra weight Nicole had provided, but he managed to push all the way up and carefully lower back down. A second was a greater struggle, and a third ended up being the last as his fourth attempt gained no altitude at all.

“Holy shit,” he panted. “Okay. Much harder than I thought. I’m gonna need a minute before I try any squats.”

Nicole began the silent double dismount and the two girls stood aside while Arron took some time to recover.

Kelly pulled Nicole close by the shoulders to whisper into her ear.

“Fuck. I didn’t think he could do even one.”

“Me neither,” Nicole returned.

“Did that make you horny?” Kelly asked, moving a hand to her pussy to gauge just how wet she had gotten.

“Yeah. Little bit,” Nicole answered.

“I don’t know how these squats are gonna go, but I know what’s happening after. Get him on the couch and you jump on that mouth.”

Nicole said nothing. Kelly had released and turned around to face Arron, but Nicole was frozen in shock.

As far as Nicole had believed, last night’s plan was to be a one-time special event; something of a reward and a passing of the torch. She had mentally prepared herself to go back to her life of not having any part of herself inside Arron and not having any part of Arron inside her.

The fact that everyone was still nude was a bonus to her, and she was simply enjoying it while she could, but Kelly had just casually… not even casually. She had just determinedly instructed Nicole to… get oral from him?

Her breath shuddered for a second as tears threatened to escape her eyes.

‘No. escort bayan şahinbey Don’t cry,’ Nicole told herself. ‘Don’t cry in front of them. Don’t ruin this for them or yourself.’

Nicole quickly wiped her eyes and took a deep breath in an attempt to reset herself.

“Okay. Kelly, you get in front,” Arron instructed, lightly bending his knees in preparation for her weight and efforts.

Kelly walked around to his front, somewhat distracted by her arousal and strong urge to devour his lips. She avoided eye contact as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Some extra willpower went into refraining from grinding her clit into his abdomen.

She closed her eyes and rested her chin on his shoulder while failing to ignore his chest against her tits. She had wanted his front, and now she had it… and couldn’t do anything with it.

“Nicole. You climb on my back.”

He stepped backward enough to allow Nicole to use the couch to gain the height she needed since he didn’t trust himself to maintain a balanced squat while she awkwardly climbed on to find unfamiliar security.

Nicole stepped onto the cushion and hooked her legs over Kelly’s thighs while working her arms beneath Arron’s to hook her palms over Kelly’s biceps.

“Ready,” signaled Nicole once she felt secure.

Arron took two careful steps forward, steadied himself, lowered into as much of a squat as he could manage with Kelly’s thighs and butt in the way, and then pushed back up into a standing position.

He successfully pushed through five but was stuck in a squat position during the sixth, leaving Kelly sitting on his upper thighs.

“Shit. Okay. Nicole, jump off,” he said with some urgency, and then Kelly began to unwrap from him without instruction.

He backed up and landed his ass on the couch to rest, but Kelly approached and pushed him sideways to lie down.

Nicole stood aside and watched Kelly straddle his legs and begin working his limp penis. Not getting immediate results, she knee-walked up and rubbed his rubbery cap along the insides of her glistening labia.

He began to grow in her hand, and once his stiffness was sufficient, she pushed him deeper. She lightly gasped at the sensation of his continued growth while buried within her, but then wasted no time raising, lowering, and rocking her hips.

She increased speed, completely lost in her pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” she exhaled. Panting and moaning, she pushed her palms into his chest for support.

A drawn-out cry ended in a sudden squeak, and then an orgasm crashed through her.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, she groaned and then slowed her grinding almost to a halt. “Fuckin’ hell,” Kelly exhaled.

Half-closed eyes looked to Nicole, then a smile spread across her lips.

“Get up there,” Kelly said, and Nicole obeyed.

Nicole’s eyes locked onto her brother’s as she climbed over and eagerly lowered her sex onto his waiting mouth.

Her body remembered this position. It was as if no time had passed, yet an exalting sense of relief magnified the experience. Once again, she submitted to his tongue and mouth and found that his memory was also as clear as ever.

She needed to do nothing but receive him; to let him do as he will.

Kelly continued a slow mindless grind as she stared, completely enthralled by the sight on display before her.

The muscles of Nicole’s lower back flexed as she continuously moved in minute adjustments. Her shoulders moved back and forth as her arms repeatedly momentarily failed. Her toes curled again and again. The moaning and whining of pleasure and desperation.

And from below; beyond her adorable little pulsing anus Arron’s tongue caressed and flitted about. His mouth engulfed her whole.

As if by instinct, the moment she felt Arron’s cock resurge inside of her, she mindlessly increased her speed. Watching this girl writhe and moan in desperate pleasure doubled her own, and then it happened.

Nicole’s body tensed up with a broken cry and then began twitching and convulsing.

This magnificent sight sent another orgasm coursing through Kelly who added her voice to the crescendo.

Once Nicole had calmed, she scooted back far enough to let her bend over, grab his face and meet that mouth and tongue with her own. She absorbed the love that emanated from him forcing tears to drip from her cheeks onto his own as his arms secured her.

Kelly pulled herself off of Arron’s staff, eased forward, and laid her head on Nicole’s back below Arron’s arms.

Upon feeling her presence, Arron released his embrace long enough for Kelly to move up further allowing him to hold her head in his hands while she stroked Nicole’s sides. Kelly set kisses across Nicole’s flesh, and the girl eventually rose.

“Let’s talk,” Kelly whispered into Nicole’s ear from behind. Nicole nodded, stepped off to the floor, and made her way to her bedroom.

Kelly crawled further up to meet Arron’s face. She wiped away Nicole’s tears and then kissed him deeply, tasting Nicole’s sweetness between their tongues.

Once parted, she stared into his eyes and lightly feathered her thumbs across his cheeks.

“I guarantee you that we’re not finished with this, but I need to talk to Nicole. She’s feeling pain, and I just can’t tolerate that. I can see in your eyes that you’ve been tolerating it for me, but I can’t let this go on.”

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