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Author’s note. I’d like to extend sincere thanks to two people who helped with editing this piece: TekNight and Screen. Thank you both for your contributions to making this story better. I know you said you didn’t want credit, Screen, but you’ll see from the final version you made a significant contribution. 😉


Tuesday afternoon in late August found Jess reclined in a chaise lounge on a tiny deck adjacent to the cottage. She was enjoying the panoramic view of the lake to the west and the marsh to the east.

It was too hot to do much more than just sit. At least she was glad that she wasn’t in the city for this heat wave.

Jess was enjoying the peace and tranquility of being at the cottage again. She found it rejuvenating to be away from her hectic job, obligations, and city life in general. She hadn’t looked at her blackberry in days. She’d been here alone for four days and her mind was finally starting to rest.

She was thankful for the shade provided by the canopy over the deck. Thankful, too, for the breeze blowing off the marsh, which was only slightly cooler than the hot humid air, but at least the air movement over her skin helped somewhat.

She took a long satisfying drink from her glass of lemonade. The ice had melted and the glass was covered in beads of condensation — evidence of the heat and humidity hanging in the thick August air. Dog days. The thought drifted lazily through her mind as she tried unsuccessfully to divert her attention away from the heat. She wiped the condensation off the glass and spread it lightly over her face, neck and chest, taking pleasure in the momentary cool as the warm breeze blew across her damp skin.

Being a weekday, many of the cottagers had gone home to the city for the workweek. There were always a small number of people that remained up north all week during the summer, but the mid-afternoon heat was keeping them off the docks.

She was enjoying the solitude and observing the nature that was around her. At first glance, there didn’t appear to be much to see, but a little patience always revealed a bounty of life teeming in the marsh.

A great blue heron flew over the marsh from the south and disappeared beyond her view toward the north. A short time later, a bittern flew in and landed in a section of spongy ground in the middle of the marsh. She heard something splash near the south end of the marsh, where the jagged trees stood like guards, protecting the wildlife living there.

Butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and an array of other insects buzzed around in the tall grasses and wildflowers. She watched the bumble bees visit the lush planters full of flowers around the edge of the deck. Even though there was an array of flowers, they favoured the white and yellow begonias. It was so quiet she could hear them buzz as they flew from flower to flower.

The heat, gentle breeze and the sounds of the insects slowly lulled her to sleep.

Jess had a confused quasi-erotic dream. She’d been having a lot of those lately. It was full of disjointed imagery of nakedness and bodies writhing. She often awoke from these dreams feeling aroused and would sometimes masturbate to relieve the tension before she got up and started her day.

“Excuse me, Jessica?” Within her dream, she heard a deep sexy male voice from somewhere far off.

Then she heard it again, closer, more clearly. “Jessica?”

She awoke with a start, and realized the sexy male voice was attached to a man, standing at the opening to the screened deck. She was surprised and a little flustered, with the confusion of waking from sleep, waking from a dream, to realize someone was right there, talking to her.

Her eyes focused and quickly scanned up the muscular body to the source of the voice. He was wearing dirty running shoes with short white socks and loose grey cargo shorts. His tanned muscular calves were lightly sprinkled with golden brown hair. He had on an old white t-shirt with a faded logo. It was dirty and sweaty, as if he had been working. Through the thin t-shirt, she could catch faint impressions of a tight abdomen and muscular shoulders. His tanned arms were a darker brown than his calves and also sprinkled with that golden brown hair. She was really enjoying what she was seeing: a sexy man standing in front of her as she has just awoken from another erotic dream.

Her gaze continued to climb up to his face. Ruggedly handsome. Definitely younger than her. His short light brown hair was messy and sweaty, but looked like it had been styled that way. The skin on his face was tanned like his arms. He had an oval shaped face with a strong jaw, full lips, and piercing dark blue eyes.

She stared into his eyes, confused. Her brows furrowed as she looked at him. She’d seen those eyes before. Where had she seen him before? She was sure she would remember this man if she’d seen him before. Then it occurred to her he had called her by name. How did he know her name?

After a few seconds of gawking at him, she spoke groggily, “Sorry. I must haramidere escort have fallen asleep.” She glanced quickly at her watch. She’d probably slept a little over an hour. It was nearly 4:00 p.m.. She glanced back at him. He smiled sweetly at her, with affection. She tried to shake the dazed grogginess and figure how she knew this gorgeous man standing in front of her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Jessica, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he started apologetically, “It’s just that I’m renovating the bathroom.” He gestured toward the small cottage next door. “The water has been turned off and my dad said you’d be here this week and I might be able to use the bathroom over here.”

Then it clicked. “Bobby?” she exclaimed with a combination of surprise and delight. He smiled broadly as realization crept into her face and a smile spread across her lips and jumped into her eyes, alighting the features on her face. Her gaze moved quickly over his body again, coming back to his eyes. He noticed the shift in her gaze and a knowing look came across his eyes for just a second. Looking the way he did, he’d probably gotten used to being checked out. “Oh my god, Bobby, look at you! You’re…you’re a man!”

He laughed heartily and replied, “Well, yeah, people grow up in ten years.”

Bobby was the son of Bill and Debbie who owned the cottage next door, the only other cabin that shared the little ridge between the lake and the marsh where Jess’ mother and stepfather’s cottage was located.

“Has it really been ten years since I saw you?” Bobby nodded. “Wow. You look amazing,” she said a little too emphatically.

“So do you,” he replied. He allowed his gaze to travel away from her eyes for the first time since she’d woken up and made eye contact. It occurred to her momentarily that she didn’t know how long he’d been standing there before he’d woken her. His gaze scanned quickly down her body and back up again. She saw a look cross his eyes, only to be quickly replaced by a sweet smile. She’d seen that look in men’s eyes before. He was better at being subtle about it than most men.

She realized suddenly that he was getting a pretty good view of her, lying on the chaise in her skimpy light blue tank top with no bra and matching short skirt. It was too hot to wear much more, and besides, she’d thought she would be alone the entire week up here.

She looked down at her body to make sure everything important was still covered. She was showing an ample amount of her large round breasts, but at least she hadn’t shifted in her sleep causing anything to fall out embarrassingly. However, her slightly hard nipples were clearly visible. Obviously those could not be attributed to being cold. She pushed away images from her dream that were playing around the edges of her mind.

“How old are you now, Bobby?” she asked.

“Twenty-four,” he replied, looking a little proud of himself, “and I go by Rob now. Aunt Edna is the only one who still gets away with calling me Bobby.”

Jess smiled remembering his mother’s older sister, Edna: a woman who dressed and acted way older than she was, way too soon. Jess realized she hadn’t seen Edna in nearly 20 years. She was probably 11 or 12 the last time she’d seen Edna. It struck her again, as it had recently, that she could now say she’d known people for 20 years. It made her feel old.

“Oh, sorry….. Rob.” She said his name deliberately, trying it on for size. It seemed to fit him; although she still couldn’t help associating him with the name Bobby.

Images of an awkward, gangly 14-year-old Bobby sprang to her mind. She remembered him following her around like a lost puppy that summer. He’d grown several inches since the previous summer and was tall and thin and uncoordinated. His voice had been cracking from time to time as well. That was last time she’d seen him. She had been 20 years old then, on summer break from her second year of university. She had moved to Vancouver for her undergraduate and graduate studies. After second year she stopped coming home during the summers.

Hearing her say “Rob” the way she did, he flashed that gorgeous, oh so grown-up, sexy smile of his. That certainly helped her to disassociate this person in front of her from images of an awkward 14-year-old boy. The look in his eyes was certainly not that of a boy.

“Well, I should apologize in advance in case I slip and call you Bobby again.” Jess added, smiling.

“I’ll forgive you, Jessica,” he replied, smiling with his eyes. “So…. ten years. That must make you…” he said trying to estimate her current age.

“Yeah, I just turned 30,” she replied ruefully, then added “and I’m still Jess. Jessica is so formal.”

“Well you look awesome, Jess. If I didn’t know, I’d never guess you were 30. I’m sure you still get carded, don’t you?”

Jess smiled at the compliment, and laughed out loud, realizing it was true. She had been asked to show ID at the liquor store just a few weeks ago.

“So, you wanted içerenköy escort to use the bathroom, right?” He nodded, and she continued, “Go on in. You know where it is. The place hasn’t changed much.”

“Thanks,” he said, as he turned toward the cabin.

Before he stepped away, she added “Why don’t you grab us a couple of beers or coolers or whatever you want from the fridge. I’m sure you must be boiling. You picked bad weather for renovating.”

“Sure,” he said, smiling. She watched his muscular shoulders, ass, and leg muscles move as he walked the couple of steps to the cabin door and disappeared inside.

After the door closed, she lay back in the chaise. Memories came flooding in of summers at the cottage when they’d been kids. Since she was 6 years older than him, there had been too much of an age difference for them to be close friends. He constantly wanted to tag along with Jess and her sister, and since he was a sweet and considerate kid they didn’t mind. When she had been 11 or 12, they had played with him a lot and included him in fun kid activities like catching minnows, crayfish and frogs in the marsh, swimming in the lake, or playing hide and seek. But as Jess got into her teenaged years, she started to think she was too cool to hang out with a little kid, too grown-up to do little kid stuff. She shook her head, embarrassed about not being nicer to him then.

Looking at him now, he almost didn’t seem like the same person–except for his eyes. His dark blue eyes had always been striking. They conveyed so much depth, even wisdom. More than you would expect from a typical 24-year-old guy.

Mind you, Bobby had never been a typical boy. One of the aspects of being an only child was that he’d spent a lot of time conversing with adults. He had always been highly intelligent and inquisitive. His parents never talked down to him. They always tried to talk to him on their level and he was encouraged to ask about anything he didn’t understand. Even as a child, he had often displayed wisdom beyond his years that astonished the adults. By the time he was 14, he was holding his own in adult discussions and debates. The term old soul popped into her mind.

Rob came back out of the cabin door a few minutes later, carrying two Coronas with little slices of lime in the necks of the bottles. Condensation was already gathering on them. He handed one to her, smiling while he took the seat closest to her. She smiled at the lime in the bottle and said, “Thanks.”

“Thank you,” Rob replied. “They’re your beers after all.” She chuckled in response.

“I saw the limes on the counter and assumed they were for the Coronas,” he said as she nodded, “or I guess they could go with the tequila, too.” He added wagging his eyebrows comically up and down.

Jess laughed and concurred. “Yes, that too.”

Raising his bottle, he said “Cheers.” She replied in kind and they both took a long drink from their beers.

“Ahhhhhhh. That’s good,” he said, “It’s hot as hell in there.” He gestured to his family’s cottage again.

“What are you doing in there?” she asked.

“Dad and I already installed a new tile floor in the bathroom last week. Today and tomorrow, I’m adding a new toilet, sink, and shower. That’s why the water is off right now. Thursday, a fresh coat of paint. Mom will be pleased when she gets here on Friday. She’s hated that old bathroom since they bought the place, before I was born. She always said it was impossible to make it look clean no matter how much she scrubbed.” He rolled his eyes but smiled affectionately nonetheless.

“Wow. That’s a lot of work. Would you like some help? I’m useless with plumbing, but I could certainly help with the painting.”

“I couldn’t impose. You’re on vacation, aren’t you?”

“No imposition. It would be fun,” she assured him. “Besides I can’t just sit around ALL week.”

“Well I’d love the company,” he said smiling. The way he said it, she sensed that he didn’t mean company in general, but her company in particular.

“Hey, why don’t you join me for dinner tonight?” Jess suggested, “I’ve got Angus striploin steaks and a nice shiraz.”

“That sounds awesome,” Rob replied with a bright smile, “but let me supply the wine. I’ve got something that would go great with steak.” He added, smiling to himself, an unusual happy lightness entering his eyes.

“Great,” Jess smiled.

There was a moment of silence during which they just looked at each other. They both seemed as though they wanted to say something, but they both took another long swig from their beers instead.

“So have you moved back to Toronto for good?” Rob asked.

“Yeah, I think so. I’ve been back about a year and a half. I love Toronto. I really missed it. And my family. Well you know; they’re all in Ontario. I’ve only been up here to the cottage once, last summer. I missed it too. It was just hard to fly back too often when I was a poor student in Vancouver.” She paused and he nodded. innovia escort

“This deck is a nice addition, don’t you think?” Jess added.

Rob grinned knowingly. “Dad and I helped your mom and Ed build it.”

“Really? Well it’s great. I love it.”

His smile beamed. “I’m glad you like it,” he said genuinely.

“I just love sitting here, even more than being on the dock,” she said. He grinned again, clearly happy that he’d contributed to something that pleased her.

“Yeah, it’s a nice place to watch the marsh,” he concurred.

Another akward moment of silence passed between them. Rob looked like he was trying to decide whether to say something.

“So…um….do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, feigning a disinterest with his voice that was contradicted by the look in his eyes.

“No,” she replied. “You? Girlfriend I mean. Or boyfriend. I guess you can’t assume these days,” she added smiling. He smiled too.

“No. No girlfriend.” He paused, then added, “I’m single.”

They both fell silent and something passed between their eyes. She looked at him inquisitively, appraising him, assessing possibilities. A fleeting shadow of lust passed over his eyes as he looked at her. But it was quickly replaced. Rob finished his beer, and Jess took another drink from hers.

Rob suddenly looked down at himself, appraising his clothes.

“Geez. I’m pretty dirty and smelly from working all day in the heat. I’m gonna go cool off.” With that he jumped up and walked quickly down the hill toward the lake.

Jess watched as he strode toward his dock, peeling off his sweaty t-shirt, revealing his lightly tanned, muscular back and shoulders. He dropped the t-shirt on the dock, stopped and kicked off his shoes without untying them, and peeled off his socks.

She stood up and walked to the edge of the deck for a better view. She felt like a peeping tom, but she had a feeling that he knew she was watching him.

From behind, she saw his elbows bend as his hands went to the fly of his shorts. The shorts dropped to the dock revealing white boxers. His thighs were as muscular as his calves. Her eyes roamed appreciatively all over the back of him.

Rob took a few long quick strides and did a running dive off the end of the dock, slicing into the water cleanly, making very little splash. He displayed the confidence of someone who’d spent his life on this lake.

Jess watched for some time and began to become slightly concerned because he didn’t surface immediately. Finally, after several seconds, she saw him surface in the middle of the bay. She immediately felt relief, which was replaced by a sense of awe at how far he could swim and how long he could hold his breath.

As he surfaced, he shook the water out of his hair and let out a “whoop”; something they had always done for fun as kids when they had dove into the water and the cold hit them. She smiled, remembering. She watched as he swam around out in the middle of the bay for a few minutes, diving under a few times and always coming up again some distance away.

He swam back toward his family’s dock, doing the front crawl, with strong sure strokes. She watched his arm, chest and shoulder muscles flex as he pulled himself easily up out of the water onto their dock, which had no ladder.

Jess’ eyes widened as he straightened up. His white boxers were clinging to him in the most glorious way. Even from here she could see the thin white material had become translucent, revealing the hint of dark pubic hair, and the fabric clung to every curve of the bulge beneath it.

Just then, Rob glanced up toward her cabin, and caught her watching him. He grinned broadly and waved. She blushed, but figured he was too far away to notice. She made a little wave back. He strode up the deck, grabbed his clothes and went into his cabin, smiling.

Walking into her own cabin with the two empty beer bottles and the lemonade glass, the thought that had been dancing in the back of her mind since he woke her, came to full consciousness. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks. It actually made her stop mid stride. She was attracted to him. She wanted him. Little Bobby. She wanted to fuck little Bobby. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the ridiculous idea. But it wasn’t so ridiculous. He wasn’t little Bobby anymore. No, he certainly wasn’t. He was full-grown, sexy, old-soul-deep-blue-eyes Rob now. Judging from the way he’d looked at her and smiled at her, she figured the feeling was mutual. Well, this was an interesting turn of events.

Jess quickly assessed herself. There was work to do before he came back for dinner, and she didn’t know how long that would be. She peeled off her clothes and jumped in the shower. Since it was so hot, she set the water just barely above tepid. She enjoyed the cooling sensation of the water splashing over her skin for a moment, and then quickly went to work shaving her legs, underarms, and pubic area.

She liked it shaved smooth, except for a small tuft above her mound. Since she hadn’t had a lover for some time, she hadn’t felt the need to keep up with regular maintenance. It was nice to have it all smooth again. She ran a finger over the smooth lips and a shiver ran through her. She slid her finger down between her pussy lips and smiled to herself discovering the slippery evidence of her arousal and attraction to him.

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