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I haven’t seen my big brother, Roger, in 2 years. My parents were not too wild about the woman he ended up with and made their lives miserable. They all fought horribly all the time and finally, after he got married he and his new wife moved across the country. My parents have forbidden me to have any contact with him. It is now two years later and Roger and “that woman” has separated. Now that I’m on summer vacation they have given me permission to visit him.

I arrived at the airport and after about 15 minutes, I saw my big brother, he looked amazing. The California coast has made him tan, and buff. I always thought he was great looking but now, PHEW! He saw me and ran up to me and we gave each other a huge hug. I didn’t want to let him go I had missed him so much. We got my bags and on the way to the parking lot I updated him on mom and dad. He was still a little angry with them and didn’t want to talk about them much. By the time we reached the car, we were talking about all the places he wanted to take me, and how he wanted to show his “sexy sister” off to his friends. Roger is four years older than I am, so to hear him refer to me as sexy made me blush a little. In the car I wanted to be next to him so I made my seatbelt as loose as possible so I could slide closer to him. I leaned on him and he smiled and put his arm around me, pulling me tightly to him. When we got to his house, he opened the front door and a dog jumped on him. He started playing with him and the dog was all over him as if he had been gone for days. He held his collar and motioned me into the house. “This is Rabbit…Gayle and I got her when we moved here.”

“What kind of name is Rabbit?”

“Gayle named her, I didn’t like it at first, but it suits her. She has these little things she does that I swear make you think of a rabbit” “It’s the funniest thing to watch, you’ll see”

“I look forward to it”, I said sarcastically. He smiled at me.

After I got settled, we ordered takeout and sat in the living room eating. Rabbit was at Roger’s feet and once in awhile he would give her little bits of food, which she hungrily ate from his fingers. Roger always let her lick his fingers before he moved his hand away. She was a cute dog.

I have been here two weeks, having a great time going out to restaurants, sightseeing, partying. Roger takes me everywhere, he has introduced me to most of his friends, who are ALL great. Roger is the perfect host and even when he has to work he would leave his car for me so I can get out and do things on my own. Rabbit and I are getting along great too. We go for walks a couple of times a day, and when I come in the house she always jumps all over me now too.

Rabbit woke me up and after playing with her a little I decided to take a bubble bath. I was soaking in the tub and feeling sexy, I was shaving my legs and decided to shave my pubic hair. It took me a while and there was still a little stubble but I was mostly hairless.

Roger is working today so I decided to go into the city for the day to shop. I was a little nervous, because I had to drive on the highway and after I went outside I realized I had forgotten some things and went back inside. As I was backing out of the driveway I heard a YELP! and, a thud. I slowly stepped out of the car hoping what I was thinking was not what had happened. But, when I went to the back of the car, I could have died. I had hit Rabbit. I didn’t know what to do so I called Roger, I was crying uncontrollably and finally I told him what had happened, he was quiet for about a minute, then he told me he would be home as soon as he could and hung up. It took me a while to regain by composure and I was about to go back outside when Roger called back. He said one of his friends would be by and would take us to the animal hospital.

Greg and Julie came by about 15 minutes after the accident and took Rabbit and I to the animal hospital. Roger got there about an hour later, but Rabbit had already died.

I couldn’t even look at him the ride home in the car, and he didn’t say anything to anyone. When we got to the house, Julie asked if she should stay and Roger told her no, so they left.

I tried to apologize, but he just ignored me, he locked his bedroom door and would not talk to me when I tried to talk to him several times that night. The next day he went to work and took the car.

I cleaned the house and made a nice pasta dinner, and when Roger got home, I made myself scarce. I stayed in my room for most of the evening and only came out to get some things from the kitchen or to clean up. I hoped that he would at least try to make eye contact with me but it did not happen. I cried until I fell asleep.

At about 4a.m. I had an epiphany. I was so excited about it I couldn’t fall back to sleep. At 6a.m., I took my shower and got dressed. Roger’s alarm went off, and then his shower was turned on. I went to the kitchen and waited. Roger came in to the kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal. He turned around and stopped when he saw me. I was on all fours, I barked at him. He gave me a WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? expression. I barked at him again and he shook etiler escort his head, smiled and went into the living room. He sat down on the couch and I scampered in after him. I barked at him again and he looked at me, I started to whimper. He took a couple pieces of cereal and handed it to me, I ate them, then I licked his fingers. I looked up to see him looking at me, my pussy started to tingle. He fed me a couple more times; I licked his fingers after each time, sucking sometimes. Whenever I looked at him he was looking at me, just watching my mouth or looking into my eyes. I was really getting into it and he was too, I think. About 10 minutes passed and he got up and went back into the kitchen, he poured more cereal into the bowl and brought it into the living room, he put it on the floor in front of me. He mussed my hair and left.

It worked, I couldn’t stop smiling, I put the cereal on the coffee table and sat on the couch. I leaned back and started thinking about what just happened, I pushed my hands inside my shorts and started to rub my pussy. I was already wet, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was, I rubbed my pussy harder and squeezed my breast. I pushed my fingers inside my hot pussy; it wasn’t long before I gushed all over my hands.

I decided to go for a walk, when I went outside the car was there so I decided to go into the city instead. I had not changed my clothes, and I didn’t want to, I wanted to feel naughty. I spent the day shopping for things for the house, wondering if the people around me could see and smell how horny I was. I did get a couple of leery looks but the thoughts going through my mind was enough to keep my pussy dripping.

As I brought the packages to the car, I saw some, more, smaller stores, I put the packages in the trunk and went over to check them out. One of the stores was an adult book/toys store. I thought it would be fun; maybe I could buy a porno (my first) for later on, so I went in. They had so many things I’ve never seen before. I couldn’t stop looking at the huge dildoes and vibrators, and I started to wonder how big Roger’s cock was. I was getting hornier thinking of Roger naked and I pushed my hand in my shorts. I closed my eyes, and then I heard a noise. I was shocked back to reality when I saw some people watching me. There were a few people in the store, mostly men and some couples. They were all looking at me lustfully. I had walked almost to the back of the store when a very attractive brunette with huge breasts came over to me. She was wearing a very tight v-neck t-shirt cut-offs and no bra and a very mini skirt. She told me her name was Shandi and asked if I wanted help. I told her I was just looking and she smiled and said, “No one comes in here to just look.” I didn’t realize it but I was staring at her breasts she smiled and took my hand, “You like my outfit?”


“What’s your name?”


“Angel, mmmmm…are you?” she was smiling.

We started walking to the very back of the store. We went down this hallway and she opened a door and pulled me into the room behind her. The room grew bigger as we walked more inside, sort of like a triangle, everywhere was glass except for the door, in the middle of the room was a pole and toward the largest side (the back wall) was a bed. I sort of pulled back, but she grasped my hand tighter and said “Don’t worry honey, this will be fun, I promise.” She pulled me to the bed and I sat down, then she went over and leaned on the pole, facing me. Her breasts were huge; they must have been 36D’s. She started to squeeze her breasts and pinched her nipples; she lifted one breast and licked the nipple, flicking her tongue all over it. “You like eating pussy, I can tell”

“I’ve never done it”

She looked surprised, “we’ll take care of that”. Shandi lifted her shirt up and started to lick her naked breast, then she took it off and walked over to me. She straddled me, her breasts in my face “Lick them for me,” I kissed one breast then stuck my tongue out and licked the inside of her boob. She moaned a little as I moved my tongue to her nipple, I flicked my tongue over nipple then took it in my mouth. She moaned louder when I sucked it and I opened my mouth wider so I could put more of her boob in my mouth. She started to grind her pussy on me. I grabbed both breasts with my hands and started to squeeze and mash them while I moved my mouth from one to the other, kissing, licking and sucking each as hard as I could. Shandi was telling me between moans, to suck harder and how good it felt. She pushed me back on the bed, her miniskirt was now around her waist, she was grinding her pussy on me as she started to squeeze and rub my breasts. She stopped and took my blouse off, then she stood up and pulled off my shorts and panties. I took off my bra while she unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She came over and laid on top of me, kissing me squeezing my 34C’s, she started to kiss my neck then she was sucking on my nipple. I was rubbing my hands all over her squeezing her ass, kissing her, she smelled of baby powder. Shandi continued sucking my breasts, then she eve gelen escort moved her hand between my legs. “Oooooooo, honey your pussy is so wet… somebody’s had a full morning,” she pushed a finger in me, I was moaning loudly, pushing my pussy on her hand trying to get more in me, she pushed two more fingers in my pussy and was fingerfucking me. My whole body started shaking as I came. Shandi pulled her fingers out and was licking them she pushed them in my mouth and we both licked all my cumjuice off her hand. We started kissing again, more softly, we moved to the middle of the bed together, still kissing, I put my arm around her back and we both rolled over, now I was on top.

I started to kiss her harder, pushing my breasts down on hers, I was telling her how beautiful she was. Now I was moving down kissing, sucking, biting her breasts, kissing, licking her stomach. I was licking above her pubic hairs, I lifted one leg up and kissed her inner-thigh, she was moaning and pushing her pussy to my face. I said, “Tell me what to do Shandi”

“Ooooooo baby, push your tongue in my pussy” I pushed my tongue in her as far as I could and started to move it in and out as fast as I could, she moaned and grinded her pussy on my mouth. I grabbed both her legs spread them wide, now I was licking up and down in long strokes looking at her pink, her clit, sucking on her pussy lips, flicking my tongue on her clit. “Ohh gaaaaard, yes,” Shandi’s hips were bucking all over. She closed her legs around my head. I grabbed her legs and continued to play with her clit, she was breathing rapidly, gasping. Her body became stiff and her juice flowed out of her. I still licked her, licking up everything, she was still breathing heavily, but was now hardly moving. I licked her pussy dry and climbed onto her, we hugged each other and started kissing. I stopped kissing her,

“Did I do it right”?

She laughed “you sure did honey…I told you you like eating pussy,” we kissed.

We got dressed and went back out to the store, now EVERYONE was looking at me, at us, some with smiles on their faces. A man across from us started rubbing his cock when I looked at him, I could see his hard cock through his pants. Shandi grabbed my hand, “so…why did you come in here?”

“I’m not sure”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

I hesitated, “Yes…his name is Roger,” I blushed.

Shandi smiled, “Do you think he would like what we did today.” I didn’t answer. “What do you like doing together?”

“Ah, …role-playing”

“Great, follow me” I followed her to the front of the store to where the “clothes” were; she picked up a French maid uniform. “This is one of our most popular outfits, but …I gotta say I see you wearing something else,” she picked up a black body-suit, it was a sheer micro netting. She held it in front of herself and pulled the legs apart showing it had no crotch, it was perfect. Next we picked up a pair of 3in stiletto heeled black shoes. A table with an assortment of whips, belts and other paraphernalia, including dog collars was nearby, I picked up a rhinestone studded collar and a leash, Shandi raised her eyebrows, “Angel in definitely not angelic…you are sure full of surprises. Just what kind of games do you and Roger play?’ We smiled at each other, and walked toward the register. Shandi put everything in a bag, added some edible body lotion and a business card and handed me the bag. I was about to say something, when she said “A gift from me.” We kissed each other goodbye.

As I walked to my car, I stopped and I turned around for no reason, and in the distance going in the opposite direction, was a couple that sort of looked like Greg and Julie.

I drove back to the house and hurriedly put everything away. I made dinner and took a shower. I soaped myself with my hands, touching myself, remembering what I had uncovered about myself earlier. I enjoyed being with a woman and I had more than sisterly feelings for my brother. I put on a dress that looked really good on me. It was pretty snug with a low-cut neck and it showed off my curves. I put on the dog collar and leash. I poured myself a glass of wine and gulped it down, then poured another and waited for Roger. I was all ready to do the femme fatale thing but when I heard him outside thanking someone, I panicked and by the time he opened the door I was on all fours again.

He picked up the mail and walked over to me, he sat down and started going through the mail. I crawled over to him and barked at him. I put my head on his knee and he started playing with my hair. We were looking at each other, he got up and went to his room. He had changed into sweats when he came back out, he went to the kitchen and I followed him. After he made himself a plate he poured a bowl of cereal and put it on the floor in front of me, I lowered my head and started to eat. I wasn’t really hungry so I was picking up one piece of cereal at a time. I folded my arms in front of me and lowered my upper body to the floor, my butt was sticking in the air. I looked behind me and Roger was looking at me. I wiggled my ass at him and continued eating. fatih escort He came into the kitchen and grabbed a beer. Then he grabbed another beer and a bowl, he took my leash and led me into the living room and poured one of the beers into the bowl and put it in front of the TV. I smiled and lowered myself on my elbows and started to lap up my beer. My butt was turned toward him, sticking straight up.

He had a very clear view of my thong covered ass and pussy. I drank most of my beer and was starting to feel a little bolder, so I crawled over to Roger, my knees were hurting but I was determined to play this through. I put my paws up on his legs and leaned into him. Our eyes were locked as I pushed my face into his crotch. He was already hard, I rubbed my face on his hardon and kissed his cock over and over. I looked up at Roger and he exhaled as I started to lick his cock through his pants. I wanted to take his pants off and used my mouth and teeth to grab the ties to his pants, and pulled it loose. I was tired of this stupid game, I wanted his cock in my mouth, he must have read my mind and pulled his pants down. I swallowed his cock with one gulp, I clamped my mouth over his shaft and sucked hard wanting to feel all of him, I couldn’t get all of his cock in my mouth, so I climbed up on the couch. Roger groaned and was slowly pushing his cock in my mouth, slowly fucking my mouth.

I was sucking faster, Roger’s hand was rubbing my ass, squeezing my asscheeks. I pushed my butt on his hand, I wanted him to touch my pussy. The anticipation was driving me crazy, he grabbed my panties and pulled it tight, the thong was in my pussy lips and asscrack, rubbing my clit hard, he pulled it more tightly and my body started shaking as I orgasmed. I fell on Roger, I was breathing heavily and kissing his still-hard cock, he was rubbing his cock slowly and groaning more loudly then he started to pull himself up, half standing, he pointed his cock to my face and exploded. I opened my mouth wide taking as much as I could, I swallowed all of it and took his cock in my mouth again as he sat back down, sucking in the final drops, licking all that was left. “Angela”

“Angela…stop” I looked up at him, he gently moved me away and stood up, he went to his room, this time I followed him.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that”

“WE did it together, Angela, its no ones’ fault”

“I don’t want you to have another reason to hate me”

“Angela, I don’t hate you…what happened with Rabbit was an accident, I know that” “I was going to tell you last night, but I heard you crying in your room and I felt really bad at how I treated you. As for all of this, maybe I shouldn’t have encouraged you and this game. I don’t know what I was thinking. This morning, I thought it was cute and funny but I had all day to think about it and then this evening…I am confused and I… I don’t know”

I went over and hugged him, he put his arms around me and we squeezed each other. We started kissing, I could feel his cock getting harder. “Shouldn’t you be on all foursJ” I walked away from him and kneeled on the bed. “I was joking… but”

Roger came over and started to rub my ass. “Who is a good little doggie?” he was laughing. I opened my legs wider showing him my wet panties, he pushed his fingers into my panties, then a finger into my pussy. I moaned and looked back at him as he pulled his finger out and licked it. “Mmmmm, are you sure you want this?” I barked my response. He pulled my panties down as I turned my head away from him. I moved my legs as he took them off, then he pulled my legs even wider apart. He started rubbing my pussy, “Angela, you have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.” He was rubbing me again, then I felt something wet. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue push into me. He pulled my pussy lips apart and was licking inside my pussy lips up to my clit, doing it over and over, I was moaning loudly and pushing my pussy on his face. I was down on my elbows, barely able to stay on my knees, Roger pushed his fingers into my hole and another in my asshole, my body began to shake as I came, my legs gave out as I fell completely on the bed. Roger lay on top of me, kissing my back “You are so beautiful,” I turned over, he was kissing my breasts, my stomach “You are so beautiful”.

“I want you inside of me”

“Angela, once we do this…”

“Roger…take your clothes off.” We were kissing again more hungrily, stopping to pull his shirt off, then his pants. Roger positioned himself between my legs, still kissing me. I could feel his cockhead at my hole, then with a forceful thrust and a grunt he pushed his cock into me. We were both still for a moment, moaning, absorbing each other, kissing tenderly then Roger slowly started to pull out and pushing himself back in, our rhythm already in sync, slowly fucking, kissing, holding on to each other. We pulled apart, Roger pushed my legs back with his forearms and was now fucking me faster, more forcefully, impaling me continually. Guttural grunting, moaning, screaming, the slapping of our sweating bodies filled the room, the house. I screamed out as I came again, Roger was pounding me even harder when he yelled he was cumming as he and I both gushed all over each other. We couldn’t move, my legs were now around his back as we lay together breathing heavily. Roger and I made love several times throughout the night, until, we fell asleep holding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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