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Dildo Fucking

I woke up, Kyle was curled up next to me. I looked over at my boy, his hair all mussed by sleep and the lovemaking that preceded it. His face looked so relaxed, he was so content in repose. Kyle had gotten so comfortable in being with me, and I was letting him sleep over more often than not. I stretched a bit, not enough to disturb him, but to let the muscles reach out. I looked back at his face, I was spending so much time with him in my bed that some of my other boys weren’t getting my attention. I’d have to have Kyle sleep at his own place and call one of the others to get fucked. I couldn’t let them think I had forgotten them, I had responsibilities to all my boys.

Kyle’s hand moved up my chest. He was awake. Already having decided he wouldn’t join me tonight, I had to come up with what I was going to do to him to keep him desiring me until I called on him again. “Horny, is my boy?” I asked him, giving him a side hug.

“Yes, Master.” Kyle licked one of my nipples.

“Well, something else this morning. Out of bed.”

“Grumph. Yes Master.”

We both got out, Kyle reached over and hugged me. I quickly returned it and ordered “Bend over the bed.” I moved his arms so he was over the bed braced up. He realized at once it was not a fucking postion.

“What are we doing Master?” Kyle twisted his head around to look at me puzzled.

“A little spanking.” I rubbed my hand over his ass checks.

“Spanking? Have I been bad?”

“No, I just want to do it.” His body tensed up, I could feel it. But he stayed in place. Good, he was accepting my will, even if he didn’t know why. It was a whim of mine, but it was going to be a lesson for the boy.

I gave a not-to-hard slap to both cheeks. “Ow.” Escaped Kyle’s lips. I gave a soft, single laugh and repeated the strike. He was silent on the second one. I continued hitting his ass, never very hard, but enough that he felt it. It took a little longer to get his ass red than if I had been really going at it, but the idea wasn’t to give him a hard spanking, but to make him feel it for a bit.

When my mild attack had given him a good warm red glow I stopped and rubbed his ass again.

“Master, I feel it.” Kyle had strain in his voice.

“Good. I want you to feel it today. And tonight.” I lifted him up and kissed him. “When you are home, in bed, alone.”

His face fell, I knew that would disappoint him. But he took a breath and trying to look me in the eye and said “Yes, Master.”

He accepted it. He had been learning when I decide something no amount of pleading would change my mind. “Good boy. Now scamper off home for your shower.” I gave his ass a playful slap that elicited a yelp from him. I headed to my bathroom to brush my teeth and heard him slip on pants and head to his place.

I had showered and was at my computer starting my job when I saw him head to his. He glanced my way and I waved, getting a wave back. I concentrated on mundane matters for a few hours before texting Vince, telling him he could come over when he was free. I got Vince’s reply as soon as his class wrapped up, he was headed right over after hitting his place for his gear. Vince is a college student, and I texted him part of the way through a class. He was also a pup. I was getting a new cup of coffee when he knocked on my door. I opened it to his smiling face. “Thanks so much Master!” He gave me a quick hug and disappeared into my bedroom. I returned to my computer. A few minutes later, Vince crawled out of my bedroom dog hood on, tail in, and sniffing around. He was now Skipper. I let him wander around.

As Skipper, Vince likes to be a pup, so he was perfect for having around the place. He would poke around, looking at things from his pup-eye view. Once he was sure he had seen and sniffed everything, he curled up not far from me, able to watch what I did. He lay there like a dog, and I admit I like the adoration he showed.

After a while, Skipper crawled to my kitchen and took a drink from the bowl of water I had put on the floor. He then returned, and I laughed under my breath as he turned around three times before laying down again. I continued my work as Skipper would spend a while laying there and sometimes getting up and looking around. Acting like a normal dog. He was loving it, as his hard dick showed.

The afternoon went on, and I mumbled under my breath that I was almost done for the day. Not long afterwards, Skipper got up to check things out again. But this time he didn’t come back. I knew where he was, I didn’t let on. Behind my back, he had crawled onto the couch.

When I got up, I turned around, putting mock anger into my voice I shouted “What are you doing on the couch?” I strode over as Skipper scrambled down. Grabbing his collar, I brought my hand down on his ass “I told you not to get on the couch.” Skipper yelped, and his dick started to leak pre-cum. I landed a few more hits, “Skipper go to your corner, now!”

Skipper crawled gaziantep escort to his corner and lay down, still watching me. I flipped on the TV to catch something streaming. After more than half an hour I looked over at him. “Boy want a bone?” He raised his head, cocking it to one side. “Come on boy, get your bone.” A slightly higher register, like talking to a real dog. He headed toward me, rubber tail wagging back and forth. Little barks of joy coming from his throat.

Arriving between my legs, Skipper nuzzled and licked at my package through my pants. So enjoyable, watching his desperation to get at it. And it was stimulating. My dick grew, and he could feel it, making him struggle for his prize even more. I ran my hand over his face, opened my pants as he gave some little yips of canine excitement.

“Beg Skipper, beg for your bone.” Like a good pup he got up on his haunches and bent his arms in a begging position. Little whines, and he wiggled his butt. “Get it, get your bone.” Skipper gave a quick bark and dove to start licking up and down my big shaft. Long, dog-like licks, wetting my cock well. He gave some light bites, his trademark move. Not enough to hurt, since that would get him a serious beating, but a rare sensation. Up and down he gave the gentle bites, then moving his careful teeth to my balls. The contrast of his teeth and tongue almost set me wild, I opened my legs wider. Let him work, let him please me and make me feel good.

My prick was in his mouth now, feeling that warmth a mouth and throat alone can provide. It’s more than a physical feeling, the wetness it’s the mental feeling of penetrating, of having someone take it in, of servicing you. That’s what the real sex is, much more than the physical contact, it’s the mind part. The surrender that is different if it’s a domination or equal partnership. The mind is the best part. The bodies are the instruments of sex. Real penetration is my will driving his actions.

Skipper was deepthroating me now, and working hard at it. I prefered to have hands work my balls and thighs, but he was a pup, so he was working like a pup. He would come off and lick my balls like a dog. He was well trained. As always when he sucked me, I like the little dog noises he made. A controlling hand on his head slowed him down. I wanted to savor this. The pup got my meaning right off and slowed, spending more time licking my shaft and head. I stretched out further, looking up at the ceiling. I knew Skipper’s eyes were looking up at me, hoping I was pleased, but let him desire. I let my mind wonder, enjoying the service and the difference from Kyle’s style. Damn, I was getting excellent head from Skipper and Kyle still popped into my head. I needed to shove thoughts of him aside. I needed to be in control, even in my own mind.

Nice long licks up shaft, letting me feel his tongue working, so much of his tongue. Getting me wet. I stayed hard, very hard. He was working so hard, I appreciated that, I liked it when my boys worked to make me happy. It made me feel right, and I knew he was in bliss. I let him worship my prick for a long time. It wasn’t just my ability to hold back cum when I wanted to, it was my wish to get my cock worked on for a while, to enjoy it as a boy worked on it, and that’s exactly what I was getting. I knew Skipper would go at my dick for a good, long time.

I do have good control, but Skipper wasn’t making me exercise it. He had gotten the idea I wanted this to be a long, slow blow job. His tongue and those careful teeth worked on my prick and he would go as long as I wanted, no matter how long I wanted to go. And how long I wanted to go is as long as he would go.

It was well over an hour before I finally decided it was time to fuck him. I let my mind roll over the thought of it for a bit, feeling my dick get harder. Skipper had a great ass, and his oral attentions had not been wasted. I stirred, moving to remove the rubber tail he had in. I let my hand caress his ass, and the tail moved more as his sucking intensified. He knew what was going to happen, and he wanted my dick.

I was careful as I removed the tail, not wanting to cause damage, and I tossed it aside, bringing my prick out of his mouth. Skipper gave a whine, poor little pup no longer had a bone. I could have chuckled, but I was ready to go. I maneuvered him where I wanted, doggie style, of course. I lined up my dick with his hole and moved forward,entering him and feeling the warm softness of his chute grip my cock. I pushed in slow, savoring every instant. There is nothing that feels like a man’s pussy opening up for my dick, a full surrender of the boy.

My pubes hit his ass, and I rested there, his growl telling me how much he had wanted this. I grabbed each cheek in a hand, eliciting a bark of pleasure. Pulling back brought a bark of sadness as he felt empty without me in him. I shifted my grip, to change it up. I pushed back in to my pleasure and his. Skipper was lost in his confusion of whether to bark, growl or whine. He chose each making sounds of pure joy. My cock was in pure joy as well. More fucking as I bent over his body, changing the angle of my entry, hitting more of his guts. Moving my hands up to his shoulders and pulling his entire body back on my rhythm. He was putty in my hands, letting out a howl. I loved it when he was so lost in my fucking him, he howled. It was an indication of how much he needed it.

I was enjoying this fuck. His ass worked my dick. He had always had such a talented ass, and always willing to hold it up for me. I was going into that space of dominant fucking that transcended everything. A boy beneath me, my dick hard and thrusting. It wasn’t merely my dick that was fucking him, it was everything, bending him to my will. That was the best part, his will submitting to mine. I reached down and felt his chest, tweaking his nipples, laying my body on his, giving short, sharp thrusts into his body.

Skipper was almost shaking in his ecstasy. It was so great to make a boy lose so much control, to be so in charge of him that he lost everything but a desire for me. I lengthed my thrusts, feeling my cock penetrate him. My cock in him. Moving his body with my fucking. I was rising in my balls, I felt the cum boiling. I could hold back, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to shoot in his guts, and I did. My orgasm triggering his.

We both collapsed, my weight on his, for a moment before I rolled to my back. Skipper moved to lick my deflating cock, and I breathed deep of the air. I scratched his head, bringing a contented whine from my pup. In a few minutes, I put his tail back in, then got back into my seat. Skipper curled himself up at my feet. He would be fine being a pup for a while, I need to think. Now that my carnal desires had been sated. Kyle had been doing very well accepting my rules. I needed to decide if it were time to introduce him to another one of my boys. Skipper would be a good choice. But I had decided Kyle was going to be home without me tonight. He needed some distance from me, a break. And I need to turn my attention to my other boys.

Skipper nuzzled my hand and licked it, looking up at me and giving a whine. I patted his head “I know boy, go on.” He needed to get back to his regular life. Crawling back to my bedroom, he looked at me before he went through the door. It took a few minutes for Vince to appear dressed and with a satisfied look on his face. “Master, thank you so much, that was great.”

“I enjoyed it too. Nice getting to have Skipper around. And I liked the new collar.”

“A present from a new handler I found.”

“Think this one is a keeper?” Vince had had a couple of handlers, none of which worked out. Most of them were only interested in sex, not actually letting his pup fetish go.

“Yeah, I do. He’s been reading up on being a handler, reaching out to some on the net, actually willing to go to a meet up. And he’s a great fuck.”

“I’m so happy for you. We’ll have to meet at some point.” I said, seeing Vince looked concerned for a moment. “It will be fine.” I continued. “If it works out, I want to meet your handler. I want to be friends.” Vince’s face became optimistic at that.

“Oh, Master.” Vince hugged me, nuzzling into my chest. He looked up at me giving a broad smile. Kissing him on the head, I opened the door for him.

Kyle stayed at his place that night, and I slept alone as well. I let Kyle back into my arms and bed the next day, and he worked extra hard to show his appreciation. After a good fucking, I held Kyle in my arms, turning his face to me. “Boy, I want you to meet one of my other subs.”

Kyle’s body stiffened, and he looked at me with a combination of hurt, puzzlement, and submission. I knew he needed a moment to gather himself. “Of course, Master, whatever you want.”

I pulled him closer to me. “Good boy. It will be fine.” I drew my fingers over his eyebrows and said in a lower voice “Think I’d be doing this if I didn’t intend on keeping you forever?”

“I don’t know.” His voice was small, uncertain. He really didn’t know. It must be so difficult to be a sub.

“I do. You’ll like Matty. Like you, he is very submissive, totally dedicated to me.”

“If he’s so dedicated, why…Oh, I don’t know.” Kyle’s eyes were tearing up.

“Matty has other demands on his life. He travels a great deal for his job. So he can only submit to me at times. Tomorrow he’ll be in town, you’ll get to submit with another one of my subs. That will please me a great deal.”

“For you, Master.” Kyle held closer to me. I hoped he was ready.

Kyle woke me up with one of his expert blow-jobs, and he seemed to have accepted that Matty would be joining us in the evening. I kissed him deeply as he left my apartment.

Careful arrangement of curtains let me follow Kyle walking down the block on his way home from work. I didn’t want him to know I was watching. I saw the change in his gait when he saw Matty sitting on the steps in front of my door. I wanted them to meet without me. It’s amazing how you can pick up on things with people you really follow. I could tell the concern in how Kyle walked.

“You must be Kyle.” Matty looked at my newest boy, with what I was sure was that sexy half smile of his. I could hear them and make out their shapes.

“Ye-yeah.” Kyle shuffled uneasily. Matty was tall and powerfully built, Mediterrean features. Kyle was looking at someone with the physical attributes of an alpha man.

“Master likes you. I can tell. Just from the call we had. It will be an honor to serve him next to you.”

“You call him Master as well?”

Matty gave a snort. “Like I could call him something else. He is the Master. I can’t resist. Not sure I even want to. I want to serve him all the time. Most days I can’t believe he lets me do it at all.” There was a pause. “Let me do it with you, please? It’s been so long, I don’t want to be sent away and I’ll bet my ass if you don’t agree he’ll send me away.”

“You think he’ll send you away if I don’t want you around?” I could hear the question in Kyle’s voice.

“Sure as fuck he will. Say it’s OK, please, I’m begging you.” Matty did have a submissive slump to his shoulder. He really believed Kyle was the key to getting to serve me. If Kyle said no, I would have to really think of what I would do. It’s possible that no matter what I did after that, I could lose them both.

Kyle whispered something I couldn’t overhear. Damn it. But it only took an instant for Matty to clear up the mystery. “That’s fucking great dude!” Matty went forward and wrapped Kyle in a bear hug. Perfect. Kyle had submitted to what I wanted. “You ready for this?” Matty asked Kyle, still not letting him go.

“Maybe?” Kyle replied.

“It will be great, I promise. Master will really get off using both of us.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. If Master likes it, that’s what matters, right?”


“Well, let’s not keep him waiting.” Matty started carrying up Kyle before putting him down. A few seconds later, my doorbell rang.

I gave them a moment to wait on me before I opened, standing back so they could enter.

Matty instantly started to strip down, folding his clothes neatly and putting them on a table. When he removed his trousers, his hot pink panties were on full display. He got to his knees and kissed my feet.

Kyle followed his lead, also leaving his underwear on and joining Matty in kissing my feet. It’s a great feeling. Not the kissing as much as the submission of both of them. I let them greet me in this very proper way before telling them to stop. I issued a quick order for Kyle to get out of his shorts and join me on the couch.

“Show off for us Matty.” I ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Matty started to run his hands over his muscled, hairy body, circling his hips and licking his lips. Matty’s dick was already hard, pulling his panties away from his body. Kyle snuggled up to me, and it was obvious he as excited as well, I moved Kyle’s hand to my crotch. Let my sub do the work.

Matty literally jumped up from his knees to his feet, and did a few muscle poses. Then the displaying boy turned around, bent over and wiggled his ass, running his hands over his taut mounds. He slid the panties down for a moment, revealing his hole, then pulled them back up.

Turning back around, Matty raised on arm straight over his head and undulated his body. With the arm up it was quite a sight. But who wouldn’t like a hot man displaying his body? Kyle certainly did, his dick was very hard. Matty raised himself up and down squatting a bit. Then he flexed his biceps, and did additional muscle poses. Matty turned around, bent over, and used his hands to move the panties aside and showed his hole, moving it some. Matty then circled his ass around. Turning around and standing, he ran his hands over his six-packs abs and up over his pecs, making kissy face at me, and even Kyle, which caused the boy at my side to shiver a bit.

“Nice show boy, now come and kiss Kyle like you mean it.” I ordered.

“Love to, Master.” Matty approached, got down on his knees, ran his hands up Kyle’s sides, over his shoulders, up his neck and held Kyle’s cheeks. Matty moved in with a smile. Kyle gripped my cock a bit harder as Matty started to kiss him.

Matty and Kyle’s tongues played on each other, and Kyle’s free hand moved up to Matty’s back. It’s what I wanted, so they both did it, Kyle a bit reluctant as he was unused to this type of obedience. It was the first time since we got together that he had touched another man. Kyle’s mind was torn, turned on by Matty, and wanting to obey, but it wasn’t me. It was fun to watch. But I decided I wanted in on it.

“Me now.” I said, gripping each head in one hand, I guided them up to me, bringing their lips to mine as we did a three-way kiss. Three tongues and three mouths, mine dominating theirs. It was fun, but I wanted something else. “Get my pants off.” I said, pulling back a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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