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Group Sex

If you read the first installment, you know it ended with this line: “I have no regrets, Mark.” Before I could register her meaning, her eyes widened and she gave a soft cry of pain. “Oh, Mark! No regrets.” This chapter picks up where the last concluded. (Fadedgiant)


“I have no regrets, Mark.” Before I could register her meaning, her eyes widened and she gave a soft cry of pain. “Oh, Mark! No regrets.”

In that swift maneuver, my lovely Brenda gave herself in complete surrender. She took me into her virgin love nest. The maiden barrier separating her from girl and woman broke as a rubber band breaks when stretched too far. Brenda wept as my cock filled her passage. The glee on her face told me she wept in joy. Her damp eyes shown like the glow of afternoon sun.

All I could do was look in awe as my love became my lover and I became hers. My own emotion spilled over as I pulled Brenda as tightly to me as my strength could. She rested her hips on mine not making a move, only feeling something she had never experienced.

She whispered through her tears, “I couldn’t wait, Mark. I love you too much and now I love you more.”

My cock twitched as she said those words. I reacted by kissing away her tears and kissing her lips. “Brenda.” It was a sigh escaping my mouth with her name on it.

“I thought it was supposed to hurt, it feels too good to hurt.”

Our eyes locked in soul searching stares; I could find no words to express the feeling. “I love you,” is all I could manage.

Brenda began to move with caution. My cock slid out just a bit before Brenda pressed back on it. She repeated herself slowly until she was comfortable. Soft moans of pleasure began to build as she began to pace herself more rapidly.

“Don’t let me cum in you Brenda.” Our depth of knowledge about the other made me aware that she could become pregnant.

“It’s okay, I want it.”

I could tell by her expression the sudden jab of pain was past and she was going to cum with my cock in her. The cries she made were getting louder and she buried her head on the edge of my pillow.

I heard gorukle escort her suck in a deep breath and hold it. Her muscles squeezed against my cock. She let out a cry into the pillow loud or louder than her first orgasm. With every bit of strength I had, I withdrew and shot a jet high on her back with more depositing all over her squirming butt.

I knew she wanted me to cum in her and risk making a baby, yet I knew it would be difficult for us. I hoped she would understand.

I saw a flash of sadness and anger in her eyes when she finally looked at me. “You stole from me. You robbed me.”

“I sorry, I don’t want you to get pregnant. At least not for a couple years.” I held her and she responded as I hoped she had.

“It felt good, Mark, even when I gave it to you. It hurt but it was a good hurt. Will you come in me soon?”

“As soon as it is safe. In a few more days.”

I knew there must be some blood from her first time; I felt a slow trickle of her cum against my spent cock.

“I bet I made a mess on you.” Brenda giggled slightly. “I hope I didn’t bleed too much.”

I shared her giggle, “I know I sprayed a big mess on your back.”

Our lips locked in another deep meaningful and very hot kiss. “I am going to clean myself a bit, Mark. Can we do it again?”

“I want that, my sweet love.” Brenda left with her bathrobe on. I would use the toilet after she was through.

I thought about what had just happened, that Brenda told me I wouldn’t wait long, that we promised we wouldn’t have sex, and the reality of having just experienced love beyond anything that made sense. Crusted around my cock was crimson evidence of Brenda’s virginity lost. I ached for want of her again.

I heard Brenda go to her room after using the bathroom. She must have showered again; I knew I had to as well. I washed well, wishing Brenda’s virgin blood could be an honored treasure. Better than blood, I had Brenda.

I returned to my room finding Brenda already there. ‘My room,’ I thought, ‘is our room.’ She was perched on the mattress legs crossed as she is always when she wants altıparmak eskort bayan to talk. She wore her bathrobe, yet I was aware of her nakedness beneath.

I sat next to her with just a towel wrapped around my waist. “I know that look, Brenda, what do you need to talk about?”

Her smile was the same as always, yet different, her face radiated her smile. If she was a magnet, she would pull me in. “Are you happy we, you know, did it?”

“How could I not be? It was the best feeling I have ever experienced.” I didn’t try to hide that I was getting hard again; it didn’t escape Brenda either.

“Can I lick you like you licked me?” She bounced on the mattress that could only be explained as sexual anticipation.

“We could do it together.”

Somehow, I cannot try to understand, her robe fell off as she whipped the towel from me. We fell to the mattress kissing, touching, feeling, hearing, every sense employed as arousal and need heightened.

Brenda spun around to offer her warm nest to my lips. I felt her lips and tongue kiss and lick my cock. A mutual sigh of high expectation shared between us was all the encouragement we needed.

I gave Brenda a little lick on her sensitive little bud. My reward came with the feeling of her mouth sucking me in to the root. Where could she have learned that?

Brenda pressed her mound hard on my face when my tongue pressed into her newly opened pussy. She had already become wet and her tang drifted over my taste buds. Her head bobbed on my cock.

The grip of her mouth on my cock disappeared; her voice cracked raspy and excited. “I need you in me, Mark.”

I turned my body to hers and took the time honored position my cock pointing directly at her waiting pussy. I eased into her; she registered no pain or discomfort. She raised her legs high to give me unobstructed access. When she jerked her hips against me, resolve was gone and I plunged in.

A short gasp was followed with, “Yes! Mark! Fuck me!”

I accepted her call, withdrew until barely my cock head remained in her, then nilüfer eskort bayan jabbed her deep and hard. Her whole body jerked against me. I repeated it and got the same result. Some instinct in Brenda took over and she locked her legs over my shoulders. The force of my thrusts with her legs over my shoulders, her butt rose to meet me when I thrust in. Brenda was biting the sheet, stuffing it in her mouth to keep her cries as silent as she could. Soon she had another cum. She clutched my cock in her, she pulsed and jerked feeling a huge orgasmic wave engulf her.

Her legs fell limply to the mattress; I eased out the wad of sheet crammed in her mouth. Brenda’s eyes were closed, she gulped air trying to recover. I edged slowly off her body, my cock from her pussy. No, I hadn’t cum and was glad; I couldn’t have withdrawn if I wanted to.

Brenda moved slowly to her side, she exposed her cute butt to me with opening of her no longer virgin pussy. I spooned into her letting my cock rub along length of her labia to touch her inflamed clit.

The caress seemed to shock her into a quiver she rode it out against me. She angled her legs more and pressed into me. The unspoken words were inciting animating me to change my position. My cock pressed into her soft folds but not hard and full.

I reached my arm around her in a sensual sexual embrace. Brenda pulled my arm tighter over her. “Slow, Mark. I can’t take much more.”

It was nice being gentle now. Brenda had demanded hard sex that was surprising for only her second time. Not many girls would have been that prepared or wanting. Now it was lovingly slow although Brenda was breathing deeply and sighing.

She had a small orgasm as we swayed and my time came. I pulled out ready to cum on her butt but she trapped my cock between her legs. I came over her mound and splattered some on the mattress. I felt her hand rubbing my cum over her mound and stomach.

“I can’t wait until you can give it to me inside me.”

“I want to. I want to fulfill my lover duty by giving everything to you.”

We remained spooned and drifted into deeply satiated sleep.

We awoke in the morning feeling our bodies stuck together by dry cum. The instant hit us hard leaving us laughing madly as we peeled ourselves apart.

Our first night together ended in first sex, hard fucking, and sensual love making. Whatever the future held was ours to achieve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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