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I picked up Ingrid as we planned, she was wearing a white Tank Top, very sweet perfume and bright red sparkly lipstick and had her dyed blonde hair brushed back over her shoulders. I was quite fond of her lips, they were large and pouty and when she was angry, her lips were very sexy.

Ingrid was also wearing a very tight, short denim skirt that really showcased her luscious legs. As she slid into the seat next to me, I got a very good glimpse of her creamy white thighs and even a peek at her cute, tiny panties. Her legs are so exquisite; I couldn’t take my eyes off of them for a few minutes. Ingrid also has a very hot body to match, a tiny waist, cute ankles and tiny feet. However, due to some orthodontia problems when she was younger, her teeth sort of protrude, giving the impression that she has buckteeth, but she doesn’t. Ingrid is very self-conscious about her teeth, but I remind her that she has a marvelous body and her teeth can be corrected.

After this gorgeous creature entered my car and got comfortable, we embraced and kissed passionately for quite some time. As a matter of fact, it was in the evening and it was humid outside and the windows began to fog up. Her hair smelled like fresh flowers and I couldn’t, get enough of her, so I gently kissed her neck and lovingly bit her ear lobes.

As Ingrid began to moan with delight, I nuzzled her soft, supple neck and continued showering her with tiny love bites across her shoulders. It seemed that the more that I inhaled her fragrance, the more intoxicating my lust was for this young woman.

Finally, Ingrid suggested that we continue on to the little Lakefront Park that we both enjoyed. As we traveled, Ingrid lovingly played with my cock through my pants and I was totally turned on by her brazenness. So, I let my free hand wander to her upper thigh and she slid further next to me in the seat and guided my hand to her lovely upper thigh and under the elastic band of her thin cotton panties. By the time that we arrived at the park, we were both so hot for each other and her panties were beginning to become very moist.

I parked the car as close to the lake as I could for the view of the Chicago skyline at night and then we got down to some serious heavy petting. As I kissed, nibbled and licked my way down to her lovely breasts, I lingered on her nipples.


Her luscious red nipples seemed to beg me to linger for awhile as they continued to puff up with every flick of my tongue. I was absolutely mesmerized by the effect that I had on this lovely girl’s breasts, as I worshipped her with my mouth. At this moment, my only desire was to please this hot, sexy girl in every way imaginable. I was oblivious to any other activity while I was pleasuring this divine young girl.

Ingrid’s moaning & purring became increasingly more intense. So much more in fact, that she began to impulsively claw at my zipper in an attempt to release my increasingly throbbing penis. I whispered in Ingrid’s ear that she must let me put her needs ahead of mine. After all, I pursued her in this relationship in order to become her faithful lover. I wanted for her to be happy and compensate her for the lack of attention & affection given to her by her husband Dennis. We were both married – I was 23 years her senior, I was smitten with her and I chose to woo her and pleasure her whenever she so desired, in as many different ways as either of us could imagine.

Ingrid was intensely stroking my manhood, almost as if it were her instrument of pacification. As I lovingly kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I continued to kiss her abdomen and nibble at her belly button until I reached her waist.

As I deftly slid my hand under the waist of her skirt, I managed to delicately maneuver my free hand behind her lower back and I began to massage both her ass and lower back. As she relaxed further into a more comfortable position, her skirt slid up and much to my pleasure, her tiny, pink silk panties were exposed. I was really turned on by this lovely sight and I explored further by toying with her tiny rosebud and I could feel her sphincter muscles expand and contract in response to each caress.

By now, Ingrid became so aroused that she raised her beautiful tight ass up off the seat and assisted me in removing her skirt. Ad I removed her skirt, I leaned down and kissed and admired every inch of her newly exposed, young voluptuous body from her waist down. In doing so, I wondered aloud “what man could possibly resist this beautiful young creature?”


While I admired Ingrid’s sensuous body, I reminisced of that day not to long ago when we first talked. She was very self-conscious about her face and unusually large teeth, and I told her that in my opinion that she was still a beautiful young girl. I also impressed upon her what a hot, desirable body she had and that most women her age would love to have a gorgeous f Furthermore, I said it was casino siteleri a shame that her husband couldn’t appreciate what a hot package he was married to. I was very much smitten by this little sex kitten and I told her that I fanaticized about all the ways that I could pleasure her, if only given the opportunity.

As I continued massaging Ingrid’s beautiful ass, she began squeezing my balls and began eagerly sucking my dick. This continued for almost twenty minutes and then I slowly removed her panties and top and gently grasped her by the shoulders and sat her up and pulled her onto my lap and we fucked for what seemed like an eternity. Ingrid undulated her hips on my cock and I could only think to myself “oh my, can this girl fuck!”

While we screwed ourselves senseless, I continued to suck and nip at her opulent nipples. The harder I sucked, the more frenzied her hips swayed on my rigid cock. This sweet young girl definitely could swivel those hips.

I could sense my climax building and I could feel Ingrid’s tight young body tense up and then she buried her head in my neck and let loose with a violent orgasm. In fact, her orgasm was so intense I could not help but release mine too. She bucked and clawed at my back as her muffled screams of pleasure filled the car.

Afterwards, we cuddled and I nuzzled her long slender neck, as we talked about what fantastic sex we enjoy with one another. However, we both lamented that no matter how good the sex was, ours was just a relationship of mutual gratification and we both had to ultimately return to our respective spouses.

Ingrid made me feel so hot, I couldn’t wait to be with her again and she said that she felt the same way about me and between our encounters, she fantasized about what surprises our next rendezvous would bring.

As Ingrid was dressing, I asked her if I could keep her sexy little panties as reminder of her sex and she obliged me. I could not get enough of this gorgeous young woman and as she continued to dress, I lustfully watched.

I just cannot believe what a sexy young lady Ingrid turned out to be I couldn’t stop craving her sexy body, especially her tiny waist and firm breasts.


In fact, most men wouldn’t give her second look because of her “Plain Jane” facial features. But Ingrid has a body that most women would be highly envious of.

As I dropped Ingrid off close to her house, we kissed goodbye and it turned into a steamy hot passionate kissing session. I was difficult to see her return to her husband. Ingrid promised me that we would spend more time together during our next tryst.

As the weeks passed, It was a very difficult task for me to not think about her. After all, she was my neighbor and I saw her frequently but I couldn’t hold her or kiss her or otherwise reveal my passion publicly.

Ingrid has the sexiest walk of any woman that I have ever met and I love to watch her walk. Especially when she is wearing her tightest little shorts or her skintight jeans. I am just mesmerized by her tight ass and the way that she can swivel those little hips. Still, Ingrid is forbidden fruit because I am still married, as is she.

As Ingrid was growing up, I never even entertained the thoughts of lust that I have for her now. She was a skinny, awkward little girl that has truly blossomed into a sex goddess in her early twenties. As I look back, I seem to remember subtle little things about her when she was a teenager that I never really thought a lot about at the time. I believe that as early as sixteen, she was becoming aware of the effect her body had on older boys.

For example, she would wear her bikini around the backyard and wear the skimpiest shorts and tiniest T-shirts & tops that really showcased her per little breasts.

I never guessed that as she matured, that I would ever have a relationship with her, let alone such a passionate sexual relationship. Ingrid had never expressed an interest in me in any way. Although, just before she got married I did begin to notice how sexy she was when she began dating regularly. I admired her body from afar and I oftened wondered why she hardly ever dated the same guy twice. Ingrid’s only physical quality was that she had to get dentures before she was 16 due to a problem with her teeth. They really did not fit her mouth well and did take away from her other physical attributes. Ingrid always had a very cute, sassy face, not to mention how her body developed into a foxy young woman.


I always thought that any guy would be crazy to not ask her out, I mean she had the entire package and no guys ever seemed to appreciate her.

Just the way she walks and gently sways her slender hips naturally just drives me crazy! Ever since Ingrid turned eighteen, I lusted to experience her body and dreamed of one day asking her out, this was a major fantasy of mine. Even though I am married, and Ingrid is definitely forbidden fruit, I Could not güvenilir casino help but fantasize what a great sex we could have together.

Even while in high school, I think Ingrid knew the powerful effect she had on older men, because whenever I was outside in the yard, if Ingrid saw me she would pretend to bend over and pick up something just to torment me. She purposely wore the shortest shorts, the tightest jeans and T-shirts, the kind that left my mouth watering. I even spied her in her bikini and wow was that a lovely treat. When Ingrid wore light colored T-shirts, her nipples really stood out in proportion to her small breasts, they were very rigid and begged to be suckled. Not to mention her sweet tiny ass swaying back and forth. We hardly had an opportunity to communicate with one another because my wife was very jealous of the way Ingrid paraded around in her tiny outfits. I wouldn’t dare approach her, even for casual neighborly chitchat.

However, one day several months ago, Ingrid had a disagreement with her husband about their finances and it turned into a terrible argument. Ingrid left the house to be alone and she had a flat tire, not too far from home. And this is how our relationship began; I was on my way home from work and saw Ingrid’s car sitting by the side of the road with her hazard lights flashing and I pulled over to see what was wrong and if I could assist.

At first, she refused my help and said she could fix it herself, right now she was just upset. I persisted and she gave in and accepted my offer and since it was very warm outside, I offered for her to sit in my car with the A/C on and relax while I changed her tire. She accepted and thanked me as she started to walk towards my car, I couldn’t help but notice that sweet little sway of her hips seemed to be somewhat exaggerated tonight. Then again, that was probably just my wishful thinking. Ingrid was looking very sexy on this warm summer night. She was wearing a white tank top and white shorts and sandals and her legs were exquisite. As I was finishing the task of changing her tire, I noticed that she was crying again. So I finished the task, cleaned my hands and asked her if she was all right. Ingrid said she was feeling sorry for herself and smiled and thanked through her tears for helping and for caring.


At that instant, I leaned towards her with some tissues to wipe her eyes and while doing so, I gently brushed her hair from her face and said that she didn’t deserve to be unhappy. Ingrid started to cry again and tell me about her miserable home life and how she wishes that she hadn’t married the first guy that showed an interest in her. I consoled her and put my arms around her and pulled her tiny little frame next to me and embraced her.

Almost immediately to my surprise, she buried her head in my shoulder and hugged me tight, saying that felt so good.

I could feel her body heat and smell her fragrant hair and as we sat there, she slowly relaxed and then placed her hand on my thigh, then it came to rest on my crotch. I was a bit embarrassed, because here I was consoling her about her less than perfect life and at the same time lusting after her sexy body. I was aroused and semi erect. If Ingrid noticed the bulge in my jeans, she did not acknowledge it.

As I impulsively began to rub the back of her neck and reassure her that everything will work out for the best. Ingrid looked up at me smiling and grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to hers and we kissed, at first just a quick peck, then a long passionate lovers kiss. When we finally broke free, I complimented her on what marvelous kisser she was and we continued to kiss, as her free hand traced a circle around my ever-increasing bulge. I was so turned on by this sexy girl, I wrapped my hands around her shoulders and pulled her even tighter towards me and started nuzzling her long neck and alternately sucking and nibbling on her ear lobes.

By now Ingrid was beginning to squirm and I took this opportunity to allow my hand to glide along her taught belly to the inside of her thighs. As I did, I could feel the dampness of her crotch and I slightly squeezed her inside thigh and Ingrid purred with anticipation in my ear. At this point, I accepted this as encouragement to explore further. Therefore I gently rubbed Ingrid’s pubic bone through her shorts and she squealed with delight.

Ingrid started breathing a bit heavy and suddenly thrust her tongue into my mouth and we French kissed like I have never experienced before.

She met my tongue thrust for thrust and I sucked hers almost out of her head and she moaned loudly and dug her nails into my shoulders. I thought to myself, my god is this girl hot! I felt like a teen again, she started gyrating in the seat and sucking my neck and clawing at my chest and shuddering and suddenly my hand was soaked with her first orgasm, right through her shorts.


When Ingrid relaxed, I said to her canlı casino you must have really needed that release and she acknowledged that she did and thanked me. I apologized for being so forward, but I told her that she really turned me on. She assured me that there was plenty more to look forward to. She leaned in towards me and asked me to drive to the local lakefront where the young people go to neck and I did. All the way, Ingrid cupped my balls with her left hand and kissed my chest repeatedly.

We arrived at the park by the lake and Ingrid reclined in the passenger’s seat and begged me to take her and I replied that she needs some for TLC first. She pretended to pout and I unsnapped her shorts and managed to wiggle her tiny ass out of them and peel her panties off.

By now she was getting fidgety again, so as I peeled her panties down her beautiful, creamy white thighs I licked and kissed my way down to her petite little ankles and back to her sexy little bush. I lingered on her inner thighs before I plunged my tongue into her vagina and began to lick and suck like a crazed, horny madman. I took a momentary break and proceeded to pull her legs over my shoulders and she screeched my name and begged me to screw her senseless. I ignored her request and dove into her sweet little pussy and consumed her loveliness for all I was worth.

When I finished eating her, she was still pushing her pussy in my face and shaking with violent orgasms. I asked her if my technique was good enough for her and she said that she had never had orgasms that violent. My beard was soaked with her juices and I could not get enough of her. After a short smoke break, I cleaned up and started massaging her clitoris and she said it was so sore, be gentle with it. As she was telling me this, she unzipped me and pulled out my rock hard dick and took it into her lovely mouth in one skilled motion. She sucked me so deep, I thought she might gag. I was amazed at what an accomplished cocksucker she was.

As Ingrid was devouring my cock and moaning, I deftly slid my hand behind her and slowly massaged her ass until I reached her anus and then I gently inserted a finger. At first I felt her muscles resist and tightened and she murmured something inaudible. I persisted and she began to relax and her sphincter relaxed to the point where I now had several fingers inside her and she looked up at me with curious expression. I asked her if that was uncomfortable and she shook her head no and simultaneously her muscles began to expand & contract as if fucking my fingers with her butt.


This only encouraged me to continue my exploration of her sweet little ass and at the same time, my actions seemed to encourage Ingrid to swallow my cock completely to my balls. I was beside myself; this girl knew how to suck cock!

All Ingrid could do is moan and squirm, I couldn’t take any more, I blew my load into her throat and all I could feel is her sucking and slurping every last drop. After she finished and wiped her chin, she asked if I was going to finish what I started and I immediately said get on your knees baby!

As this lovely sex goddess got on her knees all I could think of was fucking that sweet ass. So I first kissed an licked her tiny rosebud and the as I started to probe her anus with my fingers, she totally relaxed and I immediately mounted her and slid right in and almost immediately Ingrid shoved back against me and began fucking me like a possessed demon.

She met my thrusts with every stroke and as I kissed the small of her back and simultaneously played with her titties and clitoris, she screamed and yelled for me to fuck her harder. Her ass was trembling so badly, I had to grasp her slender hips firmly and continuously pull her towards me.

After a long hard ass pounding I let go with probably the most ferocious orgasm that I had ever had and Ingrid kept yelling that she was cumming too. In fact, the blanket underneath us was soaked with our combined juices. A we both collapsed in lustful bliss; Ingrid gripped my waist tightly and hoarsely uttered that she had never been so fulfilled by a man in her short sexual history. I told her that I was indeed flattered that I was to first to fulfill her sexual needs completely.

In fact I felt like young man again and this nubile young lass made me want to go another round with her hot young body. However, Ingrid told me that as much as I have pleased her and as bad as she wanted to please me more, she had to get home before her husband got really suspicious.

She did promise me that we would be seeing much of each other in the future and this was one of those encounters tonight. We just cannot get enough of one another’s sex. As a souvenir of our first encounter, Ingrid gave me her lovely, tiny blue silk panties. I have them to this very day, among other intimate lingerie from our subsequent encounters.

What Ingrid lacks in good looks, she more than makes up for in technique. Not to mention her lovely ass, breasts and other indescribably delicious bodily attributes. She is one very hot little package.

I promised myself after having fantastic sex with this lovely young woman, that I would never judge a book by its cover again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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