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Aaron looks through his windshield and over the hood of his new F150 pickup, watching as she walks down the street towards him. His eyes move over her body, taking in her tanned skin and how hot she looks in the thin cotton spaghetti strap dress. The blue of the dress matches her eyes incredibly, and each step she takes causes the hem of the dress to slide up just a little, enough to tease him, her red hair blowing back in the wind. Jennie gets closer to his truck and he rolls his window down.

“Hey Jennie, How are you?” Aaron asks her as she gets close enough to hear. She walks up to his truck, leaning against it.

“I’m alright Aaron and you?” She smiles devilishly.

“Ahh same ol’ same ol’,” Aaron says with a smile. Then he asks ” Got any plans today? Want to come for a ride in the new truck?”

“Sounds fun” Jennie says as she opens the door and slides into the seat next to him.

The short dress moving up so that it barely covers the one thing Aaron desires to feel and taste again. It’s been a while since he’s seen Jennie, but she hasn’t changed. She is just as beautiful as when he last held her. A soft chuckle escapes his lips as he pulls onto the interstate. She looks out the window, as she pulls one of her legs against her chest, reaching and resting one hand on his knee. He can’t help but wonder how she is so tanned this early in the season.

“Jennie, your tan is gorgeous, you spending a lot of time at the swimming hole?” he asks her coyly. His cock throbs a little as her hand moves up his thigh more.

“Yes I have been out there a lot already, not many people out there this early. It makes it easier for me to get the tan I want to have” she says with a devilish smile.

“What kind of tan is that?” he asks her.

“One without lines” she whispers, smiling, as she slides the top of her dress down showing him the even tan across her breasts. The sight of her erect nipples causes him to shift a little in his seat. She leaves the top down, showing off for him.

“Damn you have great tits,” he says as he blushes nervously.

“Thanks,” she smiles back at him. Enjoying the tension and erotic feeling in the air. Slowly she moves her hand higher along his thigh, and brings her other hand against the nearly exposed flesh of her cunt.

“I keep thinking about you,” he says as he tries to keep his eyes on the road. Her fingers barely touching his crotch making it hard for him to focus on anything but her touch and scent.

“Oh yeah? Why is that?” she asks looking at him, she shifts in the seat, placing her back against the door of the truck. He glances over, her legs now crossed; the hem of the dress still shows just enough leg.

“How hot and sexy you are… the nasty things you do… never met a girl like you… and your dirty mouth… it just gets to me” he says breathlessly, as he looks over her body again.

“Oh you like what a dirty cunt I can be?” she whispers, as she leans close to his ear, licking at it teasingly. Her hand feels his heat radiating through the thick fabric of his jeans. He gasps and blushes at her words, knowing she enjoys teasing him.

“Um Jennie, can I do that?” he asks hesitantly, blushing even more.

“Can you do what?” she smiles at him.

“Call you names – never had a girl into that really, and it’s so hot when you do it – especially how beautiful you are” he stammers.

“Hmmm sure you can” she answers, “where are you taking me today?”

“A quiet place where we can be alone” he says. She shifts again in her seat, placing one foot on the dashboard, then the other. Her dress hem flips up and flashes him her bald cunt as she spreads her legs a little.

“Mmmm fuck,” he moans, “do you ever wear panties slut?”

“Sure I do,” she answers teasingly, “at church on Sunday morning!”

“Well, nice to know there’s one place in town you aren’t fucking” he says, barely able to take his eyes off her.

“You like what you see?” she smile as she lets her right hand roam along her bare thigh… The left hand groping at his crotch, the top of the dress still exposing her breasts for him.

“You know I do” he answers her. He sets the cruise control as he reaches down and unbuttons and unzips his pants, Yozgat Escort pulling his cock out and stroking it. Her nipples hard from the AC blowing against the bare flesh of her skin, she moves her hand down towards her crotch, stroking teasingly at her clit. His eyes shift back and forth from the road, watching it just enough to keep in lane, glad there isn’t a lot of traffic today.

She spreads the lips of her cunt open, starting to fuck herself slowly. One finger then two, her scent filling the cab of his truck, causing him to lick his lips. He watches, as her fingers get wetter, his own cock throbbing in his hand. Her thumb stroking over her clit as she smiles up at him.

“Why don’t we pull over before we hurt someone?” she asks, breathlessly.

“Not yet, we are still a few miles from the spot I want” he says, “just don’t stop doing that for me, it looks so hot and dirty, suck one of your nipples too”

“Hmm ok but watch the road darlin” she whispers, her hands still fast at work. Her scent filling his nostrils as he picks up speed a little. Her left hand lifts her left breast up and she locks her eyes on his as she flicks her tongue over her nipple, then bites it slowly, and sucks it for him. Her eyes move to his cock, as it gets thicker in his hand, she doesn’t remember him ever getting this hard. A semi rolls by, honking loudly, they both jump and laugh, knowing he’s seen them. He reaches out, his thumb gliding over her erect nipple, as he pulls her left hand to his cock.

“Stroke me baby,” he groans, looking down as her hand glides over his cock. He looks up at her, as she pulls her right hand from her cunt, and slowly licks her fingers clean.

“I hope we are almost there,” she whispers to him.

“Almost,” he whispers, ” Finger yourself again, show off like a whore”

She pushes one finger back inside the tightness of her cunt, soaking it with her juices, as she looks up at him. Smiling at his obvious enjoyment of the view of her body.

“Hmmm you like what a dirty girl I am?” she asks, pushing a second finger into her cunt.

“Mmm I love it, never knew anyone like you,” he smiles at her “let me taste it”

“Hmmm I bet you haven’t” she whispers seductively, “taste what? You want to taste this cunt?” He moans softly as she speaks so dirty to him.

“Yes Jennie – let me lick your cunt off your fingers,” he says, almost pleadingly. She pushes two fingers deep inside her cunt, soaking them, and leans towards him. She pushes her fingers into his mouth, and licks at his lips as he sucks on her fingers, tasting her. His cock head is slippery as her hand strokes along it, her thumb moves over the pre-cum, she brings it to her mouth and tastes him.

“Are we there yet?” she asks, anxiously looking at the road. Aaron feels a little bolder, as they turn off the interstate and onto a dirt road.

“Almost, about a mile down this road, but I want your mouth on my cock till then slut” he says boldly, “suck my cock”

Jennie leans down, her dress sliding back over her breasts, as he shifts in the seat to give her easier access. She kisses the head gently, and then suddenly takes it deep into her throat. She sucks hard at him as she starts to quickly fuck him in and out of her mouth.

“Oh damn” Aaron shouts, as his hand moves through her hair, “stroke my cock while you suck it slut.”

He drives slowly through the dust of the dirt road, his hand moving from her hair to stroke her body as she sucks on him. He can’t believe how hard he is getting in her mouth, as she sucks even harder at him. Jennie excites him in ways he had almost forgotten. His hand kneads at her firm tits through the thin cotton of her dress, then they find their way down to her firm ass and grope and stroke that, he fights the urge to cum in her throat as she takes him deeper and deeper with each bump in the road. Suddenly, she slows down, letting him feel the texture of her tongue stroking at his thick shaft, and then flicking her tongue over the head of his cock. He lets her set the pace, as he fights to keep control of the truck. Jennie takes his cock deep again after what seems like forever. Aaron gasps as her hunger for his cock makes him ache; he wishes he Yozgat Escort Bayan could see her lips wrapped around his cock. She pulls back again, teasing just the head, sucking harder then ever as she looks up at him with her icy blue eyes. Aaron’s hand moving over her body causes a gentle moan to escape her lips; it vibrates through his body, as she takes him deep again.

The truck finally stops; Aaron throbs in her mouth uncontrollably. Jennie pulls back slowly, leaning against the door of the truck; she spreads her legs wide and starts to finger herself furiously. Aaron gasps as he watches her, his hand quickly moving to take over where her mouth stopped. Jennie pushes the top of her dress back down, exposing both perfect breasts, the nipples more erect then Aaron had ever seen, his eyes move back and forth from her delicious breasts to her sweet cunt.

“You like this cunt?” Jennie asks as she fucks herself.

“It is a sexy little cunt,” Aaron answers, watching closely, then whispering lower, “you’re a sexy little cunt baby”

“I want you to lick my cunt” Jennie moans out.

“I will, but then I want to fuck you outside in that little dress like a hot tramp…” Aaron says aggressively.

Aaron leans across the seat, burying his face in her crotch this time inhaling her hot scent. Not even teasing as he starts to lick right up and down her swollen slit. She gasps gently as she feels his lips against her bare cunt, teasing her clit, licking and fucking her tight hole. Her fingers roaming through his hair and down his back as he sucks and teases…. gasping more as he moves skillfully over her cunt, letting his mouth on her wetness show her how much he has missed her.

He sucks hard at her hot bald pussy as she grinds into his face. He moves his tongue all around her aching clit slurping it in as he sucks and licks at the same time getting his mouth as far in her cunt as he can, wetly eating each shaved lip, sucking and teasing the clit. Her moans fill the cab of the truck, joining the sweet scent of her cunt, as he drinks her like a starving man. Jennie shivers as Aaron sucks the hard nub of her clit in, sucking the nub in as he flicks his tongue fast on the tip. Jennie gasps and cries out loud as she starts to cum. Aaron’s mouth opening as he licks every hot pink inch, rubbing his face in her working the clit harder as she cums. Jennie reaches down, pulling Aaron’s chin up, licking and sucking at his mouth as she starts to climb into his lap.

“Mmm no outside” Aaron says, “I want you bent over the hood or in the bed of my truck, that’s how I want your cunt!”

“Just give me a second, I need you NOW” Jennie moans. Aaron pauses for a moment as she sinks deeper onto his cock, slowly grinding herself down into him; he leans down and sucks on her aching nipples as she moves along his cock. She looks out the widow, to see they are on a mountainside, overlooking the whole town and valley. Jennie leans back against the dash and pushing herself deeper onto his cock, Aaron pushes deeper inside her.

“Oh yessss” Jennie cries out, as her body quivers in his lap. Aaron watches her face as she grinds into his lap, feeling her cunt tighten around him. She smiles at him as her body relaxes.

“We can move outside now if you want,” she whispers.

“Did you cum again Jennie?” Aaron asks as he reaches for the handle to the door, lifting her up as he opens the door.

“Yes” Jennie answers quietly, as she wraps her legs around his waist, continuing to ride him. He gently teases her nipple with his teeth, biting it playfully, while his tongue flicks at it. Throbbing inside her as he steps out of the truck, he pulls her off his cock.

“Get out there and get ready for me slut,” he says, as he sets her down on the ground. Smiling as she walks to the back of the truck, pulling the tailgate down, sitting on the edge of it … with her skirt pushed up to her waist and the top half pushed down to the waist. He watches her walk, stroking his cock as he does. Her legs dangling off the tailgate … as he steps between them … she smiles at him.

“Mmm fuck my cunt again please,” she pleads. She pouts as she watches him stroke his cock.

“I can’t stop thinking Escort Yozgat about you for weeks after each time we fuck Jennie” he whispers, his hand stroking his throbbing shaft. He holds the thick shaft, and rubs the head on her dripping cunt lips, swatting it against her clit. Jennie moans as he does this, smiling at him. Her moan causes him to moan as well.

“Damn the things you do to me girl” he whispers, slapping her cunt with his cock harder, then shoving deep inside her. She positions her feet on the edge of the tailgate, on each side of his hips, pulling his hands to her knees, making him push her legs apart wide. Jennie lies back onto the bed of the truck, her hands kneading at her breasts, pinching and teasing at her hardened nipples. Aaron watches how magnificently her cunt takes his cock, taking deep slow strokes, then deep fast strokes, enjoying how she feels wrapped around his cock.

“Fuck this cunt harder,” Jennie pleads, looking into his eyes and gasping. She pulls her tits to her mouth, sucking and biting at the nipples as he starts to move quicker into her.

“Mmm god I love that dirty mouth you cunt,” Aaron says as he starts to fuck her even harder, rocking the truck as he slams balls deep into her.

“Watch this dirty slut suck on her tits while you fuck her,” she moans, ” Fuck me harder, rape this dirty little whore”

“How did I get lucky enough to use the town slut?” Aaron asks, not believing how hot she is spread out on the bed of his truck.

“How? You are a good fuck,” she moans out, as he shoves deep and moans. One of her hands slides down her body, finding her clit and rubbing it hard. Hard enough that the rock hard nub is pushing into her body and teasing at his cock as it glides in and out of her. He grinds deeper into her as his balls press against her ass. She wraps her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside her. Aaron gasps as he starts to move in and out of her like a jackhammer.

“Mmm fuck” Aaron moans out, ” I love fucking you Jennie and using you like a slut”

“You aren’t allowed to call me Jennie right now” she smiles devilishly up at him.

“No?” Aaron asks confused.

“Nope, call me cunt.” She smiles, watching him shiver at her words. He throbs inside her, stroking faster into her.

“Cunt,” he whispers, ” you like that?”

“Louder,” Jennie orders him, suddenly feeling dominate. Smiling at him as she tightens around his cock.

“Cunt” he moans out a little louder, as he reaches up and squeezes a tit.

“Good” she moans, her legs tightening around his waist as she grinds into his body.

“YOU’RE A CUNT” Aaron screams, as he lightly slaps her cheek, “A FUCKING CUNT MADE TO BE USED ANY WAY I WANT”

“Oh yeah?” she smiles up at him, ” I don’t think you mean it” Jennie squeezes his cock with her cunt.

“Mmm where you want my load bitch?” Aaron asks her aggressively. She quivers and gasps at the intensity of his voice.

“All over me, I want all over my dress and chest …I want everyone to know what we did. To know what a cunt I am for you,” she whispers seductively. Aaron tugs at her, pulling her down onto his cock with each thrust. She looks up into his eyes, smiling at him the animal she has set free.

“I want you to eat my cunt again after you cum. so don’t cum on my cunt baby…” she orders him. Suddenly Aaron yanks his cock from inside her, spraying all along her tits and dress, soaking her. She smiles at him, watching his cock gleam in the sunlight from her cunt juices.

“That’s it Aaron, mark this slut as yours” she says, as he continues to spurt on her. Suddenly he leans down and starts to lick her slit again, she twitches and moans gently.

“Mmm be rough take it … I want you to take it,” Jennie moans. Aaron begins tonguing her almost sore clit, and then bites on it as she speaks to him. Pushing two fingers in to her roughly and fucking them and out quickly. She gasps loudly and starts to quiver beneath him, his sucking and licking harder and faster, his fingers pumping in and out as she squeezes at them.

“Yes fuck yes,” Jennie moans out, shivering and starting to cum again as Aaron’s hands move over her. His fingers twisting insider her, as he sucks her clit, licking every drop as she cums, his mouth sucking hungrily at her hot cunt.

“Mmm yes” she moans out as she lays there breathless, recovering from her orgasms.

“Loved bringing you out here for this” Aaron whispers shyly as he lies next to her, staring up at the clouds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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