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I tossed and turned in my sleep. The same nightmare over and over. I replayed the car crash, I heard the scraping of metal and screeching of rubber as if I was in the car again. I heard my Dad’s screams and moans before we disappeared in to the murky water.

I woke with a start. Covered in a cold sweat my duvet thrown off the bed. Almost 10 years since Dad had gone and still I had the horrid dreams.

I heard a noise on the landing and saw the change in shadows. I was like a big kid, my heart started racing, desperate to disappear under the covers that were on the floor. The door opened and mom poked her head in.

“Hey hunni, I could hear you dreaming.”

I felt instant relief, mom entered the room smiling her sweet smile.

She was an incredibly loving woman and we had grown very close since my Dad’s death. I felt we shared a much tighter bond than any of my friends and their mom’s.

“I bought you a hot chocolate, your favourite.”

She entered the room and put the mug down on my bedside cabinet. She sat down next to me on the bed.

Mom was a typical mom I guessed. She didn’t really think she was attractive after having me, as far as I knew she’d never perused another man since my Dad. She was a slightly larger lady, but I would’ve said curves in the right places.

I propped myself on my elbow. Mom smiled at me and gently stroked my hair. I thought she was beautiful and warm and loving. I took in her curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. She never made much effort around the house, she wore a long dull nightie that almost touched her feet. She had a little puppy fat on her tummy still. She said she never lost the baby weight from me. Fortunately for her, her large bust distracted from any extra weight she carried. Even sitting next to me, her hanging boobs held her top off her tummy. Mom rarely wore a bra around the house. Not when it was just me to worry about. Although I didn’t exactly spy on her, I was well aware of her large assets. The kids at school and college had often teased me over it and described mom as a milf. Her breasts were unusually large and I guess it explains why I’m a fan of bigger breasted women.

“You know hunni, you won’t have these dreams forever. They’ll go eventually,” she continued stroking my hair.

“I know mom, thanks.”

She passed me my drink and I sat up slightly.

We stayed awake quite a while talking of Dad and the past and my childhood. We shared fond memories of good times and holidays. Eventually tiredness got the better of us. Mom gave me a real tight squeeze and kissed me goodnight. She stayed with me stroking my hair until I drifted off.

I slowly awoke from a blissful sleep, I was warm and snug, that perfect lay in feeling heightened by the fact it was a long bank holiday weekend.

As my senses awakened I realised mom was in bed with me. My arm trapped under hers resting on her chest. I was snuggled tight, spooning her, my morning glory buried in the softness of her behind. A small wave of panic swept through me. Mom slept peacefully her body gently rising and falling with her breath. I smiled at her, she must have been so tired she collapsed next to me. I decided triumphantly I would return the favour and let her sleep while I did breakfast.

I gently began pulling my hand from under her arm. Mom stirred and rolled slightly pulling me harder in to her, my hand practically cupping her right breast. My morning erection twitched with excitement at the softness pushing against it.

My mind was racing, I looked again at mom. She seemed to be in a pretty deep sleep, breathing softly. I felt guilty as thoughts of Dad ran through my mind, but I was so horny. The feeling of my mother pushed against my cock, the softness of her bust under my hand.

I watched her carefully for a few minutes, she didn’t move or change at all. I made up my mind. I squeezed her breast, I almost gasped. So soft and large, with each squeeze it filled my hand entirely. I gently moved to see my hand at work, squeezing and pushing mom’s boob.

I froze as mom let out the softness of sighs in her sleep, I resumed my kneading. I lifted her tit slightly, it felt so heavy, I let slide it from my hand. Another soft sigh from mom, she arched her back and pushed in to my raging erection. I almost shuddered. I was breathing heavy, how much of this would she take? Would she wake up. Her nipple was hardening to my touch; I could feel it poking in to the palm of my hand.

I knew I must stop but lust drove me on. A few firmer squeezes of mom’s bust and finally I tweaked her nipple, the softest of pinches. It felt huge between my finger and thumb.

Mom moaned again in her sleep murmuring gently to herself. She rolled towards me and I grudgingly seized my release and moved off the bed. Mom lay on her back on the bed, legs flopped open pulling her nightie taught. Her breasts hung slightly to the sides by their heavy weight, one nipple hard as rock poking through the fabric.

I quietly picked up my bursa eskort bayan phone and took a picture. I left mom sleeping angelically and made my way straight to the bathroom. I slapped out my cock and lubed up with mom’s conditioner.

It didn’t take me long to cum over mom’s picture. My orgasm was strong; it’d been weeks since I’d last pleasured myself. With no real girlfriend or even much interest, much to mom’s disappointment, I was masturbating a lot. But I liked to try and leave weeks at a time to tease and play games with myself.

I made tea and headed back upstairs. I casually walked back in to my room. Mom jumped and quickly pulled her hands from under the covers. She blushed and bought her hands up to tidy her hair.

“Tea’s up,” I grinned.

“Thank you baby.” She patted the bed next to her and I obliged.

I looked her over whilst we chatted. Was I weird for just wanking over my mom’s picture? Although we were so close, so intimate, I’d never really done anything like that. Waking up feeling her body against mine had pushed me over the edge.

It didn’t feel awkward at all, mom simply explained she must have fallen asleep whilst soothing me.

We retired downstairs for breakfast in our night clothes.

I spent the day out doing bits and bobs on my own. The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about mom and being pushed in to my cock. I couldn’t help ‘re live feeling her bust. I was beginning to have more and more perverse fantasies. I started wondering what she would look like dressed up and in what. She had done well out of Dad’s insurance and his pension. She had the money for a vast wardrobe yet she always wore pretty dull clothes. Most of the money was for me one way or another for when I started uni or bought a house.

I got home in time for dinner. I dropped my bags in to my room and went to the kitchen.

I was pretty eager to see mom again. To try and tempt something out of her about last night and what she was doing in my bed this morning.

I’d been playing over the way she snatched her hand from under the covers, why so quick? So guilty?

I noticed immediately mom had made a bit of an effort. She wore a little make up, she’d had her hair slightly trimmed. She wore a long summer maxi dress and sandals. She’d obviously invested in some new bras too her large bust was firm and pert and the whole dress seemed to hang from her breasts.

“Wow mom, you look stunning.”

“Do you think?” Mom gave a little twirl. “I didn’t know whether to or not, but I thought maybe it’s time for a change you know.”

“Yeah you look great,” I replied. “What’s bought the makeover on?”

Mom blushed slightly a hint of shyness in her face. “Oh you know, after last night, talking about old times. I just thought…”

Mom stopped, a look of pain crossed her face. She was beginning to well up. I rushed to her and squeezed her tight. Her boobs pushed hard into my chest. Mom lent her head in to my shoulder and composed herself. “You know, after chatting last night I just thought, well, I deserve to look good again, I deserve to feel good again.”

She pulled away and smiled at me. I stroked her hair from her forehead.

“Mom, you look beautiful.”

Mom leaned in and kissed my forehead.

“You make an old woman very happy.”

“Your hardly old mom, even if you think you are, you’ve always looked 10 years younger.”

Mom laughed, “ok, so what are you after? New trainers? Phone?”

“I’m not joking, all the guys at college give me stick about you and your…” I trailed off, unsure of whether to complete the sentence.

“My what?” Mom asked playfully.

I came over shy myself and looked at the floor.

“You know, your boobs, they’re pretty big.” Mom giggled “What these?” She laughed pushing her tits together and upwards in her top. “Mom!” I cried out my turn to be embarrassed.

“They did always get me in trouble with your father and his friends too.”

Mom smiled to herself and turned back to cooking.

“Awkward!” I cried again although secretly wishing I’d caught a better view of her pose.

After dinner we snuggled on the sofa watching a film. We both seemed incredibly relaxed in our new found bond, I snuggled in to her close. We didn’t talk much but watched the film. I felt pretty tired and though my mind raced of things to say I made my excuses and headed for bed.

I lay awake in my room thinking about holding mom’s boob, mom holding her own, like earlier that night. I looked at the picture of her on my phone. Innocently spread on the bed with hard nipples.

I was just drifting in to a tantric state of sleep when I heard my door open. I sat up slightly.

“Sorry darling, did I wake you?” Mom spoke quietly. “I made you another hot chocolate.”

Mom crept over to the bed and put the drink by my side. Her hair was wet but she still wore the maxi dress. I could clearly see she’d taken her bra off again, her bust hung heavy against the material bursa otele gelen eskort bayan pulling it down slightly and revealing the tip of cleavage. She must’ve showered and thrown it back on. She lowered herself beside me on the bed, I propped myself up in anticipation.

Her words came out softly, she looked sheepish. “I err, have a confession to make.”

“Ok,” I smiled, not knowing where it was going.

“This morning when you woke up…” Mom sighed unsure of whether to go on, I reassuringly touched her armed.

“When you woke up, I was awake too.”

Panic and feared flew through me like wildfire. I pulled back my arm. “I’m sorry,” I started.

Mom gently put her hand to my cheek. “Hush, let me finish.”

“When I woke, I could feel you behind me. I felt all these things I’ve missed for so long. Love and warmth and companionship.” I slowly nodded.

Mom continued, “I felt all of these things, I felt your arm around me and your embrace, so I pretended. I pretended to be asleep.” She paused, “And then you touched me.” I squirmed, uncomfortably in mom’s gaze. But she smiled reassuringly.

“When you touched me and felt my breasts, I felt alive. Like a switched had been turned on that I’d forgotten how to work. I felt alive and affection, and a need that’s been missing all these years.” Mom trailed off.

“When, you left the room, I was… I was overcome with emotion and I…”

Mom was fading, doubting what she was going to say. I reached out to touch her again. She looked almost sad.

“I touched myself.”

Mom rose suddenly and started to turn. “No mom, wait!” I cried out and grabbed her wrist.

She turned to face me, “I’m so sorry,” she sobbed. “It’s late, I’m confused.”

“No, mom, don’t be sorry, look.”

I passed her my phone, she slowly looked at what was on the screen.

She looked up at me with watery eyes. “I don’t, I don’t understand.”

“Mom, everything you felt this morning. I felt too, all the emotions, the need, everything.”

Mom physically relaxed and sat back down on the edge of the bed.

“I’m sorry,” she said again. “It was a moment of madness, I felt so alive I went in to town and did all this. I did all this for you. But then I doubted myself.”

Mom leant forward and we hugged, she almost sobbed in to my shoulder. We held each other for what seemed like eternity. When we parted mom still held my phone.

She cleared her throat. “So, do you… Do you like my tits, like your friends?” She looked sheepish.

I looked her in the eyes, “I love them mom, just like I love you.”

Mom smiled, regaining some of her confidence.

She swallowed hard, “Do you, do you want to see them?”

I exhaled and slowly nodded. Mum held my gaze and gently pulled the top of the maxi dress down. Her breast practically flopped out. My breathing increased as I looked at Mom’s chest. They were so big, bigger than I thought and sagged down slightly her nipples were big and dark. I stared for God knows how long. Mom gently leaned in and took my wrists in her hands placing them on her breasts.

I began instinctively feeling and playing, I looked at mom for encouragement. She smiled and closed her eyes and let her head back.

I lifted and cupped mom’s huge breasts. Squeezing and kneading them. Pushing them together. They felt so heavy and full. The whole situation had sent my cock in to meltdown. My erection was straining hard at my boxers. I played with mom’s nipples squeezing and rolling them between finger and thumb. Mom moaned so softly. She lifted her head and her gaze met mine.

“Do you,” she paused, unsteady with her words again. “Do you want to please yourself with them?” Her expression was so innocent so soothing.

“Please mom, can I?” I whispered, my voice so soft I barely recognised it.

Mom turned on the bed so her legs hung off the side, she cupped her boobs and held them up near her chin.

I stood in front and pulled down my boxers. My cock was ready and waiting twitching and throbbing with my pulse.

I paused in front of her. We were about to cross a line that should never be crossed. Mom winked faintly. It was the last confirmation that she was happy. I slid my cock between her tits, it was engulfed, completely lost in her huge mounds. Firm warmth surrounded my organ. I rocked gently back and forth relishing every sensation.

Mom looked down at my meat sliding between her breasts pushing them hard together to heighten my stimulation. She began rocking slightly with me making each thrust deeper, powering my senses even more.

I knew I was about to erupt. We were at one, in harmony. I felt my orgasm climb deep inside me.

“Mmmm mom.” I blurted, almost in panic. I was about to blow.

“Cum on mommy,” she whispered. “Cum on mommy’s tittie’s.”

The words alone tipped me over the edge. I shuddered and my legs shook as the first wave of semen pumped bursa eve gelen escort in to mom’s cleavage. I slumped forward using mom’s shoulders to support me and I twitched and spurted the rest of my load in to mom’s bust.

As my orgasm subsided I pulled out from her tits and instinctively kissed her. We kissed long and hard like long lost lovers. Tongues searching each other’s mouths, breathe heavy with our passion.

I stood back and admired the view below me. Mom looked up at me, eyes sparkling. A warm smile on her face as she spread my thick gloop over her chest. She massaged it in to her bust like some sort of body lotion.

She spoke so quietly. “Doesn’t that feel better? No more hiding our feelings.” She looked quite smug, pleased with herself. I smiled, I knew exactly what to do.

I gently leaned forward and playfully pushed mom back on the bed. I felt little resistance as her head and shoulders met the mattress.

“What are you doing now?” she asked mockingly.

I gently eased her legs further apart and crouched between them at the side of the bed. I gathered and rolled the maxi dress until it was a heap on her tummy. I was surprised mom wasn’t wearing underwear, she was even fully shaved. But then, this was the same mom who’d just titty fucked me.

I tried to contain my excitement as I lead a trail of soft kisses up mom’s inner thighs. I went as slow as I could but the whole while every inch of me wanted to lick and taste her.

Kiss after kiss lead to soft tickling licks. Running my tongue from her knee to her crotch. Mom squirmed and softly moaned her encouragement. I realised I was teasing. She opened her legs wider and wider desperate for my attention to meet her snatch.

I rained down kisses and licks while gently running my fingers over her legs. I deliberately avoided her slit and lips, eager to build her excitement to the max.

When the time came I got close to mom’s pussy. So close I could smell her, I breathed heavily on her lips, my hot breath made her shudder. I gently traced my tongue around her outer lips over and over. With just the tip I ran my tongue up the slit in between. Mom was so wet she was dripping, I finally tasted her. It was an ultimatum, I finally realised all this time this was exactly what I wanted. I began licking harder and faster all the way up her slit, forcing and pushing my tongue in to her sopping wet hole. Every shudder and movement of my mother at the end of my touch.

I pulled away from her, her legs moved in desperation for me to touch again, anything, anywhere.

I gently eased two fingers in to her. They slid in so easily. I began beckoning and rubbing her spot inside her cunt, my thumb working her clit. Mom tossed, turned and moaned in her own little world of bliss. I looked up desperate to see. Both hands were still kneading her tits pushing and squeezing. She was licking her bust and sucking her nipples. Her eyes were shut, she looked peacefully angelic.

I wondered if she knew she was inadvertently licking and sucking my drying cum. My cock was again hard as rock, pulsating in front of me. The image of mom beneath me writhing at my touch made pre cum dribbled from dick.

I kept my fingers inside her and spread her lips open wide with my other hand. I began frantically licking and sucking her clit. God it was huge, like her tits. I could take her whole clit in my mouth and suck it like a sweet. Mom shuddered and groaned beneath me.

I sped up the rhythm of my fingers and lapped at her clit like a dog. Mom’s breathing grew heavy, almost panting.

“Don’t stop hunni, please don’t stop.” Her begging came between long pants for breath. I was finger fucking her now, my neck couldn’t keep up as I desperately licked as hard as I could.

“Make mommy cum, please baby, make mommy cum.”

With a final gasp she went in to spasm on the bed. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me in to her crotch. Her whole body trembled as orgasm erupted through her. She let out a soft squeal, her legs pulled me in, her sweet smelling cunt contracted on my fingers as wave after wave crashed through her.

Mom almost whimpered as her orgasm subsided. I crawled up the bed next to her. Her gaze was transfixed on the ceiling as she lightly held her breasts.

I was a little worried. “Mom? Mom are you ok?”

A warm smile crept across her face, she turned and gently pulled me in for a kiss. The kiss lasted a lifetime, I could sense the release from mom, the burdens she carried somehow gone, she was so relaxed and tender. I felt triumphant, as if I had solved all her problems.

Mom giggled “I certainly raised a gentleman didn’t I?”

I smiled at her praise. Mom got up and slipped out of the dress so she stood naked before me. “I’ll just have a little hose down.” She winked and left the room.

When mom returned she’s changed again. Gone was her normal ankle length cotton nightie and instead she wore a mid-thigh white silk number. It was a fairly high top but I could see her bra less tits straining against the material, her nipples again threatening to burst through.

Mom smiled as my gaze followed her around the room. “How do I look?” She did a little twirl again, enough to lift the nightie and reveal her white French knickers. Her breasts swung with her top. “You look stunning mom.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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