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This story is fiction and intended for the entertainment of adults over the age of 18.

It contains romance, humor, sexual situations, and a bit of the old supernatural if you know what I mean (wink). If you are too young, too old, or too uptight, the author suggests you stop here and go read something else.

Now on with our story.

‘Wow! That was some dream.’ thought Tom as he slowly emerged from his sleep induced fog. He was usually a pretty light sleeper but as he began to wake up, he realized he had been into it pretty deeply last night.

Usually his dreams faded as he woke up and if he remembered anything at all, it was just fleeting images that didn’t make much sense. However, this dream was different. He was wide-awake now and the dream was still extremely vivid in his mind. Not only were the images crisp and clear but he realized that he could remember other aspects of it as well. Sounds, smells, how things felt to the touch, tastes, even the emotions came flooding back. It was so tangible in Tom’s mind it was as if it had actually happened. “Too bad it didn’t.” Tom said out loud as he yawned and stretched.

“Too bad what didn’t do what?”

Tom looked over at his roommate, and best friend, Matt. Matt had just walked into their dorm room following his early morning class and had flopped down onto the couch in the corner.

“Oh nothing,” replied Tom, “Just a dream I had this morning.”

“Yeah, well spill it. I could use a good laugh,” Matt said sarcastically.

Tom thought of a dozen different snide remarks to come back with but decided to tell Matt about the dream instead. ‘Besides,’ he thought to himself, ‘Matt’s a psych major. Maybe he’ll have some insight into what it was all about.’

“Well, it was about that girl you introduced to me the other day. Kim, that hot little brunette that lives upstairs on the third floor. The one you have that math class with,” said Tom.

“Yeah, what about her?” replied Matt looking more interested now.

“Well…” started Tom, “I dreamt we were having a big floor-wide party here in the dorm. Stevie (their friend from across the hall) had snuck a keg up to his room and everyone on the floor was out in the hall drinking and partying. “Gramps” at the end of the hall had his mondo-stereo cranked up to 9 and the floor was just rockin’. We were out in the hall with a bunch of other people drinking, just outside our door, when Kim and her roommate came screaming around the corner with a couple of guys from the third floor chasing them with supersoakers.

“The girls made a complete circuit of the floor and had a bit of a lead on the guys when they rounded our corner again. Kim’s roommate kept running but I had opened our door and motioned for Kim to duck inside to escape the potential drenching, which she did. She rushed into our room and I slipped inside and shut the door just as the water-weenies came around the corner.

“Kim was out of breath and a little flushed but she still looked phenomenal! She told me she was glad she had run into me and thanked me for rescuing her. I told her it was my pleasure,” said Tom, “and that I had a weak spot for damsels in distress.”

“Oh Man!” groaned Matt, “You don’t actually talk to women like that do you? I mean, it’s a good thing this was just a dream.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Tom shot back sardonically. “Do you wanna hear this or not?”

“Ok, ok! Go on. I hope it gets better,” said Matt.

Tom continued, “ANYWAY… I offered to go across the hall and get her a drink and also make sure the Squirtgun Squad was gone, which she accepted happily. I squeezed out the door back into the hall and you and Stevie were standing there talking with Gramps and Jimbo. I went to get the drinks and when I came back, you opened our door and gave me a thumbs up and told me to ‘go for it!’ under your breath.”

“Yeah, that sounds like me.” quipped Matt, “It’s been awhile since you actually got past the ‘Hello’ stage when talking to a girl.”

Tom ignored him and went on. “So I went back into the room and Kim was sitting down on the futon couch next to the door. She looked happy to see me return and patted the seat next to her and invited me to sit. I gave her the cup of beer I had gotten for her and sat down next to her. We talked for awhile, found out we had a lot of acquaintances in common and commented on how it was strange that we had not met sooner. Things were clicking between us and there seemed to be a great chemistry there. I leaned forward to kiss Kim and she returned it with passion and a little bit of zeal!”

“Zeal!” Matt interrupted again, smiling, “Man! You are an English major aren’t you. Who the hell talks like that?”

Tom gave him a dirty look and said, “Fine! Forget it. If you don’t want to hear the dream, just forget it.”

Matt tried to look serious but failed miserably because he couldn’t stop smiling. “‘k, I’m sorry. Geez, you really aren’t a morning person are you. Continue… please. It does get better doesn’t emily in paris izle it?”

“No, forget it. I thought you might have an insight into what it was about but you’re not going to take it seriously so just forget it.”

Matt looked disappointed… for a second… but then said, “Ok, fine. Get dressed. The cafeteria will only be serving breakfast for another half an hour and I want to eat something that requires syrup on it before our 10 o’clock class starts.”


For the rest of the day, Tom found himself thinking about his dream. It HAD gotten better, he mused, thinking about what he hadn’t told Matt. In his dream, Tom and Kim had made out on the couch for quite a long time. At one point, Matt had walked into the room, seen the couple going at it on the couch, and given Tom the “thumbs up” sign and returned to the party out in the hall. Tom had dreamed that Kim’s shoulder-length brown hair smelled like strawberries and that her skin was soft… and smooth… and warm.

In his dream, both of them were petting each other heavily, exploring the contours of each other’s bodies as they kissed passionately. Kim’s body felt very nice to Tom. She was pretty close to being his ideal “type” in that she was petite and fit yet had nice curves in all of the right places.

‘Nice… Hell! She’s got beautiful, ample curves in exactly the right places’, thought Tom.

Tom tried to concentrate as his teacher droned at the front of the lecture hall but he just couldn’t get that dream out of his head. Matt had been right. Even though Tom was in good shape… actually he was in excellent shape, the best of his life. He and Matt worked out everyday and Tom was looking pretty darn good. Despite this, however, it had been awhile since he’d had a date. Tom was shy, almost painfully so. He definitely was not always the best at striking up conversations. Once the ice was broken, Tom was actually very charming but it was the first step that seemed to be the hardest. He thought about the dream again and it really started to get him going. It had turned out so perfectly, to Tom’s thinking, that it had to be just wish fulfillment. Nobody had such a perfect night as that. It was pure fantasy, had to be. Right?

In the dream, Kim seemed to respond positively to Tom’s touch. She was letting little moans escape each time he caressed her in a new place. She really started to vocalize her pleasure when Tom moved his lips down to kiss her neck. He was licking her lightly in little tiny circles just under her ear and Kim was literally writhing from the chills that shot down her sides.

Tom was getting really hot, in his dream (and in real-life as he thought about it), and it was showing by the bulge in his jeans. Kim didn’t seem to notice at first because of the side-by-side position they were in on the couch. However, after a while, Tom’s attention to her neck and his roving hands were starting to get her excited and Kim became more aggressive. She leaned in toward Tom, rolling him back a little on the couch and threw her right leg over his. Since Kim was rather petite and Tom, in contrast was a pretty tall guy, she practically had to climb on top of him to reach his lips again. This resulted in her discovering his excitement quite directly, much to Kim’s surprise and, it seemed, her delight. Tom couldn’t believe it when she reached down between her legs and started rubbing his erection through his pants. “My! What do we have here?” Kim giggled. All Tom could muster was a throaty moan as she ran her hand up and down the length of his member.

“Yo! Tom. You gonna stay here or are you gonna head to your chem class?”

Tom jumped a little and then realized that class was over and everyone was filing out. Matt was looking at him strangely but knew what… or more precisely Whom… was on Tom’s mind. He gave Tom a leering smile and then turned to leave. Tom gathered his things, shoved them into his backpack and headed for the door.


Later that day, Tom and Matt were in the cafeteria once again, this time for lunch, when Matt called Tom’s attention to the door behind him. Kim and her roommates had just walked in. Tom felt a rush of adrenaline course through him when he saw her and immediately turned back around, subsequently also turning eight shades of red. The girls sat down a couple of tables away and were talking amongst themselves, not really paying attention to the two guys, one of whom couldn’t seem to bring himself to look at them for fear he would embarrass himself. Tom hurried through what was left of the mystery meat on his tray and thought he might get away from this embarrassing moment unscathed. That’s what he thought anyway.

Just as he was about to tell Matt he was going to take off, he heard a familiar and extremely sweet voice behind him asking Matt if he had the notes from their math class. Matt looked up at her and smiled, then invited her to sit down. Kim sat down next to Matt erşan kuneri izle and then said “Hi Tom!” Tom smiled back at her and said “Hi.” He was beet red but was also really glad to see her. He valiantly tried to remain calm and act cool but his blush was betraying him.

“What have you guys been talking about? Tom looks like he’s about to overheat and explode.” Kim asked with a cute smile. Matt couldn’t contain himself. “We were talking about the dream Tom had this morning. It was pretty good. Hey Tom! Tell Kim what you dreamt last night!”

Tom gave Matt the dirtiest look he could muster. If looks could kill, Matt would have had a smoking hole right between his eyes. Tom looked at Kim and said, “Oh, it was nothing. You wouldn’t be interested in it.” Matt was having way too much fun by this time. He couldn’t resist himself and replied, “Come now Tom! I thought it was fascinating! I’ll bet Kim here would love to hear about it. Go on. Tell her what you were dreaming about.”

Kim was intrigued now. Her interest was peaked and she was very curious about it. “Yeah Tom, tell me about it. I don’t embarrass easily. You can tell me. It can’t be that bad, can it?” Matt was about to fall off of his chair. Tom looked at him, then at Kim and wished the floor would open up and just swallow him right then and there. “I… it was… ummmm… you know… it was just… nothing… not a big deal…” stammered Tom, .”.. I gotta get to class. It was great to see you Kim. Maybe I’ll see you back at the dorm later. Gotta go. See ya.” And with that, Tom grabbed his tray and made a dash for the door. Kim looked a little confused but she smiled as Tom left. Matt, on the other hand, was beyond words as he tried to stifle his laughing, which was fortunate because he couldn’t spill anything to Kim. “Ok, well, I guess you can tell me about it in class. See you later Matt.” Matt, still unable to speak, waved to her and then did fall off of his chair. ‘Oh that was classic!’ thought Matt as he got up to leave, ‘I have got to get those two together again!’


About a week or so later, that next Friday night to be exact, Tom and Matt had just finished cleaning up after getting back from working out when they heard a knock on the door. Tom opened it to find Stevie out in the hall. “Hey guys, give me a hand. I need someone to help me get it inside before anyone sees it.”

“Get what inside?” asked Tom.

“The keg! We’re partying tonight!” said Stevie excitedly.

Tom and went down to the parking lot with Stevie and helped him carry up the keg from his car while Matt stood lookout in the stairwell. They got it into his room, helped him tap it and scrounged up some cups. As always happened in the dorm, especially on a Friday night, the place was rocking with the sound of several stereos and a party atmosphere prevailed. Within an hour, most of the second floor was aware of where to get a drink and Stevie’s room was the hub of the party. They were all careful to keep it under wraps from the dorm staff and the party was in full bloom wherever you looked.

Tom, Matt, Stevie, “Gramps” (don’t ask), and Jimbo were standing in the hall enjoying the scene when they heard a loud noise coming from the stairwell. Suddenly the stairwell door slammed open and couple of girls came screaming out and ran down the hall toward the group. They were quickly followed by a couple of guys that Tom recognized from the third floor and they were chasing the girls with Supersoakers. Tom looked back at the girls and recognized them as well. It was Kim! She and her roommate were barreling down the hall toward him and the others, squealing and hollering as they tried to escape the streams of water that were shooting at them. Everyone in the hall stepped back and hugged the wall as the pursuit passed by, giving the girls and their chasers a path. Half of the crowd was hollering and rooting for the girls and the other half was egging on the guys. The chase turned the far corner and disappeared for a few minutes but Tom could still hear them in the distance. Their screams started getting closer again and he knew they were on their way back around to where he was standing.

Kim’s roommate turned the corner first followed soon after by Kim herself. She looked like she was starting to get winded and Tom got the idea that he’d hide her so she could catch her breath. He opened the door to his room and waved at Kim to get her attention. She looked at him but didn’t seem to notice who he was at first. She was preoccupied of course. But then her face lit up as it registered in her mind who he was and slowed down as she approached him. Tom motioned for her to duck into the room, which she did, and he quickly followed, closing the door behind him. Tom leaned back and put his ear against the door to listen and heard the guys stomping past. Tom turned around to face Kim and saw that she was flushed and out of breath but had the most appealing smile on her face. When she caught a bit of her everyone else burns izle wind, she thanked Tom for saving her. He stood there smiling back at her and said, “My pleasure! I have a weak spot for damsels in distress you know.” Kim giggled and said, “My white knight! Where do you keep your charger in this tiny dorm room?” Tom laughed.

He looked at Kim and had the strangest feeling. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but he thought this whole thing seemed familiar somehow. He didn’t feel his normal shyness around Kim and it was almost like he knew he was doing everything right and that there was nothing to worry about.

“How about I duck out and see if they’re gone. I’ll go get you a drink if you like. Stevie snuck in a keg and I can get you a glass from across the hall.” said Tom.

Kim replied, “That sounds great! I’ll just stay in here and wait for you.”

So Tom squeezed out the door and closed it behind him. He went across the hall and got Kim a cup of beer and headed back toward the room. Matt was still outside with the others. He stopped Tom and asked how Kim was. Tom said, “She’s fine. I’m getting her some beer and we’re going to hide out and make sure those guys don’t come back. Knock on the door if they do, Ok?”

Matt smiled kind of slyly and said, “You got it buddy. Go take care of that beauty in there.”

As Tom opened the door and re-entered his dorm room, he noticed that Kim had settled down on the couch next to the door. She was breathing normally now and was anxiously awaiting his return. When she saw him, her face lit up a bit and she said, “Welcome back! Are they gone?”

Tom took a step forward and offered her the drink he had brought for her. “Yeah, I think so. I thought we should probably stay in here a while longer though just to make sure.” Kim took the cup and said, “Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. You never know when they may be back. “Here… ,” Kim patted the cushion next to her, .”..sit down and keep me company while I hide.”

Tom had another sudden pang of… something… he couldn’t place his finger on it. It was… like he had seen this before or… he had done this before. Deja vu! That’s what it was! Tom was feeling deja vu like he had never felt before. He couldn’t remember why though.

He sat down next to Kim and they made small talk while they sipped their beers. Tom kept looking into Kim’s bright, blue eyes and thinking to himself that she was absolutely perfect. It was as if she was his ideal girl… his dream girl. ‘That’s it!!!’ thought Tom. He suddenly remembered the dream he’d had a couple of weeks ago. As he sat there and conversed with Kim, flirted with her, smiled at her, laughed at her quips and made jokes of his own, he realized that all of it was exactly like his dream. It was as if the whole evening had been scripted for him and he was just following along. Everything he said was scintillating. Everything he did was just right. All of a sudden, Tom felt a relief of tension and subsequent surge of confidence that he had never known before. His shyness virtually disappeared and was replaced with a modest confidence in himself. Tom almost subconsciously rationalized that since it seemed that the evening was following the dream exactly, it had to turn out as well as the dream did so no matter what he did or said, it had to be right. He wasn’t a big believer in fate or destiny but if that’s what was guiding him, if this was why he had the dream in the first place, then he was going to go with it 100%!

Kim was chatting away about people she knew that Tom happened to know as well. She said, “You know, it’s amazing with all of the same people we both seem to know that we’d never met before the other day.”

“Well… ,” Tom said, “I’m really glad we did meet. If we hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had the chance to do this.” And he leaned in close to Kim and kissed her, very gently and softly on the lips.

Kim was a bit startled but she had actually been waiting for him to make a move since she sat down. When he broke off and leaned back a bit, she replied softly and very sexily, “Wow… I’m glad too. Otherwise I wouldn’t get to do this.” And this time, Kim leaned in and, putting her hands on Tom’s cheeks, she returned his kiss with a bit more passion. Tom put his arms around Kim’s waist and felt the small of her back as they kissed. At first it was tender and sweet; they both were taking it slow, exploring the feelings, the sensations, the emotions they were feeling. As the kissing continued, it got more passionate and hotter with each passing minute. They started exploring each other’s lips and mouths with their tongues. They would suck on each others lips and Kim even nibbled and at one point outright bit Tom’s lower lip as her excitement mounted.

As they were making out, Tom was exploring Kim’s entire body with his hands. At first it was just her back and shoulders. Then as they progressed, Tom moved down to Kim’s shapely, and very firm he discovered, derrière. Kim had really nice hips and Tom rubbed his hands all over them. He would run his hands from the top of her back, slowly down until he reached the curve of her bottom, and then he cupped her and squeezed. Kim let out a little squeal that turned immediately into a soft moan. Tom could tell that she was a little turned on. Actually, much more than a little!

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