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I normally don’t like to work out-of-town, however having just gone through a rough break-up with my long-time girlfriend a month earlier I jumped at the chance to drive half-way across the country to assist the company I work for with replacing power lines which had been destroyed by recent Tornado’s in Kansas. I had my gear packed and was pointing my truck east half-a-day before my co-workers; my Condo had become a prison and I jumped at the chance to leave for a while.

The first two weeks were miserable. 15 hour days, seven days a week which didn’t give my mind a chance to focus on anything but work. At first that’s just what I needed. Then the long hours began taking their toll; my muscles ached from the time I got up until the time I passed-out at the end of the day. My fingers were stained black from the material we we’re working with, my clothes were dingy from being washed at an industrial laundry facility. However the money I was making was epic and with no end in sight I relished watching the amount in my bank account grow.

The long hours were beginning to affect the rest of the crew as well; guys who had been friends for years turned on each other. Equipment was constantly in a state of dis-repair. Material couldn’t arrive fast enough. All this caused tension around the Hotel rooms we we’re all sharing (four to a room) to grow to a fever-pitch. Most guys tried to cure these ill’s alcohol but not me; I found getting drunk made getting-up the next morning too hard.

It was about this time the dreams started.

I’ve never been one who dreams, or rather I’ve never been one who remembers his dreams, but these dreams were vivid. In the first one I found myself in bed with a gorgeous, naked girl. The dream felt extremely realistic; I could almost feel my cock sliding inside of this mystery girl’s cunt. I watched as her tits heaved and bounced as we laid in that bed and fucked. I knew it was only a dream but somehow I really wanted it to be real; it was the closest I’d come to, well Cumming since my ex had left me.

At one point in the dream I caught a glimpse of myself in the gebze escort mirrored headboard where I saw another girl in the background. This girl was almost plain-looking by comparison, though she was fully dressed, had shoulder-length brown hair, glasses and a professional-looking attire including a long black skirt with a grey top which did a nice job of showing-off her ample cleavage. There was something about her that I found intoxicating, I had to see this girl! I spun around but before my eyes could find her my ass found the floor and I found myself wide-awake sitting on the floor next to my bed in a dark room surrounded by my sleeping co-workers. I roughly tossed my blanket and pillow back onto the hard mattress and tried to go back to sleep. Fucking dreams.

So now it would appear I’m that guy who dreams, or rather that guy who remembers his dreams and it was driving me crazy! This dream with the gorgeous brunette (or girls who looked like her) was returning just about every night. In each one, somewhere I caught a glimpse of this other girl who was never anyway involved in what was going-on in the dream I was participating in, though when I tried to find her in the dream I’d wake-up. Every. Fucking. Time. I felt myself going insane.

Work had started slowing-down, as we were beginning to get caught-up on all of the emergency repairs which needed to be made. Now we were only working 10-12 hours a day. So one evening I snuck away from my co-workers (who saw the extra free time as an excuse to get even more drunk than they had before) and spent an hour talking to a shrink which wasn’t very helpful. All she kept asking was about my childhood and crap which had nothing to do with these stupid dreams. Frustrated I paid her fee then left, disgusted and even more frustrated then I had been before I’d gotten there.

I decided to have some fun with the dream; now when I realized I was dreaming I’d immediately start looking around for the mystery girl, completely ignoring anything else which was going on in the dream, trying to get any clue göztepe escort about this girl. She looked nothing like any other girl I’d dated. She didn’t look anything like any of my female co-workers, people at the restaurants where I ate or the Hotel we we’re staying at. I couldn’t for the life of me figure-out the connection.

Finally it came to me that maybe I needed to have sex. Maybe I was just Horny. I’d never done it before or since but I took the advice of a co-worker and went to a non-legit massage parlor for a ‘Rub-N-Tug’. I’d never before paid for sex and found the whole process to be antiseptic and mechanical. Sure it felt great bending this young little Asian girl over a massage table, pushing her lab coat aside and roughly having my way with her while she un-excitedly groaned and moaned, the whole time watching the clock on the wall but in the end I left feeling un-fulfilled and empty.

I returned to the Hotel, took a shower and went to sleep. Guess what? The dream was back, again. Fuck.

This time I was at a mechanized car wash, watching my truck go through the washing tunnel with all the machines scrubbing and spraying soap and such from behind a series of plate-glass windows which ran the length of the washing tunnel. Immediately I began looking around for the girl, expecting to catch a glimpse of her in a mirror or a piece of glass or something. Seeing nothing other than the stuff you normally see for sale in the lobby of a car wash I began walking along the windows watching my truck get washed and wondered where this dream was going to lead me.

Then I saw her! This time it seemed every other window showed what looked like a scene from a hard-core sex film. In the first one the girl I’d been catching glimpses of in my dreams was making-out with some guy I’d never seen before. I walked to the next one and there’s my truck getting hit with water. In the next pane she was on her knees sucking the mystery man’s cock. I continued walking. At the next window there’s my truck getting soaped. Walk to the next window halkalı escort now she’s on her back, some mysterious lover on top (and I presume) inside of her. Next window my truck getting rinsed clean. Next window the girl appeared to be cumming though I couldn’t hear any sounds. As I walked up to the final window I woke-up. Now I was pissed! I was no closer to knowing who this girl was and I was reminded that I had a dirty truck I needed to clean.

The next morning I called my boss and took the day off of work. Driving always helps me to clear my head so I decided to go for a drive, there had to be something interesting to see around where I was staying. I was on the road an hour later, destination where ever.

I drove for several hours. I saw some lakes; drove through a couple of rural road-side town’s, had lunch at a small diner and in general enjoyed my day off. Then the low fuel light on my truck caught my eye. I needed to buy gas.

A short ways down the road I pulled into a small gas station and began filling my truck. I had just started pumping gas when I looked-up and saw her, the girl from my dreams, on the other side of the same gas pump I was standing at! I didn’t know what to do and I really didn’t know what to say. Then she looked-up and locked eyes with me, instantly her face showed some sort of recognition. I didn’t know what to say. I mean it had to be her, but what if it wasn’t? I decided to just be up-front and said:

“Aren’t you supposed to be in my dreams.”

She took a step back, her face showing complete shock, then she composed herself and said:

“I could say the same for you!”

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking. Neither of us could come-up with an explanation for why the other was showing-up in each other’s dreams but we finally figured it must be fate and decided to go with it. We started dating while I was still working in the area. Things were going well so when the job I was working on finished and I readied to head back to my life 1,500 miles away she moved with me.

How are things working-out? Pretty good actually. We get along well. Have a lot of fun together. The sex is mind-blowing, some of the best either of us have ever had. Where will it end-up? Who knows but for now we’re having a lot of fun and enjoy regaling anyone who will listen with the tale of how we met.

And the best part in all of this? I’m back to being that guy who doesn’t remember his dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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