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This is a nationwide alert. The fresh water reservoirs have returned to a safe minimum. All drought restrictions have been lifted nationally, and regular usage is allowed once again. Thank you for your compliance over the past year. This message will repeat.


This had been playing all day on the radio for the past week, it seemed this nightmare was finally coming to an end.

“Ehem. As you’ve all heard, restrictions are being lifted.” Mom said, scrubbing under her armpits in the bathtub. Her large breasts jiggled as she did. We were all still taking our bath time together, even after this latest announcement.

“Now, I know we’ve been doing this for the past few months now, but it’s probably time we… called it quits.”

My sisters and I looked at each other almost in disappointment. She had a point, this wasn’t really necessary anymore. How long can we keep this up for anyways? The world is going back to normal, why shouldn’t we as well?

It was going to be hard though, we had all crossed lines that we couldn’t go back from. How was I supposed to go back to normal when I was familiar with the naked body of every woman in my family? Familiar with their insides?

“I mean – do we have to?” Emily said, blushing. She had gotten used to her daily fuckings, not to mention the shaking orgasms she’d get from Claire’s tongue. She had grown very sexually active since the first time we fucked.

“I haven’t even gotten any dick from Jack.” Claire huffed. “Fairly certain everyone else in this tub has.”

Mom smiled, her cheeks a slight tinge of red.

“Let’s all just enjoy our last time together, huh?”

“Really?” Emily sighed, still concerned about our time coming to an end.

“It’s only right, we can’t keep doing this forever.” Mom spoke.

“Whatever, it’s not like we can get married to each other. That’s fucking weird.” Claire continued, as if everything else we had been doing was normal. She was a little more excited than the rest of us to be getting back to normal, no doubt already having some boy friends lined up to get with. She loved attention, and that hadn’t stopped just because of her family.

“Then you can finally go on a real date Emily, and not just suck your brother’s cock all day long.” she said, an attitude forming.

“It wasn’t an issue and your lips were wrapped around him.” Emily bit back.

Claire laughed, clearly embarrassed. “Well he’s not my only option, unlike some of us.”

Emily’s flush only deepend.

“Girls, can we stop fighting please? Can’t we have our last time be nice and special?” Mom interrupted.

“Yeah, come on guys.” I did my best to play nice, I didn’t want Emily and Claire fighting the whole day.

“Oh look, the cock is talking.” Claire smirked still in her attitude.

“The what?” I say in disbelief. “Claire, what the hell.”

“Yeah you fucking heard me, and you can’t even deny it. That’s pretty much all you’ve been to us, a nice, big, hard cock.” She said, her face twisted in a mischievous smile.

I wasn’t sure if she was insulting me or trying to get me aroused. It was both at the moment.

“We were bored so we used you – nurdağı escort mom to finally get off after a dry spell, Emily to finally lose her virginity and stop being so scared. Then me, because I was bored and there was no other guy around. You’re lucky that this drought happened, or else we would all just look the other way.”

I stopped and thought for a second, it’s not like she was lying. Though the way she had said it had hurt my feelings. “Fuck off Claire.”

“Why, it’s fucking true.”

“Claire, stop it! We’ve all grown as a family together these past months. Why do you have to try and spoil it?” Mom said, a frown on her face.

“Maybe because I’m the only one who you’ve all ignored! Especially you, you asshole.” Claire said, looking directly at me.

“You get to have fun with Mom and Emily, and even fuck my mouth. So why am I not good enough to fuck? And then now we’re just calling it a day?” She was getting upset now.

“I never said that Claire!”

“Well, you never fucked me either.” She said, a little fire in her eyes.

“So is that what you want?” I replied, trying to match her energy. “You want to get fucked?”

“God, yes you idiot, yes!”

Claire pushed me against the shallow wall of the tub grabbing my dick

All this talk and all the excitement had given me a semi… I usually was at least half hard in the tub, it was hard not to be when most of my sight was filled with naked women. Claire worked with it, stroking me to get me to full mast.

“Jesus, it took you long enough to finally offer. I practically had to scream it in your face!”

“Well now I get to make you scream more.” I replied. If this is how Claire wanted to play, this is how it would play. She smirked at that. “Not if I do it first.”

Mom and Emily both looked at each other, half confused and half aroused. They weren’t sure if we were actually angry at each other or just playing a game. It was still a bit of both at the moment. Claire was being extra bratty, and while it wasn’t out of her character, I think the drought coming to an end definitely had her attitude coming to the forefront. Her getting a little dick would probably help us all in the long run, and I was more than happy to help out.

“Then how about you start by sucking on my dick?”

“Oh no not that again how about you start…”She lifted her leg, placing it on the rim of the bathtub to line her up her pussy with my face. “By giving me something for once. Do you know this whole time we’ve been doing this I’ve only cum, like what, twice? And you’ve all been wondering why I have this attitude.”

Her pussy was shaven clean as usual, a shade lighter than the rest of her skin due to her tan lines. She had been taking in more sun lately, her panty line and bra line noticeably lighter. I saw the hint of her pink clit peeking out of her pussy lips. Claire had a point, we hadn’t been taking care of her. I was going to change that.

“I guess I should be apologizing to you.”

“Use your mouth for something besides an apology.”

I did as I was told, and reached over with my mouth to tongue her pussy. nurdağı escort bayan She immediately moaned in pleasure, grabbing onto my hair for support as I started my assault on her pink pussy.

“Oh fuck Jack!” She said, in the most pleasured voice I’d heard from her.

“Fuck yeah, just like that, tongue fuck your sister.”

All her talk got my dick even more solid, pointing straight up out of the bath water. But he’d have to wait, I was busy licking my sister’s cunt. This was my first time tasting her, her flavor sent shivers down my spine. Claire’s juices had an intoxicating flavor on my tongue, and I craved more of it the more and more I licked. I started to swirl my tongue in circles around her, as my fingers made their way to rub at her opening. Up and down I rubbed on her pristine pussy lips, tight and wet.

I closed my eyes as I continued to lap her clit. Immediately her moans became louder, her eyes widening at the sensation. I wrapped my hand around her waist and gripped on her soft, plump little butt. Her skin was soft, and her cheeks bouncy.

“Fuck that’s more like it!” She said, “Fucking finally!”

I pushed her into my tongue even more, my circles only continuing faster and faster.

“Jesus, Jack…” Emily exclaimed, reacting to the carnal sounds of pleasure coming from our sister. Out of the corner of my eye I just saw Mom and her watching intently. I could have sworn Emily’s hand was rubbing in between Mom’s legs.

My hard cock was sticking out of the water now, aching to be touched. Her moans were only fueling my arousal, but still I wouldn’t stop until Claire screamed for me to, or until she came on my tongue.

“Jesus, Jack Jesus, fuck!” Claire cried out.

My hands, still gripping her ass, slowly moved in between her cheeks. With my middle finger I rubbed her asshole slowly sliding it in, adding to the bombardment of sensation.

“God, fuck you, you dick!” She exclaimed in pleasure, continuing to moan through her words. Her hands gripped my hair as I continued to lick her out, her pussy only growing more and more moist with my tongue lashing.

Suddenly, I felt her grip harder. Her thighs started to shake, her butt jiggling as the orgasm hit her.

“Oh, oh, oh, FUCK!”

Her body leaned into my face as she dropped, catching herself on the rim of the tub. She was still shaking and moaning, a second wave of orgasm pulsing through her body. I kept licking, slower this time, with each little lick making her moan out more.

“Stop you dick! God, it’s too fucking good!”

Finally, she stood up straight and playfully pulled my hair away from her still sensitive pussy.

“Fine, fine, you won that one you asshole. Better watch where those fingers are going though!”

“Why are you afraid you might like it?” I grinned.

“I do like it, you fucker.” She growled back. “But you haven’t even fucked my pussy yet. Stop trying to avoid it!”

“Well, then let’s change that.” Claire and I were In our own little world right now, mom and Emily the spectators of our bizarre sexual sport. I sat myself down, taking a seat at escort nurdağı the edge of the bathtub and leaned back. My cock was upright, and more than an ample seat for Claire

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Are you fucking kidding? Since day one.”

She turned herself around, her tight ass facing me, preparing to take a seat. To her surprise, I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards my erection. I lined up our sex perfectly, the tip of my cock slipping right into her wetness.

“Oh fuck.” she exclaimed, feeling the first part of me fill her. Now that we were aligned, I lifted her by her waist just a little more. Claire was thin, tiny. I could easily move her weight around. I pushed her down onto my cock, letting her feel my full length. Her tight walls wrapped around me, hot and wet. Her pussy was fucking perfect, and easily took my entire cock, no issue. I think she was used to big cock. Though she squirmed a little bit as she sat on my rod, swiveling her hips around as if to get acquainted with my thickness.

“Fucking hell Jack.” She moaned.

“This the biggest cock you’ve taken?”

“The fucking biggest.” She squealed.

Before I could do anything, she was already starting to bounce up and down on my dick, the movement of her jiggly ass slapping down on me mesmerizing.

Slap, slap, slap, slap.

Up and down she bounced on my cock, lost in the pleasure of her big brother’s rod. She said nothing now, the only sounds coming from her mouth were guttural moans. I held her waist as she continued to bounce on me, pulling her down ever so slightly every time she raised herself back up. She rode me like a natural.

“God, don’t stop, don’t stop!” She finally cried out. “Don’t you dare stop fucking me Jack!”

I was inclined to listen.

The wet slaps of fucking was the only sound in the bathroom, along with Claire and my moans. But I needed to go faster, my instinct was to properly pound Claire. So when she sat on my cock once again, my entire length in her, I wrapped my arms around. I stood her up and dropped her onto another side of the bathtub, her arms supporting her, her ass straight out pointed to me.

She gripped the side of the bathtub as I grabbed her waist once again, and starting pulling her towards me as we fucked in a sort of standing doggy. This time I was really thrusting into her, pulling her onto my cock with all of my might. Our wet slaps were only getting louder and faster as Claire and I went at it.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” She moaned, her noises in time with the thrusts.

I gripped a handful of her hair pulling her head back, because the more I thrusted into her, the more and more the sensation became just too much.

“I’m gonna fucking cum, I’m going to fucking cum in you Claire!”

“Fucking do it!” She cried out still, gripping onto the bathtub.

I pulled her body back onto mine, her pussy swallowing the entire length of my cock as it pulsed, shooting ropes of my hot fresh semen into her. I gripped down to her cheeks tightly as I came, getting a handful of her flesh. I let out a long moan as I filled my sister up.

Exhausted, she dropped herself to the side of the bathtub. Her ass still stuck out into the air, my spunk leaking from her pussy.

“Jesus fucking Christ Jack, I’m never gonna say anything about you again.”

I took a deep breath in and sighed. “Are you guys sure this is the last time? Because if so, I can squeeze you two in as well.”

Mom and Emily both blushed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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