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Mistaken Identity

Meagan had a light afternoon schedule which ended with a house showing three blocks over from her sister, Jennifer’s, house. The prospective buyers were looking for something a little bigger and not so close to the road. It is a nice house but being on a corner lot, there is traffic on two sides. The couple planned to keep looking, but left for the day. Meagan and the other agent were left to search for more homes that might meet all the criteria, price, location and everything else that they can think of.

With nothing to do for a couple of hours, Meagan didn’t want to go back to the office. She was burnt out and needed a cuppa and a little down time. Wondering if Jennifer was in, Meagan drove the few short blocks and parked in front of her house. As she walked in on the front walk, Meagan could see her sister, Jennifer, through the living room window. She had a bunch of boxes stacked in random piles around the room, most are open but a few were taped shut.

Saying the words:” Ding Dong”, Meagan just walked in and looked around. Knowing her sister’s moods, Meg could immediately determine that Jenn was on one of her cleaning and rearranging jags. Some stuff gets packed away and stored in the attic, other stuff gets packed up and trashed, other stuff, mostly old clothes, gets boxed up for the many clothing drives and a very few of the packed away clothes are retrieved from their boxes and returned to the closets, for use.

That day was no exception. Jenn had been upstairs and tossed clothing items down the stairs, most of them making it all the way to the bottom. Meg stood for a minute watching the process and then asked: “Oiy, can a girl get a cuppa around here without risking having her clothes packed up.”

Jenn: “Meg, it’s good to see you. What are you doing off this early in the afternoon?”

Meg: “Harry and I just flubbed a sale with two extremely picky prospective buyers, two streets over. So, with nothing productive to do, I decided to come and pester you for a while. How ’bout that cuppa?

Jenn went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Meg, politely started shoveling the ‘loose tea’ into the tea pot, grabbed some cups from the cabinet and set the table in her sister’s kitchen. Jenn got the tin of biscuits out of the fridge and put them onto the table. When the water started to boil, Jenn poured it into the tea pot and the sisters sat down to wait for the tea to ‘steep’.

Meg: “Eileen may have herself a new beau. He’s been down a couple of times from the base and he took Eileen and Ian to some big Air show that they had. Apparently, Ian thinks he’s great with all the uniforms and dazzle. Eileen is walking on clouds. I hope this works out, Walter is a really nice guy and poor ‘Leeny’ deserves to have a good man in her life.”

Jenn: “Yeah, after that Rat-Bastard Robert.”

Meg: “Yeah, after that Rat-Bastard Robert.”

Jenn poured the tea and the sisters chatted on about Eileen and her apparently new man friend Walter.

Meg: “Eileen tells me that Mum and Pappy already approve of Walter. I think that he might have even stayed the night last week.”

Jenn: “With Mum next door?”

Meg: “Can you imagine? Mum must have been in quite a state.”

Jenn: “Wow, has Mum said anything to you?”

Meg: “Actually yes, Mum and Pappy met Walter and were very impressed. According to her, Eileen is ‘happy again’. Mum is apparently just ‘turning her head’ and not noticing that Leeny has the occasional overnight guest.”

Jenn: “So how did she meet this guy?”

Meg: “You met him yourself, at the cookout last summer.”

Jenn: “I did? I don’t remember him.”

Meg: “He works with Jim, on the base. A little taller than Jim, slim, short hair, probably brown. He’s a good-looking guy, and looks a couple of years shy of thirty. Jim and I knew him when we were in Japan.”

Jenn: “So how did she wind up meeting this guy, the base isn’t that close.”

Meg: “Well, you know how Leeny has been getting, ever since Robert left.”

Jenn: “Yeah, Horny, bursa otele gelen escort grumpy and rude.”

Meg: “Right. Well, I decided that, as the big sister, I should try to do something about it. So, I got her laid. “

Jenn: “You got her laid? Walter?”

Meg: “Yes, I set it up to happen at the Guest House, on the base. I didn’t have too much trouble talking Walter into ‘doing’ my sister and Eileen was so fucking horny that she convinced herself that she needed it. So, I made some rules.”

Jenn: “Leave it to you to make rules for your sister getting laid.”

Meg: “Wait until you hear them before you judge, OK?

Jenn: “Go ahead, this is going to be good.”

Meg: “First, except for some recognition words to confirm identities there was to be no talking, at least until the deed was done. Second, Leeny was to be in the bed, undressed waiting for him. Third, He had instructions to ‘fuck her brains out’ and last, they had the room for the entire night. I dropped her off and picked her up the next morning.

Jenn: “So she got laid?

Meg: “According to her, she got it more than once during the night. She said that he ‘rang her bell repeatedly.”

Jenn: “Multiples? Oh-my-god she’s so lucky!”

Meg: “Yep, and by the end of the day, she was after me for his number. She apparently liked his style of fucking or something. So, I put them in touch with each other and it’s been getting more involved ever since. She invited him to meet Mum and Pappy already and Pappy pronounced him ‘fit for his Eileen.’

Jenn: “Has he got a really big cock, or something.”

Meg: “Not according to Leeny. She describes him as well-endowed but not ‘porno movie well endowed’.”

Jenn: “So what’s his secret?”

Meg: “Don’t know and don’t care. I just know that Leeny is in a much better mood and apparently Ian is thrilled with the man. I have been successful again.”

Jenn: “Successful, who else have you gotten laid, lately?”

Meg: “Well, nobody lately, but who introduced you to your John?”

Jenn: “That wasn’t exactly lately!”

Meg: “It still counts, you got laid didn’t you?”

Jenn: “Eventually, but not that same night that I met him.”

Meg: “It still counts. Did John get you off the first time that you did it?”

Jenn: “Actually, no. I was so afraid and he was a little ‘rushed’ if you know what I mean.”

Meg: “Sorry to hear that.”

Jenn: “He has more than made up for it, now. Actually, I get off almost every time that we do it. But, multiples? Damn Leeny is lucky!”

Meg: “With Jim so far away for so long, I’m tempted to jump him myself.”

Jenn: “John?”

Meg: “No, Walter!”

Jenn: “Oh no, leave them be. If they’re happy, don’t do anything that might cause a problem between them. Or, for that matter, between you and Jim, he works with Walter doesn’t he.”

Meg: “I was only kidding young sister; I would never want to cause a problem for Leeny. I’ll just wait, impatiently for Jim to come home.”

Jenn: “Well, it’s not like you can’t take care of your own problem; remember, we shared a room growing up.”

Meg: “What do you mean?”

Jenn: “I could tell when you were ‘petting that little man in the canoe’ after one of your dates.”

Meg: “What? Oh, you never saw any such thing.”

Jenn: “True, I didn’t see anything but I could hear a lot. Do you still breathe out through your teeth when you come, kinda making a hissing noise?”

Meg: “Jenn, I never. . . . “

Jenn: “Oh yes you did. Fairly often as I recall. You actually thought that I was asleep? “

Meg: “Yes, I think that you were asleep and only dreaming.”

Jenn: “Right, I’ve got to sort some old clothes, want to help?”

The sisters finished their tea and then went together up to the second floor where clothes were spread up and down the hallway. Jenn explained the three piles: Keep. Toss, and charity bin. She had a serious aversion to putting personal clothes into the charity bin; ‘they’re just bursa eve gelen eskort too personal or have too many memories.’ So, throwing them out was preferable to letting someone else wear them.

The girls chatted on while sorting the clothes. Jenn, of course, just tossed the garments into the appropriate pile. She occasionally asked Meagan’s opinion on one or two items. Meg mostly moved the clothes around and handed them, one at a time, to Jenn for a decision. Jenn tossed a short, red-plaid wrap around ‘school-girl’ skirt onto the ‘toss’ pile. Meg picked it up and asked: “You’re tossing this, why?”

Jenn: “I just can’t see myself wearing it anymore. John always liked it and it has gotten me ‘laid’ a few times, so it has too many fond memories for it to go to the charity bin.”

Meg: “You’ve had it for a long time, I’ve always liked it. In fact, I think that you loaned it to me a couple of times. You shouldn’t just toss it like an old rag, think of John.”

Jenn: “I am, well maybe I’ll keep it. John really likes it on me.”

Meagan was thinking to herself: ‘I wonder if we can still wear the same clothes. It looks like were still about the same size, only my tits are bigger.’ With that, she took the skirt and went into the bathroom to ‘try it on’, just for the fun of it. Jenn continued to sort the clothes and collected up the toss pile to take down to the garage. She had only been gone a minute when Meagan emerged from the bathroom wearing the little skirt and said: “Well, what do you think” to nobody at all. The hall was empty. “Jenn?” she called, but there was no answer. Jenn was, by that time, stuffing the toss pile of clothes into the trash bin, on the other side of the house.

Meagan walked downstairs looking for her sister and was stood in the living room by the front door trying to figure out where Jenn had gotten off to. John chose that moment to walk in the front door. As usual he was looking slightly down to keep from tripping on the entry way rug when he spotted the backs of Meagan’s legs and followed them up to see his favorite little plaid skirt. Without saying a word, he slipped his hand under the back of the skirt and grabbed a handful of ass. Taken by surprise, Meagan rose up onto her toes and let out a little squeal. John immediately realized his mistake and withdrew his hand.

John: “Oh my God Meagan, I thought that you were my Jenn standing there. She has a skirt just like that one and I thought that it was her. I’m terribly sorry . . . .” He was stammering on. Meg turned and put her hand on his arm: “This is her skirt; I’m just trying it on. Don’t worry about it. your secret is safe with me.”

Just as John was calming down, Jennifer came in from the garage. She saw her husband and her sister standing by the front door and said: “Oh good, you’re home. I need a little help bringing the rest of the sorted clothes down to go to the charity bin. Oh, Meagan, that skirt still fits you.”

Meagan spun herself around for a good viewing and Jenn smiled and said: “You know, I think that I’ll keep it.”

Jenn kept on walking and started back up the stairs. John was still a little shook and started apologizing to Meg again: “Meg I’m really sorry. . . ” She cut him off by saying: “It’s OK John, it was an accident. I won’t be telling Jenn anything.”

John looked relieved when Meg said: “That is, with Jim away I sort of miss that sort of thing. Do it again and we’ll call it even.” She turned her back to him and leaned herself over a little presenting him with a really irresistible view. John, not believing his luck, reached back under the skirt and gave her ass a good groping. Meg pushed herself back against him a little, saying: “Yessssss, Thanks.” Walter removed his hand and decided that he needed to sit down. Meg walked directly to the stairs and started up, without looking back at John.

“He’ll be right up Jenn” said as Meg walked back to the bathroom to change back into her ‘work clothes’ slacks. Jenn managed to get the charity bin pile into bayan escort bursa one huge armload and started down the stairs. John was in the kitchen when Jenn went through, he was drinking a glass of water. “Thanks for the help” she quipped as she went past him back out to the garage. By the time that Jenn had put the load into the trunk of her car and got back to the kitchen, Meg was there and John was gone. Meg handed the little skirt to her sister and said: “I better get going, lots to do before supper.” Meg kissed her sister and went out through the front door.

Jenn walked into the living room and watched her sister leave. She was still holding the little skirt when John came up behind her. He put his arms around her waist and said, with his face buried in her neck: “Put that skirt on for me.”

Jenn: “What? You want me to put this on, now?”

John: “Yes, please. Pretty please?”

Jenn felt his stiffening cock pressing against her butt and understood that John suddenly has a need. ‘Was it Meg that got him going? She was wearing the skirt when John came home, maybe seeing it on her gave him ideas.’ Well, who cares? She pulled herself away from John and went into the half-bath down the hall by the family room. She quickly changed into the little skirt leaving her jeans folded on the toilet seat. She was wearing a sweat shirt, not really sexy, so she took that off, too.

When she walked back toward the kitchen, she was only wearing her bra and the little skirt. John kissed her and quickly turned her around; bending her over the kitchen table. He pressed himself up against her nicely shaped and incredibly posed ass. With, what seemed like one quick motion, John reached under her skirt and whisked her knickers down to her ankles. He dropped his pants and underwear as one, and was already fully erect.

Jenn hadn’t been taken in ‘surprise sex’ in a long time, but she found herself remarkably ‘turned on.’ With her upper body supported by the table, she arched her back and presented herself for a good, old-fashioned ‘rogering.’ John seized the opportunity and grabbed his cock; he ran it up through Jennifer’s now moist slit until he located the wettest and softest part. Pushing himself forward, he entered her and was pleasantly surprised when Jenn pushed herself back forcing him in all the way. John reached around her and quickly located her swollen clit poking out from her extremely moist pussy lips. While rubbing her clit, he started to saw himself in and out of her. John would never tell Jenn about his encounter with Meg, but he couldn’t get the thought of his sister-in-law’s fine, soft ass out of his mind. They were both so caught up in the moment that it only took a few strokes before John started unloading into Jennifer’s insides. Jenn was right ‘with him’ and when she felt the first pulse of John’s semen flow into her, she went off and had a thoroughly satisfying orgasm.

John’s erection soon began to fade and they both felt the need to separate before anyone got home from after school activities or came stomping in from the backyard and found them ‘fucking like bunnies’ on the kitchen table. John withdrew what remained of his rapidly shrinking manhood and did a quick squat to retrieve his pants and underwear, which were still bunched around his ankles. Before he started to stand back up, he had a great view of his deposit running back out of his wife’s vagina and beginning to trickle down the inside of both of her legs. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, John planted a big noisy kiss on both of her ass cheeks.

Jennifer was stood up by the time that John got all the way back up. He quickly fastened his pants and redid his belt. Ignoring his untucked shirt, he turned his wife around by her shoulders and thanked her with a long passionate kiss. Jenn responded to the kiss and thought to herself: ‘I really can’t get rid of this skirt.’ As John continued to hug her, she remembered her knickers which were still down on the floor. With her butt against the table, she had to push John to get him to step back. She reached down and grabbed her underwear and quickly bunched it up into her fist.

With the little skirt barely covering her pretty little ass, Jenn started toward the living room intending to go up to change: “I better put something else on before the boys get home.” With that, she started up the stairs while John enjoyed the view from the first floor.

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