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“God damnit” I swore to out loud, driving way faster than I should have been this late at night. “What am I going to do now?” I thought to myself.

A few hours ago I had come home from the gym earlier than usual and seen my now soon to be ex-boyfriend with some random slut I’d never seen before. I was about to walk up to them before I saw him grab her ass and start making out with her. Chris, my boyfriend, and I hadn’t had a chance to have sex in the past week and today I came home early to surprise him with a nice fuck.

“Well that’s all out of the question now” I said to myself, biting my lip. I was still really horny. After all, I was an 18 year old woman in her first year of college. Chris and I tried to have sex as often as we could. Now I’d be frustrated for the rest of the night.

“I guess I’ll go crash at Dad’s” I thought, mulling over any other possibilities I had. I loved my Dad but I didn’t really want to explain everything that had happened, especially considering how long it took to convince him to let me move in together with my boyfriend.

“I guess it can’t be helped.” I said as I took the next exit towards my Dad’s house.

I pulled up to the house to see it completely dark. I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 12AM. “Woah, I guess I spent a longer time driving around than I thought I had.”

I walked up to the front door and knocked hard, knowing my father often worked in the mornings and could already be asleep.

A few minutes passed before I went to knock again. I brought my hand to the door and just as I hit it again the door swung open. My father stood in the doorway in nothing but his boxers and a tight T-shirt.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed. “I missed you!” I said as I went to hug him. As I pulled close to him I felt his hard chest and body, toned from years of being working out, press against me. My dad was always kind of a work out freak. He ran and lifted weights several times a week to keep in shape, even though he was now already 40.

“Kim?” he asked, obviously just woken up from a deep sleep, “What are you doing here?”

“Actually, Daddy, I need a place to stay for the night. I’ll tell you about it in a sec’ but can you let me in? I’m cold out here.” I hadn’t noticed but I still only had on my yoga shorts and tank top from the gym. The tight fabric clung to my tight ass and my nipples began to harden from the cold nighttime air.

“Sure, baby. Come on in. Now tell me, what’s wrong?” He asked lovingly. My father had always been very understanding and, while it sometimes made him a bit too overprotective of me, he always tried to take care of me.

“Well,” I began as I stepped past him into the house, momentarily feeling like there were eyes on my scantily clad ass. I shook it off, knowing there was no reason for my Dad to stare and continued my story: “I was coming back from the gym earlier tonight -that’s the reason I’m in these workout clothes- and I saw Chris groping and kissing some skank right outside our apartment. I’m so fucking pissed but I didn’t know what else to do!” at this point I started to ramble a bit emotionally, “There was no way I was staying there and I didn’t feel like confronting him right there. I just felt betrayed, so I drove around for a few hours and came here. I’m sorry for waking yo-” I tried to finish tears streaming down my face, before my father pulled me close to him.

“Shh, baby. It’s okay, Kim. That kid is an asshole. I hoped he wouldn’t be like that but it’s fine now. You don’t need him. And don’t worry about waking me, I don’t even have work tomorrow.” He said as he put his arms around me and held me close.

I always felt very safe being hugged by my Dad. He meant the world to me and I always knew he’d protect me if I ever needed it. “Thanks, Daddy. I love you!” I said, cheering up as I held my father tightly. For a second I thought I felt an unknown hardness but before I felt any more he pushed me away.

“I love you too, Kimmy. Now go get washed up. I’m sure you’re tired from the gym. You can probably find some clothes you left here in your room. I haven’t done laundry yet so I don’t have any clean towels but I’ll go do that now while you’re in the shower.” My father said, offering to help. He was treating me like a teenager again, but I didn’t mind. I guess I’d always be his little princess.

“Okay, Daddy. I’ll go clean up. I still feel kinda’ icky from my workout.”

As he walked away towards the laundry room I wandered back to my childhood room to see if there was anything I could wear. It was exactly how I’d left it, and I remembered everything that was in there. I realized now I’d taken pretty much everything that fit with me to college, but I did see my old silken robe that I’d used so often as a younger teenager.

“This will have to do for now,” bursa otele gelen eskort I said to myself as I pulled it off the hook on the back of my door and headed to the bathroom.

I closed the door, hung my robe on the towel rack and turned on the water, feeling it with my hand and making sure it was hot. “Man, I really need this,” I thought to myself as I began undressing. As I slipped off my tank top and bra I caught my reflection in the mirror. I had perky D cup breasts that I was pretty proud of. I had a hot, lithe body from working out so often. My tight yoga shorts hugged my curvy frame as I admired my tight body in the full length mirror. I moaned lightly as I rubbed my firm tits; I was still very horny from lack of relief.

I snapped out of it as I realized that there wasn’t actually a lock in this bathroom. I didn’t want my dad to see if he came to bring me a towel or something, so I decided it’d be better to put that off for later.

I slowly pulled down my yoga shorts and panties over my wide, child-bearing hips and admired my body one last time before I went to get into the shower. I stepped in and began to wash myself up, cleaning away the dirt and grime of my workout and the rest of the day. I soaped up my breasts and kneaded them as I washed the bubbles away. I bent over to shampoo my hair, unintentionally pressing my ass and tight holes against frosted glass door.

Just as I did this the door opened and my Dad, who I assumed just came in to place the laundry on the cabinet, walked in to quite a view.

“Oh jesus, sorry Kim!” he said as I jumped form surprise and turned around, getting shampoo in my eyes in the process. I realized he had just seen a prefect view of my tight ass and pussy through the shower door.

I tried to cover up with the rest of the door, the soap in my eyes no making me not realizing that the fogged glass displayed my tits perfectly as they pressed firmly into it.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” I said, very embarrassed as I wiped my eyes and saw him stare at my chest for half a second before turning away.

“Sorry baby, I just tried to sneak in here and put the clean towel down so I could be on my way to bed. I didn’t mean to intrude,” he said, very flustered, now completely turned around and obviously avoiding talking about seeing me naked.

“It’s fine Daddy, just get out! I’m still washing my hair! Leave the towel on the cabinet.” I said, bright red with embarrassment.

“Okay, princess. Sorry about that. Goodnight” He said, closing the door.

“Oh god, I hope he didn’t see too much.” I thought to myself. Surprisingly, however, the thought of my father seeing my in the shower sent a bolt of excitement throughout my body. I was getting a little wet.

“Ugh, I’m so fucking horny.” I muttered to myself as grabbed the towel I began to dry. “I’ll have a little me time in the bedroom after I dry off.” I thought again, very desperate for some relief.

I stepped out of the shower onto the cold tile floor and began to put on and tie my silk robe around my body. It was pretty thin at this point in time after years of use and was almost see-through. I looked at myself in the mirror as I tied the waistband. I could clearly see my hard nipples through the fabric and the bottom of the robe barely came down to under my ass cheeks.

“Well, this is kind of indecent but I guess I’m just going to go to sleep, I can throw my clothes in the laundry so they are ready for tomorrow.” I reasoned.

With that, it was time to head to my room. Just as I looked away from the mirror, I noticed the cabinet next to me started to shake. It was a large shelf usually filled with toiletries and towels, and it was pretty heavy.

Just as I began to wonder what was happening , my question was answered. Soon the mirror on the wall started to shake too, and the rest of the room followed after. The entire bathroom began to violently shake as what felt like the floor began to come out from under me. It was an earthquake!

As I struggled to keep my balance by grabbing onto the shelf, I slipped on the tile and was flung back into the wide tub. I screamed incredibly loudly as I tried to grab on the shelf, causing it to tip over while the earth shook below the house. The cabinet came crashing down over the tub. Thankfully the sides of the tub stopped it from falling on my body, but it left me trapped while the ground shook. I heard crashes as the earthquake continued, sounding like it was causing quite a lot of damage inside the house. It wasn’t shaking quite enough to break the house or anything, but it was definitely toppling over a lot of things in the rest of the house from what I could hear.

After a minute or so the shaking began to settle down, eventually coming to a stop. It bursa eve gelen escort bayan was then I realized my less than convenient situation. I was trapped in the tub by a giant cabinet, certainly something too heavy for me to lift from this position. I didn’t feel any pain so I figured I wasn’t hurt, but I was shaken up and definitely scared.

As I sized up the situation I eventually heard the door to the bathroom slam open. I heard my father’s voice: “Kim, you in here? Are you okay, baby?” he said, obviously very worried.

“Yes Daddy, I’m in here! I’m stuck in the tub behind this shelf but I’m okay. I don’t think I’m hurt at all. I just fell into the tub when the earthquake started!” I said, being eased by the safety of my dad being there to help.

“Okay, princess. I’m gonna’ lift this up so you can get out of there and we can fix this up!” He said, nearing the tub. “Be careful while I push this aside.”

He grabbed the corner of the shelf and lifted it enough to push it over on. He released it off of the tub onto the ground and its side, so it wouldn’t tip over again.

“Hey baby,” he said, smiling and noticeably relieved. “Let me help you up.” He stretched out his arm.

“Thanks, Daddy. I thought I was in trouble!” I said, grabbing his arm and attempting to lift myself up. I was still shaken up from the ordeal but I managed to start to get to my feet, my knees slightly weak. At this point I looked up at my dad and saw a large bulge in his boxers. He was clearly taring at my chest as he continued to help me. I realized that the earthquake and fall had untied my robe, and my robe was revealing both of my tits and my hard nipples. My father’s cock was hard from seeing my body pressed up against the glass and I was unintentionally flaunting my perky breasts right in front of him.

I blushed as I stepped out of the tub again, but this time before I could even begin to start tying the straps again the ground started to shake again, this time more violently.

“What’s happening, Daddy?” I said frantically, this time scared at the increased shaking.

“It’s probably an aftershock,” he tried to begin before the ground shook even more. He was still helping me up, and this time the ground shaking caused him to slip on the water that had gotten on the floor from the tub. We both tumbled backwards, him falling on his back and me onto his chest, facing him.

The ground once again seemed to stabilize, giving us a momentary breather before realizing the situation. I was naked, save for a skimpy silk robe, straddling my father’s lap. My tits were in plain view, practically pushed into his face. As I tried to cover up, the robe rode up more onto my ass, completely revealing my wide hips and wet, puffy pussy.

“Baby, you need to get up,” he announced, as I tried to stand up.

I tried to get up from the awkward position, but the confined space and wet tub caused me to slip again and fall into his chest, my nipples pressing hard into his body. “I’m trying, Daddy. The tub is in such a weird position that I can’t get out!” I exclaimed.

“No, baby, you need to try again. You need to get up right now!” He said, way more concerned this time.

“Why, what’s wrong?” I tried to ask as the ground for the third time began to shake, this time way less hard. It was at this point I realized what my father was trying to warn me of. I felt a large hardness press into my hip and looked down. My father’s penis had started to poke out through his boxers and into my naked lower body. As we began to shake more, its full size popped out, firmly sticking into me, just above my pussy. I couldn’t help but notice my father’s cock was gigantic. It was easily the biggest I’d seen, and I instinctively licked my lips.

I looked up at my father who was starting blatantly at my breasts As I bobbed up and down under the force of the earthquake, my tits bounced up and down again right in front of his face. He was mesmerized, and as he continued to watch my tits move he cock got harder and harder.

My naked lower half ground hardly into his crotch, my ass trapping his cock as it pressed into my sex. As the ground rumbled, our bodies pressed against each other until slowly but surely his cock started to press on the lips of my pussy.

“Oh lord. I’m sorry, Kim!” he said as he snapped out of the spell he was under. He still watched my breasts jostle up and down but he was aware of the situation. Our bodies moved together as the aftershock raged. His enormous cock ground hard into my pussy, and by this point I was sopping wet.

The shaking increased and, this time, my dad’s hard cock pounded into the entrance of my tight pussy. “Oh, god, Daddy!” I screamed as I was impaled on his gigantic member. I felt like I was being split bayan eskort bursa in half as his cock further entered my womb. Finally, his cock bottomed out deep in my pussy as I attempted to adjust to his size. His entire cock filled me to the brim, stretching and filling me like I’d never been filled before.

“Oh, fuck, princess. I’m sorry, but you’re so god damn tight!” He said as the earthquake began to bounce me up and down on his thick member. At this point I was so horny I didn’t care anymore. I started to match the movements of the earthquake and fuck my Dad’s cock for all it was worth.

“Kimmy?” he questioned as I rode my father’s cock, “what are you doing?”

“Oh god!” I moaned as his cock once again pounded my tight pussy. “I’m fucking you, Daddy! I’m so fucking horny. I need you to fuck me right now.” I said as I pressed my mouth hard into his.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fill your slutty daughter’s pussy with your huge cock!” I screamed as he broke the kiss.

“Baby!” he grunted as he started to match my movements. He took my dark areola into his mouth and cupped my other breast as he fucked me. I moaned as he gently gnawed on my hard nipples. “Oh, fuck me Daddy!” I repeated, “Fuck your daughter’s tight little cunt!”

As I continued to buck against him I felt my orgasm start to come up over me. “I’m about to cum, Daddy! Make your sweet little princess cum on your hard cock!” I screamed as I pressed both my tits hard into his chest and kissed him again. Our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths as we shared a passionate kiss as father and daughter.

He grabbed my tight ass and pounded into me farther than he had before, both of us nearing our edge. Right as I realized that the room was no longer shaking I began to climax on my father’s cock. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” I screamed into my daddy’s chest as I orgasmed harder than I could ever remember.

My pussy contracted on my father’s hard cock, tightening like a vise on his enormous shaft. “Jesus, you’re so fucking tight, baby. I’m gonna cum!” he said in grunts as he continued to fuck me through my orgasm.

“I’m on the pill, Daddy! Cum in your daughter’s tight pussy! Fill up your baby’s womb with your hot cum!” I said as I felt my father tense up.

“I’m cumming now, princess. Milk your daddy’s cock!” He said as he squeezed my shapely ass and ran his hands over my womanly hips.

As he said that I felt his cock explode deep in my tight cunt, splashing against the walls of my womb. He continued to fill up my sopping pussy with the most cum I’ve ever felt, emptying his balls in his daughter’s fertile womb.

I collapsed on his chest as my orgasm subsided and his balls finished filling me up completely with his hot load. “Oh god, Daddy. That was amazing!” I said, finally relieved of my sexual frustration.

As I said this the realization of his actions kicked in. “Holy shit I just fucked my own daughter. I unloaded my balls into my baby’s tight pussy! I’m a horrible father!” he said, now completely guilt ridden.

“It’s okay, Daddy!” I said as I pressed my breasts against his chest and ground my pussy onto his cock. “I wanted this really bad, and you completely fucked my brains out. I love you!” I exclaimed as I pressed my lips against his. We locked eyes as our lips touched, him finally relenting.

“Okay, baby. I just didn’t want to take advantage of you. I love you too, princess.” He said as he smiled at me, and looked down at my body with lust still in his eyes.

“I guess this earthquake was good fortune, Daddy!” I said as I began to look around. At this point my father realized everything had stopped shaking and that the earthquake was finally over. “I guess so, sweetie!” He said, this time lifting me off of his cock.

With this I was finally able to stand up and survey what had happened. As I got up my robe completely slid off to the floor, revealing the entirety of my curvy, tight body.

“Jesus,” my father said, as he stood up. I turned around, thinking he was talking about the damages that had happened to the bathroom when I noticed he was looking at me.

“Do you see anything you like, Daddy?” I asked shyly, blushing and looking away.

“I see my daughter’s tight little ass just waiting to be fucked” he said, now in command as he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. I felt safe in my daddy’s arms as he squeezed my ass.

I jumped onto him and placed my arms around his neck as he picked me up by my round ass and set me on his re-hardening cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pushed into my pussy, kissing him in the process.

“So, Daddy,” I began, lowering myself further onto his enormous manhood, “I was thinking that after we clean this up I could move back in with you, like old times!” I said sweetly, biting my lip and pushing my breasts out into his chest.

“Sure thing, baby. Anything for my Kim” he said, bottoming out into my pussy and making me yelp out in pleasure. “But we’ll leave the cleaning for later,” He said as he pushed me against the wall and cupped my perky tits, pressing his lips against mine. He kissed me again, as a father making love to his sexy little slut of a daughter.

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