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“I’m leaving BU,” Matthew said as we walked down the sidewalk. We just finished breakfast, which was a first for us. Everything seemed to get quiet as we continued to walk. The past few months swam through my head in that moment. I had been thinking seriously about ways to find a new, more satisfying job and Matthew had been there to listen and offer help. We would usually go to a bar for a drink after work to strategize the next steps for me, but this came as a shock. He’s leaving first.

“I took a job in industry. I’m going to work for Takeda.” he said

Matthew and I were both Associate Professors of biology at Boston University. We had labs and offices on the same floor of the Biology Research Building (BRB) and our research was in a similar area of cancer biology. We occasionally tried to collaborate on research, but Matthew was so competitive it wasn’t productive. He was always interested in talking science. We talked about our projects all the time. He was free with his ideas, willing to share anything that came to mind. He helped me a bunch of times with problems my lab would be having.

I can’t remember exactly what else we talked about for the rest of our walk, but I do remember wanting to have a drink and start forgetting about it immediately. How could he do this? He’s such an asshole. I was so open about my plans to interview at other places and my intentions to go. He never once mentioned an interview, or an offer, or negotiations. What a prick. He’s always been kind of a prick.

We walked back to the BRB and continued our day. It was such distracting news. I could barely get anything done. Later that afternoon, I texted him.

“Before you leave, we should have lunch to celebrate.”

“That would be great”

“A nice lunch. On Gilead ;)”

“Awesome, great idea!”

I had recently interviewed with Gilead. As part of the interview process they sent me a $300 prepaid Visa card to cover incidental expenses related to the trip to their site in South San Francisco. I had only spent about $12 on Starbucks and still had the balance to spare. Matthew knew all about the interview with Gilead. He knew all about the trip out there and the Visa card they gave me. He’s such an ass for not telling me anything about Takeda!

We planned the celebratory lunch for the following Wednesday. With the prepaid Visa and my ID in one pocket, my phone in the other, we walked to Eastern Standard. They had terrific cocktails, which I planned to have a couple given the occasion. I can’t believe he’s leaving. We took a small table for two on the patio outside.

“So how much notice did you give BU?” I asked.

“About 6 weeks. I start on September 1,” Matthew answered.

“That’s a generous amount of notice. Did Takeda mind that you weren’t starting until later?”

“No, they understood that I have students to transition and other things to take care of.”

We ordered a bottle of fumé blanc and an appetizer. We talked about science. We grazed on the appetizer. We complained about students. We poured more wine. We gossiped about other faculty. We ordered another appetizer. We killed about 90 minutes and ordered another bottle of wine. Lunches like this weren’t unheard of in the summer. Shitty undergrads were off campus. Lectures were light or non-existent. Postdocs and grad students were hammering away at experiments before the distraction if TA-ing crept back in the fall. Long, liquid lunches were a faculty indulgence during the summer. Especially in Boston, where nice weather was an important event to celebrate all on its own.

“Fuck that! I’m not dealing with her shit!” Matthew barked, his cockiness floating up on the wine. He was complaining about his nemesis in HR. Matthew routinely got in trouble with the administration for bending some rule he didn’t feel applied to him. This time he was ignoring HR’s requests to set up and exit interview. Matthew thought it was a thinly veiled disguise to accuse him of taking BU intellectual property to Takeda. His cockiness was such a turn on. When he wanted something he usually got it.

“Why do you spend so much energy on this?” I asked.

“It’s the principle of it. They’re bullies.” He said.

“It’s summer, why let it bother you? Don’t turn everything into a dramatic conspiracy theory.”

“Are you lecturing me?” he asked with a facetiousness in his grin.

“Let’s not build further tension. We’re celebrating, not getting all riled up.”

Two-thirds through the second bottle of wine and he was driving me insane, but in a very good way. Watching him talk with conviction like that did something to me. The wine definitely helped too. My pussy was getting wet listening to his agitation. The intensity in his voice was commanding. Yet he was so provocable.

“Tension? What tension? There’s no tension,” he argued.

“Haven’t you felt the tension building between us?”

“Why, because I didn’t tell you about Takeda? I told you first. I’m not mad at you. Are you mad at me?”

“Not that kind of tension Matthew, c’mon.”

“What do you mean?” he asked naively.

“What üsküdar escort kinds of tension are there Matthew?” I asked, exasperated.

“Well, there’s physical tension, like the opposite of compression.” he said.

Idiot. “What other kinds of tension are there Matthew?” I demanded.

“Sexual tension?” he blurted.

I just glared at him, as if to say “duh!”

“I know we’ve been playful and maybe a little flirty at times, but do you feel sexual tension between us?” he asked.

“Are you kidding? The other day I simply removed my sweater because I was hot. You looked at my bare arms then said ‘Thank you’.”

“Well, you’re great to look at.”

“To look at? Just to look at? You’ve never thought about more than just looking?” I fired back at him.

“Yeah, sure, I mean I have you in my repertoire.” he replied.

“You’ve masturbated to me?” I probed. My nipples hardened at the sound of that. My mind immediately went to his hand gripping his own cock, tugging at it while he looked right at me. My daydream was short lived so I could concentrate on his response.

“Yeah, of course, you have a fantastic body. Your butt, your legs, you’re in such good shape. Is this tension because we’ve flirted and you’ve thought the same about me?”

“Yes Matthew!” *geez how fucking dense is he?*

“So, what do we do now?” he asked. We both gulped more wine. He poured a little in my glass, but I waved off any more. He poured the last of the bottle in his glass and took a long swig. “Do we get a hotel room?”

“Yeah, I think we should.” I replied, trying to sound rhetorical. I was shaking. Partly from the wine, partly from the thought of what I just did, partly because I was so horny I could barely see straight.

“Check please.”

“Thanks Gilead.” We both laughed.

Matthew worked on his phone to find the closest hotel. I paid with the gift card leaving a huge tip.

“There’s a Holiday Inn two blocks from here.” he said.

“Seriously? No. A Holiday Inn? No. What else is there?”

“The Park Plaza isn’t far. Maybe five minutes by taxi.” he responded.

We jumped in a cab. Once it got going I looked at him. He turned to look back and smiled this evil grin, then reached his hand across the seat. It took no time to get down to the Plaza. The taxi stopped at an intersection. He leaned over and kissed me. It caught me by surprise. I wonder if he was just testing to see if I was freaking out. Or maybe he thought I was freaking out and was trying to send me over the edge with a public display. Either that, or he was trying to get me to relax, letting me know this is really happening. Next thing I knew we were getting in an elevator.

He unlocked the room and we casually walked in. The door shut behind us and locked it twice.

“Can you believe this is happening?” I thought out loud.

“It’s already happened in my head, à bunch of times,” he said, “but I’m curious how accurate my imagination is.”

He’s such a cocky asshole.

We walked to the middle of the room and dove right in. He kissed me deeply. We kissed a couple more times, then he crouched down and hoisted me up off the floor. My legs wrapped around his waist. My arms hung onto his shoulders. We were still fully clothed and I was extremely impatient.

“Hey,” I said, and gestured with my thumb over to the bed.

This guy was the smartest, most clueless man I’ve ever met. He tossed me through the air and onto the bed. I bounced once then kneeled on the edge of the mattress. I pulled off my shirt. He unfastened my pants, flipped me on my back and slid them down my legs.

“Your turn,” I directed laying there in a bra and panties.

Matthew undid two buttons on his dress shirt before I had to step in. I needed to undress him. I wanted to smell him and take the opportunity to check him out in detail. Matthew was an average guy, about 6-feet tall, a little heavy. He wasn’t a physical specimen. He had a classic, strong dad bod, but soft and somewhat hairless for a 40+ year old man. Sitting at the edge of the bed, I pulled his shirt off his broad shoulders. His t-shirt was tucked in, so I slid my fingers under his waistband and pulled it straight over his head. He squeezed my sides and leaned down to kiss my face, neck then shoulders. He started massaging my breasts over my bra. I could see his cock starting to bulge in his pants. I reached out to rub his dick through the fabric. He reached around my back to undo my bra. He fumbled about two or three times before I saved him and popped it open. He slid my bra straps over my shoulders and started massaging my breasts, occasionally gently tweaking my nipples. It sent electricity through me every time he pressed into my tits. He could tell I was enjoying the boob play and spent some time navigating that anatomy. His lips migrated from my shoulders down the front of my chest and around the meaty part of my left breast. His mouth circled a couple of times, intermittently kissing and licking the flesh, closing in on my nipple. yenibosna escort His fingers clasped both tits gently, perching my nipples upright so his mouth could devour them. His lips caught my areola and nipple inside his warm mouth. He pulled on it gently with the suction created. His tongue zeroed in on my trapped nipple and started flicking its prey around the inside of his cheeks.

He groaned quietly as I firmed up my grip on his stiff cock. I started stroking his penis with one hand while my other unbuckled his belt. I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. His bulge emerged from his pants and pitched his boxers straight out. I fished his thick cock out from under his waistband. I couldn’t wait to taste him in my mouth. I licked his already wet tip, savoring the salty precum while my hand squeezed out a second sample.

He scooped my chin up in his hands, pulling me up to stand. He kissed me with his hands on my cheeks. I put my hands on his and could feel the stubble he grew out every few days. It was the perfect length to give him a masculine shadow and a gritty feel as I gently ran my hands down each side. The kiss intensified the coarseness of his face, but the softness of his lips on mine created a balancing clash.

He turned me around to face the bed. I could feel the warmth of his torso on my back, he was so close. He moved his hands from my upper arms, across my chest and back over my tits. He played with them a little before placing one hand on my back to bend me over the bed.

“I want to check out this amazing ass up close.” has said.

He dragged his fingers down my waist and across my butt. He was kneeling behind me; my hands planted on mattress. He traced the borders where my panties met my skin. His fingers were deliberately slowing down where my underwear turned inward to cover my pussy lips. They were swollen, sensitive and wet from all this teasing.

I could feel Matthew examining my butthole and pussy through my underwear,analyzing each crease behind the flowery print. My labia felt tightly hammocked by the silky material, now damp from anticipation that he might slide a finger in between the border. He ran his middle finger up and down the outside, gently deepening the groove in my panties between my lips. Then he grabbed my butt cheeks again and rubbed his thumbs back and forth along my underwear and skin. His right thumb made an indentation in my flesh that allowed it to slip under my panties. I let out a long sigh of satisfaction. He then jogged his thumb lower and dipped it into my pussy from behind. I clenched involuntarily and his thumb stopped penetrating further. He pulled it back then retaliated with his left thumb. This time, Matthew forged ahead and sunk his thumb deep into my pussy. His right hand gripped my right cheek firmly. He pulsed his thumb with a few short bursts inside me, then pulled out again. I leaned back on my elbows and forearms to try to catch him inside me again, but his hands were back against my rump. He kissed my cheeks on either side while massaging my hips.

Then, he traced his way back up my pelvis, hooked two fingers on each side of my waistband and tugged my panties down. I felt his breath on my pussy as he slid my panties past my calves and ankles. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide. I arched my butt upward to give him an improved view.

Matthew’s tongue took over for his fingers, gently drawing lines and borders on my skin. It felt like he was trying to annotate my anatomy, writing labels with his mouth.

-Biceps femoralis…

-Iliac crest…

-Gluteus maximus…

-Labia majora…

I groaned louder than I wanted as I felt him lick the outside of my pussy from behind. He ran the tip of his tongue along the edge of my lips like he was sealing an envelope. He pursed his lips and sucked the right side of my pussy into his mouth. The action of his lips tugging on mine opened up my vagina wider. He pushed his tongue inside me. I felt it glide down the back of my pussy, up against the base of my vagina and come to rest inside. He tightened his lips around his tongue then proceeded to alternate licking and sucking that space where your pussy lips come together at the bottom. I was in heaven. He was driving me crazy with the deliberateness of his motions. I needed to be fucked. I wanted that rigid dick to fill me. My pussy and clit were throbbing, begging to be thrashed by his thick cock.

I tried to stand, but didn’t want the pleasure his mouth had been giving me to stop. He grabbed my hips and pivoted me around to sit on the edge of the bed. Still on his knees, he looked up at me and slung my legs over his shoulders. I tits back onto my elbows. One of his hands groped my boob, the other spread my pussy open. He licked my already soaked pussy.

“You taste amazing.” he said.

I watched him eat me out, rubbing his hair with my hands. He continued short licks up and down my pussy, intentionally avoiding my clit, teasing me mercilessly. He lapped me side to side then gently grazed the zeytinburnu escort tip of my clit with his softened tongue. I shuddered at the stimulation. He sucked on my labia some more.

“Fuck me now.” I begged.

He gently shook his head “no,” his eyes looking up at me, his mouth sucking on my left labia. He widened his tongue and pressed it onto my clit. I arched my back in ecstasy. His head tilted forward and he buried his stiffened upper lip into the base of my pubic bone. My hand on his face felt his jaw open wide. His tongue reached under my clit and started licking the roof of my vagina. Every few strokes he liked upward, created a seal and gently sucked on my clitoris. He nodded his head as he continued to eat me, grinding that upper lip into my mound.

Without me noticing, his groping hand was rubbing my inner thigh. Then he used two fingers to circle my pussy and plunge deep into my vagina. They slipped in with ease I was so wet. He rotated he hand inside me to curl his fingers under his tongue. They started striking the roof of my pussy while his tongue pressed my clit side to side.

I was about to explode with this new layer of stimulation. I started gyrating against his face. My abdomen started contracting. I began a super long orgasm, squeezing his fingers with my pussy, pressing his mouth into my clit. He kept the pace steady, the same pattern that got me here so quickly. With a final few flexes, my body lurched, my vagina queefed against his chin, and the vibration from it sent bolts of overstimulation rippling across my extremities.

Matthew smiled up at me, looking satisfied. He kept his fingers inside me, not moving them, just keeping pressure on my g-spot. He kneaded my breast with his free hand. My eyes were closed as I lay in recovery, but I could feel him surveying me, enjoying his accomplishment. I didn’t care. I tried to catch my breath, still close to peak arousal. His fingers loosened a little inside me. It surprised me how fast it got me going again. I spread my legs wide. He kissed my inner thighs. He started to lick my pussy, then gently brushed my clit again. Again?

“Oh god, I’m going to cum again!” I said with my teeth clenched. That’s when he stood up and plunged his cock deep inside of me. He grabbed my hips and fucked me. It didn’t take long before my pussy contracted in orgasm, grabbing his dick tight as he thrust harder against the resistance it gave. I forced my eyes open to see him over me, fucking me strong. He concentrated as he pumped me, watching every detail of how my pussy consumed his dick. The anticipation made him rock hard and he filled me tightly. It felt wonderful after the second orgasm to have my pussy stretched like that. His pace sped up and I could tell he was getting close. He leaned over and laced his fingers intertwined with mine. Our palms gripped each other against the sheets as he bared down on me.

I hooked my ankles around his firm butt cheeks to coax him to do me harder.

“You feel so good. I’m going to cum soon. Where would you like it?” he asked.

The question instantly sent me to another level of pleasure. The idea he was getting himself off because of me was so hot.

“Inside me,” I muttered, “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

He leaned further, pinning my forearms under his. His face at my chin, he kissed me, then kissed my neck. He looked up at me, his lips clenched, and ejaculated inside me. I could feel my vagina warm with his semen. He forced his cock deeper and ejaculated some more, looking into my eyes. I was numb.

He paused, catching his breath for a few moments. His dick was lodged deep in me, but he didn’t move it. Before I could recover he pushed off me, our hands still clasped. He slid down my body, sucking on my nipples. His cock fell out of my pussy. He kissed my tits, then my belly. He let go of my hands, trickling them down my ribs,landing on my hips.

He started licking my freshly fucked pussy again. He swirled the blend of jizz and wetness with his tongue around my swollen clit. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I never felt anything like this. I never imagined anyone would attempt such a thing. And who would have guessed Matthew was such an animal, eating me out immediately after unloading inside me.

He used his thumbs to massage the outer edges of my engorged labia while his mouth worked the inner areas. I just curled back and grabbed the sheets. I let him do his thing while I teetered on the edge of my next orgasm. My knees pulled back as my abs clenched again. I could barely breathe as my body went into contractions. He kept the same rhythm to draw out this orgasm. Control over my muscles failed and I experienced one of the most sustained orgasms I’ve ever felt.

I opened my eyes. I looked at the ceiling. I don’t think I lost consciousness. I was still breathing heavy. Of I did lose consciousness it wasn’t for long. My body was absent. This first feeling to come back was in my elbows. I could feel them deform the mattress underneath them. Then I felt his hands again. He was rubbing the tops and insides of my thighs. He hooked his hands behind my knees and the reflexively lifted a little. My body started to return. I tilted my chin down to look around. His head was resting on its side between my spread legs. He was just watching the spot where my femur joined my tibia, making it move up and down, as if to study how it worked. My skin was flush red from all the energy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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