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Elsa and Emily stumbled through Emily’s front door, both drunk. The two best friends had been out with some friends from school drinking. They drunkenly struggled up stairs and into Emily’s room.

“Erm Emily, what the hell is that haha!” Elsa exclaimed pointing at Emily’s computer.

Emily’s computer had been left on. On the screen was a picture of Emily with her feet to the camera, with the caption ‘Worship my feet’.

“Say what you want, I earn £500 a week doing that!” Emily giggled. “And I’m not the only person you know who does it.” Emily continued as she sits at her computer and closes her picture. “I’ll show you.” She giggled.

Emily went straight to the websites ‘models’ page. Elsa was in shock! There we’re 5 models, and all of the are Elsa’s friends!

“Oh my god why have none of you ever told me? tell me how it all works and stuff!” Elsa exclaimed curiously.

Emily giggled. “Well it’s simple, submissive people pay us for foot pictures or videos, and sometimes sexting where we basically just talk down to them and tell them to worship our feet. It’s easy money!” She said smiling.

Elsa’s face dropped after hearing how easy it is. “Why haven’t you asked me to join your site? I’m your best friend and you know I need money more than any of you, you all have rich families I don’t!” She said angrily.

“The other girls don’t think your dominant enough, you come across as a pushover. Sorry, If I was in charge I’d of asked you.” Emily said softly.

“I could act! Who’s in charge? I need the money Em there must be something you can do!”

“Naomi’s in charge. I’ll ring her but I can’t promise anything.” Emily replied as she took her phone out.

Naomi mersin escort answered the phone, “heya”, she said.

“Heyyy, we have a situation, Elsa’s seen the site!” She exclaimed. “She’s asking why you haven’t asked her to be on it.” She continued.

“Yeah Naomi why?” Elsa shouted.

“Because your too nice. Sorry but it would ruin the site.” Naomi said softly.

“Let her try!” Emily said feeling sorry for Elsa.

“Right okay but its going on your page Emily right at the top so it’s the first potential clients see of you.” Naomi said as she put the phone down.

“You better not let me down! It will effect my rep.” Emily said sternly to Elsa as she set 6 cameras up.

“I promise it will be the best!” Elsa giggled.

Both girls sat on the edge of the bed directly in front of one of the cameras. “Let’s practice first, copy me.” Said Emily.

Emily lifted her feet to the camera, then started to slowly and sexily started to move them around so the camera could see every inch. Elsa copied.

“Look at you, pathetic little bitch, sniffing my feet! Hahaha, how do they smell?” Emily said to the camera laughing. Then followed up with, “now kiss them bitch!”

Elsa tried to copy her but didn’t sound convincing. Emily continued hoping her friend would get the hang of it.

“Now long licks, from my heels to my toes… mmmm good slut!” Emily said. Again Elsa failed to sound convincing.

“Right we’ve been practicing for an hour and you still can’t do it! For fucks sake your going to ruin my page! I hate you!” Emily said angrily.

“Erm, I’m sorry, please don’t fall out with me.” Elsa said as her eyes started to fill up.

Suddenly an evil mersin escort bayan grin came on Emily’s face. “You don’t need to be sorry, because your going to be the best part of my page, one way or another!” She giggled moving the cameras around and sitting back on the bed.

“How? You said yourself I can’t do it.” Elsa asked.

“Get on your knees in front of me.” Emily said sternly.

“Erm, okay…” Elsa said as she dropped to her knees. “Erm, why?” She asked confused.

“You promised your video would be the best, and your not good at being dominant, so your going to have to be sub.” Emily giggled.

“What do you mean?” Elsa said naively.

Emily rolled her eyes, “it means smell my feet stupid.” She giggled lifting her feet to Elsa’s face.

“What?! No!” Elsa said moving her face away.

“What makes you think you have a choice? I’m not letting you ruin the site! Now smell my fucking feet!” Emily shouts grabbing Elsa’s hair and shoving her feet in her face.

Elsa struggled to escape but Emily was too strong. Elsa held her breath and just knelt there with her best friends feet on her face.

“I can’t hear you sniffing.” Emily giggled.

Reluctantly Elsa sniffs hard then gags. Emily laughs, “aw do you not like it? That’s too bad.” She said as she moved her feet around. “Keep sniffing!” She ordered.

Emily then started talking to the cameras. “Aw look at her, pathetic!” She giggled.

Elsa continued sniffing, feeling humiliated, but things where only about to get worse.

“Now kiss them slut, lots of passionate kisses.” Emily giggled.

Elsa followed her orders. ‘Oh my god this is horrible! Everyone’s gunna see this! Why is she escort mersin doing this to me?’ Elsa thought to herself.

“Now lick them, all over.” Emily giggled.

Elsa hesitated. The thought of it is making her gag, but she had no choice. Reluctantly she started to lick. She wasn’t surprised, they tasted as bad as she thought they would. She reluctantly continued licking. ‘This is so humiliating.’ Elsa thought to herself.

“Now between the toes.” Emily ordered. Elsa complied. With a look of disgust on her face as her tongue slides between each toe.

Emily put one foot under Emily’s nose and told her to open her mouth. “Now suck my toes and sniff!” She hissed shoving them in her friends mouth.

Elsa started sucking and sniffing. Slowly at first but then actually started to get into it. Lost in her own world she was sucking and sniffing hard. Soaking Emily’s feet.

“Good girl… now open wide!” Emily said as she shoves her foot as deep as it will go, choking Elsa.

Elsa gagged and tried to push Emily’s foot back out but Emily was too strong. “I’m gunna fuck your slutty face!” Emily hissed.

For around half an hour, Emily throat fucked Elsa hard before finally releasing her. “That will do!” Emily giggled looking down at poor Elsa trying to catch her breath. She looked a mess!

Elsa stayed on the floor in shock, trying to get her bearings. Whilst Emily sends the video to Naomi and the other girls.

“You okay Elsa?” Emily laughed.

“Kind of, your a bitch!” She laughed.

An hour later Emily’s phone rang, it was Naomi. “Hey Emily, you still with her?” Naomi asked.

“Yeah why?” Emily replied.

“Put me on speaker!” Naomi exclaimed.

Emily put her on speaker. “She can hear you now.” She said.

“Elsa your doing mine next. You can be the sites sub!” Naomi giggled.

“What no! I’m never doing that again!” Elsa said sternly.

“We’ll see…” Naomi giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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