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Like most people, when I first started having sex, I didn’t consider ass play as something to include during lovemaking. It just never occurred to me that there was any sort of pleasure to be derived from that particular region of my body. Then a girl I was seeing threw me a curveball during a blowjob, maneuvering up underneath me and sticking her tongue in my ass. Surprise gave way to intense pleasure, and I was eager to return the favor. From the moment I first buried my face in between the soft globes of her ass cheeks and got my first taste of her back door, I was hooked.

Over the years, I made sure to include anal play as part of any sexual romp, and if my partner wasn’t into it, she had to go. (I believe sexual compatibility is a highly underrated aspect of a fulfilling relationship.)

Eventually I married, and the first time my wife and I tried anal play, it was good. Better for me than her, I think, for I was already well aware of how much I enjoyed playing with a woman’s ass, and she hadn’t done much in that regard. Nevertheless, she was a willing participant, and as we grew more and more comfortable with each other, she not only obliged my fetish, but became a bit of a back door whore herself, much to my delight. We played the way many couples do when anal play is new to them, with a finger here, a tongue there, and our first true anal toy consisted of a small butt plug.

As she became more comfortable initiating anal action, she’d employ a variety of means to further excite me. She’d give me finger shows, which consisted of her down on her knees and elbows, tits hanging free, sucking on one of her own fingers before reaching around to slowly insert it into her puckered hole and giving herself a nice ass fucking while I watched. I loved to watch her finger fuck her ass, and she knew it drove me wild. Other times she’d grab the small pink vibrator we kept by the bed and tease me a little, saying “Do you Cebeci Escort have anywhere you’d like to stick this?” She’d say it with that knowing little smile, the one that suggests a little naughtiness and her eyes had a twinkle to them. Then she’d turn on her side and position her legs so that her cheeks would spread a bit, and I would lube her up and fuck her tight little ass with it.

We moved on to bigger and better things, figuratively as opposed to literally. I can’t say I ‘m a huge fan of anal gaping or attempting to insert something overly large into such a small orifice. Part of the appeal of a woman’s asshole is just how tight and “innocent” it seems. We bought several more anal play toys, including a nice soft double headed dildo , designed for both pussy and anal pleasure, and a lovely little glass butt plug with a tapered end that gradually widened as it reached the base. It became almost a game sometimes, she’d tease me in bed as we started to play, asking me things such as, “How many different things have we had in my ass?” or “What’s the favorite thing you’ve enjoyed watching disappear into my ass?” It made me mad with lust, and she loved getting me to such an aroused state. I was completely enthralled with her ass; from her rounded globes that seemed to beckon me as they jiggled perfectly with a light slap to the color of her skin, darkening in the area immediately surrounding that tight, hot little hole.

I could regale you with several different stories regarding our anal adventures, and each one is, in my mind, equally thrilling. However, I’ll focus on just one for now, and if it’s received well, I am sure I could recount the others.

Over the years we have really had lots of fun with her ass, and her asshole has been filled with beads, dildo’s and plugs, along with my tongue and fingers, respectively. We recently decided to experiment with Kolej Escort something new, though; food play. I wanted to insert something into her little asshole, then pluck it straight from her body and into my mouth. Even after all we’ve done together, I wasn’t sure how she’d take that thought, and was relieved to hear he accept my proposal with not just willingness, but excitement! Maybe she was harboring some fantasies darker than I had previously known. We decided to try maraschino cherries. They seemed to be a perfect item for anal play; soft, round, small enough to insert, stemmed for easy retrieval, and yes, something that wouldn’t cause an issue should we “lose” one. Plus, they’re delicious enough on their own, I could only imagine how much better they’d be coated in her scent! We went out, grabbed a jar of cherries, and headed home for the main event.

Once back home, she hopped in the shower to get all cleaned up while I stripped down and wondered just how in the hell I’d hold off from cumming just thinking about what was about to transpire. Thankfully, she didn’t take too long getting ready!

She emerged from the bathroom a short while later, naked, her nipples extended in anticipation of the fun we were about to have. The jar of cherries sat on the nightstand next to the bed. She lay down on her back next to me and we began kissing. My fingers danced over her body, as I caressed her breasts, traced her neckline, then trailed along her back as I zeroed in on my prize of the evening. As my fingers reached the top of her ass, she turned to her side and reached back with one hand to grasp her ass cheek and pull it wide, fully exposing her asshole. I wasted no time, as I planted my face in the middle of her crease and started lapping right at her rosebud. Her breath quickened and she moaned softly. Her body pressed back against me, and I slathered my tongue Yenimahalle Escort all over her asshole, lubing it up for the cherries I planned to use as sex toys. I could have licked her for an hour, but we had plans for those cherries, so I pulled away from her backside and reached for the little jar on the nightstand. While I was fishing for the right cherry (round, perfect stem with which to retrieve it from inside her), she grabbed her favorite vibrator and went right to work on her clit. I selected my first maraschino, a bit smaller than others, perfectly round, perfect for stuffing into her cute little ass. I returned my attention to her pretty little asshole, which glistened with my saliva and gently pulsed with her excitement. I rested the maraschino against her hole, and she relaxed her ass as I lightly began to push the cherry inside. My cock was rock hard, I was so turned on!

My beautiful wife worked her pussy frantically against her vibrator while I watched her asshole open up just enough to accept the invading cherry, then close around it tightly as it slowly disappeared inside her ass. Fuck, this was hot! All that peeked out of my wife’s ass was the stem of the maraschino. “You just accepted a maraschino cherry into your ass,” I whispered to her, “and now I’m going to plant my lips on your asshole and suck it out of you.” She shuddered with the first of several orgasms at my words, and I held her ass cheeks open as I went to work on retrieving the cherry. She spasmed again as my lips closed over her asshole, and she released the cherry into my waiting mouth. It was warm, and some of the juice leaked from it, as the muscles inside of her had squeezed it like a vise. Despite our prior dalliances involving her asshole, nothing had matched the eroticism I felt as I watched her asshole open up for this little, rounded fruit, then close so tightly over it as it disappeared inside her. We repeated the game several more times, with me pushing a cherry all the way into her asshole, leaving only a stem remaining out, then whispering something deliciously nasty into her ear before retrieving it. She had one very powerful orgasm to go with several smaller ones that came in quick succession.

We still have cherries left over, but hopefully not for long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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