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It is all from pages of a diary of one my closer friend.

My name is Chitrangada Banerjee (nee Mukherjee), a pretty 23-yeal-old married (Indian) Bengali woman, having a shapely voluptuous figure (34c/29/35), tall in height (5’6”), and very fair in complexion (in sharp contrast to that of my husband). And now a mother of an infant babe (son), aged 7 months. My husband’s name is Jayanta Banerjee; a tall (5’10”), dark, smart, somewhat ‘naughty by nature’ and with high libido. Elder by 4 years, he is now working in a multinational company at Calcutta as a sales manager. He’s an MBA, whereas I’m a simple BA (Hons). Ours is an arranged marriage, solemnized 3 years ago (April 2009). Ours being an arranged marriage, it look a little time, initially, for us to adjust ourselves in our conjugality, and we’re a happy couple.
Contextually speaking, being the only child of parents, thereby pampered, I was a bit high-nosed and stubborn by nature, ab initio —- and very much elated about my beauty and pulchritude or figure from my mid-adolescence; youth pervaded me somewhat early. . .and by the time I was in IX-standard in high school I’d been blossomed out into a nubile girl, and I would feel a mixed emotions of both coy and pride when boys, or even stranger males on road, when they looked, straightway or sidelong, at my firm arrogant pair of breasts. And I didn’t know it had installed into me a prone to mild exhibitionism. . . And this strange tendency unselfconsciously further heightened when I entered college. In our Bhawanipore house, my bathroom (upstairs) was just opposite that of a house (occupied by a non-Bengali family) besides ours. And one summer day, while I was bathing I suddenly discovered a younger boy (of that naighbour family) stealthily watching me through his bathroom-window! And then it became somewhat a regular affair, obviously on blindside of others. But it was up to that much only —- it was a fun! Technically I was virgin or had undergone no (premarital) love-affairs etc, though, in my college days, I had some experiences of attaining orgasms with stranger male(s) in crowded public vehicles at times, not unlike other middle-class girls.
Well, Jayanta, my husband, was the first male in my life who filled me with sperms. And our conjugal sexuality was (or still is) warm and satisfactory. . . However, I became pregnant year and a half after my marriage (November 2010), and in September-end (2011) I gave birth to our son at Belleview Nursing Home, Calcutta.
Due to new motherhood, my breasts became abounded with milk, and this milk-flow was so much in abundance that even after feeding the infant child the flow would continue oozing out in drops —– which caused embarrassment for me sometimes, especially when outside home. My husband would not now suck my breasts, that he got some detest for the lactic fluid. Under this odd situation şişli escort or position I stopped wearing brassiere underneath my blouse or shirt or top etc when I’m home. But then also I would face trouble as my blouse-cups used to be often spoiled or milk-strained by sudden spontaneous spurt of milk from nipples . . . and such flow would be beyond control until or unless it stopped on its own! Then happened a strange incident —- and it added an extra spice to our conjugality, opening me out into sex outside marriage before my zealous horny husband, for the first time. This occurred a few months ago —- and I still remember the date: it was a Sunday and 12th February (2012) —— a red letter day in my life. It so happened that a friend of Jayanta unexpectedly came down to our place. His name was Arjun Shah, a boyhood (Gujarati) friend of Jayanta. They had studied together in school. Subsequently Arjun went abroad and settled down there (London). He was dark tall and handsome and endowed with a kind of athlete body — very strong and well-built and still unmarried. . Before coming to us, however, he did not inform as he said he’d wanted to give Jayanta a surprise! Anyway, we, three of us, were chit-chatting a lot, relaxing over a bottle of Scotch. I was sitting beside Jayanta, whereas Arjun was sitting opposite us on the sofa. While our chit-chats were on in full swing, naughty Jayanta suddenly placed his left arm around my neck in such way that his forearm or the palm rather, came over my left breast-dome. I was then wearing Indian outfits, as usual, — a normal cotton Sharee with a sleeveless (pink) blouse, made of cotton. And incidentally with no brassiere underneath my blouse. His touch on bosom instantly sent sensual tingles up my spine, and I started getting aroused . . . and that resulted the start of milk-oozing from my both nipples underneath the blouse. I felt awaked and shy as Arjun was sitting dead in front of us and he saw the prank Jayanta was doing with me in a casual way. . . I tried in vain to push my husband’s naughty hand off my bosom, and he just went on to mildly cup that breast, to my utter embarrassment and surprise. I thought what suddenly happened to Jayanta today! Finally I gave in, letting him do whatever he liked. His activity made now my pallu slide off the front, thereby exposing my cleavage in the open, and this thrilled me as I saw Arjun looking at my breasts, agape. Meanwhile, the milk flowing out from my nipples started drenching or soaking the cup-fronts of my breasts, resulting the blouse-cups turning transparent, and my dark brown areolae, tipped with already swollen nipples, could now poke through this wet transparence. I saw lust in Arjun’s eyes for me. . . I felt situation going out of control. . . But I irresistibly wanted to see the end of it. . And instead of withdrawing thereof, I stayed there. By now all three of us had been a bit tipsy, and we tacitly wanted a fun for fun’s sake. .. However, Jayanta had literally now began pressing my breasts, by turns, and his under-palms were drenched with my breast-milk; the front of my cotton blouse turned wet to skin — and then I lost my continence — and I myself unhooked my blouse, instinctively allowing my husband to yank off my top. And next moment I became topless, with milk profusely following out from the nipples in drops. The tremendous sex-appeal of my bare breasts made Arjun agape in wonder and lust. And then my husband closed her both palms around a lactating breast and put strong pressure all around the dome and instantly a gush of milk fly forth. . .and straightway fell into Arjun’s agape mouth; he, by instinct, instantly swallowed it with gusto. . . to my surprise and embarrassment! Thereafter Arjun needed no further invitation. . . He came over and knelt down before me, and then seizing a lactating breast by both hands, he placed his hungry mouth on a wet swollen nipple — and started sucking hard on it; my breast-milk started profusely spurting out into his athrust mouth, granting me a unique sexual tingle through spine. . . and a strange relief, tinged with delight. His eager mouth went on travelling one milky breast to the other, alternatively, making me hiss with pleasure, while my naughty husband watched away my breast-feeding his friend. I was already wet . . . and sweats appearing my body. And soon I felt I was on the verge of an orgasm. And in no time a spasm of orgasm pervaded me. . . On the other hand, Arjun continued sucking my breasts, by turns, until and unless he emptied them for that time being. Still he continued sucking and now kneading my breasts, now drenched with a mixture of his saliva and my lactic fluid. I was reeling like a reed with sexual fury, and begging him to take me to his heart’s content. Finding my fluid condition my aroused husband now asked Arjun to get ready to pump his fluid into me. Next moment, all three of us, yanked off our clothes —- and before me they now stood with their respective ‘tools’ of masculinity to invade my arrogant youth. My zealous husband pinned me on the floor on my back, and spreading my inner thighs wide he invited his bosom friend to taste his pretty and youthful wife’s pubic nectar . . ., obviously with my tacit consent and zeal. I was otherwise thrilled because, for the first time, I was granted liberty to taste the bliss of extra-marital sex, yet within the ambit of conjugality —- and which elated my feminine ego . . . in terms of discovering the mental broadness of my husband Jayanta, anew. I yelled in bliss the moment Arjun’s eager warm tongue touched and attacked my already lubricated vaginal region; he started licking it, making me feel like being in heaven. In no time my scrams of pleasure echoed around the room. . . Arjun continued eating me, with one his hand working on my aloft breast, while Jayanta wife-watched . . . without directly participating in this spree. So, in one way, it was a threesome tryst yet unlike threesomes — practically it was a twosome union, with another male being a direct voyeur of it.
Arjun’s adept suction took me to another orgasm . . . and finally he entered me with a smooth thrust, and pushed deeper . . . and assumed churning in me with his huge thick manhood; now with every deeper thrust his penis-head was touching the wall of my womb, thus making me yell aloud in bliss against his each stroke; my eyes popped out in wonder and delight; my bare and firm breasts turned resplendent with pleasure and satisfaction. Arjun gradually became wild . . . and with a great zeal and lust he, thrust by thrust, creating a typical squelchy sound of coition, carried me to the seventh heaven of sexual Eden, bringing to me a series of orgasms, one after another. My vaginal muscles had tightened over his love-rod, and I felt he’s now closer to his climax. He asked me if I wanted him to pull out or release his seed within me. Before my uttering a word in answer, watching Jayanta blurted out: “No, no, don’t withdraw from her within, please fill her completely. Let her feel your liquid existence inside her womb”. I smiled to myself —- next moment I saw stars . . . as his warm deluge of semen jutted out in a jet my inside me, and he collapsed over my heaving bosom; my arms spontaneously embraced him to my bosom. He stayed in my close embrace, or over my supine body, motionless, for a couple of minutes, without withdrawing himself from my within. And I also remained underneath him . . . until my receptive womb absorbed the last drop of his ejaculated sperm in me —– although it was a high risk for me to take his sperm inside, because that day was not a safe day for me, nor was I on the pill to shun pregnancy or impregnation. But I was grateful to Arjun for granting me full sexual satisfaction and satiation, and I thanked both my watching husband and my fun-partner Arjun for this fun. However, after finally Arjun’s withdrawal, I sucked my husband to ejaculation in my mouth and swallowed it all with gusto.
Thereafter, I invited Arjun to take me once again . . . and now I offered my succulent lips and breasts to him to savour, anew. It soon worked on him to be ready once again . . . and he rammed me and filled me with his seed again. After him came my husband’s turn, and he too pumped out himself within me.
That night Arjun night-stayed at our place, and all the night he ate my nectarine youth, including lactic juice, seeding me four times, while my husband only did voyeur..
However, Arjun-da stayed a sojourn of fortnight at Calcutta. And in these 15 days he called at our place every day, mostly at afternoon, and enjoyed me to his heart’s content, without using condoms. And thus began my escapades, outside marriage, with, of course, my liberal husband’s tacit consent and sometimes active voyeuristic participation.
However, Arjun could not get me into a trouble, despite his directly releasing sperm always inside me, because, after our first tryst that evening or night, I took i-Pill next day, and then stayed on the pill, though I was then emotionally and physically ready to mother a child with him. . .Arjun went back to London in February-end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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