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I smiled. Jessica lay on the coffee table panting. Her body flinched with every movement of my finger deep in her pussy. I turned back to look at Jeremy. There was almost a pained look on his face. Red marks were appearing around his ankles where he struggled against his restraints. With my free hand I pulled my bag of tricks closer and delved inside. Feeling around I found the tool I was looking for. Jeremy’s eyes widened as he saw the arrow shaped toy in my hand. He shook his head, which I ignored, turning back to Jessica who was still shaking with each flick of my finger.

“Are you ready for stage two Jessica?” I asked.

“Wha.. wha… what is stage two?” She could barely get the words out.

“Do you trust me?”

She signed, “Yes.”

I brought the toy to her pussy and slowly slid it along my finger. Jessica moaned louder as the toy stretched her tight pussy wider. She ground her hips down onto the object, begging it deeper into her. I accommodated her request and pushed the toy as far as it would go. As the object dove in, I flicked her clit with my thumb. Her hips bucked and jerked at the touch. Her wetness began flowing down my arm and I knew it was time. I removed my finger from her pussy, much to her dismay, leaving the toy embedded inside her, and, grabbing her hips, I pulled her towards me, so her arse istanbul escort was clear of the table.

Jessica whimpered as the object was slowly removed from her pussy. She sounded like a lonely puppy left out in the cold. The tip of the toy glided along her lips and down to her arse. She jumped as the tip was pressed against her anus. A sound behind me made me turn to see Jeremy violently struggling against the restraints, a look of fear on his face, pleading in his eyes. I smiled sheepishly at him before slowly pushing the plug into Jessica’s arse. There was slight resistance at first, but the juices of her pussy provided the perfect lubricant which allowed the plug to slide in.

Jessica caught her breath before moaning at the sensation of her arse being filled. Her groans drew fresh juice between my legs, and I recalled the feeling of being filled so completely for the first time.

With the plug deep within her arse I turned my attention back to her dripping pussy. Her tight snatch glistened in the light; her full lips burst out from under the curls. I slid my finger over those lips with a feather-light touch. Jessica writhed on the coffee table, bucking her hips once again. As I pressed the button on the plug, starting the vibrations within, I drove first one then two fingers deep inside her. Jessica screamed. şirinevler escort I placed my arm across her hips and pulled the soaked cloth of the g-string to one side giving Jeremy a full view of my fingers buried deep in his wife’s pussy and the plug vibrating in her arse. Holding her down I leaned in to once again suck her clit in my mouth. My tongue flicked over the nub as a third finger slid into her wet pussy. I began fucking her with my fingers, pulling them out of her pussy and slamming them back in again. Jessica wriggled on the table mumbling incoherently. Her body shook and her head rocked side to side. Her breathing quickened as I pressed my tongue to her clit and flicked my fingers inside her.

She screamed with the orgasm and tried to twist away but my arm held her hips in place. My tongue continued to lash her clit while my fingers resumed their pumping of her pussy. The butt plug still vibrating in her arse.

“Oh God!” she breathed. Her voice somewhere between a pant and a whisper.

I didn’t relent. Removing my fingers for a moment I pressed the button on the plug again and the toy kicked into a faster speed. Jessica’s head was rocking back and forth as an almost animal sound escaped her lips. Her hands slammed the table as I drove four fingers into her soaked pussy, sucking taksim escort her clit into my mouth and nibbling on the sensitive nub.

Jessica’s heels lifted off the ground as she rose on her toes lifting her hips off the table. Jeremy could be heard behind me groaning and panting at the sight of his wife being so completely fucked and close to another orgasm. I knelt to meet her hips, my mouth still connected to her pussy, sucking and nibbling at her clit. Her wetness seeped over my hand and with one last thrust I drove my fist into her accommodating pussy. Filling her completely I twisted my fist inside her, flicking my tongue over her clit. She began to mutter in tongues before thrusting her hips to the ceiling and tensing with her second orgasm.

I held on to her and licked her pussy as she gyrated on the table. I slowly removed my fist as her hips lowered back to the table. My tongue trailed a path from her pussy, over her lips and down to her arse as I turned off the plug. Jessica lay panting, delirious and sweaty on the table. I hovered over her, taking an erect nipple into my mouth and biting hard. She gasped at the pain and opened her eyes.

“How do you feel?”

She drew in a deep breath and smiled.

As her eyes cleared and she raised herself up on one elbow to look at her husband. Jeremy was clearly flushed, panting and sweaty himself. His eyes were still on her arse as she felt the plug still deep within her. I caught her hand as she reached around to remove it.

“We are not done yet,” I said as I flicked it back on.

Her body shook with the vibration.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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