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It had been a couple of months since we’d met Tom in Portland and and I’d had sex with him. I started to wonder if he’d had enough and would go on his own from there. Tom was a young man of 19 or 20 who had had no experience with women and who I’d shown the basics of sex. A truly enjoyable experience. I got a phone call one Sunday morning as we ate breakfast.

It went something like this:


“Hi, this is Tom.”

And so on. Then:

“I want to see you again for another lesson.”

“I’d like that very much.” I was beginning to tremble like a schoolgirl.

“But I’d like to meet you alone this time, can we?

That’s what I wanted too. “Of course. I’ll just explain to Gar that that’s what we want.”

We talked some more about where we might go but everywhere local seemed so uninteresting and he said he couldn’t afford much.

Finally: “Look,” I said, “there’s a small hotel on the coast where I’ve been a couple of times.” I didn’t tell him it was with other men. “We can stay there for the weekend and I’ll, or rather Gar, will pay for it. It’ll be fun, like a couple sneaking off for a romantic weekend.”

I should explain that Gar was my husband, short for garcon which his French parents used to call him. I’m Charlotte, usually called Charlie by friends.

It was agreed that that Tom would pick me up at home and we’d drive in his car out to the hotel near Florence.

My bag was packed, not much, a nice short skirt, a blouse, some sexy underwear and a few pieces of jewelry. When I saw Tom’s car coming up the driveway I went to the front door and opened it.

“I’ll be right out Tom,” I called as he rolled down his window. I kissed Gar who was still at the dining room table drinking coffee.

“I’ll be back Sunday evening.”

“Enjoy yourself, I’m sure you will.” He smiled up at me.

As I got into Tom’s old car I leaned over and kissed him and we were away, off to our lovers’ tryst on the Oregon coast. As he drove Tom reached out and put his hand on my knee and I felt a shiver of anticipation. This boy and I were going to explore the depths of sexual learning. I had wondered how far I should go. Certainly oral, for both of us and I’d love to have a facial from him.

We held hands as he drove. He was so self assured and steady. I loved the feel of his warm hand holding mine, and pulled it into my lap, between my legs. I was getting hot.

“Why don’t you pull into the next rest stop for a moment?” I told him after we’d gone some distance.

When the car rolled to a stop I leaned over and our mouths met in a passionate, wet, kiss, all tongue. I reached out and touched his thigh, moving between his legs and felt his hard, swelling manhood.

“I wish I’d worn a skirt.” I said softly in his ear.

“So do I.” He answered.

“We could start lesson two now.” And I started to unzip his jeans.

The rest stop was empty as I tried to get his hard penis out through the zipper. It was big, but with his help I had it standing tall. I bent down and put my lips on it, feeling that large, lovely smooth head with my tongue. It was already oozing liquid, salty tasting and thin. But oh what a nice cock, and when I touched the ridge with my tongue he almost yelped.

“Uh! Oh yes. Yes, suck it Charlie. Suck me my love.” He murmured.

This was lovely until I heard another car pull in near us. I didn’t stop, I didn’t care. I went on sucking and licking and Tom just sat with his eyes closed with one hand on my head, enjoying what I was doing to his penis.

The car left and it was quiet again for a few minutes while I continued my loving work, but then we heard another car, a slammed door and children’s voices. I could feel that Tom was getting close and didn’t want them to spoil this moment.

Then I heard a woman’s voice: “John! Look what’s going on in that car.”

“Yes, dear. Don’t look.”

“That’s disgusting, and in front of children too.”

“The children can’t see dear.”

“Yes, but you can, can’t you? Filthy slut! Let’s get out of here. Come on children.”

“But I have to take a pee dear.”

“You can wait!”

Doors slammed and the car left. I wondered how long the poor man could hold on, and I wondered if Tom would hold on much longer. I wanted to feel him ejaculate, but this was so nice, this hard young cock, that I didn’t want it to stop yet.

Suddenly there it was. I felt it hit the back of my throat, and sucked, drinking his thick, juicy, but nasty tasting, sperm into my throat. Delicious! I heard Tom moan and slowly released the pressure on his now softening penis. Then I raised my head from his lap.

“Did you like that?”

“It was tremendous.”

“That’s you first blow-job. Lesson two.” As I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“That was so good, and you’re so good at it.”

“Fellatio, the blow-job, and I am an expert cock-sucker. I love to do that for a man, and for the right man I love to swallow his ejaculate.”

“If you’re a cock-sucker you’re a lovely cock-sucker, tuzla escort and I want to kiss the mouth that just gave me so much pleasure.” He leaned toward me and we kissed, wet and deep.

But we had to get on the road. We had at least fifty more miles to go, and soon we passed Mapleton and were riding along beside the river. In no time we were driving North past Florence to our hotel.

As we stood checking in, a woman was complaining that there wasn’t a double room for her and her daughter. It seemed that they only had one room left and that had a queen sized bed, but only one. I asked if Tom and I had two beds and when the girl said we had I said we could swap with the woman.

They both stared for a moment, then the woman said, “But you and your son…..?”

“He’s not my son.” I said with a smile.

“Okay,” The young woman said quickly without looking at me. “Here’s your key.”

The woman’s daughter appeared and gave Tom a smile. They were about the same age, but her mother hastily turned her away.

“Thank you.” She said, avoiding my eyes. “I hope you enjoy…a….have a good…a nice stay.”

As soon as we were in the room Tom grabbed me and we kissed…..and we kissed…..and we kissed……..Until I was drooling out of the corner of my mouth. His hand found my breast, slipping under the loose sweater I was wearing, and his caressing was getting me warm. I wanted sex, but I didn’t want to move too fast.

“We should go down and get something to eat first, Tom.” I said softly. “The blow-job should hold you for a while.” I chuckled.

He got up slowly. “Yes, let’s get something to eat then go for a walk on the beach, then…”

“Then fuck.” I finished the sentence for him.

We got up and finished unpacking. As we went down the hall to the stairs (there was no elevator) Tom held my hand. We could have eaten at the hotel but decide to walk down the road to a small restaurant where I’d eaten before.

It was a nice cozy place with candles on the tables, just made for lovers. Unfortunately the waitress recognized me from before and we started off on the wrong foot.

“Hello dear, welcome back. I see you brought your son this time.”

“This isn’t my son. This is Tom, a friend of mine.”

“Oh dear,” She said, “So that wasn’t his dad you were with before?”

“No.” I said “I think we’d better start all over again. This is Tom, a friend of mine and that was another friend of mine.”

The waitress left and immediately Tom said angrily. “You’ve been here before with another man?”

“Yes, Tom. You mustn’t be cross. I see other men, you must realize that.”

“And you’ve stayed at that hotel with other men? And you’ve fucked other men in that hotel?”

“Yes.. I’ve done that. But Tom, you have to realize that with you it’s special”

“I’m sure you tell the other guys it’s special too.”

I reached out and touched his hand, which he immediately pulled back.

“I ought to leave right now.” He said. “But I love you. The thought of you fucking another man makes me sick and angry.”

“Tom, please.” I reached out my hand and took his. “Those other men meant nothing to me. It was merely physical, sex. With you it’s different. After that first night we spent together in Portland things have been different.” Did I mean all this? I think I did. Tom had become special to me.

Tom seemed placated, though quieter than usual. The rest of dinner went well. It was very nice food, we both had fish, and I had a glass of wine. For some reason I felt pleased that Tom drank just water and not something like coca cola.

We had dessert and coffee but instead of walking straight down to the hotel we detoured on to the beach. It was a lovely evening and we walked holding hands and I took off my shoes to feel the warm sand under my feet.

“Isn’t it lovely?” I said.

Tom. “Yes, lovely.”

Followed by more monosyllabic conversation until suddenly Tom spun me around to face him and took me in his arms and kissed me hard.

“God, I love you Charlie!”

“And I love you Tom. Now let’s go back up to the room and have some fun.”

Once inside the room we kissed and kissed as we undressed, touching each other as we did so. Tom took off my bra and kissed my breasts, then sucked them. Ah, so nice. He pulled down my panties and kissed my mound and pubic hair.

“Tom, I want you do something special for me tonight.” I told him.

“What’s that?”

“I want you to lick me.”

There was a pause. “Okay, I think I can do that.”

“Do you want me to wash first?” I asked him.

“No, I have to try just as you are, but if I can’t……….”

“Yes, I know. It’s difficult the first time, but I think you’ll grow to like my smell and taste.”

He finished taking off my panties, but when I started to take off my stockings he pushed my gently back on to the bed. I opened my legs and he fell on his knees beside the bed and I felt him kiss my pussy. Then I felt his fingers ucuz escort open me and his tongue flicked out and touched my open vagina and my clitoris. Then I felt it again, and again until he was licking continuously.

After a few minutes of that he started to stretch me open with what felt like his thumbs and I felt his tongue inside me, licking, licking and his thumbs stretching, stretching. I was on fire, and the hurt I felt from his stretching my vagina so wide made it that much hotter.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck..Tom, Oh so,so good. Stretch me.”

More fire. Another orgasm as I felt him licking me aggressively now and it was wonderful. But now I had to have his cock.

“Tom! Fuck me now. Please I need your cock.”

He raised his head. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, please!”

He moved up until he was on top of me and as his penis slipped into my wet, open vagina I raised my head to kiss him.

“Do you want to kiss after I have…….well, you know.”

“Yes, please kiss me. I don’t mind my own pussy.”

We kissed and kissed as I felt his big penis fill me. This was so lovely and I was burning with a desire to take him into my body, to take him all into me. I lay on my back, my legs high above my head enjoying his deep thrusts. He went on and on, He was learning fast, and the pleasure was shared, as I felt several small orgasms shake my body.

But it had to end, and it ended beautifully. His thrusting pace quickened and he grunted several times like an animal as I felt his hot sperm inside me and all too soon he stopped, lying on top of me, our bodies still linked by his now-wilting penis., and my legs wrapped around him.

We fell asleep in each others arms. Early in the morning, about six or seven o’clock I felt his hand touching, caressing between my legs and turning on to my back I spread my legs. What a great way to wake up! Soon Tom was back on top of me, fucking, fucking me, and neither one of us had said a word.

His steady pace quickened after several minutes of lovely fucking and I felt him ejaculate hard and deep into me. Again I wrapped my legs around him and held him.

“Thank you Tom.” I whispered in his ear. “What a lovely way to be woken up.”

We went down to breakfast and I enjoyed the stares and glances and whispered comments from the other guests. After we went back to the room Tom was ready to go again, so I slipped my panties off, lay back on the bed and took his hard penis back into my vagina.

This was lovely, I felt as if I could lie there all day and fuck. No orgasm this time, just hot smooth fucking but I didn’t need that fire between my legs every time I fucked. When I was younger and after I experienced an orgasm for the first time I started to feel cheated if I didn’t reach a climax. As I matured I started to enjoy sex for its own sake. An intimacy to be shared with someone I loved even if I loved him for only one night. And at this moment I loved this boy who plunged between my legs.

I felt this could go on for ever but all too soon Tom’s pace picked up and he started to bang against me until I thought I could feel his ejaculate splatter inside me. We held together for a few minutes until Tom raised up and I felt his penis slip out of me.

“So nice.” He said quietly. “I want to fuck you forever Charlie.”

“I’d like that too.” I replied, smiling up at him.

We really only had Saturday, but all Saturday together, so we decided to drive up the coast and just sight-see. The hotel was nice enough to make sandwiches for their guests and we got a thermos of coffee and just started driving north.

We stopped at a store in the first small town and bought a couple of bottles of beer, then kept driving. We pulled off at viewpoints as we went, at one place walking out to a lighthouse, then at another we saw seals basking on the rocks. Further along there was a man explaining whales’ habits and their migration, and he had a telescope that we could look through and watch them way in the distance spouting as they moved north.

About noon we found a secluded spot where we could walk down to the beach. We’d picked up an old piece of blanket at a thrift store as we drove through a small town. We spread it on the sand and enjoyed a quiet lunch and looked out over the ocean while we watched the shore birds feeding and running along the beach while others swooped along the shore or landed near us. What a delicious time, and there was no-one there to disturb us.

After we’d eaten and drunk the beer we just sat for a few minutes until Tom leaned over and kissed me. Heavenly! We kissed and hugged for long minutes. I loved the feel of his tongue deep in my mouth while my tongue entwined with his and we swallowed each others saliva avidly. On a promontory a few hundred yards away I saw a man standing watching the gulls and other birds with his binoculars. After a few minutes he set up a scope on a tripod and started to watch again, but then, as Tom and I kissed, I saw him swing the scope around ümraniye escort in our direction.

“Tom.” I whispered in his ear, “There’s a man watching us with a telescope. Let’s pretend we’re getting it on and really give him something to look at.”

Tom: “Okay, that sounds like fun.”

I only had on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, so I pulled the shorts and my panties off and rolled over on my back on the blanket. Tom rolled on top of me and started humping while I watched to man out of the corner of my eye. The scope was pointed directly at us. But I should have known what would happen. Soon I felt Tom’s hard cock pushing out his shorts.

He unzipped his shorts and I felt his penis slide into my wet vagina. Now the lucky chap really had something to look at as I spread my legs wide for Tom to get deep inside me. I looked up at the man again and even though it was not easy to see, I could have sworn he had his cock out and was masturbating. For some reason the thought that he was jacking off while I was being fucked made me super hot and I had one really great orgasm..

After Tom finished and got up I lay there for a few minutes, legs open, imagining that my friend with the scope was enjoying the view. I got up and put my panties and shorts on slowly thinking that he would still be looking. I still enjoyed the idea that he’d be watching me and that bending over to pick up my underwear and shorts with my bottom toward him would give him a thrill.

We drove back to the hotel slowly, still enjoying the view and not wanting this lovely day to be over to quickly. When we got back I ran up to shower and change while Tom disappeared. For dinner I chose my shortest skirt and a pair of stockings. I thought that I looked pretty sexy with a black see-through blouse.

Tom had gone for a jog on the beach, so while I waited for him to come back I went down to the bar to have a drink. I was sitting by the small bar in the dining room waiting, when a nice looking man came over.

“Hi, are you here alone?” He asked.

“Well yes, right now, but I’m waiting for someone.”

‘Can I buy you a drink?”

“Of course, but as I said, I’m waiting for a friend.”

We talked while I sipped the scotch and water, He put his hand on my knee and it was warm and felt comfortable.

“Where did you’re friend go?”

“For a jog on the beach.”

“Are you both staying at the hotel?”

Yes, we have a room, a very nice room looking out to the ocean. But we’re only here for the weekend.”

I was playing a game with this poor man, a game which couldn’t go on much longer, but it did feel nice feeling his hand on my knee, and now sneaking under the hemline of my skirt. Under other circumstances it would lead to, who knows? Probably a nice sexy romp, but now I had to let him in on my game and see his reaction.

“So am I.” He said.

“Here comes Tom now.” I told him. And his hand slid away from my leg.

“Tom?” He looked up, looking past Tom, obviously looking for someone older.

When Tom arrived and kissed me on the cheek my new friend looked astounded, but he braved it out and held out his hand:

“Hi, you must be Tom. My name’s Art.” And the two men shook hands.

We all talked for a few minutes about, what else? The lovely weather. After a few minutes Tom went upstairs to shower and dress and I was alone again with Art.

“Tom’s a nice boy.” Art said with a smile.

“Yes, he is, very nice.” I answered. “Were you surprised?”

“No…Of course I was.” He chuckled. “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on? Can’t you guess? Tom and I are lovers, at least for now.”

I felt his hand on my leg, sliding up my thigh again.

“Are you married?” He asked me.


“Your husband, what does he think of this?”

“Actually my husband introduced us. He found Tom on Craigslist or somewhere looking for sex with an experienced woman.”

“Tom’s very lucky. Every young man should have a teacher like you. Maybe you could go into business”

“You know,” I said. “Ideally yes. But it’s too emotionally draining. You can’t help getting involved.”

“Emotionally. You mean like love?” Art raised his eyebrows.

His hand was creeping up under my skirt further, I didn’t try to stop him, it felt so nice. This could easily lead to sex. I was waiting for him to ask my phone number at least. Finally I said:

“Look, I have to go up and see how Tom’s doing. Why don’t you give me a call sometime and we could share another drink.”

When I got to the room I found Tom almost ready to come downstairs. We went down to the dining room and found a table off to one side and ordered dinner.

Art came in with a couple and we smiled and nodded, and after a few minutes I was amused to see him glance over at us then lean over and say something to them. Then they both, one at a time, glanced over surreptitiously. This was grand theater and I loved it but I was glad Tom didn’t notice or he might have been embarrassed.

After we’d eaten we went for a short walk on the beach and after a few minutes Tom grabbed mean and spun me around into his arms. We kissed — Tom was getting good — and I was getting that warm feeling between my legs. I had on a light summer outfit with a short skirt and Tom’s hand found its way under the skirt, and gripping my bottom with both hands pulled me to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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