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Jerry cursed as he whittled away at a stick. He was bored shitless, and as horny as hell. Trouble is, he didn’t know what to do about it.

He wanted nothing to do with the girls in his small town, although they all chased after him like he was the only guy in town. All Jerry wanted was to get his hands on a guy. Night after night he lay awake in his room stroking his fat, eight inch cock and thinking about the guys he had seen in town that day.

There wasn’t a man that Jerry didn’t fancy. From eighteen year old skater dudes, such as himself to big, beefy granddads he wanted them all. If only he knew how to get them. By the end of the day his underpants would be coated in crud, from all the precum that had seeped out of his eager young cock during the day. He had only to look at a guys face, or his sexy ass, or perhaps his sun tanned hairy legs and he would be cracking a fat one. Five, six times a day he had to take himself off to the john to stroke off just to ease the tension.

And then, while Jerry was standing there at the lakeside whittling away at his stick a car drew up. The most handsome man Jerry had ever seen got out of the car and took a towel out of the trunk. Jerry’s cock was instantly hard and he turned away so the man couldn’t see it tenting his shorts. Jerry sneaked another look over his shoulders. Damn! was this guy good looking. He had delicious looking lips, soft blonde hair and sexy green eyes. He was about thirty six and stood about six foot tall. He was wearing shorts and Jerry could see that he had a might fine pair of legs that were dusted with baby soft blonde hair.

Jerry’s heart pounded in his chest as the man stripped off his T shirt. A muscular, hairless chest came into view. Two large brown nipples jutted away from that firm, flat expanse of skin. How much he would love to nuzzle on those nipples, and stroke that flat belly. He wondered if the man would strip down to a pair of Speedos or would he just swim in his shorts. The young pup’s mouth went dry with lust as, before his very eyes, the man hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down.

Jerry gasped as he caught sight of a furry brown bush and a large, fleshy pink cock jutting down past a pair of plum sized reddish brown nuts. He felt dizzy and realized that he was sick with lust. It was the first time he had seen a real man’s cock in the flesh and it was a beauty. The gaziantep escort man smiled at him and lazily milked his foreskin back, revealing his pink cockhead.

‘Are you going to join me?’ the man asked.

‘What? For a swim?’ Jerry asked, not sure what the man meant.

‘Yes.’ replied the older man, ‘what did you think I meant?’

Jerry blushed beet red but did not reply.

The hot older dude took a good look at Jerry. He was one sexy young stud with his dark hair, pale skin and sparkling blue eyes. He looked so terrified and yet… the older man recognized the look on his face. It was pure, unadulterated lust. Seeing that hunger in the younger man’s eyes made him feel terribly sexy. It had been years since his wife had looked at him that way. It had been even more years since he had fooled around with another guy; but he figured why the hell not. Without taking his eyes off off Jerry he very slowly and deliberately milked his foreskin back and forth until he had a raging hardon in his hand.

‘If you want it, come and get it.’ he said to Jerry.

In a flash Jerry was kneeling before the man, eyeball to eyeball with the old one eyed trouser snake. How he had longed for this day, when he would have sex with a guy for the first time. And now here the moment was, with the most handsome man in the world standing over him. Jerry could smell the man’s crotch sweat and it inflamed his lust. Desperately anxious for contact he grabbed hold of the thick cock and drew it into his mouth.

‘Whoa!’ the man cried, ‘careful with those teeth.’

‘I’m sorry.’ Jerry replied. ‘I’ve not done this before.’

‘What ever?’ the man asked.

‘This is my first time ever. I’m sorry if I’m not doing it right. Please let me try again.’ Jerry whimpered.

The man pulled Jerry to his feet.

‘It’s been about fifteen years since I last did this,’ he said ‘but as it is your first time, I figure I can do it one more time.’

He got down on his knees and pulled Jerry’s shorts down to his ankles. Jerry’s eight inch spear just about took the handsome stranger’s eye out. He sighed as he remembered his first time, and also because Jerry’s skin was so smooth and perfect, and his light brown cock looked so utterly delicious. The man gently stroked up the inside of Jerry’s silky smooth thighs and Jerry shuddered with pleasure and almost shot his bolt. He realized that he was going to have a hard time controlling himself. This first fuck was turning out to be beyond his wildest dreams.

The older man closed his warm palm around Jerry’s thick hog and gently eased it into his mouth. It was like sucking on a giant nipple. Jerry whimpered and cried out in delight as that warm mouth closed around his sensitive cock head and that tongue began swirling along the ridge of his cap and then into his piss slit. He could feel his toes curl as tension stiffened his whole body. No one had ever told him it would be this good or that he would have such a hard time controlling his orgasm. His body won the fight as he groaned and flooded the stranger’s mouth with his pent up joy juice.

The blonde hunk came off him licking his lips. A few years ago he had licked his wife cunt straight after another guy had fucked her. This was even better than that little delight. His cock slapped against his belly as he waited for the young lad to return the favour. Jerry got down on his knees and tried to do everything just right. He must have been a fast learner because soon the older guy was sighing gently as Jerry tongue bathed his juicy cock head before taking him all the way down to his pubes. Jerry couldn’t believe how turned on he was by having this sexy man’s cock in his mouth. It slid easily into the back of his throat and by concentrating on breathing through his nose Jerry had no trouble deep throating him. The older stud sighed as he gently gripped Jerry’s head. It had been ages since he’d had such a horny fuck.

Jerry ran his hands up the stud’s muscular thighs and onto his firm, smooth butt. He kneaded the fleshy cheeks and then started to force his hand into the tight crack. The stud wriggled a bit to allow Jerry access and the young pup was blown away by the furnace like heat of the older man’s pleasure valley. As his finger made contact with the little picked walnut, and traced around it Jerry understood what all the fuss was about. This was the sexiest thing he had ever done. And he wanted more. He brought his finger up to his suckling mouth and slid it in, alongside that delicious dick. Having wetted it he slid it back into the hunk’s asscrack and once more sought out his pucker. This time his finger pushed against the ring and to his amazement popped in past the stud’s defences.

As Jerry worked his finger deeper and deeper into that tight, warm tunnel he felt close to orgasm. And then the older man clamped down on his finger. Jerry thought perhaps his partner didn’t like what he was doing so he quickly withdrew his finger.

‘Oh…put it back in, deeper!’ the blonde groaned.

Jerry came off his cock and grinned at him. Wow! This was much better than he dared hope for. He spun the blonde man around and plunged face first into his crack. Jerry greedily lapped at his pucker, forcing his tongue as deep into it as he could. Then, judging the older man lubricated enough, he forced his thumb into his ass. Jerry cupped his fingers around those plump balls as he wiggled hi thumb about.

The blonde sighed as pleasure he had long ago forgotten surged through his body. He couldn’t believe that he was letting a guy finger him, or worse, that he wanted more. This young twink seemed to know just which buttons to press. As Jerry’s free hand slid up his belly and sought out his granite hard nipples he couldn’t take anymore. He had to have the real thing.

‘Fuck me, stud.’ he moaned.

Jerry was instantly on his feet. A large dollop of precum glistened in his piss slit and he smeared it all around his red knob. He shuddered as his nerves sang out their pleasure and sent tingles right down to the soles of his feet. He stepped up to that pale, creamy smooth ass and guided his hungry cock into the crack. The older man’s assring simply melted around his cockhead and he started gliding inside. That first slide into a man’s ass would be fixed in his memory for all time. A sexual flush reddened his chest and he felt short of breath. This fuck was worth the wait. It was all he ever wanted and dreamed of.

Very, very gently he stroked into the sexy stud’s assguts. He must have been doing something right because the hunky blonde sighed and moaned incessantly. Pleasure had got his tongue, but Jerry knew exactly what he was trying to say. The warmth and wetness of the man’s ass seemed to increase the longer Jerry fucked until all too soon he knew he was on a one way street to ecstasy. Reaching around the stud’s belly he grabbed his dick and started wanking it furiously. A minute later the man groaned like a wounded lion and Jerry knew he was home. Ten strokes later Jerry’s cock exploded deep inside that hot ass as he cried out the delight of his first orgasm inside another person’s body.

The pair had a swim in the lake and then later Jerry discovered the even better pleasure of having a hard, thrusting cock deep in his ass.

Copyright 2003 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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