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Mid-week. Office not busy so Jacques had taken the day off, and so Jacques and Elise decided to do the Peak Walk…about 3 and a half kilometres, flat, so not too strenuous.

Jacques and Elise strolled casually around the loop until eventually they arrived at the set-back with views over the harbour. This was one of the few spots where you could actually get off the main path and was blessed by having a bench seat.

Jacques and Elise decided to stop here and relax for a while. There were very few, if any, people around, but suddenly there was a loud commotion, and a group of tourists came marching by with a leader carrying a flag, either Spain or Italy they were not sure which. Elise ran over to the bench, kneeled on it and waved at the group. A few waved back, but the very last one in the group was a tall off-white young man in his late 20’s wearing shorts, a white tee-shirt, sandals and a sports peaked cap, and very, very hairy legs. He strolled over and leaned on the bench back next to Elise and on her right. Butterflies in her stomach and a warm sensation in her panties. Those hairy legs! What else was hairy above? “Hi, I’m Rollo from Italy. I’ve done this walk before and so I shall just relax and catch up with the gang back at the hotel. How are you?”

Elise flashed Rollo a long, warm smile and said, “I’m absolutely fine thanks. I am Elise, and that over there is my hubbie, Jacques. We live here.”

“OMG! Sorry to bother you,” replied Rollo.

“Rollo, please let me assure you here and now, there is absolutely no need for you to worry and feel embarrassed in the least. Jacques and I have a very open relationship. He fully understands my needs and agrees with whatever I choose to do,” replied Elise.

To reinforce her words, Elise slipped her right hand though the bars in the bench and squeezed the area in Rollo’s shorts corresponding to where she expected his package to be housed. Sure enough, there was a well-formed semi-rigid cock and a goodly set of balls. She continued to squeeze and was rewarded by a definite hardening of the meat in her grip.

Initially, Rollo looked at Elise with incredulity but as the squeeze continued, his gaze turned into pure and passionate lust. Elise moved her head towards Rollo and as their lips touched she engaged the young man with her tongue in an energetic French kiss. The meat became MUCH firmer.

Now Elise searched for the fly zip and once she had it ran it firmly down to base. She rummaged ankara rus escort inside for the now-rigid cock which was making itself very clear it wanted out, and then found the waistband of his Y-fronts. Elise yanked the waistband out and down and 7 inches of rock hard meat with a pair of stallion balls surrounded by masses of black curly hair sprang into sight. Male testosterone aroma filled the air and Elise noted yet another warm sensation below. She was sure her panties were already soaked.

Elise scrambled to her feet on the bench and stood up just enough so that Rollo could get his hand through the bars and under her short flared skirt. Elise opened her legs as wide as she could as Rollo slipped his hand down the top of her panties and headed down to her soaking wet cunt. Rollo extended his two long middle fingers and Elise found them working their way inside her vagina. As soon as he was in he commenced energetic finger fucking whilst Elise gently massaged his awesome cock which was now leaking pre-cum.

Elise now turned her attention to the main course which she hoped would soon follow. She ruled out asking Rollo to come round to her side as he was somewhat protected by having his back to the road. So that left her with two options: a doggy or a mish. A doggy would involve her turning her back to him which seemed churlish and so a mish it was to be.

So, Elise now stood erect on tiptoe and moved directly in front of Rollo so that his hard cock was then directly below and between her legs. Perfect!. With her right hand pulling aside her panties she now pressed her tummy against the bench and gradually descended until she felt the bulbous tip of Rollo’s cock touching her vulva. Rollo meanwhile was gripping the top rail of the bench and pushing his belly hard against the bars to ensure that his cock and balls were fully though. Elise now gyrated until she had the head neatly located inside the lips and then continued to slide down.

Elise was of course on her feet and therefore fully in control of the action. She started the slow slide down followed by a quick lift routine. Jacques had already turned round to follow the action from his position on the back railing, and now he strolled over and leaned on the back of the bench near Rollo but facing the road. “Do not worry about me”, said Jacques. “I shall be your lookout. If you hear me shout ‘hold’ then please stop for a minute until the coast is clear”, he ankara türbanlı escort continued.

Being so close to the action was a tad stressful for Jacques as he listened to the little cries from Elise and the low grunts from Rollo, as he obviously would have loved to be part of the action, but today was Elise’s day lock, stock and barrel. Finally, he could resist no longer and slipped his right hand behind him through the gap in the bench and soon located Rollo’s massive balls which he gently massaged. Soon he realised that he simply had to move his hand up a little and he could hold Rollo’s shaft as Elise rose and feel her juices combined with Rollo’s pre-cum leaking down the shaft. “Magic to be involved,” thought Jacques as he massaged Rollo’s cock every time Elise rose.

When Rollo finally blew his hot, sticky load, Elise continued to slowly rise and fall savouring the still-pulsing shaft. Cum was starting to leak down Rollo’s shaft and onto Jacques hand. Jacques carefully harvested what he could and licked his hand clean. He would have loved to do a full clean-up on them both but the venue was not ideal so he simply passed a wadge of tissue to Elise to place inside her panties and wiped Rollo’s cock as he retracted.

Jacques was certainly not averse to sucking a good cock and was even happy to have the lucky guy cum in his mouth, the harder and stickier the better, but maybe later, who knows?

Elise turned and sat down on the bench, and Rollo was soon beside her. They were obviously very much attracted to each other and Elise put her hand round Rollo’s waist and he put his hand round her shoulders. They sat very still and very close, tête-à-tête. Jacques came around and spoke. “Well guys,that was some very special performance. Congrats on putting it all together in that innovative way. It seems to me, Elise, that you have found a new paramour and I can see that you guys would like to spend some quality time alone. So, I will complete the walk on my own and head back to the house. Elise, if you wish to invite your friend-with-benefits back to the house, do so. Maybe a Nightcap would go down well?”

Jacques, having bid farewell to the amorous couple, strolled round the remainder of the loop back to the Peak Tower at the Peak Tramway Terminus. He decided against going into the cafe and took the tram back down to the mid-levels and strolled back home.

Lisa was busy dusting as he entered and seemed bahçelievler escort curious as to why Jacques was alone. “It’s OK, Lisa,” said Jacques. “Elise will be along later and probably with a friend. Tell you what, don’t bother with dinner tonight. I will make do with a club sandwich. Can you bring me one up to my office when you have time? Thanks.” Lisa nodded her agreement and Jacques headed upstairs.

Fifteen minutes later, Lisa dropped by with his club sandwich and Jacques settled down to some overdue paperwork.

There was a commotion downstairs and Jacques glanced at the clock: already 7pm! From the voices he recognised that Elise and her new-found friend had arrived. Anticipating some fun, he switched on the overhead cameras located in the living room and sat back. Sure enough they were still in a very amorous mood and Jacques was rewarded soon by seeing Elise in the Wheelbarrow mode on the end of the sofa and Rollo pumping away hard from up and under.

Elise then rolled over onto the sofa and with her legs high in the air, Rollo gripped her thighs and pumped once more. Then they collapsed into each other’s arms to rest.

Jacques decided he had best go down and sort out the plans for the rest of the evening. As he came down the stairs we know the sight that greeted him with Elise and Rollo wrapped up in each other’s arms on the sofa. “Hi daddy,” quipped Elise, “Rollo wants to sleep over if possible, coz he flies out in the morning. We’re not hungry coz we had a large pizza before we came back. I’ve told Lisa not to bother with dinner for us.”

“That’s fine by me too,” replied Jacques. “I had Lisa make me a club sandwich and I’m busy with some paperwork. Tell you what, since this is a very special occasion for Rollo, why not you two take the master bedroom for the night and I’ll use the guest room.”

Elise beamed at Jacques. “Thanks daddy. What a nice gesture! Come on Rollo, we can have some more fun upstairs.”

The two lovers departed quickly upstairs and Jacques waited a few minutes then retired to his office to complete his paperwork. The house was quiet and around 10 Jacques took a shower then slipped into the single bed in the guest room. All was quiet for about an hour, when suddenly Jacques felt a hand under the sheet searching for his cock. Within seconds, his cock was being sucked and he realised that Lisa had assumed Rollo was sleeping over in the guest room. No point in letting on, was there, so he hoisted Lisa into bed and engaged her in a long drawn-out 69 and then laid back as she rode his cock until he filled her with hot cum.

Quickly Jacques resumed the 69 position and licked Lisa clean while she cleaned his cock with her luscious lips. Silently Lisa then slipped out of bed and left. She would never know, maybe!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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