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Elise was lounging around in the living room and Lisa was busy dusting. The doorbell rang and Lisa answered it. She returned quickly telling Elise there was a squad car in the drive and two police at the door.

Elise ran to the door and found there a tall European policeman and a much shorter policewoman. “Sorry to bother you, ma’am. Can we come in and explain?” said the European policeman.

“Sure. Come right on in,” replied Elise, and led the way to the living room. Elise went back to her favourite easy chair and the two police settled on the sofa.

“Ok. By way of introduction, I am Inspector McGregor and this is my assistant Sergeant Chu. I have a situation I need to explain to you,” said the European policeman. Elise pulled up her legs sideways into the chair, a move that was not lost on the Inspector.

Elise also noticed that the Sergeant was not really focused on the conversation, but trying to watch Lisa in her maid’s attire as she dusted around. Elise had a plan forming and decided to give it a try. “It sounds like this may take a while. Maybe Lisa can take Sergeant Chu across to the kitchen and have it explained to her there. Maybe that way you can compare notes later?” said Elise.

“Sounds like a plan,” replied the Inspector.

“Fine,” said Elise and shifted her legs across the other way, once again attracting a direct look from the Inspector. “Lisa, please take Sergeant Chu to the kitchen and answer her questions,” called Elise.

“Sure Miss Elise. Sure,” replied Lisa. Sergeant Chu rose and followed Lisa over to the kitchen.

The Inspector then launched into a long story regarding a convict who had escaped and was still at large and they were searching for him. They had noted several outbuildings on the premises and wanted to be able to check them to see if there were any clues şişli escort as to his whereabouts. Elise listened, apparently intently, and never took her eyes off the tall, handsome Inspector, and noted every time his eyes could not avoid lingering on her shapely legs. She also noted a very considerable lump arising in his pants which reinforced her idea of the state of play.

As the Inspector’s story came to a close, Elise took the initiative, as usual. “Interesting. Of course, you may search our grounds whenever you wish, but right now I have an interesting question for you which may expand your search,” said Elise. “I note that a considerable lump has appeared in the front of your pants, and I wondered if you had any idea of what may be the cause? I hope you do not feel embarrassed by my forwardness,” she continued.

The Inspector looked across at her, shocked. “Well,” he commenced, “I suppose…,” he continued. His voice trailed off.

“Well I have an idea which I think is pretty much a certainty. Would THIS be the reason?” Elise continued, at which point she raised her legs onto the chair and her short flared skirt fell back. As usual, no panties obstructed the view of her marvelous feminine treasure which she knew was impossible for a man to ignore, well at least in her experience to date, which was considerable. The Inspector threw up his hands and remained silent. “So,” continued Elise. “Search over. Guilty as charged,” she continued. “I now need to sentence you.”

The Inspector now bucked up realising this was a game and the best way was to play the game too. “So what is the sentence?” the young man asked.

“Twenty minutes hard labour,” was the immediate response from Elise.

“Where?” asked the young man.

“Right HERE,” replied Elise pointing to her pussy. “Where ELSE? Come and inspect. This search is over!”

Over in the kitchen, Sergeant Chu seated at the kitchen table opened the conversation with Lisa. “Hi, my name is Kitty Chu. What’s yours?”

“I’m Lisa Morales,” Lisa replied. “Coffee, tea or me?” quipped Lisa.

Kitty looked up directly at Lisa. “Lisa,” she said, “I know that’s a pretty stock phrase, but I just wondered if you meant it?”

Lisa had sent out the question as a fishing hook but never expected it to catch anything. But she had. “Kitty, I never thought of it quite like that, but if you are asking a serious question, then a ‘yes’ would have to be a serious answer,” replied Lisa. “I have never been known to refuse,” she continued.

“Then ‘me’ it is,” responded Kitty.

Lisa was not one to hesitate and the next moment Lisa was on her back on the table next to Kitty with her legs in a Big M. Kitty had to merely grab Lisa round the thighs and drag Lisa across to her face. We know how Lisa dressed and so Kitty was immediately lost in the mass of black curly hair and her tongue already well inside Lisa’s cunt. Heaven for them both and Kitty made a great job of tongue-fucking Lisa. As soon as she had finished she stood up. “I must go,” she said. “My boss will be waiting,” she continued.

“Wait,” said Lisa. “I know MY boss and I know her enchanting spells. YOUR boss is going nowhere for a while. Believe me,” she continued.

“McGregor is a hard nut to crack and I have never seen him put pleasure before business,” responded Kitty.

Lisa rose and moved quickly to the small window in the kitchen door. “Come here, Kitty, and see for yourself,” replied Lisa. There across in the living room was Elise with her legs up in the chair and McGregor on hands and knees crawling towards her. “Told you!” said Lisa.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Kitty. “Looks like we are here a tad longer.”

When the Inspector finally crawled across the floor of course his head was in direct line with the luscious fruit between Elise’s legs and he lost no time in licking, sucking and tongue-fucking the delicious juicy rambutan so readily available.

“Inspector,” said Elise,”I love this entree but you do realise that I expect a large piece of red meat to be delivered before long and I am getting rather horny. I may have to handcuff you if you do not perform to my liking.”

The Inspector grinned, now fully adjusted to the game he had been enticed into. He stood up, cast off his tunic and shirt. Rapidly removing his braces, he dropped his trousers and boxers in one move. Elise was now able to see the magnificent cock that was her prize and her eyes opened in wonderment.

Elise’s reaction was not lost on McGregor. He decided to take the upper hand and stop any further comment. Pulling Elise’s head forward he rammed his cock between her luscious lips and at the same time jammed three fingers into her wet cunt which he then proceeded to finger-fuck at high speed. McGregor fucked Elise’s mouth and brought her to orgasm with his furious finger-fucking. Warm liquid sprayed from her cunt and over his hand. Now he pulled his meat from her mouth and roughly rammed it straight into her vagina. He was a strong guy and took charge, with long hard strokes, his hands gripping her boobs and his tongue roughly roving around her mouth.

Elise was fully engaged, loving every moment of the rough encounter and as McGregor reached orgasm he pulled clear replacing his cock with the three fingers and stuffing his cock back into Elise’s mouth where he then ejaculated, forcing her to swallow his load.

The girls in the kitchen were silent. Overawed. Kitty broke the silence, “Wow. Just wow. Now I know what he is capable of I may wish to avail myself, IF I can handle that cock. Some mouthpiece!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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