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Big Tits

I have written a few stories. Mostly I have received positive and encouraging response from the readers, but some have expressed their disapproval of my bad command of the English language. Living in a country where we have two domestic languages combined with the need of a third language not being English, the result is that there are some flaws in my English. Therefor I can only apologize for the mistakes I make. Still I like to write in English, isn’t that a way to improve your command of the language?

Weeks went by. We were screwing with Caddy and my parents like animals. We never seemed to get satisfied. More and more often I spent the afternoon with Alice, then around ten I left “to study” which meant that I went home to have it together with my family, very incestuous family. I really enjoyed life.

On evening at around 7 P.M. we were fucking in Alice’s Sauna department. Her parents had gone to see a movie. I was screwing Alice in her ass and as we both came with loud cries, I looked up and there they stood, both her parents.

I drew out my trembling cock, trying to hide it from their view.

“Don’t bother Charles,” her father Stan said, “it’s OK. You are doing what any loving couple would do at your age. Sorry that we interrupted your love making. We didn’t get any tickets,” he continued as if nothing had happened.

I felt very embarrassed. Alice seemed totally undisturbed by the situation.

“Hi, Mom and Dad,” she said. “I just had a wonderful time”. “Why don’t you prepare us some sandwiches with some beer?” she added.

“Shall we eat together?” her mom asked.

“Yes, sure. It’s OK with me. Do you mind, Charles?” she asked turning to me.

“Of course not,” I replied. What else could I say?

Her mother went do the kitchen to prepare something for us to eat. Her dad just walked into the room and sat down on a chair by the table.

“You have a terrific cock, Charles,” he commented as if that was the most natural thing to say. I didn’t know how or where to turn. I tried to grab my clothes, but he stopped my intentions.

“Don’t bother Charles. There is nothing new under the sun”.

I hesitated, and then I just sat down in the sofa. My rod was standing up like the Empire State Building. Alice had told me that her parents were very liberal, but this was really far more liberal than I had expected.

“Alice must love to have that cock stuck into her cunt or ass,” he suggested.

“Yes, I love it,” Alice agreed, smiling in my direction.

Alice’s mother soon joined us carrying a big tray filled with cans of beer and sandwiches. She was wearing a nightdress, which was totally transparent. She had nothing underneath. I could see two absolutely wonderful breasts. She had a dark bush above her cunt.

“I decided to put on something cozier. I’m at home after all, am I not,” she explained.

So we sat down around the table, Alice and myself in the nude, Alice’s mother almost nude as well and Alice’s dad fully dressed. What will happen now, I wondered?

Well, we ate and drank. While we did, Stan removed first his shirt, later on his pants.

After a while his socks were gone. He was sitting there in his knickers.

“What would you like to do after we have finished the sandwiches?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I stammered.

“If you are still interested in making love to Alice, would you mind if we watched?” Alice’s mother asked. I was flabbergasted.

“Well, what do you think, Alice?” I tried.

“Why not?” she replied. “It could be quite erotic,” she added. I felt dizzy.

“OK then,” I don’t mind I said trying to be polite.

Stan moved to the armchair facing the sofa and sat down. He removed his knickers and I could see that he was fully erect, showing a pole the size of mine. Alice moved to the sofa. I followed and sat down beside her. Alice’s mother Sandra went over to her husband, removed her look through, and sat down in his lap, helping his tool into her vagina. They sat completely still. They were both watching us. My prick was aching. I could feel the blood running through it with high pressure. Alice bent down and started to suck on it. I was as paralyzed. The situation was very awkward. Then I returned to the present and I started to fondle with her breasts. I put my hand to her cunt and started to massage her clit. This went on for quite some time. As I started to approach my climax, Alice made a fast move. She sat down in my lap so that we were both facing her parents. At the same time she brought my trembling pole into her dripping cunt. She managed to make some up and downward movements, very slowly she did this. Her mother started to do similar movements. I could see how Stan’s cock was going in and out in Sandra’s cunt. I exploded. So did Stan.

“That was a nice going,” Stan commented with a smile.

“Yes, I loved that,” Sandra said.

“It was fantastic,” Alice assisted. I was nonplussed.

Stan walked over to the table with the beer waiting. I needed bursa eve gelen eskort bayan that too. I could have one before I drew home. I wasn’t to go home yet. Sandra had moved over to the sofa on which she was standing on her knees, facing the back support.

“Take me from behind, Stan,” she ordered. I looked down at Stan’s lap. He was fully rigid. So was I, I noted. Alice took a similar position beside her mother.

“You too, Charles,” she demanded. I followed Stand and took my ‘working station’.

Soon we were standing side by side pumping our women’s cunts from behind. The pressure in my testicles was towering. I decided to try to last longer than Stan did.

“Would you mind a swap?” Stan suddenly asked.

“OK,” I said. I didn’t know what else I could say. Sandra was looking gorgeous.

So, ten seconds later I was fucking Alice’s mother in her steaming cunt. I was very close to coming. Obviously Sandra noticed this.

“Now the other hole,” she commanded.

We both drew out our oozing ram-poles from the pussies and, taking some moisture from the cunts in front of us, lubricated the ass holes of our mistresses and started to insert our fabulous members in the asses. I was first to have my in, first the glans, then deeper and deeper it went. I started with the pumping, every time getting in a little deeper. The feeling was fantastic. Sandra’s ass hole was very tight. I continued the fucking. This alteration of hole quite clearly had prolonged the time before I came. This I did very soon though. As I continued the fucking, my cum started to poor out every time I withdrew. I looked at Stan fucking Alice in her ass. I felt dizzy. As my cock got softer I finally let it drop out. I was still standing behind Sandra, holding her buttocks with both my hands.

“Would you mind licking my ass hole?” Sandra asked turning her head to look at me.

I went down on my knees and started to lick her. I could see that Stan did the same to Alice. After a while Sandra thanked me.

“That was very nice, Charles. Now it’s time for a shower”.

We all strolled over to the shower-room. As in our shower-room by the Sauna, they had two showers side by side. We went in the showers all together. We were under one with Sandra. She cleansed my prick very carefully, very carefully indeed. She washed at first with water, then she went down on her knees and started to suck and lick it as clean as it could get. Of course my by now very clean cock was fully erect all the time. I came, shooting a big load of cum into her mouth. She gulped it all down, I think. It was difficult to tell with the water pouring down on us. She stood up, and we started to wash each other with soap. Only our genitals were left out of this. In spite of my recent orgasm, I was still fully erect. The circumstances were that odd. So our family wasn’t the only incestuous one in town. How common could that be, I wondered?

After the showering we all went back to the dressing room. Stan also had a very illustrious hard on.

“Now a beer would be the thing,” Stan said.

“Yes, it would, but I can’t. I have to drive,” I explained.

“Why don’t you stay over night? We could put you in in our guestroom,” Sandra giggled.

“Yes, please stay,” Alice supported.

“OK, why not, if you insist,” I answered with a smile. “I have to call home”.

I took my Nokia and went into the shower-room to make the call. Mom answered.

I told her that I was staying over night with my friends.

“OK, see you tomorrow,” she said. This time I could hear an undertone of disappointment. We wished each other good night, and I sent my regards.

“What happened?” Alice asked pointing at my now limp prick.

They all laughed. So did I. Looking at all the hungry faces and at Stan’s enormous dick, mine started to grow again. Very soon it was at full attention. We had some beer, then some more. It tasted good. We were chatting about this and that as if we had known each other for ages. Alice came to me and straddled my lap, inserting my pole into her love-box. She started a slow riding. I saw that Sandra had straddled Stan in the same fashion. I looked Alice deep in her eyes.

“You are wonderful,” I whispered.

“So are you, love,” she whispered back.

She helped herself massaging her clit. We soon both came. So did her parents. I kissed her breasts, I sucked on her very hard nipples. Then I raised my head and licked her in her ear. She giggled with enjoyment. After a while I heard Stan asking;

“Charles, do you mind if I suck on your fabulous cock? I have never had the opportunity to try what it feels like”. What could I say? Actually I didn’t mind.

“Sure, it’s all yours,” I finally said with an embarrassed laugh.

Alice stepped away and Stan came to stand on his knees between my legs. He took hold of my stone hard member. He made a few massaging movements and went down on me. He was good, as if he had been doing bursa eskort bayanlar this all his life. He looked up at me. His eyes were smiling. I was approaching an orgasm. He surely noticed this, but he just continued. I came. He gulped it all down. He withdrew. I remained rock hard.

“That was a nice experience,” he said with a smile. “Would you like to try?” he added.

I didn’t want to confess that I already had had the experience, at least not with Dad.

“Sure, that could be nice,” I politely answered. We changed places.

I tried to ape what he had done to me. I could feel the taste of cum and cunt-juices. It was good. As I was kneeling in front of Stan, sucking on his tremendous dick, I felt someone take hold of my tool and a lovely massage was started. I think it was Sandra. A little later someone started to lick my ass hole. It was Alice I presumed. With a hand and my mouth I continued masturbating Stan. He came, filling my mouth with his cum. I came, shooting my load on the floor. I gulped down what I could.

“Thanks Charles. Quite a fabulous experience,” Stan finished our session.

“Now it’s time that we concentrate on our ladies,” he added.

I was getting limp. So did Stan. I got up from the floor and headed for a beer. You get thirsty from this kind of activity, I realized. Stan took a beer as well. There we stood, drinking our beers, smiling at each other, our penises hanging to the floor.

“I don’t see how you guys can take care of us with this kind of lousy pricks,” Sandra exclaimed. We all laughed.

“Actually I think it’s time to prepare for the night. It’s midnight already,” she added.

We went upstairs.

“You are invited to our king-size for a while,” Stan said. We entered the master bedroom. The bed was really big. I was getting hard again, so did Stan. We all climbed onboard. For an hour we rolled around. No position was held for a longer time. At one moment I had a cunt under my mouth licking a wonderful clit while someone was sucking on my gorgeous cock. The next moment I had a cock in my mouth, while someone was licking my balls. Next I was fucking Sandra, soon I was screwing Alice. There was laughter, there was enjoyment, and there was luster. I came while fucking Alice while sucking on Sandra’s nipples. I went down on Alice and started to eat her. I think she came. I was still hard. Now I was fucking Sandra from behind, again someone licking my balls. I came again. I was getting limp. A looked nervously at Stan. He was soft as well. That was good. I didn’t want to be the one to end the party.

We all lay on the panting bed. We were all exhausted.

“Time for bed,” Sandra decided. This was her way of informing us that we were allowed to take leave.

Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me from the bed, from the room.

“Good night,” I managed to say, then we were gone.

We took a shower washing each other. Then we dropped into Alice’s bed.

“Are you horrified?” Alice asked.

“Not at all,” I answered.

“I knew this was coming some day. I didn’t know when, but I knew. I gather you must have realized that we have had threesomes many times before. This was the first foursome. I loved it. Do you feel that I have been cheating on you?” she finished.

“No, I don’t think that incestuous sex within the core family interferes with an ordinary relationship,” I risked expressing my thoughts.

“So we can be friends after this?” she asked softly stroking my prick.

“Sure, it didn’t influence my feelings towards you a bit. I love you,” I said for the first time while my pole was getting hard. “I loved the evening. Your parents are great.

“Thanks love,” she said and bent down to take my stake into her mouth. I turned around and in the 69-position we made each other feel good, very good. Before I came I again turned around pulling Alice upon myself. My almost bursting cock slid into her as if it the prick knew exactly where it should be. Alice tried to get up into a riding position, but I held her down. Her fantastic breasts were pressed against my chest while I with movements of my abdomen was fucking her softly. I came. She remained lying on me. I was asleep.

In the morning we all had breakfast together. It was odd to see them all with clothes on. We all agreed that it had been a tremendous evening. I was invited to visit them any time, the sooner the better. We left for the university together with Alice. Before we separated Alice asked, “Can we meet tonight?”

“I’d love to, but we are celebrating Daddy’s birthday tonight. Would tomorrow be fine with you?” I asked. So we agreed.

As I came home in the afternoon, I was told that we were to go out for dinner. Mom had picked the best restaurant in town. Dad had a birthday only once a year, after all.

At eight we were settled around a nice table studying the menus. I made my choice. As I looked up I saw Alice coming in together with her parents. They headed in our görükle escort bayanlar direction. The waiter showed them their table just beside ours. We all looked positively surprised. I made the introductions. Our dads had met before in some business matters, but very superficially. They were aquatinted, but they actually didn’t know each other. As the other table was studying the menus, Caddy whispered, “They seem nice”.

While waiting for the appetizers to arrive the conversation between the tables grew livelier all the time. Jokes were thrown. We were all laughing. The feeling was very nice. The food arrived. While we were eating the table conversations turned private.

“They are very nice,” Mom said in a low voice. “Alice is absolutely lovely. Have you been seeing her for long?” she asked. Was there an undertone?

“A couple of months,” a told her.

The food was exquisite. We had all chosen the same main course. The steak was marvelous. I noticed that they had made the same pick at the other table. After the desert it was time for coffee and some cognac.

“Can we treat you with some coffee at our table?” Dad asked turning to the other table.

“That would be very nice,” Stan agreed.

Dad winked to the waiter and arrangements were made so that we all seven could sit around our table. Mom concentrated on chatting with Sandra, Dad talked with Stan and we youngsters talked more between us. We had another round of cognac, then a few other drinks. At eleven we agreed upon calling it a night. Before we separated from Alice’s family, it was agreed that they would come over to our place for a garden party the coming Saturday. One o’clock was agreed. After taking farewell all women embracing everybody and the men shaking hands we all left for home.

At home we agreed to have a birthday session in the basement. Dad who was the one being celebrated was placed in the sofa. We all participated in stripping him. By the time he was nude he had a trembling erection. We all stripped. My prick wasn’t worse. We all gathered around him.

“What’s your pleasure, Sir?” Mom asked.

“Why don’t you all participate in a combined blow job?” he suggested.

“Actually you Charles, could have your dick in my face,” he added.

So I took my stand on the sofa leaning against the wall, while Caddy and Mom started to give him heads in turns. He took my shaft in his hand and massaged it to breaking point. Actually it was exploding point. He grunted. He quite obviously enjoyed his birthday present tremendously. We both came more or less simultaneously. We all looked so happy. I was sent to bring beer, which I did. My tool was standing straight up all the way. As I returned we sat around the table enjoying the cool drink.

“I have to tell you something about the family of Alice. They too have lived like we do for some time. I was yesterday invited to participate in a foursome. I couldn’t resist”.

They were all looking at me with curiosity showing on their faces.

“You don’t say. That’s interesting,” Mom said. We all sat in silence.

“ Is someone thinking along the lines I do?” Dad finally asked.

“Obviously, because I can guess what you are thinking,” Mom said.

“Me too,” Caddy said. “The thought is absolutely fascinating”.

We all again sat in silence. We looked at each other smiling.

“So, what do you say?” Dad finally asked.

“I’m on” Mom said. “Me too,” Caddy seconded. It was agreed. We should make a try to let things develop in ‘the right direction’. After that was settled we made love in many combinations. That night I slept with Mom. After we had fucked one final time for the night, Mom said;

“I’m so happy that you have found Alice. She seems very nice and she is very good looking. I think you could be happy with her for life. But, I’m also glad that this isn’t an obstacle to our family-love-life”.

“Alice thinks precisely in the same way. In spite of our relationship, she wouldn’t like to stop having her way with her parents. That suits me perfectly fine,” I told her.

We fell asleep.

The next day Caddy went to the hospital and got her plaster removed. She told us that her leg felt very good, a bit stiff, but otherwise as new, she joked. Consequently the sex that evening was better than ever before. We didn’t have a foursome, though. We spent most of the evening in my room, making love in all different ways we could come up with. Now Caddy could also go down on her knees and thus give me a proper blowjob. We tried to sleep enough. It wasn’t too much though.

Two days later we had Saturday morning. We were all participating in making arrangements for the garden party. The day was fine. The sun was pouring down at it was getting quite warm. That suited our plans quite perfectly.

At one our guest arrived. It started with spontaneous hugging. In the shade of a light roof we had drinks placed among ice-cubicles. There were steaks on the grill getting golden brown. Soon we were eating around a big table. We had more refreshments and the conversation got more and more vivid. At last Dad asked;

“Do you ladies mind, if I take off my shirt. It’s so warm”.

“Not at all,” Sandra said. “I have been looking at your pool for quite some time,” she added.

“Sure, why not? Everybody is welcome to have a swim,” Dad invited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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