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A Chevy Tahoe, the woman driving on the phone, crawled toward Barr’s parking space. He could see her move her hands from the steering wheel to the phone, gesturing to whoever she was talking to, and then put them back on the wheel. Emeli kissed him, her tongue soft on his. He kissed her back, wondering if the woman could see them. The Tahoe was inching closer, a couple of spaces away from Barr’s car, the woman looking around and over his car as she searched for a space.

Emeli kissed him again, slowly, her tongue teasing his the way he liked it. She was sitting on his lap, her legs on either side of his, facing the tailgate in the back seat of his Honda Element. Her hands were on the back of his head, teasing his hair. She was riding his thighs slowly, her panties sopped, not really grinding, but just hard enough so both of them could feel it.

“Is she looking at us, Daddy?” Emeli wrapped a couple of strands of his hair around two fingers and nibbled his neck so slightly. Barr felt the pleasure go through him; “baby girl,” he said and made the l last for seconds. His cock was pleasingly hard, in that way it felt when it was still in his pants, bulging, but before he let Emeli take it out.

“She’s looking over here, princess, but I don’t know that can see us” said Barr, and he slid a hand to Emeli’s left thigh, just above the knee. She shivered slightly. “What’s she going to see if she looks at us, kitten?”

“Daddy fucking his good little slut,” said Emeli, and she started riding his thighs harder.


Barr had met Emelie by accident, one of those freak things that happens in bad movies and that people make fun of as they walk out of the theater. He was in a mid-town Manhattan coffee place on a a sunny fall day, finishing a meeting with a literary agent who had an impressive resume, a four-figure handbag, and a personality that explained why she had two ex-husbands. She had spent most of the meeting telling Barr, despite his talent, that he would never be successful because he wasn’t commercial enough. Barr had pretended to agree with her, all the while wondering why he had ever thought talking to her was a good idea.

The meeting ended. Barr knew this because the agent stopped talking, got up, and held out her hand. Barr rose, shook her hand and went to sit back down when an a 20-ish woman, adorable and slight and small and with oversized glasses and the most amazing dark brown curly hair, moved gracefully around the agent and not so gracefully into Barr.

Some of the young woman’s coffee spilled on Barr’s lap, and the rest sloshed around in the cup. Barr, trying not to lose his temper, suddenly realized he couldn’t decide whether to get mad or to laugh. The young woman’s face had turned beet red and she kept trying to apologize, but she was so embarrassed that it was difficult buca escort for her to get a sentence out. The agent, seeing Barr was OK and that the girl was embarrassed, made the appropriate noises, picked up her handbag, and walked off.

Barr, grabbing for a couple of napkins on the table, tried to wipe the coffee off his lap. All he did was make the napkins wet.

The young woman had calmed down enough to speak: “I don’t know what happened,” she said. “I was so busy not running into that woman that I guess I didn’t see you.”

Barr smiled. “It’s OK,” he said. “That was the best part of my meeting. Really. I just wish you had gotten that woman.”

He took the dripping coffee cup out of her hand, placed it on the table. “I’m Barr. Why don’t you sit down, and we’ll replace that, and you can tell me why you run into strangers in coffee shops.”

She started to turn red again, shook her head no. “I can’t do that, I need to go, I’m so sorry, just don’t worry about it.”

“Do you know how cute you are when you blush like that?” said Barr, and the woman blushed again. What Barr didn’t tell her was that he was thinking about her body as she stood there, how small it was and what it would look like naked, riding his cock, her hair frizzing in all directions and the nipples on her small breasts as hard as possible.

“I’m Emeli,” she said, and sat down.


Nothing happened at the coffee shop. Instead, they talked for 30 minutes, until Emeli had to go to class. Barr gave her his number, told her to text him if she wanted to have dinner. He would be in the city another couple of days, and it could something as simple as a sandwich if she wanted. “You’re cute and funny and smart,” he said, “and I like cute and funny and smart.”

She texted him the morning of the day he left; could they have lunch? They did, a long and wonderful lunch in a Spanish place near NYU with a little wine and lots of conversation, and even some hand holding and thigh touching. Barr was pleased, but also surprised, at how she enjoyed the wine and the lunch and the talking and the way he touched her, and he had an ulterior motive.

Then Emeli took her hand in his, squeezed it. She leaned over and kissed his lips gently.

“I’ve never done anything like this,” said Emeli. “I haven’t even had a boyfriend since high school.” Then she became serious, and Barr liked the way her mood changed and how how her face became so determined. If she cut class, she said, would he come back to her apartment (her roommates were in class) and fuck her the way she had been imagining as she touched herself the last couple of days? She didn’t blush too much when she said it.

Barr nodded yes. He ended up missing his plane, but didn’t mind paying the non-refundable penalty. At all. She alsancak escort had been everything he had imagined in the coffee shop, wild and erotic and needy and hungry for a Daddy who could please her and hold her and take care of her. And then fuck her again.

In the six months since, they had seen each other when he was in the city. It wasn’t often, but they had Skype and the phone, and they made do. He loved to hear her cum, how she started out so low and quiet, almost ashamed, and then as her need built, she became louder and louder.

And he knew he would hear her cum – feel her cumming, share her cumming, practically revel in her cumming – in just a few minutes. They had agreed she would come to Dallas on spring break (after arguing about who would pay for the ticket; Barr had lost, and she paid for it), and he had met her at the baggage claim 15 minutes earlier. She was wearing jeans and a loose red sweater, and underneath the sweater was a camisole but no bra, and she also had on the panties he had bought her at the Victoria’s Secret near the West Village. He had had to make an effort not to finger her in the claim area.

The back seat of the Element, with its removable seats, was perfect for fucking, and especially the way Emeli had asked to do it: In public, so she could ride her Daddy’s cock and watch him as he filled her pussy. So Barr had thought of the airport parking garage. The car was parked on the top level minus one, where there would be enough cars so they could get off on how public it was, but not so many that someone would call the cops.

When they found the car, he put her luggage in the tailgate, and walked around to the driver’s side to open the suicide doors. Emeli was standing on the passenger side, practically bouncing up and down. “Now control yourself, young lady, or you know what will happen,” he said and grinned. “Yes, Daddy,” she said, and made that little girl pout that got him so excited.

Emeli shrugged her pants off as she climbed in on the passenger side. Barr left his on; there would be time for that later. She was astride his lap before he realized what was happening, and her enthusiasm, the way she wanted him, pleased him the way it always did. That’s when he saw the woman in the Tahoe, felt Emeli’s kiss, and knew how much he wanted her, then and there and hard and fast and rough.

“Are you Daddy’s good little slut?” he asked, and she moaned yes, humping his legs faster. She was so wet that she was making his pants wet, and he could smell her and he wanted more.

The woman in the Tahoe was almost directly behind them, and if she couldn’t see Emeli moving back and forth, then she wasn’t looking. Barr took his hand, lifted her ever so slightly off his lap, and tried to pull her panties down. Emeli moved her hips bornova escort to help him, then finished pulling the panties off. They slid to the floor of the car, and she kicked them to the side.

Emeli was hungry now, as hungry as Barr had seen her. She reached for his hand, tried to push it on her pussy. He grabbed her wrist, slapped her hand. “Not yet, angel. You know not yet,” he said. She moaned. He was sweating, but still in control. No woman had ever tested his control like this.

Emeli was breathing heavily. “Touch my titties, Daddy,” and he did, his hand flat against her sweater, pushing and rubbing her nipples. She made whimpering noises, and he closed his eyes, reached under the sweater and the camisole, and pushed and pinched her nipples in time with the noises. He swallowed, opened his eyes, and the woman in the Tahoe was just on the other side of the Element. He couldn’t see if she had the phone in her hands.

Barr lifted his ass from the seat, moved his hands to her hips, touching her ass again and again. “It’s time now, Emeli,” and she undid his belt and the button on his jeans. He lifted up a little more, wriggling out of the pants. They fell to his hips, and he pulled Emeli to him, both hands on her ass, kissed her softly and deeply, finding her tongue, and kicked off the pants. His shorts came off somehow; Barr really didn’t notice how.

“Emeli is going to fuck Daddy hard,” she said and pushed herself down on his cock and then again, and then again, sliding her hips from side to side and whimpering more loudly with each movement. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair in a huge frizz. Barr felt how wet her pussy was as she pushed down, and he moved to keep legs together so she did all the work.

“Fuck Daddy hard,” he said. “Show Daddy how much my princess needs Daddy cock,” and he looked for the Tahoe one last time, and it seemed to have stopped to his left and he thought he could see the woman watching.

Emeli had the rhythm now – up and down, up and down, up and down, and Barr watched her face, her eyes shut tight and her mouth barley open, her tongue flicking her lips, saw the orgasm start to build. He could feel it coming in him, too, how slippery she was and how his cock felt when she pulled off and then pushed back down, the edge her movements gave him. He was moaning now, and they both knew it was close, Emeli pushing down and lifting up and then one more time, the final time, and Barr finally spreading his legs and taking all of her, his cock so hard and full and ready and then cumming into her, and Emeli somehow pushing down one more time to take all of her Daddy, his cock and his cum, and she was moaning and begging, and then “Yes, Daddy, yes…” and the words broke up and then just her noises, keeping time with Barr’s moans.

He held her close, his cock still inside her, kissing and stroking her hair. “My angel, my princess” and she rocked slowly and kissed him back and he knew she was what he wanted, had wanted for a long time.

Just then, he heard the Tahoe pull off. At least he thought it was the Tahoe, and they both smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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