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This happened to me during the summer, a long time ago. I was a lot less experienced than I am now. I was only eighteen at the time. I was going to spend a week in London with my friend Catherine. Her sister Emily, who is ten years older than me, had a flat in London and was willing to let us crash there. Emily was cool, much cooler than any parent. She would let us smoke, drink and stay out all night. I was looking forward to a wild week.

The train journey down there was a chance for me to dream. I felt so mature, so independent. I fantasized about a week spent like an adult, meeting boys and going to clubs. I even had my fake ID ready.

At the station all of my confidence dissolved. I suddenly felt very alone amongst the rushing crowds. But then I saw Emily. She was looking so glamorous and grown up. I’d known her since I was a little kid and she had always represented everything I wanted to be. Emily was tall and looked Italian with her dark eyes and hair. The summer had given her a tan I could only dream of. I’d always been pale and always would be. She was slim but still had good hips and breasts (not as big as mine but then I’m too curvy for my own good). Even though she was only in jeans and a grey vest top, she managed to look like a model.

“Bad news, babes, Cath’s stuck with the grandparents until tomorrow afternoon. You’ll have to put up with me until then,” Emily said, kissing me on both cheeks. She was so sophisticated and yet she never made me feel like a kid. Nevertheless, I felt worried. How could I, a boring teen, keep up a conversation with Emily? And until the next day!

“No problem,” I said. I wished that I felt it.

On the tube, Emily managed to make me feel at ease. She was so communicative, so able to make me feel like I was the most interesting person she had met. I soon forgot all my worries and started to feel like I was an adult. Who needed Cath? Emily and I would get on fine.

Her flat was like something from my imagination. Looking back I realize how naive I was… I’ve been in bigger and more luxurious places since. At the time it seemed like I had walked into a movie. She had art prints on the walls and photos of her in exotic locations. She had traveled the world. Everywhere there were interesting books, CDs and souvenirs.

When I had dumped my stuff in the tiny spare room, we sat together in the lounge, listening to Nirvana and drinking white wine. She lit up a menthol cigarette and then offered me one. Never had I felt so much like an adult. I was in my friend’s flat, having a drink and we were talking about the world: politics, travel, and music.

By the time that we ordered Chinese food, I was drunk. Emily seemed not to be affected at all. I did my best to show off with my chopsticks and she talked to me about the food istanbul escort she had eaten during her time in Asia.

After the meal it was time for lying bloated on the sofa and watching TV. To my surprise, Emily joined me on the sofa, lying at the opposite end, her legs tangled with mine. Emily flipped the channels and we moaned about the lack of good telly. On one channel we were suddenly confronted by some cheesy American soft-core porn. An erotic thriller or so it claimed. Emily left it on so that we could laugh at it. Part of me started to wonder… I had had some bisexual experiences… lots of girls from my area had. But surely Emily wasn’t going to try anything? She was so much older than me. I was just a kid to her. My drunk brain tried to work out how likely it was and, if it happened, what I would do.

On the screen, a model with huge fake breasts was being kissed by a guy with ridiculous gym-muscles. They both looked so fake. Neither showed any real passion. It was worse than watching plastic toys fucking. I commented on the model’s fake tits and Emily laughed.

“I’ve had mine done, you know,” she said squeezing her breasts in my direction.

I laughed. We were just being silly. Matey silliness.

“You prefer real?” Emily asked.

“Dunno really,” I replied, wishing I had some witty response.

“You ever seen real porn? Not this soft stuff?” she asked.

I told her that I had. She asked if I wanted to see some more. I thought that might be a laugh.

She scurried off to the bedroom. My heart had started to pound. She came back with a tatty looking video. She took out the cassette and chucked the box at me. A bold union jack flag formed the back drop to pictures of really plain women in underwear. The back was more explicit. Fingers in a pussy. A girl taking a huge dildo.

After fiddling with the scart lead, Emily got the video started. It was part way through a scene. A skinny young blonde was being fingered by a grinning middle-aged woman. Both of them looked like they were enjoying themselves.

“At least these people seem real,” said Emily, settling back on the sofa.

She kept me chatting and laughing but I couldn’t ignore the screen. the women were in a sixty-nine now, the young blonde tentatively licking, the older woman burying her face in the girl’s pussy.

“Do you not like fake tits?” Emily asked, sounding only interested not at all seductive. It was the world’s most normal question.

“Never seen any fakes up close,” I said. I was fine. This was fine.

“Look at mine,” she said, heaving off her vest top and then, unselfconsciously, dumping her bra on the floor. Her tan was all over her body. Her breasts looked firm but not fake. Her nipples were a dark brown. I could feel something tightening esenyurt escort deep in my stomach.

She showed me the tiny scars. “What do you think? Not bad are they?” she asked. She sounded as though she were commenting on new furniture, not her own breasts.

“They’re good,” I said, my voice cracking a little.

“You can hardly tell. Feel,” she said. She knelt up on the sofa and then straddled me, her breasts displayed for me.

I wondered what to do. I seemed to be watching from somewhere else. My hands rose to her breasts. I started to feel them. Stroking the sides.

“Give them a squeeze,” she said. She still didn’t seem to think there was anything sexual happening. I wondered if it was only me. Maybe this was the way Emily acted with her friends.

I squeezed her breasts. I could feel the implants. They didn’t bother me. I could also feel her firm nipples against my palms.

“What do you think?” Emily asked, her hands starting to trail up my rib cage.

“Nice,” I whispered.

“Good,” she said. She smiled. Then her hands found my breasts and she leaned down to kiss me on the mouth.

What should I do? Just go with it. I knew how to kiss a girl. Did I want this? The feeling growing in my pussy told me that I did. Did this mean I was a dyke? Who cared. Her hands were groping my tits and I was gripping hers in return.

I could hear the TV. Someone was cumming.

She helped me undress, leading me all the time. I was happy to let her take control. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I wasn’t going to stop her.

“You’ve got great boobs,” she said. I was standing in front of her, naked. She was still in jeans. She bent her head to my breasts and began to lick. As her hand reached between my legs, I shut my eyes and let the feelings control me.

Emily was molesting me.

I liked it.

Emily was molesting me and I liked it.

That was fine.

Her fingers stroked my lips and toyed with my clit. When she found that I was wet, she slid two fingers easily into me and began to work my g-spot. My knees felt weak.

“Sorry babes, we should be lying down,” she said. She slipped her fingers out of me and told me to lie on the floor. I watched her easing her jeans down her long tanned legs. On the TV a flat chested girl was fucking a chubby girl with a strap on.

Emily lay down beside me and put her fingers back between my legs. I wondered how many girls she had done this to. She seemed to know my pussy better than I knew it. She built me up higher and higher. Her fingers massaging inside and her thumb rubbing my clit. As I came, she kissed me, her tongue toying with mine.

I felt like I was her doll. She knew exactly how to use me. After my orgasm finished, etiler escort I held her close, kissing her. I hoped we wouldn’t have to break the kiss. I didn’t know where things would go from here and I wasn’t sure I could cope.

She broke the kiss. “You ever licked pussy before?” she asked, her voice soft and reassuring.

I told her I hadn’t. She laughed and said that she thought everyone from our school had done lesbian stuff. I told her that I had never gone beyond fingers.

“Want to?” she asked.

What would I say?

“Yes,” I said. I didn’t want to disappoint her. She was my role model.

“Good,” she said, with an impish grin. Then she lay on her back and told me to sit on her face.

I’d done the sixty-nine with boys but never a girl. That soft face between my legs felt so odd. So good.

I knew what she wanted. I bent forward, my breasts brushing her stomach. She lifted her knees up and I put my face between her legs. I started to kiss her lips. Part of me felt disgusted but somehow it felt so right. Her pussy was soft and wet. She smelt of sex. My tongue had not dared part my lips so far. I couldn’t just give her kiss after chaste kiss. I licked at her and she moaned into me. I licked again. She tasted like me. I began to flick my tongue against her clit and she writhed under me. I was giving her pleasure. I was doing to her what she was doing to me. She liked it. I was doing it right. I began to lick faster.

From the TV I could hear yelps of desire.

As I licked her, I wrapped my arms around her legs and moved a finger into her. She was wet and tight around me. This was simple. The easiest thing. All I had to do was imagine what I wanted. I did to her the things I wanted done to me. It was Emily underneath me. Emily who had always been so sexy and so cool. And she wanted me. Her tongue was twirling my clitoris and I was pleasing her.

I knew that I couldn’t be happy unless I made her cum. I began to lick more accurately, concentrating on all the things that I enjoyed about getting oral. Her face between my legs was a distraction but I wouldn’t let her beat me. She would cum for me. My fingers sped up.

Her body was moving in rhythm with mine. I realized that she must be excited by the taboo situation, just as I was. Fucking her sister’s friend.

I pumped my fingers in and out, licking all the while. I recognized her movements. She was close. I sat down heavily, pushing my pussy onto her face. Grinding in time.

Her orgasm surprised me. I hadn’t realized how close she was. I kept my fingers deep within her, enjoying the feel of her throbbing pussy as it gripped me and released. When she had finished I clambered off her and lay beside her again. We kissed, tasting ourselves.

“Sure you’ve never done that before?” she asked in a whisper.

“Positive,” I murmured.

For a while we lay there, cuddling and kissing as the porno in the background grunted and moaned.

The next time we broke our kiss I said, “Want some more?”

It was quite an evening…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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