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*** Week Two ***

I woke up Monday morning moaning and shivering. I was confused and dazed until I realized what it was — I was just at the tail end of an orgasm. I was on my side hugging my pillow. The sheets were soaked with perspiration, my hair was clingy and wet, and I was terrified. I couldn’t remember who it was, in my dream, that I had been making love with. I knew it wasn’t Lily; that was a dalliance that was over. My subconscious might have wanted it to be Nora but I would have none of it … the tears in my eyes were a reminder I was lying to myself. If it was Mark … good god, if it is Mark I need to buy condoms. I never worried about that with asshole once we found it was improbable we could get me pregnant. Good grief, welcome to another manic Monday in Ginger world. Better this world than Emily’s old world!!

I got my period at work. Shit! I hurried to the bathroom — you know the drill. Why does our monthly visitor visit at the very worst time? The funny thing (least I thought so in the stall) is that I was so in the midst of raging hormones I didn’t pay attention to the usual signs. Or maybe that was why. Hey, do you know this joke: How do you make a hormone? Pull down her genes! Sowwy, it’s me being silly. Oh well, no sex for Mark. Me: blushing.

Work is work … earning your crust is how a girlfriend of mine puts it. Coin of the realm. I giggled. I got realm and you damn well better be ready to spend cuz I am. That was for Nora. I needed to talk to my BFF; she didn’t know about Mark. Tammy just stared at me all day. Sorry honey. I love that you have a girl crush on me, but no.

Lily called. “Sure, I can meet you at the office after work. Traffic willing, I should be there by 5:30.”

“Great, Ginger, I’ll see you then.”

I made sure to tell her I was on my moon and I wasn’t sure it mattered. I knew Nora would be doing the Mom thing. I hoped she might find a sitter so we could have dinner one night this week. Via text, she said she would let me know. Yes, she’s still gloriously sore. My girl!

Thankfully, Monday at work, after what seemed like forever, ended.

As I drove to Lily’s office after work, it dawned on me. I hadn’t heard from Kyle, damn him. I didn’t know if that meant asshole had ducked him or if Kyle was being a jerk.

Mark called. How sweet. “I would love to see you this week,” with a smile on my face.

Obviously pleased, he said, “Is one night better than another?”

“I’m not positive yet. I’m in the car on the way to see my realtor. I kinda have plans that haven’t been firmed up with a girlfriend. Can I get back to you tomorrow?” No, I didn’t tell him about the other. We’d only met yesterday.

“Sure; I’ll look forward to hearing from you.” He hesitated for a moment and said, “I really enjoyed dinner Emily.” I felt my nipples tighten and got a delightful little tingle.

“So did I and I’m looking forward to next time. I’ll call tomorrow.”

Wow, dinner was last night and he called today! Hmm, I hadn’t asked him about sibs. Something to chat about next time.

I was pissy with Lily. I like her and I know she’ll do right by me. It’s how she earns her crust. All the news she had was positive. I mentioned that I hadn’t heard from Kyle. I felt better. What can I say? I’m a girl. I needed to move asshole along. Mission One: Divorce! I let her kiss me and felt her hesitation. On the way home I stopped to buy groceries.

Anybody else old enough to remember Mary Tyler Moore roll her eyes as she threw yet another frozen dinner in her shopping cart? Me: Monday. Last night’s glorious dinner seemed like weeks ago. As I wandered the aisles, stopping to look at one thing and another, I smiled. I had mused one night with Nora that I suspected the first two words a woman learned how to say were “Mama” and “sorry.” She was only a little shocked.

Yup, for those of you who may be wondering, I stopped at a CVS pharmacy and bought them.

I called Nora on the way home. “Hi kiddo, how are ya?” She purred; I laughed. “Oh yay, I’m so happy for you. So can I tell you? While you and Jim were doin’ the nasty, I was at Jiffy Lube Sunday morning. And you won’t believe it — tall, dark and handsome said hello.”

“What?” she gasped. I giggled.

“I know, especially after, umm, us.” We both blushed in the silence. “So he, Mark, asked me to dinner Sunday night and I said yes. He took me to this place downtown — Pacchia Prima. Oh my god Nora, it was heaven.” I described how I teased him with the fork. She couldn’t stop laughing. I described how he shifted in his chair; we both snickered.

“So did you fuck him?”

“Nora Jean … how dare you?” She laughed. After the time we had she surely had the right to dare. She knew it as well. “No, you stone cold bitch, he was every bit the gentleman and I knew he was every bit the horn dog I was.” Guys, if you’re reading this — trust me, you may think it’s only you who talk like this. Get a clue! You get only what we give. And, if not, it’s ten to twenty with a bursa escort bayan cellmate named Bubba. “He kissed me — after I turned and did everything but grab his dick. And it was fabulous. We … I … need to talk kiddo. I know you have the kids, but …”

She knew. “Let me see what I can do. I need to know more about Mr. Mark. I love you Ginger” (I blushed) “and I’ll text or call ASAP.” This is why we are BFFs. I thought about calling Mark. Nope, let him wait. I giggled.

I had a glass of wine in the tub. I did that every now and then early in my period. The hot water helped sometimes with the cramping. I would run the water, climb in, turn it hotter, and let the tub fill. Not so harsh that way. It soothed; I lay my head back and relaxed. My Monday was okay. I smiled. No, better than okay. I was on track, maybe, to a nice place to live, maybe to a nice man, and most definitely, most certainly, to a glorious, if uncertain, future with my BFF.

Tuesday — Snow! A reminder it was still February. Oh well, just take your time. I’m giggling. I did — in the shower. Loose, slinky, and sexy, I dressed, drove, and worked. Maybe it was the hot bath last night; maybe it was the spend in the shower this morning but my Tuesday was fabulous. Tammy, this is Ginger, or maybe Emily 2.0. Whatever; get over it.

Nora sent a text: Wednesday works if your hunk doesn’t mind. How could I not laugh? I called Mark and left a voice mail in, I hoped, my sexiest voice. Thursday is good. Tammy heard me call Mark — shit. I told her at lunch. Honey, we live in different universes. I managed to get a lot of work done Tuesday.

Not much else to tell you about the day and night. Well, I did test the warming lube on my nipples in the bath rub — err, tub. I fantasized about Mark taking me just inside the front door. Me against the door, him pressing against me, lifting my skirt and a leg, slipping my panties to the side and, with my help, entering me, taking me, melting me, gorgeously, completely. Oh my god! All this happened (in my head) with Nora lurking, unseen, in the bedroom, peeking around the door. The bath water was tinged with red and pussy was satisfied a bit. I slid between the sheets, clad in panties and a pad. Emily Sue Ginger Butler Rogers, what in the hell has happened to you!! I was smiling as sleep took me away.

Wednesday — The snow was mostly gone, I was fresh as a daisy after a good nights sleep and I breezed through the day. Dinner with Nora was confirmed, via text, at the usual place at six. Perfect.

George stopped me as I was walking past his office after lunch. “How are things were going with the realtor, Emily?”

I smiled and said, “I’m hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed.” Janet and the kids were fine. Good, and it’s Ginger!

As Tammy and I stood at the coffee machine I whispered conspiratorially, “You really do need to try warming lube on your nipples.” She stared. Yup, I’m a tease. I wonder if she owns a vibe. Girl, you don’t know what you’re missing.

At dinner I told Nora about what a teasing bitch I had been with Tammy. We laughed so loud and hard that the few patrons and all of the staff stared … we laughed harder. She tried to duck my questions about her weekend with lover boy.

Nuh uh kiddo – spill. “We spent the better part of the weekend fucking. I took my turn, he took his. Leading that is.” Woo hoo!! We fist bumped. I probably didn’t need to hear about all the places they’d had each other but I did.

I told her about my bath tub fantasy. She turned several lovely shades of crimson. Her eyes were very soft and dusky. Oh lord, if you only knew how bad I want you too babe. Neither of us would speak of it aloud.

Naturally, Nora asked, “So what are you going to do to Mark after dinner tomorrow?”

I told her: “Sweet and low.” She remembered the episode from NYPD Blue!! She thought it was wonderful. I wanted to fuck her right there in the restaurant. I knew she knew.

The kiss in the parking lot was torture and bliss. There was want on our lips and the promise of more on our tongues. There was hunger in us; we both knew it. My moon and her babysitter kept things from going beyond the kisses. All of my good intentions — no, Jim didn’t know, there was no reason to tell him. Right — and Mark? She kissed away the question. May I please? Her eyes told me: You really have to ask? Umm. I opened the button on her jeans, slid my hand inside and into her, and gave her a hot, fast, and breathless cum, right in the parking lot. Neither of us knew or cared if anyone was watching. I just knew we loved each other. We had before last weekend and we would long into the future. Neither of us knew what shape or texture this new love might take. Nora would be my BFF regardless.

As I undressed, I had a thought and giggled. A text: Care to share a bath with me on the phone? Nora’s reply: 😉

The fifteen minute phone call turned into over an hour. We knew each other so well that even on the phone we could picture everything görükle escort we whispered, gasped and moaned to each other. The very hot water in my tub couldn’t match the heat of our conversation and it had turned tepid and pink when we said our goodbyes.



“Be sure to put warming lube on your nipples before going to sleep.”

In the tub, loose and languid, I smiled. It was wonderful and I slept soundly.

Thursday — I did the languid stretchy thing after my spend. Mark, Mark, Mark, you are in for a surprise tonight mister!! The shower was brisk, the water was hot, and my period was nearly over. Hmm. I would ponder that during work. If a tree falls in a forest is it okay to seduce him on the second date? Makes no sense you say? I have every right to make no sense — to say otherwise is nonsense. It’s my story and I’ll tell it as the river and I flow.

Work was a series of rather pointless and moderately productive meetings. The new campaign seemed to be coming along nicely. The smiles and nods in the room indicated as much. Shit, I have to call Kyle! Asshole, either of them, hadn’t called me. I thought of the kid in the toy store. Kyle was going to get a new appreciation for who’s in charge. Tammy, apparently, could read my mind through the portal of my eyes. Her eyes were round and wide and spoke of her confusion and shock. Kiddo, you will not drink from this fountain.

Kyle was apologetic at my apoplexy. I told him, curtly, that I would contact asshole personally. He suggested that was not a good idea. Furious, I told him where he could stick his suggestion. He stammered; I hung up on him.

I rushed home to shower and get gorgeous. Handsome was picking me up at six. Hmm, sweet and low before or after? My head told me after; pussy told me before. We’ll see. Casual Thursday: slacks, a gorgeous silk blouse, and demi cup bra: That should do the trick. Let him gaze in wonder at my wonders.

We were a little late getting to the restaurant. Mark? Two words – shock and awe. Me: smiling. The power we have as we give them sugar in that manner is glorious. I teased him during dinner about ‘sweet and low.’ He hadn’t seen the episode and blushed gorgeously when I told him.

The kiss at the door after dinner was so hot I thought the neighbors might crack a door so I invited him, umm, in. It all seemed to happen very quickly. The slacks were not a good idea, but they were off quickly enough. My idea, for the record. I unzipped his pants, felt his hardness through his shorts. I gasped; he moaned. I pushed his shorts past his hips; his hand lifted my leg as he pressed me to the door. He devoured me with his mouth as he entered me, holding my leg in the air. I wrapped it (them) around his back — or tried to. It was delicious having a man fill me up. Oh my god, he felt so goddamn good as he fucked me. I came twice before he gasped as he came, which tipped me over again. We would make love the next time — this was a quick, hot fuck. Wowzer!! I was shy and blushing after, as we kissed.

Of course Saturday was fine. Thursday was fabulous. I peeked from behind the door as he waved before getting in the car. I wondered, after he left, if he was as surprised by it as I was. I luxuriated in the feeling of his wetness in me, leaking from me. I cried in bed. I was so over the moon I had forgotten about a condom. Sleep came, after I did, one last time.

Friday — A text to Nora: Sore! I smiled as I sent it. Her reply: OMG! You didn’t. Oh yes I had, several times. She was jealous and that was before I told her our next date was Saturday. I would let him take me back to his place and yes, I would stay the night. This was on the phone, with the door closed, in the conference room. There was extended silence.



“I love you.”

“I know; me too.”

“Don’t be mad at me … please.” If she was, or if we weren’t, I would just die.

“I’m not Ginger. I’m really, really happy for you. Can you come over tonight?” Big smiles! Nine o’clock sounded perfect. I would bring the strap on. No, I didn’t tell her. That would be a surprise.

“So tell me!”

“I love you too.”

An email from Lily came after lunch. The house was listed at $119,500. The bank was willing to take the contract she had drawn up. Could we meet to talk about the details? Hmm. I would think about it.

Nora. What to do with her. I had no clue. I don’t just want to be her part-time lover. She’s my BFF for a reason. What happened with us was … hormones? Inevitable? Good lord no. Before Julia? No way. Now it seems everything is possible. When I tell her that I love her is it Emily or Ginger speaking? OMG, it’s totally Ginger. Emily loved — loves her as well. I don’t want to make love with her tonight. I want to talk to her, tell her what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling. Good grief, of course I want her – seven ways from Sunday. She’s everything I would ever want in a lover, in a … oh dear god, in a wife? bursa escort bayan Two weeks ago I was separated, miserable, horny and Emily. Now I’m separated, confused, horny, and Ginger. A Ginger who’s very much in love with her BFF. And I’m going to make love with … oh shit, we need to talk about her, Jim, me, and Mark. Four is too many I think, and I’m not sure, not one bit, how many is enough.

Tammy stared. My eyes were red from crying. I just put my head down and worked. It was hopeless but I did it anyway.

I called asshole from a phone in the conference room so he wouldn’t recognize the number on his caller ID. I screamed at him. Jackass, get this done. He told me to go fuck myself. I laughed — if he only knew. He offered me a hundred grand. Good, that means I’ll get the two hundred I want.

“Have your lawyer call mine by the end of the day, Bill.” I slammed the phone down and called Kyle. “I want to hear something from you by Monday. Am I making myself clear?” Apparently so. Hmm, how big is Nora’s place? Did we need two homes if we were going to … Oh my god, Ginger, stop it. I know I know. I will, soon. Like the day after never.

A knock on the door; it was George. “Uh, Emily, is everything okay?” I started to cry. The poor guy is so sweet. He stood there, completely confused. Hey, no shit, imagine the world through my eyes. He left, closing the door behind him.

Tammy didn’t knock when she came in. I sobbed on her shoulder. Why are life and love so damned confusing? Two weeks ago it wasn’t this way? Then again, neither was I!! Oh yeah great. Do I really wanna go back to that life? Fuck no! If you tell someone you have loved forever that you love her and want to be with her forever, does that change things forever? Good god — a puzzle inside an enigma wrapped in Ginger. Tangled up in blue … or ginger? Tangled up with Nora!! Yeah baby!!

I apologized to Tammy. No sweetie, I just can’t share. I almost kissed her. God help me, what a complication that would have been!! Instead, I hugged her in thanks.

I called Lily after the door closed. “Yes, I’ll be there; what time? Okay, 5:30 it is.”

Lily stared when she saw me. She took my hand and led me to a conference room. “Sit. I’ll be right back.” Okay. She had a glass in each hand and used her hip to close the door. She handed me one. “Bourbon; take a sip and talk to me.”

Talk to you about what, Lily? Talk about the fact that I don’t want to sleep with you? That I’m in love with my best friend? That I have no idea what I want to do about Mark? That I like the idea of the house and don’t know if I need it? That asshole is, in fact, living up to his name? That Ginger really is Emily, who isn’t Emily any more? She nodded as I talked; only blanched a little when I mentioned her, and sat with me, sipping her drink slowly.

“I have no idea why I’m telling you any of this Lily. It’s not fair, really, to dump on you this way. Good lord, I thought my life sucked before when it was just simple, recently separated Emily. Now it’s a million times better and I’m a confused wreck.” I downed the rest of the glass in one gulp. My throat burned, my eyes watered, and I cried again. I cried on her shoulder as she held me. I kissed her. Yeah, that way. She let me … for about ten seconds.

She pushed me away gently, smiled and said, “Sex isn’t going to solve anything Ginger. You’ll feel good for about an hour and you’ll feel like shit the rest of what’s left of the day. I’m not going to tell you what to do, sweetie; you’re all grown up. I will tell you, as your friend — follow your instincts. Listen to your heart. You know what you want. Listen. Yeah, it may hurt or you may be disappointed, but those things are temporary. You need to feel good about you first, foremost, and always. You already know that!! You’re a good person, Emily. I know that about you. You want a laugh — I knew it about you the way we made love.” I stared; she nodded. “I’m not kidding, kiddo. You make your love sweetly, you give without reservation, and that’s part of why I wanted more of you. But your heart isn’t with me; it’s with your Nora. Tell her so, honey. Let the chips fall where they may.” Holy shit. She was right of course.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her, sweetly. She let me this time. I lingered on purpose; she understood. She nipped my lip as I broke the kiss. We both smiled. She said, “Now go tell the woman you love that you love her.” When I started to speak, she put a finger on my lips. “I know, she already knows. I can tell. This time it will be different and she’ll know it.” She smiled, her eyes glistening with tears. My god; how lucky am I? She smirked as I stared. “It’s why I’m filthy rich, Ginger. I put good people in the right homes for them.” I had to laugh at that one. Good point, Lily.

I thought about it all as I drove home. Asshole dumps me, Julia turns me inside out and upside down, my boss gives me a referral to a bisexual realtor with whom I have an affair — twice. I seduce my best friend in the whole world, we make fabulous love together, I get a lube job, meet a great guy, two dinners, one hot fuck, and the realtor helps me figure it all out. Weird huh? I stopped and got a sandwich at Subway. I poured a glass of wine, ate the sandwich, and pondered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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