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Introduction: ‘Encounter’ records in dialogue form sex between two middle-aged strangers who have not had intercourse for a long time. ‘Encounter 2’ continues the dialogue. Encounter 3 continues the dialogue further.


‘I can’t remember when I last had a shower with a woman. It may have been with Andrea in our early days.’

‘Guy and I shared a bath a few times, usually when in a hotel when abroad, but that was a long time ago, too.’

‘The feeling of your soapy breasts, with the nipples poking into my palms – marvellous.’

‘I can tell. There’s something hard poking me in the thigh. Will it be all right if I give it a good wash?’

‘Yes. It may be hard but it needs a bit more rest, and a meal, before its ready to go, or I should say come, again.’

‘Oh, that’s good. A nice slippery hand on my bottom. Ah, yes, my word! Running down the valley. Gosh! That’s nice, how do you do that? Finger-tips between and palms cupping the cheeks. That’s new. Very enjoyable. Sexy and soothing both at once.’

‘Holding those lovely rounds, sweet. Makes me want to kiss you.’

‘Mm! I like that. Not too firm in the puss. It’s still sensitive. That’s it, gently between the lips. That’s a thing I’ve never said before. It’s such a joy to be able to talk about it like this.’

‘Working up a lather in your fur. I’ve never said that, either.’

‘I think we’re pretty clean now, and I’m hungry.’

‘Turning off the shower. Don’t put on any knickers for going to dinner. Then I can think of you setting there looking demure with your nice bits bare, and no-one knowing.’

‘All right. I think I’ve stopped leaking, and it would be fun to go commando, which I gather is the phrase for it.’

‘Good. I might be able to sneak a hand up there under the table.’

‘Don’t suggest no bra, though. They’d be all over the place.’

‘You’ll need to go back to your room to dress, won’t you? I’ll meet you house of the dragon izle down there.’

‘No tights either, then, I suppose. Fine! It’s still pretty warm, anyway.’

‘Jane, you look gorgeous. Not just elegant but sparkling, blooming.’

‘You look pretty good yourself, and like the cat having had the cream.’

‘Best cream in the world, suitably from the pussy.’

‘I’m glad it’s buffet service.’

‘Yes. I can get right to it without any intermediaries.’

‘No, joker, the food, not what isn’t tucked into knickers, as agreed.’

‘Right. Food, then. The sardines and salads for me and plenty of juice.

‘I thought men liked meat. I’m having the same.’

‘And plenty of coffee after. It could be a long night.’

‘Well out of the way in this corner. Quite dark, too.’

‘Yes, I can slip a hand up the skirt without being seen. No knickers indeed, and the muff all fluffed up. Delightful!’

‘If you go on stroking I’ll come right here, and that might be noticed. Mind you that would be another first.’

‘Well, it’ll still be there later, so we’ll save it till then. I do remember making Andrea come one time, on the back of a Greyhound bus in America, but never over a meal.’

‘Guy was quite particular about where we made love. He had a horror of what he called “fumbling,” though I think I’d have been willing to fumble a bit.’

‘Can I get you more coffee? Yes, I’m having another, and more of that orange.’

‘The fruit salad was good, wasn’t it? Good yoghourt with it.’

‘Do we need to go up to whichever room separately?’

‘Surely not. I don’t care who knows we’re going to be together. Do you?’

‘No. Come to my room this time.’

‘Up we go, then. Though if I follow you I can watch your bottom making those superb movement as you mount the stairs, and all the better because its naked under how i caught my killer izle that thin material.’

‘Guy used to like that. A couple of times, fumbling or not, he held his hand on my bum to feel it moving. That made me wave my hips about to exaggerate it.’

‘Here we are then. Welcome to Room 103. Yes, kiss me, please.’

‘You are a lovely kisser, you know, Jane. I feel I’m melting into you, as if our mouths are having sex like our bodies do.’

‘I want you to undress, then take off my dress and bra and fondle and sip at my tits a long time. What fun it is to say “tits,” almost as if it’s naughty.’

‘No sooner said than done, dear Jane. It’s a magic moment when your bra releases your breasts, like letting them to play. I feel they are looking at me, waiting for me to attend to them.’

‘Now I lie down and you enjoy them, and enjoy them enjoying you.’

‘When I’m lying beside them they fill my vision, as if there’s nothing else in the world. They are worlds themselves, to be explored, with these exciting peaks to experience.’

‘Now, Jonathan, remember I want to toss you off. It was my brother taught me that expression. He and I were very close. We told each other all our secrets.’

‘I was lucky in my older sister like that. She let me see her naked when I was fourteen. She said I ought not to have to waste my time trying to imagine or find out find out what a girl’s body was like. She’s the kindest, frankest, most generous woman I’ve ever known.’

‘Right! Now lie down on your back. That’s right, and I’m going to like this, with my tits on your thighs, and my hand round your cock. Like so. Now I’m going to do this. Is that right? Remember, I haven’t done this before.’

‘Hold it just below the shield. That’s right. Not too hard. Steady. Oh yes, that’s delicious. I’d forgotten what it was like to have a woman do it.’

‘Is how we roll izle it working? Can I make you come?’

‘You certainly can, and pretty soon.’

‘It’s thrilling, to make a man come by hand. That’s exciting, it’s getting harder. That means you’re going to come.’

‘Yes, Jane, it’s coming. I’m going to come. Go gently and slow down when I come.’

‘There it is! Look at it shoot out! Does it feel good?’

‘It’s lovely. Stop now, it’s getting too sensitive.’

‘You know, there’s a nice sense of power in doing that, so sex can be as much a woman making love to a man as vice-versa. It was so exciting, too. I nearly came from tightening my bottom and vagina, as I do when tossing myself off.’

‘It sounds as if you’re ready to be tossed off yourself, then.’

‘Well. Yes. Would you like to toss me off?’

‘Jane, I’d love to. Tell me how.’

‘Do you know, I’d like to try it a new way. You’ll like it, I hope, because it means my being bottom up. Just turning over. Now I’ll open my legs a bit. Can you reach down between my cheeks and get a finger or two between my lips? Yes, yes, that’s it! Now if you slide up to my clit – that’s right. Keep sweeping along my vulva and touching my clit, and I can grip your wrist with my bum. Like this. That’s lovely. Slowly, gently does it. Kissing my bottom, too. Extra touch.’

‘This is new to me, too, Jane. Andrea had a nice bottom but she didn’t make much use of it, as you might say. When you clench yours like that, it’s like the earth moving round my hand. I’m hoping to glide into you from the back later, while you’re clenching like that.’

‘Don’t stop, Jonathan. I’m starting to come. It’s starting right inside and spreading. Filling my bottom. Tingly in my pussy. My clit’s alive. Fingers inside! Yes! Now, now, now!’

‘Jane, that was just glorious. I felt as if my hand was on fire with you orgasm.’

‘I’ll turn over again now. Then we could cuddle down and have some sleep. Would you like to use my tits for a pillow again?’

‘Marvellous. And I can hold your bottom. Actually I want to stroke it, all over, between the cheeks, along the crease below.’

‘That’s soothing. I’m ready for a snooze. Are you?’

‘Certainly am. There’s no hurry. For anything. It will be so good to wake up with you.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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