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Hey am myself nicknamed rock kid from bangalore. I hav been reading iss from past 3 years and this first time am writing a story. This a fiction. Lemme tell u this story is based on my sweetheart, bollywod’s sexiest diva rani mukherjee. From my point, she is the sexiest woman i hav ever seen. If anybody doesn’t agree with me, a really don’t care.. She may be a bit short.. But god!! Hey guys have u closely observed her sexy face, her perfect milky smooth boobs, her so beautiful ass, and her silky thighs… and her voice…(imagine moaning from that sexy voice) she can drive any man nuts…

One more fact… u r gonna have a orgasm in a short while…. Here goes the story…

Once, it was late night and i was alone at home since my parents were out of town. Whole day i was bored at home and thot of going for a small walk in our area and went out. I was actually new to the area and was wandering through the small roads which were outlined by some of the big houses. It was already 11.15 i remember. The roads were almost empty. Then a car , a big sedan came and halted near the gate of a big house. It horned twice but watchman didn’t appear to open the gate. So when i was just watching out of my curiosity a young lady in a sexy saree got down and went near the gate, to open it herself… as she bent down and opened the gate lock and turned myside… my god her pallu from the saree fell down and there i was just looking at one of the most gorgeous boobs in a low cut blouse. I still had not seen her face since it was dark. And then as she stood up… i already got a hard-on in my pants and i almost froze.. It was just none other than rani mukherjee.. My god what a luck i had. She probably saw me looking at her and she instantly made her pallu proper. I was smiling at her involuntarily.

i don’t know what happened i just walked up to her and told ‘hi’.. I myself didn’t know where i got that courage from.

Me : hi, are u really rani mukherjee.

Rani : ya u r right (smiling and with her sexy voice)

Me : am really a great fan of urs and i really admire ur acting . U r best actress in the industry.
Rani: oh thank u, its really great to hear from fans like u.
Me:i live in the same area, and my house is very nearby.
Rani:oh that’s great, we can be friends then.

God was really happy with me bcoz it suddenly started raining. And i offered her to open the gate for her and opened the gate as she drove the car in her compound. Since it was raining i had to stand near her gate for shelter. She parked the car and looked at me almost standing in the rain and called me near the door. I went

Rani: hey come inside the house, its raining heavily.

Me: no its k i can go home. Its very near.

Rani: come yar i wil make some coffee for u.

And i accepted her invitation and went in. Obviously her home was really huge and luxurious.

Man i saw her in the lights and was almost gonna faint. She had this red transparent saree and a low cut blouse with almost no sleeves and she was all slightly wet due to the rain and drops of water covered her sexy body. She asked me to be seated on a posh sofa. I sat down.. I tell u ,, she was looking really really sexy much more than she looks in dick was already gorukle escort struggling in my pants. I don’t know why the whole house was empty not even the watchman at gate.

She took a towel and started dryin her hairs. Oh god, she moved her hands upwards to her hairs and her armpits were visible and her boobs being under the pressure of that blouse were struggling to pop out.

Rani: hey wait i will bring some coffee for u (and went inside)

She was proceeding towards the kitchen and i was just staring at her sexy ass following her. That too wet in rian. Wow… what a sight it was.

Then she brought two cups of coffee and we sat to chat with each other. I asked her many questions and one of them was bit steamy. I asked her how it feels to act in some of the sexy roles kissing some actors and all that . She answered me politely with diplomatic answers and then she asked me which hot scene of hers did i like till now. So i said that the one in recent kabhi alvida na kehna was good and said that u also looked damn sexy in films like saathiya and bunty aur bubli. So she laughed at me being naughty and we kept talking for some more time and since it was still raining and i didn’t have the chance to go home. (who would want to go home wen u have a sex god infront of u?)

So then i asked her one delicate question. I asked her since she is not married yet, don’t u get tempted to have affairs with actors or someone. For this, she said just stop naughty boy and stood up. I asked what and she said she wants to change and get fresh. I said k and she went inside her bedroom.

Just after two min she came out with same red sexy saree she was wearing, i tell u any person who saw her in that state would have ripped off that saree and would have sucked her boobs like anything. But i somehow controlled my sexual feelings. I was staring at her. She asked me can u do a favour for which i asked what is it. She told that pin of her blouse in back has hot stuck and asked me to remove it for her. Man i was on cloud nine.

I said yes with a naughty smile and she smiled me back and came to me and turned away showing her back of blouse to me.

There i was standing so close to the hottest ass. Instead of removing the lock of her blouse, my hands softly touched waist and from behind i encircled her waist slowly and pushed my already semi-hard dick to her ass, while doing this i simultaneously kissed her neck. She was completely aroused and asked me what r u doing in semi loud voice.

I said u r so beautiful in her ears and started kissing her back of the neck , sliding her hairs to the side. My hands were on her sexy smooth waist from behind and were already inside her saree. I slid my hands slowly upwards just to touch the bottom of her boobs. And her pallu fell of and i just saw her awesome cleavage standing behind her.

Her breath had fastened. My dick was pressing her butt crack. Rani mukherjee moaned very slowly “ahhhh ……” . She said kiss me.. I immediately turned her towards me and kissed her lips. Our tongues met. It was a french kiss. She responded amazingly. I kissed her hard and my hands were already cupping her asses i pinched her ass and pressing it hard. Her hands eskort bursa went inside my t-shirt and were exploring my athletic body. We kissed hard for a moment and almost fell on sofa.

I dragged her on me still kissing her lips. Her pallu had already fallen long back. I said to her. “ please remove ur saree. Rani stepped back from the sofa. Removed her saree naughtily smiling at me. She was now just in her blouse and petticoat. She almost jumped over me and bit my lips. And now my hands went on to her boobs. I just squeezed those awesome boobs. She was moaning aloud now… “ahhh don’t leave my boobs.. Eat them…” i honestly obeyed and almost sucked rani’s boobs from top of her blouse. I kissed, chewed, sucked. She pulled her back and told “ tear my blouse and suck them u tiger” with command. I just ripped apart her red blouse. Her pink soft costly bra was visible and i tasted her bra with those big boobs inside. Meanwhile my hands had made their way through the petticoat and were already inside her soft panties to press her ass. My mouth were busy kissing her boobs. She was on top of me on sofa with her spread apart. She obviously felt my hard dick pressing her. Her head was upwards and she was moaning…”ahhh u r so good…” “ahhhhhhhh haven’t been fucked for many days…” “am getting wet down there…”’ her hands were playing with my hairs. She said… “ahhh please take me to bedroom and fuck me badly…””” “ahhh my pussy wants ur dick”
“ahhh please fuck me roughly”””…

I just lifted her in my arms and went towards the bedroom. She was in her petticoat and tore blouse with her bra completely visible. Carried her inside the bedroom. Her bedroom was huge and huge bed at centre and a transparent bathroom besides it.

I threw her on the bed like a slut she was to me. Her legs stretched apart as the petticoat’s flexiblity was challenged. I kept looking her lying her on bed like that. She raised her arms and called out to me. “ come tiger.. Fuck me… ahhh” “please don’t make my pussy wait.”” I slowly went on her and lying on top of her. I kissed her lips. Her breasts were pressing my chest. Her legs were wrapped around me. I kissed her lips like anything and slowly proceeded downwards and removed her blouse completely . She was in her bra . I kissed her boobs once and removed her bra. Oh my god, the breasts looked awesome. She said.. “ahhh bite them..”” I went on kissing, kneeding , suckin her boobs for some 5 min and rani kept moaning very loudly.. ”ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Fuck me soon…”” then i started kissin her legs. Started from toes and went on till her thighs sliding the petticoat upwards. I removed the knot of her petticoat and removed my t-shirt, i pulled that petticoat out of her and rani’s hands went on to unbutton my jeans i removed my jeans and we both were only on our underwear. I told rani to lie down and started kissing her pussy over the panty. My hands were playing with the boobs. I slowly removed the panty and saw her pussy. It was so clean. Just small hairs she might have shaved it just two days before. She was screaming in pleasure.. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me””” she almost screamed.

I slowly started lickin her pussy like mad, my hands were offcourse pressing her boobs hard. karacabey escort I then started sucking them… just o make it fully prepared to get my dick in it.. Ummmmch,,, i made noises with her pussy and my mouth…. Off course she was talking all dirty . She began talking in hindi too… “” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please fuck me. Aur zor se chatooo mere choot koo…. Mere boobs ko chedoo… “’ her lips were open and she was enjoying every bit of this. I licked and tongue fucked her for some 5 min.

Then she sat up and pleaded for my dick… “ahhhh give me ur lauda,… i want it.. She made me lie and came on me.. She removed my underwear in in 2 seconds. My dick sprang out of its bondage , which was 8 inch big, and it was so clean. She shaked it with her hands for a some 10 seconds and started suckin it.. Wow…. Now it was my turn to moan… she was sucking it so well.. My god,, she was great at it. She sucked me for 5 min ,

As she stopped , i grabbed her boobs with my hands and made her to lie down. Even she was waiting for this time. Rani stretched her legs wide apart and almost screamed.. “:ahhhhh come on,,,,,, fuck me…my tiger”””…. I slowly touched her vagina with my dick and she was shivering.. “:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….””” I slowly teased her with my dick.. And then slowly began to push my dick in her…. Sexy rani mukherjee was moaning naked “””…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”….. Then i started my strokes . Her ass was moving along with my rydhtms.. I started moving very fast and was kissing her simultaneously… ummmm….ch our mouths were wildly kissing..

My movements got very fast gradually and her choot was equally tight. My hands were pressing her boobs like anything… now i started me movements even faster and saw her face.. Her eyes were closed and lips open and she was having the time of her life..
I started rubbing her boobs and my dick was ramming her pussy in and out with great frequency and rani mukherjee was screaming like anything.”Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” my dick was paining too… but i was fucking her hard,,, rubbing her boobs and her armpits… her boobs had become red .. Her face too and rani mukherjee was completely looking like slut naked and getting her pussy rammed by me.

I fucked for 20 min and we both climaxed together.. She was completely satisfied and i too gradually slowed down my movements.. She removed my cock from her pussy and let my sperm fall on her stomach and legs, she told me to position the dick near her mouth. I took my dick to her face and she was catching every drop of sperm falling from it.. Then she started kissing me softly all over my face and she asked me to let my dick inside her pussy. I inserted it again and we slept like that for some half an hour or so..

Later we went and had some food , we were naked all night…

She later told me that she likes to be fucked in doggy style. So we had a doggy style fucking in kitchen. I fucked her hard in doggy style and she bent down and took the support of kitchen table. The whole night we fucked some 5 to 6 times totally….. From then , whenever she was alone , she used to call me.. I made some reasons that am going for group study to my friends house and went to rani’s house…..

The whole night we used to fuck … in kitchen , in living room watching some blue films and in shower…, and in bath tub… almost everywhere…. But the first time was the best as i narrated the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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