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RING! RING! “Come on Meg, pick up. Hi Meg, it’s me. Are you busy? Chatting with you yesterday made me horny. I woke up several times last night with a hard, aching cock. I have to see you. No, later won’t do. I’m coming over right now. I know. I know it’s risky. I won’t stay long and no one there knows me, so they will think I am just another of your many appointments. What are you wearing? A skirt. Good. Here’s what I want you to do. Close your door. Take off your panties. Sit in your desk chair. Play with your pussy so that it is hot and ready when I get there. Pay special attention to your clit, stroke it gently, pretend your finger is my tongue. Slide your fingers down and play with your cunt lips, tease yourself, stroke between the lips, get those juices flowing. Slip a finger or two inside yourself so you can feel the warmth and the wetness. Slowly fuck those fingers in and out, all the time imagining that it is my cock instead of your fingers. Keep that up until I arrive. Do not make yourself cum. I want you excited, on the verge of cumming when I get there. I will be there in ten minutes. No, no protest. I am on the way. Click.”

On the drive over I stroke my cock through my pants. Visions of your fingers stroking your wet pussy dance in my head. I force myself to concentrate on driving, but the feel of my fingers wrapped around my cock draws my thoughts back to you, to us, joined together, my cock buried deep inside you, engulfed by your inner heat. Finally, I am there. I park, then bound up the steps to the floor where your office is located. No one questions me as I wend my way through the corridors until I stand before your office door. I knock, then open the door. Your hand comes up to your desktop as I enter, and your look of surprise Beylikdüzü Yabancı Escort changes to delight when you see that it is me rather than someone else. I close the door behind me. No lock? This may be riskier than I thought. Oh well.

I move around your desk and stand beside you. I can see that you skirt is up around your waist and your legs are parted. Your juices glisten on your splayed pussy lips and your upper thighs. I am pleased to see that you have followed my instructions. Your eyes gleem with anticipation as I move closer. You look down to my crotch and you see my erection outlined against the fabric of my trousers. You swivel your chair toward me and lean forward, planting a kiss on my cock. You unzip my pants, freeing my cock from its confines, and it springs toward you, eager for your attention. You lower your head, kiss my cock on its tip, swirl your tongue around its head, then gently suck its tip between your teeth and into the searing heat of your mouth. I nearly cum as you swirl your tongue around my cock, sucking it deep in your mouth, surrounding it with your warmth. Damn, that feels good. I move my fingers through your hair, caressing your scalp, stoking the back of your neck as your head bobs back and forth on my throbbing cock. Enough! You are going to make me cum.

I slowly withdraw my cock, though you seem unwilling to give it up. You look up into my eyes as I lift you into a standing position. I pull you close, enjoying the feeling of your breasts pressed against my chest and my cock throbbing aginst the smooth skin of your upper thighs. I inhale your aroma, the sweet smell of you, as we hug in preparation for what we both know will be a quick, intense fuck.

I Beylikdüzü Yaşlı Escort turn you so that I can lift your ass up on the edge of your desk. You lift one leg and rest your foot on the seat of your chair. Your hand drops to your pussy and you slide your fingers up and down along your slit in preparation. I step toward you so that my cock is positioned before the entrance to your pussy. I feel the heat emanating from deep within you, and in my mind I envision a warm vortex, reaching out of your inner depths, pulling me toward you, trying to suck me deep inside you. I feel your fingers on my cock and you pull me toward you, placing my cock against your skin. You are wet and my cock slips easily between the flared lips of your pussy, and I push foward, burying my shaft fully within you. For several moments, we don’t move, each of us focused on the myriad sensations brought on by our being joined together, my cock buried in your cunt, our bodies pressed tightly together, totally lost in the moment.

As I begin slow movements against you, I nuzzle my head into your shoulder, kissing your neck and ear, teasing all that I can reach with my tongue. Your hands press into my back, pulling me toward you with every thrust, demanding that I fill your every crevice and cavity with my hard, hot cock. Your ass slides back and forth on your desk, lubricated by your seeping nectar, as you meet my every thrust. I position my pelvis so its hardness presses against your clit, squeezing it between us on every thrust. I know we can’t last long at this pace, and I am right. Soon I feel the tempo of your movements become more urgent and you move more forcefully against me. I feel the climax rising within me as I pound against your Beylikdüzü Yeni Escort eager cunt. Your swollen pussy swells around my cock, infusing it with inner heat, holding me inside, as I cum, shooting my viscous cum deep inside you. At the same time, you raise your legs, wrapping them around my back, holding me tight against you as the tremors of your climax sweep through you. You moan softly and your head drops back away from me, causing your lower body to press more firmly against me.

Ah, such a moment. Our bodies fused together by the heat of passion, nerve endings tingling with the sensations of a good fuck, bodies relaxed in the calmness that follows such intense coupling. Too bad it cannot last! We are aroused from our reverie by the sound of a conversation being held just outside your office door. Reluctantly we part. I lean forward, giving you a loving kiss, and you respond in kind. Our tongues parry with one another with promise of things yet to come. As my cock slides from you, cum drips to the floor, pooling between your feet. You retrieve tissues from your desk, gently wiping your pussy before drawing your panties up your legs and back into place.

You kneel before me and gently lick the cum from my sensitized cock, causing tremors to course through my body with every swipe of your tongue. Your eyes are locked on mine as you go about this task, savoring the taste of our comingled juices. You rise, and we hug, a long, comforting hug. I know it is time to go; we have risked enough for one day. I turn and move toward the door. I sniff and inhale the essence of our sexual union that has diffused throughout your office. Anyone who enters in the next few minutes will smell the same smell and know that something out of the ordinary has taken place in your office. I will have to ask you later if any of your visitors later in the days asked about that smell. I turn to wave as I open your door and step outside. You are already seated in your chair, looking ready for business, but I know different. I close the door behind me as a broad smile spreads across my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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