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(The following is a parallel story to my previous story series My maid Lata. The two central characters in the present story, Malti and Richa were introduced in My maid Lata Pt 02 and Pt 03 respectively. Richa is Puja’s friend and is aged 18 while Malti is the maid of her house and aged 40.)

Richa was really happy that day. She had completed her college assignments with the help of her friend Puja and also had a fine lunch at Puja’s house. At around 4 PM she hopped back home and as she was going to enter her room she froze.

Her maid, Malti, a well-built dark-skinned woman was sitting on her bed, her saree pallu was down thus showing her cleavage. Her petticoat was lifted up and the unshaven pussy could be seen. And she with closed eyes was fingering herself.

Richa was so shocked that she didn’t utter a word and didn’t even move a whisker. Clearly nobody was home at that time and hence Malti had taken the liberty. She was moaning with abuses as one of her fingers was going in and out of the dense hairy pussy. And then Richa saw something that shocked her even more.

Malti had a photo of her best friend Puja! It was in Malti’s other hand and she while moaning was taking Puja’s name. Instead of being disgusted with the view Richa found herself liking it. She was curious about Malti and Puja’s relationship but also excited as hell inside. Richa slowly put a finger in her own pussy and found it moist!

She was actually turned on by seeing her maid fingering herself while taking the name of her best friend Puja. She kept peeping through her door while Malti, now moaning loudly fingered herself to an orgasm. Richa quickly went out of the house and came back after 5 minutes, pretending that she had just arrived.

Malti had freshened up by then and on seeing Richa she said, “Oh you are back Richa? Your parents had gone out and would come home late in the evening. They had asked me to stay with you till then.”

Richa said, “Ok Maltididi. I shall go and study now.”

As Richa entered her room the scene of Malti fingering herself flashed back in her mind. She felt a strange sensation in her pussy as she recollected to herself Malti’s fingering along with Puja’s photograph. She checked her bed where Lata was sitting and found that a little patch mark of Malti’s juices was leftover.

Richa grew bolder and bending herself sniffed the spot. A strange smell engulfed her senses. It was new to her, and she liked it. She bent again to sniff the patch mark. She smelt Malti’s pussy juices a few more times. Just then Malti entered the room. Richa was frozen again.

Malti with an evil grin on her face said, “Do you like what you smell?”

Richa stammered with her words as she said, “Maltididi I, I…”

Malti went up to her and put one finger to her lips and said, “Hush Richa. There is nothing to worry about. It is natural for girls of your age.”

Richa inhaled the smell of pussy cum that came from Malti’s finger, the same that she got from her bed. She uttered, “Maltididi what do you mean?”

Malti replied, “Well you know your friend Puja, she is having an affair with her maid Lata. The horny girl licks and sucks Lata’s body everyday. And guess what, she even did the same with me, the day before yesterday.”

Richa couldn’t believe her ears! What was Malti saying? She had met Lata before, but never had she thought that Lata and Puja could have an affair. Lata was also a woman after all, and that too a tribal maid! Was Malti telling her a lie? But why would she?

Seeing Richa preoccupied in her thoughts Malti sat beside her on the bed. In an Indian household generally the maids don’t sit in the owner’s bed, but Malti had crossed some lines that day already. Malti took Richa’s hand in hers and said, “You don’t believe me isn’t it?”

Richa couldn’t say anything as Malti drew her close to herself. A raw pungent smell entered Richa’s nostrils, it was Malti’s sweaty body odour. A gasp escaped Richa’s lips as Malti slid her hand inside her skirt and then in her panties.

Malti stroked Richa’s pussy and said, “See! You are quite horny as well. What turns on you now, is it Puja’s affair with Lata, or is it me?”

Richa was breathing heavily. Malti’s fingers gently stroking her virgin pussy was making her crazy. Malti rubbed her pussy more and this time a moan escaped Richa’s lips. She was getting horny and couldn’t help it. Malti with her left hand turned Richa’s neck towards herself, so that they were facing each other now.

Richa looked into Malti’s eyes. They were full of lust, Richa saw a hunger for herself. As Malti’s fingers kept stroking her Richa moaned again. Malti slowly bent her mouth near Richa, and then the inevitable happened. They kissed.

Malti’s full lips met Richa’s, the palm of Malti’s left hand pressed harder on the back of Richa’s head. Richa’s mind was fully blank, she couldn’t think, couldn’t reason out anything. She just wanted the kiss to continue, and the fire in her pussy only added to the desire.

The lips brushed against each istanbul escort other, with Malti occasionally biting Richa too, making her squeak. Malti had now stopped stroking Richa’s pussy and concentrated on kissing. Slowly both of them lay down on the bed, Malti being on top. The kiss was still on though, Malti pressing her body on Richa’s.

Richa was getting a bit suffocated due to the full weight of Malti on her body, and also she had to keep up with the continuous lip kissing. But her body had given away already and she felt that it was her sweet destiny to be in this position. Malti was sometimes using her tongue to lick Richa’s lips and cheeks as well, and Richa was enjoying every bit of it.

Richa was wearing a sleeveless top and Malti started to plant kisses on her left arm, from shoulder to her fingers, and then repeated on her right arm. She again mounted Richa’s body and kissed her neck, bit her earlobes and licked her cheeks. She then inserted her tongue in Richa’s mouth and Richa sucked on it, salivating her mouth in the process.

Malti slid her tongue in and out of Richa’s mouth as if she was tongue fucking her mouth. Her tongue was moving to every corner of Richa’s mouth, exploring the wetness. Richa underneath Malti’s body weight was struggling to keep pace with Malti’s advances. Deep breaths and moans filled the room as they carried on kissing each other.

Malti then stood up on the bed holding Richa’s head and making her sit. She guided Richa inside her petticoat. In the darkness a wet bushy pussy was awaiting Richa’s arrival. Richa was dumb-folded and didn’t know what was going on.

Her face was inches away from Malti’s wet pussy, it’s smell showed the aroused state of Malti. Richa didn’t know what to do. Just then she heard Malti murmuring, “Lick my pussy do it now.”

Lick it? Did she hear it right? Richa questioned herself. Can anyone actually even think of licking the pussy of a woman? But with a sudden force Malti pushed her face to the pussy and Richa knew what she had to do, automatically.

She took out her tongue and gave a lick to her maid’s pussy, going upwards and then coming down. The taste as well as the smell was not that comfortable for her. But Richa’s state of mind then was not to complain. She had opened new horizons for herself the moment she kissed her maid.

So she licked, our tongue instantly lapping up the dripping juices of Malti’s pussy. Malti had let go of her head and was now pressing her own boobs while moaning. Richa needed no more guidance, she was licking like a pro. Her hands were behind Malti’s body, holding onto the huge buttocks while she licked her pussy.

Malti moaned, “Yes my baby, I knew you had a slut in you too. You fantasize about me, my body, I knew it. Lick me more you love it I know.”

It wasn’t true, Richa had no thoughts of fantasy for any woman before, but her mind seemed to accept the falsehood. She felt that she was born to lick Malti’s pussy, please her, taste her, sniff her. Being called as low as a slut too didn’t make her disgusted, she continued licking Malti’s pussy.

Malti pushed her weight onto Richa, making her lie down on the bed, while she sat with her knees folded, her pussy enveloping Richa’s mouth. Richa hadn’t stopped licking even for a moment, and as Malti rubbed her pussy on her mouth she desperately licked more and more. Malti’s moans increased and she started to breathe rapidly, as she neared her climax.

Soon with a loud scream Malti met her orgasm and squirted her juices onto Richa’s mouth, which Richa gleefully accepted and didn’t spill a drop. After panting for some time Malti lay aside and Richa got up from her position.

Malti said, “I knew you are a natural licker, just like your friend Puja. Only if I had realised it 12 years back, I wouldn’t have married a man and had kids. I would have had girls like you at my service, worshipping my body.”

Richa was silent. After the passion had subsided she was thinking again. She had never thought of doing such a thing, with a woman who was her maid. A woman more than twice her age. Why was she turned on? Was it because of Puja’s affair with Lata? Or really she was attracted to this dark skinned maid Malti? No, it couldn’t be.

Richa ran to the washroom and washed her mouth with a mouthwash. Malti too came in there and said, “Hey sweetheart, why such a rush? Your parents would come at 7 PM. Look at the clock. Still an hour is left. We can play some more.”

Richa said, “No Maltididi, whatever happened is for once only. I don’t think we should do this again.”

Malti’s face turned serious and she said in a grave voice, “Do you really think that’s going to happen? You are wrong, you don’t have such self-control. You need it. I know, it’s written all over your face.”

All of a sudden Malti pulled Richa towards herself and started to kiss her forcefully. Richa struggled to get free but Malti was too strong for her. She pinned Richa to the wall and kissed her more. Malti once again slid her hand in Richa’s panty and halkalı escort stroked her pussy. Richa couldn’t even move herself, let alone be free.

After a little futile struggles Richa was once again overpowered by her feelings. Her pussy was dripping again. She started to reciprocate, she kissed back Malti. Her hands that were trying to push Malti away were now embracing her and moving on her back. Malti’s teeth sank into Richa’s lips as she bit her. Richa trembled and squealed but continued to fondle Malti.

Soon Malti’s fingers had brought Richa close to her orgasm, the first of her life. When it came, Richa arched her body and let out a scream. With a huge shiver her juices flew out and she say down on the floor, panting. Malti’s fingers were drenched with her juices and she put them in Richa’s mouth.

Malti murmured, “That’s how you taste, see it for yourself. Lick my fingers, don’t leave even a droplet of your cum.”

After Richa had finished off sucking and licking her own pussy juices Malti asked her to wash herself and wait for her parents’ arrival. That night Richa had started a new chapter in her life, she wasn’t sure that she wanted this but also couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoyed every bit of it.

Malti started to tease Richa everyday from then on. Next day when Richa’s mother was taking a shower, Malti came into Richa’s room and grabbed Richa from behind. She whispered, “Hey sweetheart, missing me?”

Before Richa could reply Malti turned her towards herself and kissed on her lips. Although she was afraid of getting caught, Richa felt powerless and submitted to Malti. Malti sat on the floor and after extending her legs, she made Richa sat on her knee. As they kissed Malti moved Richa in such a way that her pussy rubbed on her knee.

With every movement Richa felt a fire-like passion developing in her pussy. She was moaning soon as Malti kissed her lips, cheeks, collarbone, neck and also rubbed Richa’s pussy on her knee. In just about two minutes Richa’s pussy gave and she met her orgasm.

Panting heavily Richa lay on the floor but before she could react Malti had sat on her face. The huge black buttocks had engulfed Richa’s face and she couldn’t breathe properly. She wanted to push Malti off but Malti had already pinned her both hands. Malti said, “It’s your turn now. Lick me, or I won’t allow you to breathe.”

Richa knew her struggles would be in vain. Her mother won’t come out from the shower before half an hour. She must obey what Malti said. So, Richa took out her tongue and licked Malti’s pussy. Malti slowly released her pressure from the face as she felt Richa’s tongue licking her pussy.

Richa licked up and down, her tongue flickering Malti’s hairy cunt. Malti slowly twisted Richa’s nipples, making her body arch and feet tremble. But she dared not stop the licking, she licked on, lapping the juices that slowly flew out of the maid’s pussy. She felt as if she were getting adjusted to the taste of the juices, it didn’t taste that bad.

Richa questioned herself, what had become of her? Why was she starting to like the taste of the pussy? She could easily resist Malti, or even complain to her parents. But she didn’t. She actually liked licking the hairy pussy of the maid. She likes lapping her juices. What was happening to her?

While in deep thoughts Richa’s tongue might have slowed down, a pinch on her nipples made her squeal and come back to senses. She could hear Malti’s voice saying, “Don’t you dare slow down. You have me all worked up. Finish me off quickly before your mother comes.”

Richa started to lick vigorously now, as fast as she could. Her tongue touched the walls of the maid’s pussy, making Malti moan. Malti started to rub her pussy on Richa’s face, similar to what she did before, and Richa holding onto her thighs kept licking the pussy. Soon the flood gates opened again as Malti drained a lot of cum in Richa’s mouth. She was satisfied and went back to her work.

In the evening suddenly there was a power cut and it was completely dark. Richa’s mother went out to bring a candle. Malti after completing her work was about to leave for home then. She took the chance of the darkness and fondled Richa’s boobs. Richa was terrified as this time her mother wasn’t inside the bathroom. She might come any moment.

Malti however kept fondling the boobs without showing any fear or concern. She whispered in Richa’s ear, “Hey sweetheart I know you will miss my body after I go. Don’t worry it won’t be long when we be together again.”

Richa tried to say, “I don’t miss anything.” But she couldn’t let out a word as Malti’s full lips met hers. Malti kissed and sucked Richa, while her hands pressed her boobs. Richa seemed frozen at that place, not knowing what to do. But just then seeing a faint light in the next room Malti understood that Richa’s mother was coming and so she let her go.

Next morning Malti came to work again. Richa’s father had as usual left for his job while her mother was busy cooking. Suddenly mecidiyeköy escort a phone call came that Richa’s aunt, who lived in the next town had fallen sick and was admitted to the hospital. Richa’s mother had to leave immediately. Richa also wished to go but her mother insisted on her staying home.

Malti came to Richa’s room immediately after her mother left. She said, “Sweetheart, you know you had really improved and lick even more fantastic. That bitch Puja, she however had licked every part of my body. It’s time you too do similar.”

Richa couldn’t understand and asked, “What do you mean Maltididi?”

Malti with an evil grin took off all her clothes. Richa gasped as she saw traces of sweat glistening on Malti’s dark nude body. The boobs with large areolas made Richa’s jaw drop. As Malti came closer her sweaty body odour filled Richa’s senses. Malti kissed her lips and said, “You have licked only my pussy till now. Time to go to the next level.”

Richa with a puzzled face looked towards Malti who lifted one of her arms and presented to her a sweaty, densely hairy armpit. Women from the community Malti belonged to never shaved their body hair, and the result could be seen by Richa in the hairy mess in Malti’s armpit. Malti said, “You will lick my armpits now.”

Richa’s mind was blown away at Malti’s words. She begged, “No no no please Maltididi, how can I lick it? Please don’t make me do this.”

Malti hugged her tightly and said, “Hey you are going to enjoy it, don’t worry sweetheart. You have already licked my pussy isn’t it? So what is the problem? Give it a try. Come, I will help you.”

Saying so, Malti held the back of Richa’s head with her left hand and guided her head to her right armpit. As Richa’s mouth met the sweat filled hairy mess, the sweaty smell made her dizzy.

Malti moved Richa’s head in small circles on her armpit, making Richa’s lips, nose and chin drenched by her sweat. “Why are you being so reluctant? Lick it now.” murmured Malti. Richa took out her tongue and gave a faint lick on the hairy armpit.

Her tongue felt a salty sweat taste, which further added to her discomfort along with the sweaty smell. But her mind had stopped working then, and she didn’t complain any more. She licked again, this time with a harder stroke of the tongue on the sweaty patch of hair existing in the maid’s armpit.

Malti moaned in pleasure as she felt Richa’s tongue exploring her armpit, she had started to finger herself by then. After a few minutes of licking Richa took the armpit hair patch in her mouth and sucked on it, and Malti’s moans increased. She guided Richa to the other armpit soon and Richa continued to lick and suck it as well.

Richa had lost count of how much time she was buried in those armpits but she consistently kept on licking and sucking them, and soon she found Malti’s moans increasing and body shivering, as the maid reached a thundering orgasm. Malti took her own fingers that were drenched in sticky cum, and put in Richa’s mouth. Richa licked away the juices.

Malti said. “Wow you did great sweetheart. You are starting to come to the same level as your friend Puja. Just one or two more things and you will surpass her. Now Lata will be jealous of me that I possess a better slut than her.”

Richa washed her mouth while listening to these humiliating words, the constant comparison to Puja and who the better slut was. She felt that maybe it was her destiny to do so, lick, suck and fuck this big dark woman, more than twice her age, her maid Malti.

At around 11 AM Richa’s neighbour Mrs Rai called her. Her mother had telephoned at their landline. Richa went there and took the receiver, “Hello.”

Richa’s mother replied, “Hello Richa, are you alright?”

“Yes mom, how is aunty now?”

“She is better now, but needs to be kept in the hospital for the day. Listen Richa I need to stay here till the evening. Please ask Malti to take care of you till I arrive. I have called Essential Caterers, they will provide lunch for you two. Just stay safe.”

Richa was dumb-folded on hearing this, she was supposed to be alone with Malti till evening. Her father generally arrived at 7 PM, and it seemed that her mother would come in a similar time. So she was going to be with Malti, for a long time.

But she didn’t have the courage to say anything to her mother. She just replied, “Ok mom, don’t worry I will be alright.”

“Ok Richa. Thanks a lot. Bye.”

Richa came back to her house. Maltinon hearing everything was overjoyed. She exclaimed, “Oh what a great day today is! You are going to be trained more now.”

Richa said, “Maltididi I have done everything that you told me to. Please now let us stop this. If anybody comes to know of it what will happen?”

Malti hugged her and said, “Oh come on sweetheart, we have just started. Many more horizons to explore.”

As usual the very naive Richa had no resistance towards Malti as the maid stripped her off her clothes. Malti too became nude again and soon the lips were kissing, the hands exploring the naked bodies and sounds of hot breaths filling the room. Malti took a bed mopping soft brush and teased Richa’s body with it, tickling her in the process. Richa trembled as Malti tickled her and also licked her nipples at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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