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Sarah felt the excitement grow in her belly as the appointed time approached. The straps holding her in place were so tight that she could barely moved. Pressed in closely either side of her were the two men, Grigory and Pete, the fighter pilot and the millionaire, with her sandwiched in the middle. The restrictive fabric of her outfit with its bulky undergarments added to the sense of closed-in helplessness. The only sound was her own quickening breaths, and the quiet male voice in her ear…

“Tri… dva… odin… eazhiganie!”

With a sudden roar the engines of the Soyuz-FG launcher ignited, pressing Sarah firmly back into her custom-molded seat as the huge rocket thrust itself skywards. The noise was deafening as the little Soyuz-TMA capsule she was riding shook and vibrated in response to the raw power of the energies being released beneath her. The shaking kept increasing, making her body strain against its restraints, G-forces squeezing her in tightly between the two men sharing her ride. She had been in training for two years for this mission, and had been a registered NASA astronaut for seven years before that, but nothing had prepared her for this brutal physical assault from the powerful Russian rocket as it shot her into space.

There was a loud bang somewhere beneath her as the large strap-on boosters split from the main shaft of the rocket. The sudden jolt knocked Sarah forward in her seat before the thrust of the first stage re-asserted itself and pushed her back down in her seat, as if her body were just a toy to the forces around her. As they pierced the sound barrier and both the noise and the shaking decreased, Sarah realized with concern that the jolt of separation had shaken something loose in her suit. She could feel something warm and pliable– probably a soft rubber section of the complicated urine-extraction device – riding free in the crotch of her pressure suit. As the thrust kurtköy escort from the engines increased again, the thick strap running between her legs was pushing the tubing further up the suit, rubbing it against her inner thigh. It created a gentle tickling that was not unpleasant. Sarah was just becoming used to the sensation when it suddenly changed. Her eyes went wide and she let out a small involuntary gasp as she felt a buzzing touch against her secret place – the vibration of the engines was thrumming through the strap and straight into the rubber implement, which she could now feel caressing her crotch!

Sarah was suddenly very aware of all of the medical sensors pressed against her skin at various points underneath the pressure suit. Her body temperature, breathing, heart-rate – all were being monitored by teams of people in mission control in Moscow and Houston. All those eyes, watching her body’s every reaction in intimate detail. Her gloved hands gripped the edge of her seat as she fought to control her body’s reactions. Keep breathing steadily, don’t let your heart race – oh!

Again the tubing brushed her outer lips, it’s sweet thrumming lighting up her nerves before withdrawing again, an intermittent caress that flickered on and off seemingly at random. Sarah tried desperately to push herself up in her seat, to move her treacherous body away from the teasing vibration, but the perfectly moulded seat held her firm, not allowing her an escape.

She tried to distract herself from the sensations building within her. Tried to focus on her training, on the mission. She thought of all the long months in Star City, practicing mind-numbing routines for operating the spacecraft. That and the constant physical training that she and her two companions were subjected to. Her eyes closed as she remembered how Grigory and Pete had been constantly competing with one another, always pushing aydıntepe escort their bodies right to the limit. In her mind she saw again the slick sweat pouring of their hard, lean bodies after a vigorous workout. She’d imagined that maybe they’d been doing it to impress her, a primitive male urge to show her who was most worthy of her, demonstrating their physical attributes for her approval.

Oh, this was not working! As mental images of the two men filled her mind the vibrations become more constant, and she could feel the heat and dampness increasing between her legs. The more she tried not to think about it, the more the wonderful feeling spread to fill her mind. She wondered if this had happened on other missions. Could her crewmates also be experiencing this silent ravishing? She dared not look to check, afraid her own face would give away what she was feeling, but the question wouldn’t leave her. Could it be that even now the trembling of the launch was causing a humming in Grigory’s lap? After seeing his toned fighter-pilot’s body during training, her already over-active imagination could easily picture how some loose implement in his suit might even now be playing against his impressive package, making it swell and strain against the inside of his suit…

A low moan escaped Sarah’s lips, lost in the roar of the engines, as the image of Grigory’s hard cock played in her mind whilst the vibrating rubber played against her soaking pussy. She could feel her nipples hardening, pressing against the rough fabric of her sports bra, causing the omnipresent vibrations to excite them more. She knew she should be focussing on her job, but it just felt so good. It was almost three years since she’d last slept with a man. She’d been too focussed on her career, too dedicated to getting into space, to have time for men. On those rare occasions when she’d finally given in to the necessity to relieve herself, tuzla içmeler escort it had generally been a quick and efficient task, satisfying her body’s needs so she could get back to work. And now the work itself was teasing her. She was riding a rocket in the truest sense.

There was another load bang and a sudden loss of acceleration as the second stage jettisoned. Immediately the tickling on Sarah’s lips halted, and her body ached at the sudden loss. But it lasted only a moment before the final stage ignited. Sarah almost squealed out loud at the effects of the new force. The piece of tubing had re-aligned itself and was now laying lengthways along her receptive slit. Part of its length was actually pushing open her outer lips, whist the restraints pressed the far end firmly against her swollen clit, vibrating like crazy!

Sarah gave in to the sensations coursing through her, no longer caring about mission control or the two men either side of her. Once more she tried to move in her seat, but this time pushing down to increase the firmness of the rocket’s caress. Her eyes were closed tight as she focussed on the feelings in her body, the incredible pleasure that was building inside her. Her nipples were twin flares of sensation, aching to be pinched and teased, for the firm hands of a skilled lover. Her pussy was gushing juices, her inner walls gripping and squeezing as if to hold onto the fantastic cock that must be doing this to her. And her clit was in heaven. The heat rose in her, the pleasure building into a crescendo, until with one final lurch her rocket lover threw her against the restraints, triggering an orgasm that left her shaking and flushed, almost weeping with pleasure.

As she came to her senses, Sarah realised she was in zero-gee. Pete was whooping and cheering, fortunately covering Sarah’s own outburst a moment earlier. She turned the other side and saw Grigory smiling at her. For just an instant his gaze held hers, and she knew with a certainty that he had seen what had happened to her.

Without further comment, Grigory turned to the consol and spoke into the radio: “Houston, this is Soyuz. We have entered orbit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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