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Anal Fucking

Maria Vargas looked down disappointedly at the book in her lap, La Casa de los Diablos. A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the clock in the Captain’s Lounge once again. The hands did not seem to want to move.

She hated flight delays, especially when she was headed home for her month-long Christmas break from Smith College. Once again she ran her eyes over her fellow passengers, appraising them for any sign that one — just one — would make suitable conversation material. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Damn. Am I consigned to hours of absolute boredom? she thought.

Clarence Montgomery opened the door to the Captain’s Lounge just as Maria directed her gaze in that direction. A smile automatically filled his face as he looked at this attractive young woman whose face was turned toward his.

Maria’s mouth curved into a welcoming smile. There was no way she could keep from responding to this lively looking, engaging man. At last, she thought, a white knight to the rescue. She eyed him thoughtfully as he approached.

Clarence, moving with the feline grace of an athlete, approached Maria and held out his hand. “I’m Clarence Montgomery.”

Maria took his hand automatically, a smile on her lips. “Maria Vargas,” she replied. Not bad, she thought, thirty something, not handsome, but OK, and I need someone to entertain me.

Clarence surveyed the room and shook his head in disgust. “Good grief. Look at these people. Those who don’t have their fingers on their laptop keyboards are glued to their phones.”

Maria nodded. “They do need to get a life. The next generation is probably going to be born with a cell phone connection wired into their brain.”

Clarence chuckled. “Going home for the holidays?” he asked as he eyed her covertly, liking what he saw. She is not only good looking, she is also all right in the leg and breast department, he told himself. I think I have lucked out on this trip.

“Are you Sherlock Holmes?” A smile flickered over her face as she looked at him, her eyebrows raised.

“Let’s see,” Clarence replied. “This flight goes directly to Mexico City. You look the right age to be a college sophomore. Your English is perfect, but with a faint accent that has to be Mexican and you are holding in your lap a novel by a well known Mexican author.”

Maria clapped her hands quietly. “Bravo, Sherlock. What is taking you to Mexico City?” Then she ticked off on her fingers as she spoke. “This is the wrong time for a vacation. There is no paint under your nails so I don’t think you are an artist headed for San Miguel, and you don’t have the disheveled look of an intellectual. You are too neatly dressed to be a hippy, and that very small briefcase suggests senior management. How am I doing?”

Clarence bowed to her and, catching the waiter’s eye, called him over. “I’ll have scotch, rocks and make it a double.”

He looked at Maria. “Can I order you something?”

Maria held up her Coke glass and shook her head.

“Touché. That was very good. I am the founder and the only senior management my company has. I’m going to Mexico City to talk with a group of investors who want to buy my company.”

“And what does your company do?”

“It is an internet security firm. I invented the software and formed the company when I was an undergraduate student at MIT. We attack the hackers who try to take over company computers. And what are you a student of?”

“I will remember that when I take up hacking. At the moment, however, I am majoring in Latin American literature at Smith College.”

She put her half emptied glass in a potted plant behind her and reached over and put her hand on Clarence’s thigh. “Can I change my mind? I’d like a rum and coke.”

Clarence’s sexual barometer sent a positive signal to his brain as he felt Maria’s hand warm his thigh. Smiling, he told her, “Of course. We are all entitled to change our minds.” Ankara travesti He signaled the waiter and gave him the drink order.

When the drinks came, Clarence told Maria her name rang a bell with him. “I wonder if I know anyone in your family or perhaps people with whom I do business do business with your family.”

Maria told him a bit about her family, their businesses, and some of the people associated with her family businesses.

Clarence nodded. “That’s why. I know the Gonzalez brothers, who have spoken with me about approaching your family about using my firm, your father perhaps? “

Maria’s hand returned to Clarence’s thigh, dangerously close to his developing erection, as she nodded. “Yes. I think you are right. There is a connection there.”

They chatted amiably until the loudspeaker announced that their flight would arrive in fifteen minutes.

Maria excused herself and walked, her body swaying in a way patented by Latin women, toward the table where a company spokesperson was seated.

“I am Maria Gonzalez y Vargas,” she told the woman. “I do not know my seat assignment, but I wish to be seated next to Clarence Montgomery.”

The clerk’s fingers played over her computer keyboard a moment. She smiled at Maria. “It’s done, Miss Vargas.”

Clarence was standing when she returned. He offered his arm to her as they walked toward the boarding gate. His erection took a decided turn upward when he felt her soft, firm breast warm his arm. He had thought she was not wearing a bra.

They settled into their first class seats. Clarence, after asking Maria if she concurred in his choice of pre-flight drinks, ordered champagne for them both. They continued their exploration of mutual acquaintances and the delights Mexico City offered visitors during the dinner that was served and their after-dinner drink.

When the lights went out Maria turned to Clarence. “Would you pull the armrest up and allow me to rest my head on your shoulder? I’m sleepy after the food and drinks. We have several hours until we land, and I could use a little nap.”

“I’m glad to loan you a shoulder,” he told her, pulling up the armrest and holding out his arm.

He put a blanket over their legs and pulled one around their shoulders.

Maria put one hand on his thigh, the other in her lap, and settled her head on his shoulder comfortably.

Maria’s fingers clutched spasmodically at his thigh, then lay still as sleep overcame her. Her warm hand, the way it gripped and relaxed on his thigh encouraged Clarence’s hard-on that had been building since she had touched his thigh the first time in the Captain’s Lounge.

Clarence looked down at Maria, admiring her face composed in sleep, and dropped his arm down across her body, almost touching her right breast. He smiled, thinking that he was once again a teenager hoping to cop a feel of his date’s breast, and perhaps more.

That thought and his now-raging erection drove his hand to her breast. He cupped it, delighting in the heft of her soft, firm breast. He closed his eyes and, without thinking of what he was doing, began to rub her nipples with his thumb as he squeezed one breast, then the other.

Maria’s eyes fluttered open, and she came awake slowly. She closed her eyes again, liking the feel of Clarence’s hand caressing her breasts. Her vagina pulsed, and that familiar feeling began to flow from her loins as Clarence continued to fondle her breasts and nipples.

She sighed and moved her head toward his. Brushing her lips against his, she moved her mouth to his ear, whispering, “I like that, but don’t start something you are not willing to finish. If you keep that up, you are going to have me sitting on your lap right here on the plane. ” Her hand, as if to emphasize her point, moved to his crotch, her fingers rubbing up and down his hard-on through the cloth of his trousers.

Clarence Antalya travesti looked around the darkened cabin. Everyone, including the flight attendant, was asleep. His cock began to leak into his shorts as he moved his left hand to Maria’s thighs. His fingers moved upward toward that thin band of her bikini panties that covered her sex.

Maria bit her lip as she opened her thighs to accommodate Clarence’s questing fingers. She took in and released a deep breath as his fingers began to caress her panties, now moistened with little drops of her lovejuice. She pressed her hips forward, encouraging Clarence to explore further.

Clarence pushed aside the tiny band of cloth and rubbed a finger up and down her labia, moistening it. Carefully, slowly, he inserted his finger between her pussy lips, his thumb moving upward to her hooded clitoris.

Maria’s vagina clutched at the invading member, pulling at it, loving it. She loved foreplay almost as much as the sex act itself. She moved her head from his shoulder and kissed him, her mouth open, tongue seeking his.

Clarence’s tongue danced with hers as he finger-fucked her, his thumb now rubbing softly, slowly, gently, up and down and around and around Maria’s excited clit.

Maria, her mouth still glued to his, slid her fingers under the waistband of her panties and pushed them downward off her hips as she lifted her ass from the seat.

Clarence, when he realized what she was doing, followed suit, unbuckling his belt and pushing his trousers and shorts downward, letting his raging hard-on swing free.

Maria, in a single lithe movement of her well conditioned body, rolled over and sat on Clarence’s lap. She lifted her sweater upward and pulled Clarence’s mouth to her breasts, whispering to him, “I like to have my breasts sucked when I make love.”

She rubbed her now wet labia back and forth over Clarence’s rigid cock, enjoying the sensations his long, thick tool sent through her body. She licked her lips and leaned forward, whispering softly in his ear. “You are longer and thicker than my ex-boyfriend. We need to go slowly.”

Clarence pulled his mouth from a nipple just long enough to nod his head. Sucking on nipples and breasts was something he loved to do. The feel of her firm flesh and stiff nipples in his mouth sent his sexual temperature upward. Slowly, gently he licked and sucked at her, his hands always in motion caressing the breast not in his mouth.

His cock jerked and leaked precum jism when Maria put her hand around it and rubbed the bulbous head against her moistened labia. Clarence pushed upward, but Maria shook her head and pushed at his thighs with her hands, signaling him that she wanted control.

Clarence concentrated on her lovely breasts, perfectly willing to let Maria set the pace.

Slowly, inch by inch, she fed his cock into her grasping vagina. It felt so good to be so full of a man’s penis. She loved the feeling of being stuffed. She had been satisfied by her ex-boyfriend, who had been her first and only lover, but Clarence’s longer and thicker cock was more gratifying sexually.

Clarence felt his orgasm grow slowly and steadily as Maria moved herself up and down his now-lubricated rod with slow deliberation. This young lady has a very talented pussy, he thought. I wish there was some way I could get more of her than this very enjoyable fuck.

He concentrated on his business deal in order to keep from coming, but all too soon knew he was going to erupt. Pulling his mouth from a breast, he whispered in Maria’s ear, “Soon, Maria, very soon.”

Maria kissed him, her tongue licking at his lips, then plunging into his mouth. She squeezed his cock while moving her vagina a very small distance up and down his rod, creating sensations Clarence had not felt for years. And then she pressed downward forcefully and held herself İstanbul travesti to him, her pussy vibrating around his exploding cock.

She moaned softly as they came together, her greedy vagina vibrating and pulsing around his throbbing cock. A most satisfying fuck, she thought as the shockwaves of her orgasm flooded her body. I hope he can go again.

The flight attendant, her antenna alert to every sound and movement in the cabin, came awake. Her eyes made a rapid survey of the cabin and came to rest on Clarence’s seat. My God, she thought, her eyes opening wide. They are having sex right here in the cabin. She began to unfasten her seat restraints, then smiled and closed her eyes.

Maria’s talented vagina milked every drop of cum from Clarence, sending waves of orgasmic aftershocks over both their bodies. She moved her mouth to his ear, her vagina massaging his cock, “I’d like to do that again, and you?”

Clarence controlling his breathing with difficulty nodded his head. He kissed and licked at her ear as he told her, “I wouldn’t say no if I were dying.”

Maria giggled, liking his enthusiasm. With practiced moves she brought them to another orgasm, and then a third. She collapsed against his chest as her body came down from her orgasmic high. “I hate to leave you, but if I don’t I’m going to have something running down my legs. I’ll bring you some Kleenex.”

She walked quietly to the bathroom and cleaned herself, humming to herself as she did. She stuffed some Kleenex into her panties and grabbed a handful to take to Clarence.

Clarence wiped his penis and crotch and then went to the bathroom to finish cleaning himself. He wrapped some Kleenex around his cock to absorb any leakage. He did not want to have a stain in his trousers.

Maria again settled her head on his shoulder and was soon asleep, though not before, with a twinkle in her eye, telling Clarence to keep his hands off her the rest of the way to Mexico City.

She was on her cell phone the moment the plane touched down, speaking too rapidly for Clarence to follow.

His two months of intensive Spanish at a language school in Cuarnavaca allowed him to carry on a simple conversation, but when someone spoke very rapidly he was only able to catch fragments of what was said.

Maria, a smile dancing across her face, handed the phone to Clarence.

He raised his eyebrows as he looked at her and then spoke into the phone. “Hello. This is Clarence Montgomery.”

“Good Morning Mr. Montgomery,” a strong, hearty voice responded. “This is Miguel Caudillo y Vargas. My daughter has told me how you so graciously and generously entertained her. I thank you very much for your consideration.”

Clarence shook his head at Maria, a smile on his face, as he answered, “It was my pleasure, Mr. Vargas. You have a very charming and talented daughter, and I would be glad to do it again if I had the opportunity.”

Maria began to giggle as she listened, and then put her hand over her mouth to suppress her laughter.

“Mr. Montgomery, we are going to have a small gathering in two days to celebrate our daughter’s safe return. Please come as our guest. Maria tells me we have some mutual acquaintances who will also be in attendance, and I am sure you will feel comfortable in our home.”

“I will be honored to do so, Mr. Vargas.”

“Good. Maria will give you directions. I look forward to meeting you in person, as will my wife.”

Clarence said his goodbyes and gave the phone to Maria.

She concluded the conversation and gave Clarence her address and succinct directions. “If you take a taxi, always call one,” she told him. “Do not flag down a cab. It is too dangerous. You just invite a kidnapping if you do.”

Clarence put a finger under her chin and tilted it upward as his lips brushed against hers. “Thank you for a lovely trip. I look forward to the dinner party.”

Maria squeezed his arm, her tongue licking along his lips.

They exited the aircraft together. Maria looked for her chauffer/bodyguard and Clarence for a “Montgomery” sign and the driver that went with it. Both looked forward to the dinner that would take place in two days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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