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When I was younger I hated football and the Raiders. Not only did I not understand the game, it took over my entire house during the weekends and Monday nights. I could not watch anything because my uncle, dad and grampa were watching the stupid games. For my 19th birthday my Uncle Joaquin gave me a tiny Raiderette’s cheerleading uniform as a gift. It was a tiny little white top that you tied in front covering only your tits with a black mini skirt and pompoms. He told everyone that I could cheer on the team instead of complaining about watching football. Needless to say I never wore that stupid outfit, just to spite him. From that day, I went out of my way to make fun of his team, especially when they lost. It was a decision that, I would come to regret and love.

It was later that season I paid for being a brat. It was football season again, my parents left out of town and they left my Uncle Joaquin in charge of the house. Meaning, I would feed them (him and my grampa Fidel), and clean the house. Uncle Joaquin would just sit and watch television in the living room while grampa did the same in his room. Grampa hardly left his room. Before they left, my parents made sure Uncle Joaquin and I knew I was to stay home and could not go anywhere without my Tio or grampa.

As luck would have it, I got invited to the biggest party of the year at the cutest boy in school. But I couldn’t get permission to go and I needed money to buy me a new outfit. Since my uncle was in charge I had to go talk to him. He talked to me and considered me a brat that was mainly underfoot. It’s not like he hated me but, whenever I was around, he acted like he was bothered by me being there. Over the years we drifted apart and we grew cold with each other. Yet he was in charge and if he let me go I still needed a way to come up with the money I would need to purchase my outfit.

I walked into the living room where he and his two friends were watching a football game Raiders. They were into the game. All there were yelling and screaming at the television. “Tio” was all I said before he shut me up. He hated to be bothered while the game was on. I waited until a commercial.

“Tio, can I go to Max’s party tonight? I know mom and dad said I shouldn’t go out but they didn’t say I couldn’t go out,” I lied to him.

Of course I was being extra nice and sweet trying to play the good niece card. He gave me the “oh now that you need something you come to me” look. Then he turned to his friends and began talking about the game. It was as if I wasn’t in the room. His actions told me that I should leave and stop bothering the men while the game was on.

“Tio please, I already made dinner. All the clothes are washed. I cleaned the whole house. I even fed the dogs. Please can I go,” I pleaded.

He never looked at me. He ignored me and continued to talk with his friends. Both gave me looks, like little girl leave your uncle alone and let us watch the game in peace. I was about to ask again when the game started by up. Again I waited a commercial.

“Tio please, I promise to make you a big breakfast tomorrow. And I will even clean the yard,” I tried to negotiate.

He turned and gave me his angry uncle stare.

“Now what do you? No, no, no. You’re parents told me not to let you go. Ya nada. Quitate de aqui. Let me and my friends watch the game. Go do whatever you girls do,” he brushed me away.

“You never listen to me or do what I tell you. No, quitate. Go,” he raised his hand to wave me to leave.

“But Tio,” I stammered.

“No, look it here. You never listen to me. Now you want my help. Your papa and mom said no so no. Ya. Veto,” he said to me then turned to his friends.

“Mirala, esta que se creer. She never listens to me. Never talks to me. Now look it at her. Tio can I go please. Please tio. Like I’m her dam puppet. Did you know I bought her a cute little Raiderette’s Cheerleading uniform for her 12th birthday y la infeliz never wore it. Not even a thank you. Tu creer. What kinda niece is that? When I was her age, we thanked our elders. Showed them respect. Even if we didn’t like the stupid pinche gifts we still acted like we did,” he vented to his friends.

“Ya vete,” he waved me away

The all looked at me with disapproving eyes. Again, the game started and we sat and watched it. They were screaming and yelling at the screen and me in silence. At the commercial one of his friends spoke up.

“Kiko (my Uncle Joaquin’s nick name) just let her go. That way we could have the house to ourselves and she don’t be bugging us,” said Armando.

“Ya Kiko. Look at her she’s all aguitada. How are we gonna enjoy the game with her like that?” said Tomas.

“No. No. She’s not gonna get her way. She needs to learn how to respect and listen to her elders. This will teach her,” he told them.

During, the next part of the game everybody was silent. At the commercial it was my Uncle Joaquin that spoke up.

“Ok. Ok. Ok. beylikdüzü escort You can go,” he said.

I jumped off the couch and squealed like a little school girl clapping my hands.

“But on one condition,” said my uncle his the most stern voice I ever heard from him.

“What tell me I will do anything Tio,” I told him.

“You have to wear that uniform at least one time for your Tio. And if you don’t have it, pues nimodo,” he said.

My heart sank. It had been a while years since I had that stupid outfit. There was no way in hell we still had it. My uncle tricked me and I would suffer the consequences. His friends laughed and knew that Uncle Joaquin had just won our game of wills because there was no way I could find that outfit.

I walked out of the room almost crying with my head hung low. They began cheering and yelling once again, enjoying their afternoon game. In my room, I sat pondering my fate. I got up and walked around my room. Not knowing why I began to rummage through all my stuff. Secretly, I knew I was wishing to find that outfit, but knowing full well it was impossible. Of course, the search of my room was fruitless. I sat back down on the bed.

Then inspiration hit me. Parents keep everything. I knew if there was any possibility of that outfit still existing my mom had packed it in the garage. Quickly, I ran to the boxes where she stored most of clothes. I was right, mom kept everything; from my first baby outfit to my high school certificate. Lots of items I had forgotten or couldn’t remember when I had them. Yet after five full containers I could not find the damn costume. I sat there in disgust. How could she have thrown that away? I saw items that to me were meaningless and should have been thrown away, but there were still in boxes.

I got up and made my way to the door. Turning around, I saw my mess. I decided I should clean it up before I get into more trouble. Not only, did I clean it up but I organized it and made more room in the garage. I began to stack other boxes, when this old cardboard box fell apart as I was lifting it. This was it, everything that could go wrong has. I kicked at it and clothes went flying everywhere. That’s when I saw it.

In the middle of the pile was a tiny white shirt and next to it was a black mini skirt. Then I saw the pompoms. It was my hidden treasure. I grabbed it and hugged it then I inspected it. Oh my god. There was no way it was the same outfit. It looked tiny. Sitting there looking over the tiny garments, I remembered how tiny and skinny I was when I was 12. Back then, it might have looked big on me. But now it would be like wearing a tiny bikini? Slowly, I walked to my room.

Putting it against my body, it looked more like a bikini than a cheerleading outfit. I tossed it in the washer with some other clothes I had. But I had an idea. I went to the living room and waited for a commercial.

“Tio I found the uniform, but it’s old and dirty. I’m washing it right now and wear it for tomorrow. Please let me go. I promise I will,” I lied as best I could.

He looked at me, “Do I look that stupid? No outfit, no party. Ya stop bothering me. This game is almost over and the Raiders are gonna come on next. So leave us alone,” he turned away.

He didn’t want anything else to do with me and neither did his friends.

I went back to my room and sat on my bed. Again, I felt like crying. Over the next hour and a half I did my laundry. After drying the clothes I began to fold them. The last was that little outfit. Again, I put it to my body and somehow it looked smaller than when I first fished it out of the garage. On a whim I decided to try it on.

Stripping to my thong I threw my clothes on the bed. Wow I had bikini tops bigger than the top. Stretching it I barely tied it in front. The white material barely covered my areolas but it was so thin you can make them out and my long dark nipples. It exaggerated my cleavage pushing up my perky 30c more than anything I ever wore. Using a safety pin I was able to put the skirt on. It was no more a bandana around my waist. Looking in the mirror, I could see my camel toe through my white thong and when I turned the material only covered half my ass. It was the sluttiest outfit I have ever seen. Why wear it, I might as well be naked, I thought.

Still I kept modeling it, looking over my body. I did look hot in it. Everything was showing and the tiny outfit made it look better. Maybe I should wear this to the party, I thought as I giggled at the idea. It was making me hot thought and the naughty part of me was becoming very comfortable in that tiny outfit. Again, looking in the mirror, I grabbed my pompoms and began to do some cheerleading poses. No matter the pose, it looked dirty and naughty. My nipples were poking holes through the tiny thin top. I was hot.

My wicked mind got the better of me. Dam my Uncle Joaquin. He wanted to play games; beyoğlu escort well I was going to play a bigger game with him in front of his friends. I knew I had to walk out there and show him. He was going to pay for not letting me go. Quietly, I walked into the living room. All three men were watching the Raiders play.

The hall way was facing the couch where Armando and Tomas were sitting. My Uncle’s chair had its back to the opposite wall and was place next to the entrance. The television was to my uncle’s right side so when I walked in Armando and Tomas were looking at me and I was standing next to my Uncle Joaquin’s left side. Of course his back was to me since he was watching the game.

Tomas was the first one to see me. He froze and his jaw literally dropped open. His eyes raced between my tits and my pussy. Armando realized that Tomas was not watching the game and turned to look at him. He then followed Tomas’s gaze at my body. It was his turn to gawk. I felt them undressing me with their eyes. These two men I knew all my life, but who never even talked to me were looking at me like a pair of hungry wolves. Their stares were burning holes through my tiny outfit and it was turning me on like never before. I never realized how exciting it could be having men blatantly stare and get hard. My blushing was cause from embarrassment and sheer excitement. The hot blood rushed through my body with a tingling sensation.

I took few steps forward and turned to face my uncle. When his eyes fell on my body, he spit his beer out. The beer wet the already tiny thing shirt and made it more transparent. Like his friends he was paralyzed expect for his eyes which stared at my tits and pussy. He didn’t move. Looking over my shoulder, I saw his friends staring at my firm round Latina brown ass. I don’t know why, but I spread my legs a little more so they could get a better view then I turned and looked at my Uncle who was still looking at my body.

“Well, here it is. How do I look?” I said as I gave a slow turn, making sure everybody got to see my body.

Nobody said a word.

“How about I do a cheer?” I teased.

“Give me a ‘K.’ Give me an ‘I.’ Give me another ‘K.” Give me an ‘O.” What’s that spell? Kiko,” I cheered.

Jumping up and down my tits bounced and so did my skirt. I felt like a cheap version of a porno cheerleader teasing the three old men in the room. When I said his name, I went down into the splits. I have always been very flexible and to this day I can put both legs behind the back of my head. I sat there doing the splits, with my arms stretched out like a cheerleader as the men gawked as my ass, pussy and tits. From the bottom of my eyes, I saw that one of my nipples had popped out, but I acted like I didn’t know.

To get up, I brought my legs together put my hands on the ground and lifted my body. After bring my legs together I only lifted my body with my hands and feet still touching the ground. When I straighten out my legs it looked like I was doing “toe touches” because I was bent over at my waist with my knees straight. My Uncle’s friends were getting a really good view of my firm round ass and tiny pussy. Then I slowly straighten up and smiled.

“Well Tio?” how did you like it.

Still he could not speak. He was just staring at my exposed nipple. I twisted at my hips and looked at his friends.

“Did you guys like it?” I asked in my best little girl voice.

They shook their heads yes and stared at my dark brown hard nipple. I made sure they got a nice view of it. Then I turned to my Uncle again. He was adjusting his hard on in his pants when I turned back.

“Dam Kiko, your niece had one hella body dude. When did she grow out? You lucky mother fucker. Check out that cute fine little ass,” said Tomas who was the first to speak.

“Yea dude, she’s fucking hot. Does she fuck good? Man I bet she sucks a good dick,” says Armando.

“Shut the fuck up,” says my Uncle Joaquin.

“But dude, check her out. She wants it. Come on look at her,” pleads Armando.

“I said shut the fuck up and leave,” says Joaquin.

“What!?! What the fuck are you talking about? Are you kicking us out?” exclaim both Armando and Tomas.

“You’re fucking kidding right?” they ask in unison.

“I said get the fuck out!” screams my Uncle Joaquin.

My gets up and opens the door and continues to argue with his lifelong friends until they are out the door. Throughout the entire scene neither of the two could keep their eyes off me. I stood their smiling and teasing until my Uncle slammed the door shut.

Tio Joaquin grabs my arm and pushes me onto the couch bending me over with my back to him. He puts one hand on the small of my back and I felt him spank my bare ass with his other hand. Even though his hand was on my ass for just a second I felt it big and strong. The area when he spanked me was hot, not from the spanking but from his touch. bizimkent escort I felt so nasty and naughty being bent over by my uncle, showing him my ass and feeling his naked hand on my ass. Then, he spanked me a second time: this time it was gentler and his hand lingered there a lot more than before. I spread my legs and bent over more for him.

“What the hell are you thinking? What made you think you could dress like a slut and not be punished. Do you know what those men want to do to you?” he asked in a very angry voice.

Looking over my shoulder at him and pouting I answered, “Fuck me?”

Smack his hand was on my ass again. I could feel my ass jiggle just a little. I spread my legs a little more and bent over just a little more as I kept looking at him. The look on his face was a mix between anger and lust. He was breathing heavy and looking at my round firm brown ass.

“Yes, you little whore. They want to fuck you. Look at how you’re dress; in that tiny little mini skirt, parading around like a total slut, showing off your big firm tits and big ass for everybody to look at. You’re just begging to get fucked aren’t you?” he continued.

“Yes?” I answered softly not moving from my position.

From the corner of my eye I saw movement from the back window. Looking over I saw his two friends peeking in from the back yard. They could see me bent over and my uncle behind me. Tio Joaquin did not see them because he was looking at my body. He pulled up my skirt so my ass was showing more than before and then gave me another tender smack on my ass.

“So you want to get fucked do you? Well then you’re gonna get fucked hard,” he sneered.

While he was saying that he looped his fingers into the sides of my thong and pulled it down. After I stepped out of my panties he picked them up and threw them next to my face. Looking at the window, I saw his friends looking intently into our house watching everything that was happening while they licked their lips. I kept looking at them taking turns looking each one in his eyes, when I heard my Uncle unzip his pants. I turn just in time to see his massive hard on pop out of his pants.

It was so fat and thick I gasp in disbelief. That monster cock scared me because there was no way it would fit into my tiny little bald pink pussy. I watch him place the head at the entrance to my pussy and could feel the fat bulbous head throbbing. His hands dig into my hips and he pulls me onto his cock. The head is too big and it won’t go in. I try to tighten my pussy to stop him because I know once it goes in it will hurt a lot. But he’s too hard and too strong with one huge final thrust I feel his big fat cock enter my tiny little hot wet pussy.

God it hurts so good, I feel every thick inch slide into me. I arch my back, close my eyes and moan. His hands are holding my hips so firm and he keeps shoving more cock into my tiny pussy. When I open my eyes, I see his friends with incredible expressions on their faces. They are in shock to see my uncle fucking me, surprise that I’m taking such a huge cock, and aroused by the whole experience. The fact that they are watching my uncle fuck me makes me wetter than I have ever been before. With one hand I take off my shirt so now all I’m wearing is my tiny little black skirt and my Bobbi socks.

Slowly, I feel my Uncle’s dick going in and out of me. One hand he puts on my ass while the other hand he grabs my hair and yanks my head back giving his friends a perfect view of my perky tits and big brown nipples as I’m getting fucked. He makes my tits bounce every time he pushes up in me. I feel like such a slut, but I only wished his friends were in the room with us. Then I start fucking him back like a cock hungry little whore; the entire time watching his friends looking at us fucking.

I guess it had been some time since my Uncle had cum because within a few minutes he pulled out and squirted his big heavy load on my ass and lower back. It felt like a water hose was spraying me with hot gooey warm cum. He got it all over me and my skirt. My Uncle Joaquin was squeezing every last time from his cock and running the head over my booty smearing his cum along my ass. When he was done he put it at my entrance again and shoved it in one more time.

He was still hard and this time his cock went in a lot easier than before. Again he pulled my hair and fucked me like a whore. Harder and deeper he fucked me this time. It went in and out faster and longer. I was so hot that I fucked him back just as hard and just as fast. His friends outside could see the lust on my face and hear me begging my Uncle to fuck me hard.

“You’re just a little slut aren’t you? I don’t know why my brother keeps saying you’re a sweet little angel. Always telling me how nice and innocent you are. I wish he could see you know with my fat dick in your hot cunt. I bet you would love your dad to watch you get fucked,” he tells me.

“Ay Tio Fuck me. Mas Tio cojeme bien duro porfavor. Tio dame tu verga Tio.” was all I could reply.

“Yea, I bet you want him to watch you get fucked. Listen to you, you little slut. I bet you want to suck my cock you little bitch. Are you a cock sucker? Huh, baby are you a cum slut cock sucking little whore?” he asked me as he pulls my head closer to his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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