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Erik’s feet were lead when he stepped out of the cab in his apartment’s parking lot. “Have a good one,” he said, tipping the driver.

“You too sweetie,” the cabbie said. She was an older lady who spilled over the seat of her minivan. He didn’t look back as she drove away.

Climbing the stairs was a one step at a time ordeal and he used the handrail to pull himself up. Every muscle protested the climb up the stairs, the accident had done a number on his body.

“Hey neighbor,” a woman said when he made it to the balcony outside of his door. It was the neighbor with the tight fitting dress from earlier in the day, but now she wore grey sweatpants with some brand name printed up the side of one of the legs, and a plain white tank top. She was sitting on the ground in front of her door. “Man, you look like you feel pretty rough. You okay?”

“I’ll be fine in a few days. Got broadsided a few hours ago. Totalled my truck; killed the driver of the other vehicle I think.” he said.

“Oh shit!” She replied.

Erik nodded. “Yeah fun time. Ten out of ten, totally recommend it.” He held up the finger symbol for okay with his thumb and forefinger making a circle.

She jumped up when he stopped to lean against the rail. “You really look like shit.”

“Thanks, it’s the compliment every man wants to hear from his hot neighbor,” he said with a smile.

She stopped short, firing him a smirk, “Well, you seem to be feeling mostly fine then. I’ll leave you to die in peace.”

“I appreciate it. All of the noise you make over there in your apartment really disturbs my beauty rest.” Erik said, trying to make sure his sarcasm was clear. He didn’t want to look like an asshole, but he also couldn’t help the sarcastic humor sometimes. It made the pain easier to bear somehow, like a single tylenol that faded after a few seconds.

“I’m practicing for a concert, can’t you tell?” She said, stepping closer and leaning on the rail with her backside and crossing her arms.

“Yeah, what do you play? Washboard?” Erik stood straight up, determined to make it into his apartment upright, but felt his entire back stiffen.

The dark and mysterious neighbor girl, in his mind that’s what he called her because he didn’t know her name, paused before responding. She looked out over the parking lot and Erik recognized the look of someone turning inward and watching a memory play out in their mind. “I played the violin once. When I was a kid. I liked it a lot.”

Erik let the moment play in her mind, then spoke. “Why did you stop?”

“Money. I was a teenager and parents weren’t made of money, you know?” she answered.

“I know how that is. I was raised by my Dad. Mom was a druggie, so I get the whole money thing.” Erik said.

“Man, I bet that was a good time.” She said, her face turning towards him.

Erik shrugged. “It was a time. He was in construction, felt he was too stupid to do anything else with his life other than work for someone else. We didn’t talk much then, don’t talk much now. Not much in common really, but it was well enough.”

“Let’s get you inside before I have to carry you in, neighbor,” she said, changing the subject on him.

Pulling out his keys, Erik thought about his dad and how little they talked, how much they didn’t have in common. It was an odd thing to think about at that moment. He unlocked the door and the neighbor girl watched him go inside and sit down on his couch. She stood outside the door and watched, her winged eyeliner making him think of a sexy predatory bird, despite her casual clothing.

He had left the door open, expecting her to follow him inside, but she didn’t. Instead, she disappeared in the direction of her own apartment then reappeared in his a few moments later with bottles of tylenol and advil. “Here, take these,” she instructed him, pouring out two pills of each, then she handed him a beer bottle.

Angry Orchard had a crisp, sweet flavor that lacked any hopps. “Wow, that’s really good.”

“Good, I want you to drink that one and maybe a couple more to relax your muscles.” She said, plopping down on the couch next to him. Making herself at home, she put her feet on his table, crossing one ankle over the other. Popping the top on a bottle, she offered to cheers him. “I’m Erica, and I’m gay by the way, so you can stop hitting on me.”

Erik chucked a laugh, then clinked his bottle against hers, “That’s ironic, I’m Erik and straight, so I guess you can hit on me any time you like.”

A single chuckle rocked her chest.

Erik wasn’t sure how long they sat there, together, in silence. He just enjoyed having the peaceful company. She opened up three more beers for him and they traded short, nondescript memories of nothing important. She talked about riding her bike, he mentioned hiking. They both had black labradors as kids, but at different ages. Dark came and when the bugs started flying in, Erica reached over and pushed the door closed.

An odd thought crossed his mind and he attributed ankara olgun escort it to the pain, exhaustion, and stress, but it didn’t make it any less true. Because of that quiet evening, he decided that he loved her. Thoughts swam like catfish in a pond in his brain, passing between his eyes of their own volition, but he committed to the idea of loving her. Not a romantic love, but one of family. Then he realized why. Of all of the people he had met in the last week, she was the first to treat him like family in the past several months. She was like a cousin, one that he was allowed to think was super hot, because she was, but never able to do anything with because she was blood relation.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding to himself.

“Yep,” Erica replied without context. They clinked their glasses together.

Erik woke up to find a blanket covering him. It was dark in his apartment but Erica was still next to him, her legs curled up to her body and turned sideways, her back against him. His phone was vibrating in his pocket and he dug it out. A random number was calling him. “Hello?” he said in a hushed tone.

“Yeah, my name is Haley and I’m supposed to be meeting an Erik here at Wild Card-“

“Yeah, yeah, that’s me, I’m sorry, my bad. I was in a car accident yesterday and totally forgot to set an alarm. I’ll be over as soon as I can.”

“Okay, I have my whole team here now and we don’t have all day.” Haley said with a no nonsense tone.

“Of course not, just start the clock now, and I’ll be there in like twenty minutes, I promise, just have to call a cab.”

“I’ll see you soon then.” She hung up a second later.

Erica shifted and took her back off of him. “I’m glad you survived the night. What’s going on?”

“Gotta get to my club and let the cleaners in,” he said, pulling the cab number from his recent calls.

“Need a ride? I’ll give you one.”

“Yeah?” he asked, a little surprised.

“Sure, it’s not like you’re a serial killer.” Her face held a sleepy smile.

“Sweet, alright, lets go.”

Ten minutes later Erica drove out of the parking lot in a blue dodge neon, both of them sipping on Monster Energy drinks she kept in her fridge. The cold bite of carbonation brought his mouth alive and his muscles felt sore, but looser than he expected.

Erica spoke, “So your uncle, who you only met once, had a lift truck fall on him, destroy his back, then the insurance company gave him a huge settlement because it was negligence or some shit, then he opened a strip club and ran that shit from a wheelchair like a boss, until he died last week? Then you got t-boned yesterday and totalled your truck? What kind of karma are you carrying over there?”

He couldn’t help but laugh too, “I don’t know but I won’t lie, I’m glad I’m still walking.”

“No shit. Okay, who was that girl my sister saw you with the other day?”

“That was your sister?” Erik asked, surprised.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna smile at your dick. She’s bisexual though, so she might, but she’s married so don’t go there.”

Erik decided to just answer her original question. “That was Amber, met her at office supply, but now I don’t know what’s going to happen because I haven’t seen her in a couple days and I don’t have her number to at least text her and let her know what’s going on.”

“She knows where you live. If she cares enough she’ll come by.” Erica’s disregard reinforced his own feelings on the matter. They pulled into the parking lot of his club to find six women and two young men standing around.

He leapt out of the car as soon as it stopped then climbed the semicircle steps to unlock the door. A solid woman with brown hair and golden eyes put out a cigarette then followed him inside. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, but he found a disaster inside.

“So what are you looking for us to do Erik? Our morning job cancelled on us so we’re all yours until noon. I’m Haley by the way,” the woman said, holding out her hand.

He shook it, a firmer grip than he was expecting greeting his own. “So here’s the deal, I’ve only owned the club a little over a week, so if you have pointers on what I’m about to tell you, I’m all ears. My goal is to have everything cleaned up and ready to go by tomorrow afternoon.” Erik paused and did some math in his head, then rounded up and counted out six hundred dollars. “This should cover six of you for four hours.”

Haley turned and started issuing orders to her people in a snappy voice. Erik took a second to listen to her tone, impressed at her efficiency. He hadn’t even told her what to do yet. Her people drug in two vacuum cleaners and one started grabbing mugs then headed towards the back. One more busted out a trash bag and started throwing empty bottles and refuse into it.

He and Haley walked around and made a plan of what needed to be cleaned, and he listened when she suggested ways to clean ankara ucuz escort it that would make it easier on him in the future, as well as her if she had to come back. He hoped to hire her again if she did a good enough job.

His neighbor walked inside after a little while and found him just watching the people work. “Everything alright?”

“I think so,” he replied.His phone began ringing at that moment. “Hello?”

“Yeah, is this mister Erik Thompson?” a man said with a southern drawl.

“Yes sir it is.”

“I’ve got a binder here that looks mighty important we found in your truck. Figured you would want it sooner rather than later. Wanna come by and get it?” the man said.

His heart dropped, ice entering his belly. The black binder full of every important paper he had in regards to his club and the money was in someone else’s hands. Trying his best to keep his voice calm, Erik said, “Yeah sure, where are you?”

“Max’s towing, we’re right off of I-54.”

“I know exactly where you are, I’ll see you in a few minutes,” Erik said. He hung up and looked at Erica, “Do you mind if-“

“Lets go bonehead,” she said, cutting him off.

Erik left Haley to finish up, she promised to lock the door, then they were bound for the towing company. Once he answered the question of what color the binder was and showed his ID to the desk lady, Erik held the leather document holder again. They went back to the Club and found it immaculate as well as properly secure, with a receipt on the bar detailing the costs. He stuck that in the binder. After getting some drive through lunch, they landed back at the apartment.

Walking up the steps, Erica asked him, “What’s next?”

He replied, “Looking for a truck I think, I’m sure you have a life that you want to get back to and riding a cab around everywhere sucks. Plus, I have a business to run and that requires me to meet people on a whim.”

“Yeah, swinging a steering wheel is hard work. Do you intend to throw me a tip for my cheery service?” She clasped her hands together and tilted her head in a feign attempt at cuteness. Erik handed her a twenty without blinking. “Oh, I was just kidding.”

“I would have spent fifty in cab fares alone. Thank you for being my chauffeur,” They got to the top of the steps and she went for her door.

“No problem. I have the rest of the day off so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask, but I’m going to shower and nap I think.”

Erik waved, “Me too, I’ll bring you a beer tonight.” He went inside himself.

He didn’t have the luxury of taking a nap, but he did take a shower. He spent the rest of the day on the phone calling dozens of people to set up supplies and have deliveries coming in. One person brought a truck to his apartment complex that he looked at, but he wasn’t impressed and set up to look at a few more over the next few days.

When Amber knocked on his door unexpectedly, he was pleasantly surprised to find her nimble form looking up at him in his doorway. “I came to chew bubblegum and get fucked; and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Erik stepped aside, gesturing for her to enter, “You’ve come to the right place then.”

Amber slipped in and turned. She wore a dark blue tunic with lace spread across her chest. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun and black leggings stuck to her legs like a second skin.

Erik didn’t hesitate. His hands went to the buckle on his belt, undoing it with a single metallic clack. It slid out of his jeans, the tail slapping against the denim. He then looped it over her head, scooped it under her hair and threaded the tail through the buckle. He drew it up to her neck creating a makeshift collar and leash.

“Kneel,” Erik ordered.

Amber knelt, her eyes going to the bulge in his jeans. Her fingers slipped behind his waistband, ice cold against his hips.

“Pull it out, be my good girl.”

“Yes sir,” she said in a breathless whisper. Her cold fingers undid his button and fly, then she reached in and grasped his cock. With a little bend at the waist, Erik let her pull it out.

He wasn’t stiff as steel yet, but he was swelling in her hands. When her lips encircled his crown and he felt her tongue press up to the bottom of him like a wave, he felt his whole body stiffen. His muscles tensed and he could feel his pulse in his cock as blood forced its way into the flesh.

Amber didn’t shy away from the engorged flesh filling out the breadth of her lips. She pressed down, taking him into her mouth, pressing the tip of him to her throat before sliding her lips back up his shaft and popping him out to take a breath. She dove down his length again, working her entire body back and forth as her head bobbed on him.

“Yes, good girl,” he said.

She stopped and took a second to breath, then with an excited smile she said, “Thank you Sir.” She bent at that moment and slid her lips over one of his testicles, ankara yabancı escort gently cradling it in her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. She moved to the other one, soaking his scrotum in her saliva and pushed her face into his genitals before licking her way up to his cock and putting it back in her mouth.

With firm pressure, Erik pulled her up to her feet. Her face was red and the belt was tight against her throat. He could tell the belt had closed on her throat she couldn’t breath. He slid two fingers of his left hand between the leather and her throat to open it up. He pulled her face close to his when she gasped, a tiny bit of fear coming over her face. Lowering his voice, he said in slow deliberate tones, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, her forehead tilting against his, “Yes Sir.”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes please Sir, I want to be used by you.”

“Are you wet?”

“Yes Sir,” she nodded against him again.

Erik brought his hand out from between her neck and the belt and slipped it down her shirt, under the bottom to find her waist band. With force he pulled it out and sent his fingertips searching for her pussy and found the folds of her labia slippery with her essence.

She moaned when his fingertips found her lips and she tilted her hips open to him, encouraging him. His middle finger gently pressed in between them. Her eyes rolled up and her lips parted.

“I’m going to use you, and it might hurt.” He told her. “Do you want that?”

She nodded again. He pulled the belt tight, cutting off her air. Her eyes snapped open and found his, meeting them in a mixture of ecstasy and fear.

“Say. It.” Erik’s anger put force behind his words in a way he wasn’t familiar with.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, a part of Erik was confused and intrigued by what was happening. He had never acted this way before but he liked it. He felt powerful and confident in a way that was new, but not unfamiliar. He felt dominant.

He let some tension out of the belt and she choked out the words, “Please use me Sir. Please make it hurt Sir.”

Erik pressed his lips to hers, smashing them onto her. She pressed back, her hands going to his cheeks and kissing him. To Erik, it felt like she was trying to inhale him, she was kissing him back so hard. Their mouths wrestled back and forth then he picked her up with a hand on each ass cheek, his fingers sinking into the flesh of her backside.

She groaned against him and he could smell her desire when her legs opened and wrapped around him. His cock pulsated in the open air while desire overwhelmed them.

A thought occurred to him and he very much wanted to see it play out.

Setting Amber down on her feet, he tucked himself away then walked towards his bedroom. She followed, led by the belt tugging at her neck. Arriving at his door, he stopped, turned, lifted the leather up in both hands and pushed it towards her mouth. “Take it,” he said.

Opening her mouth, Amber let him place the leather across her tongue while staring directly into his eyes. With a finger under her chin, he closed her teeth on the belt. “Stay,” he ordered.

Erik walked to his bed and sat, facing her, his elbows on his knees and his form bent forward. “Crawl to me.”

Amber visibly stuttered against the thought but Erik didn’t move or say anything. One leg at a time, she got down on her knees, then placed her hands on the carpet, and crawled to him on all fours. Her shoulders and hips rolled with the movements, her body undulating like a wave lapping at the beach, massaging the sands. For Erik, it was like watching her stroke his ego. Each pitch of her shoulder when one hand was placed out in front, followed by a hip dipping down in the back, was like watching a tongue slide up the length of his cock.

She arrived at him, dipping her head down below his hands like a cat, shoving its furry head under his hands, demanding to be petted. She tilted her chin back, the belt still in her mouth and Erik held out his hand for her to drop it in his palm. She did so, smiling. He kissed her.

Grabbing her by the back of her head, his other palm going to her cheek, he pulled her on top of him. Her body stayed low, her breasts dragging against his body. Letting the strap of leather drop, Erik slipped both hands under her tunic and slid it up, the loose shirt sliding over her body and being discarded on the floor. A plain sports bra held her tits in place, and she peeled it off immediately after the shirt. Her breasts bounced out, free of constraint. He buried his face in her cleavage, pressing the warm flesh to his cheeks and kissing the cleft of space between them.

Amber moaned and ground her pelvis to his. Her hands went to his shirt and a moment later his chest was bare against her belly. Her fingers worked at his fly and he was exposed. Hurriedly, she kissed down his chest and belly, then paused at his hips and looked up at him with a grin. “Will you cum in my mouth Sir?”

“Are you asking to just suck on me, or to cum in your mouth when I’m done using you?” He realized that there may be reasons she would only want to use her mouth, and this allowed her not to break character while still trying to communicate to him that there may be limitations on their play.

“Please use my whole body Sir, I am yours. But I love it when you cum in my mouth Sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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