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Vinit sat pondering strategic and politically correct answers to an interviewer’s questions, listed on the glowing screen of his recently purchased Mcbook air. At 28 years of age, Vinit was well dressed, athletically built, composed and doing very well at his job. Vinit had been recruited from college campus itself, by a reigning entertainment channel and given a dream job as vice president – marketing with a plump pay package.

After having achieved a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, from a reputed university, he had set out to pursue a course in management at one of the best institutes in the country. He was sharp, eager to learn, ahead of his class and was blessed with a memory like that of an elephant. This memory, he often considered to be a problem more than an asset as sometimes, it would drag him through gloomy and painful times of the past.

A chart from Business India, bearing proof of his channel’s prowess in the Hindi entertainment industry lay on his coffee table as he stared out the window, absorbed in thought, on the 27th floor of his office building at Nariman point in Mumbai. His table was near a wall sized glass window in starbucks, which treated it’s customers to a splendid view of the sea, marine drive and the horizon. It saw the who’s who of the entertainment industry, walk in and out for coffee and bites, from offices throughout the building. CEOs, owners, executives and their clients alike would come alone, or in groups to get a glimpse of the sea and break the monotony of their time spent in airconditioned and windowless cubicles.

Vinit cursed his memory again as he fought to focus on the interview for Business India, on young guns of the entertainment industry, which they wanted to feature in their 25th anniversary special addition. He was fighting his memory, which today, was showing him a looped telecast of two hours of the nasty breakup he had had with his childhood sweetheart Aanya…

Aanya used to be an average student and 2 years his senior at school. She had droopy shoulders, unkept, messy hair, and a flat chest which almost scooped backwards. She wasn’t particularly talented or popular either. She liked Vinit and went after him, till he fell in love with her and closed his doors to any advances by other good looking, endowed, or even mildly talented girls. Vinit on the other hand had impeccable grades and was also called “Captain safe hands” as the captain and wicket keeper of his school’s cricket team. He had a toned, agile body and chiselled yet sensitive looks, which could make any girl turn and look twice and that too longingly.

They would date, go to movies and hang with friends, but Aanya detested intimacy. Their only two attempts to have sex in all those years of relationship, were complete disasters and extremely dissatisfactory for Vinit. Committed and loving as he was, Vinit missed action in bed, which his friends frequently and fluently boasted about.

Aanya had been an insecure wreck when Vinit topped his management class. In a massive tantrum, she had threatened a break up. This hadn’t been the first time. Vinit had understood her insecurities and had always reconciled and suffered. This time though, he had pulled the plug. He had started his job soon thereafter and had had a very progressive and busy year.

He fought an urge to sympathise with himself, for blinding himself from affections of so many other lovelies, for so many years. He winced at memories of his friends calling him “The Capable Virgin”!

The final blow always came when he remembered that Aanya had never even tried to get back and he had been stupid all along…

Calm and composed as he always was, he tugged resolutely on his tailormade Raymond business suit, slapped his mac shut, shoved all papers and magazine into his briefcase and headed to the elevator. He instructed his secretary to hold fort while he was urgently away for the weekend. Next call was to a bewildered friend, who ran a travel agency, pleading him for a 3 day getaway starting next morning, Friday. Vinit knew he needed, deserved and had enough leaves saved up, to afford a short break.

It began to drizzle as Vinit threw his Nike sack into the overhead baggage hold of the twenty seater Mercedes minivan. He slumped into it’s last seat and awaited his complimentary forty minute airport transfer to the five star ‘Auris Resort and Spa’, nestled in the western ghats. In ten minutes, an extremely excited and loud gang of 2 guys and 3 girls bustled into the minivan. They were partly drenched, from the drizzle, but were loving it, just as anyone does on a holiday. They hit high decibels, passed wise cracks around, chomped on crunchies, sang and shot frequent jokes on the “baby – Vaani” of the group. Vinit ignored the cacophony and prayed his trip would give him peace and rest.

Vinit put on some music on I-tunes and may have dozed off. He awoke to the most pleasant and distinctly feminine fragrance of what seemed like classy French Dikmen Escort perfume. The van was humming steadily on state highway and the others of the group had grabbed window seats.

Seated on the window across of his, right at the back, was a girl dressed immaculately in a white silk formal shirt and light grey trousers. She must’ve entered after he had dozed off. Her beautiful features glowed softly against the back drop of passing greenery, as the van ascended into the ghats. Her shirt contoured ever so beautifully over her breasts, her silken hair fell softly on to her shoulders and hid matching earrings. A belt hugged her slender waist and she looked beautiful in profile. Vinit could’ve stared for hours, manners be damned!!

She smiled embarrassed and fended off jabs by her senior colleagues, calling her ‘baby – Vaani’ in the most tender voice Vinit had heard. He heard one of the girls tell her friend, that Vaani was interning with their fashion label for 6 months, was fresh out of designing school and was all of 22. She was like a baby at the job. Vinit thought, Vaani, on the contrary, was the only one amongst them to have a classy fashion sense, even on a holiday. All of Vinit’s senses were in hyperdrive except for touch and he felt an unfamiliar longing swell up somewhere inside him. They arrived at the Resort.

Vinit being chivalrous, allowed Vaani to head down the van’s aisle before him. He could hear his beat when she smiled graciously and walked ahead. She looked slender and petite from behind. Her derriere had a luscious contour and was beautifully proportioned with her waist. Vinit wondered if he’d ever see this beauty in a bikini or even better! In the nude…

At the reception, the group parted to freshen up and meet again for a short trip to the Waarli Cloth Center. The Adivasi tribes of the forest used natural pigments to print on cloth and had a small display of their talent in the hills. He remembered his friend telling him that he had booked Vinit on a tour with the designing team of a very popular fashion label from which one member had bowed out. This explained their fascination with prints and garments. Vinit saw Vaani and Priya, her colleague, check into a cottage just across of his.

In his plush, dimly lit cottage, Vinit had some wine and slept. When he woke, the sun had set. He showered, gelled his hair, put on a linen shirt with khakis and headed to the bar for a drink. He was scheduled for the full health treatment and spa the next day…

At the bar, the fashion team were back from their excursion and already on their second round of shots. There was a group of foreigners and another young couple, but much of the resort wasn’t occupied, it not being the correct season. He called for a vodka martini and relaxed just a few sips into his drink. Vaani wasn’t with the team. ‘Could she have left already? Am I disappointed?’…

And behold! she entered the door. Was there a kind of silence in the bar? Did he hear a gasp from one of the men? She breezed in, looking drop dead gorgeous in an emerald green dress. Her brunette flowy hair, which was fashioned all on to her right shoulder, concealed an emerald green earring which shined and dangled ever so lightly on her left ear. Her left neck lay bare, shapely and inviting. Just a faint touch of gloss on her luscious and mildly parted lips made Vinit feel he had lesser space in his khakis.

A emerald green pendent nestled between her supple breasts. Her dress cupped her breasts from the outer side till the nipples and kept their inner bulge bare. The dress continued in strings over her bare shoulders and criss-crossed in a straw-mat pattern over her partially bare and toned back. Vinit hadn’t realised that he bar tender had replaced his drink and he was half through the new one as well. The dress stuck to her, like silken skin till her waist, where it opened up and fell casually down few inches on her thighs. She had firm and toned thighs which continued into shapely calves. Her calves pivoted on emerald green stilletos that wound and strapped around her calf like laces. She looked nothing like the intern designer Vinit had seen in the bus.

He laughed inwardly at the analogy of how his member wanted to turn from the nerdy Dr Bruce Banner to the muscular Hulk. He noticed a hint of green twinkle in every mans eye in the bar.

She smiled recognition at him when their eyes met, perhaps due to his chivalry in the bus. Vinit wanted her, relentlessly. He could have taken her right there on the bar stool where she sat elegantly and enjoyed masculine attention. If only he could approach her! By this time she had mingled with her group. They were already quite high. Her room mate Priya was having her 4th shot and swaying. Vaani sipped wine as she snuck a few glances at Vinit from the corner of her eye…

Frustrated, Vinit left the bar and called for champagne at his cottage. It was 9.30. He wanted Eryaman Escort to head for a trek down the nature trail from their resort early next morning…

As Vinit entered his cooled cottage, he smiled at the elaborate champagne service awaiting him. It had a shapely bottle resting in an ice pale with a bowl of roasted salted almonds and garlic toast. There were two slender fluted wine glasses and he wished he could pour out some for Vaani. But alas!!

Vinit had just sunk into the large cushioned sofa set with his glass, and switched on Fashion TV thinking it would be symbolic, when the bell tingled. He went to the door cursing room service but when he opened it, he saw the gorgeous Vaani standing huddled, under an oversized resort umbrella, with an embarrassed smile. It had begun to pour. Was he drunk and imagining things?

She spoke over the breeze, “Hi I’m Vaani, could you…” “Yes i heard them call you that… Your name is as beautiful as you are… And it’s a travesty to call you a baby!!” He couldn’t believe he had said that so direct and upfront! He had even interrupted her!

She laughed. “Thank you, you’re very polite… Uuh… Could you come over and help me, help my friend Priya?… She’s passed out on the floor near the bathroom.” Vinit kept his glass and held up her umbrella so they could huddle to her cottage, a few meters away. Her perfume began its magic again… She was so close… Vinit found Priya curled up on the floor and before Vaani could come around to help, he scooped Priya effortlessly in his arms and placed her gently on the bed. Vaani watched – impressed. Then he saw Vaani go towards the low bed. She bent down over Priya to take off her heels, dry her, loosen her belt and cover her with a blanket.

Vinit had the most erotic view from behind. Vaani’s short but airy dress arched over her derriere, just stopping short of her underwear, but revealing the bulge of her cheeks above her thighs. Vinit thought, this is how the secret archway to treasure, as described in so many stories might look. He longed for her. He heard himself say, “You know, Priya has passed out… She probably wont get up until morning… If You haven’t planned anything with your colleagues, would you care to join me for some champagne and nuts”? He immediately regretted the metaphorical mistake.

She considered and after a seemingly long moment, said “I’d love to”… Vinit turned around to hide the hulk!!

Back in his cottage, Vaani sat on a single sofa and glowed again in the yellow light of the floor lamp. She saw the television tuned to a fashion channel and said she was amused Vinit took an interest. Vinit was tongue tied and just smiled. They sipped champagne and got talking…

Vaani said, “Wow, you picked up Priya and walked so easily… You must be hitting the gym quite often…” and then added “… but i bet you couldnt pick both Priya and me together!” with a twinkle in her eye! Vinit fired back, “oh yeah sure, I couldn’t pick you up alone either, coz u must be so heavy!” The martini and wine were showing muscle. Vaani made a hurt face and said “That’s so not true, do i look fat to you? I dare u to try!” She stiffened her back, and folded her leg on the other. Did Vinit catch a glimpse of her underwear? Was he the only one playing?

“U asked for it!!” He went over to Vaani, took her glass and hesitated just for a fraction of a second, but picked her up-close ever so gently. She laughed and crossed her thighs on his biceps. She put her arm around his shoulder and whispered to him, “what shall I challenge you to next?” Her supple breasts perched on his chest and he could see her nipple behind her dress. She had no bra! She made no effort to cover up either. The perfume smelt mesmerising when it mixed with her natural scent. Vinit held her higher, lest she should feel his massive erection. He needed no prompting about what to do next…

He carried her to the king sized fluffy bed in his bedroom and laid her down. She spread her arms out and pulled one leg close to her. Her dress fell over and revealed a firm ass cheek. She locked her seductive eyes with his and he read clearly, ‘Its now or never’.

Vinit took off his shirt revealing a wide chest, contoured shoulders, fit abs, bulging biceps and forearms. Even so, he didn’t look pumped like wrestlers or body builders.

Vaani arched in anticipation and Vinit thought she smelt better by the second. He held her thigh in one hand and cruised the other hand smoothly over the inner aspect of her calf and thigh, from her side. She raised her other leg towards the ceiling. The most alluring aroma struck Vinit’s nostrils as her thighs parted. She moaned as his hand reached her thong. She wore a black netted thong that didn’t conceal much.

Vinit tugged on the thong, lay her leg down, bent over, firmly planting his knee on the bed close to her and licked her thigh close to her pussy. Her other leg Esat Escort rested on his other shoulder. She shuddered from his sensuous licks and moaned again. Now he slithered up her tummy and breasts, to kiss her sexy left neck, which her hair didn’t hide. She pushed her breasts into his chest.

He whispered to her “you cant be real!!”. She whispered back, “Vinit be gentle, i haven’t before.” Vinit was pleasantly surprised. He slid the singlet off her shoulders and marvelled at the young and full breasts. He passed his hands from her waist upwards and cupped her breasts. This feeling was like none other. She moaned and closed her eyes enjoying the touch. He slid his had under her shoulder and turned her around. He thought he will need another dick to take the full erectile pressure of this girl’s beauty. Her back, toned but soft, lead towards the gentle slope of her rising ass. He was exploring. He turned her again and suckled on her perky nipples. She dug her pussy into his thigh and let out a sigh. He slowly descended licking her belly button and her tight abs till he reached her thong. By now he had peeled off her dress and she lay slim, naked and irresistible.

It was time!

She lay on her back and crossed her legs straight towards the ceiling. Vinit rose to his full height near the edge of the bed where she lay and hooked two fingers to slowly pull out her thong upwards. She still had her heels on. Then he sunk one knee in the bed near her hip and anchored one foot firmly on the floor. He nudged the tip of his shaft between her pussy lips. They felt moist and welcoming on her shaved pussy. With her legs crossed on his shoulder he penetrated gently and heard her go “aaah!!”

Vinit started slow. He had read that it could be painful and uncomfortable for her. He repeated a few gentle, yet firm thrusts and got through her hymen. She clenched her teeth, but moaned with pleasure as he arched his back and slid his throbbing shaft all the way in the vault. Vaani clutched hard onto the bed as Vinit set a rhythm. Now he was tunnelling in and out of her like an engine gathering momentum, and the control that his toned and tight muscles afforded him, was sending Vaani’s pleasure through the roof.

He slowed down a bit and leaned forward. With a fluid arc of his arms, he separated her legs and brought one of them to lie on the bed sideways and the other he pushed more towards her. ‘Splitting the bamboo’. In this position he had an ethereal view of Vaani’s breasts, face and his dick vanishing and reappearing at the verge of her pussy. She on the other hand felt him, not just go in and out, but turn inside her as well. Vaani was wet as hell, a stream could have been flowing inside her.

Vaani had lost count of how many times she came. She was thrilled to be losing her virginity to Vinit and the best part was, none knew the other too well.

Vinit now planted his other knee besides her too and picked up momentum in the missionary position while kissing her deeply… They had both almost run out of breath when Vinit shot his full load inside her pussy and groaned with pleasure. He was on knees and elbows and loved the feel of her breasts and body underneath his. He was careful to not crush her beneath him. He breathed into Vaani’s fragrant hair with his shaft still inside her.

Slowly he got off her and hoped she wasn’t sore. Not knowing what to say, he grabbed his glass, gave Vaani her’s and covered her in soft bathrobes. He was still hard… He tied the robe towards the side of her waist, kissed her passionately and opened the warm water faucet to the tub. He put in some herbal fragrance into the tub and came into the room to find Vaani asleep. He stared contently at her form, for what seemed like eternity. Then he picked her up gently like he had done in the beginning and took her to the tub. She looked at him and smiled. They both entered the warm, fragrant tub and passed out.

Vaani woke up with a start, kissed Vinit and put on her robe. They came out groggy. It was 5 am. Vaani slipped on her dress and smoothed it, hooked her finger into her heels and tip toed to her cottage. Vinit sunk into the sofa and exhaled. He was having the time of his life. He had met the goddess of pleasure herself!

He woke up on the sofa itself. It was bright daylight. He zipped his hoody up to his chest, put on shorts, running shoes and set out on the jogging trail in the slopes. He hadn’t felt so fresh and upbeat in a year and he probably hadn’t slept more than 3 hours that night. On his way back he might have been a tad bit dissapointed to not catch a glimpse of his goddess around the nearby cottage. He resisted a temptation to invade and scoop her out.

He let himself into his cottage with a swipe of his key card and exclaimed! “What the…!! How did u…? Vaani blushed. She sat at the small coffee table in a dashing pink sleeveless gym top with dark grey yoga leggings. They fit her tight, like stockings. She had crossed her legs again which wore white flip flops. She’d tied her hair in a high ponytail. She came to a stunned Vinit and handed him a glass of orange juice while she sipped from another. She said “Do I have to tell u all my secrets? Now get into the shower fast, coz its not civil to fuck a hottie when you’re sweaty and smelly!!” Vinit couldn’t help but laugh and obey…

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