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This story was inspired by a nude scene I saw from the movie ‘I Really Hate My Job,’ featuring Neve Campbell. So when you think of the mom, think of Neve Campbell. This story is told in the first-person, using present tense — an experiment I never repeated. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for reading and enjoy.


“Are we there yet?”

“Not yet, just a little bit further.”

“How about now?”

“Still a ways to go.”

“Screw this.”

Despite being the youngest in the car, I’m not involved in that exchange, oh no. That’s my dad driving and my mom playing the role I would be playing, if I was just a couple years younger; yes, she is the one that is acting like the brat.

All three of us are on route to a ‘family bonding’ trip, scheduled and arranged by my dad, its pitch black outside as we drive to our destination.

My mom’s sulking in her front seat while Dad’s trying to keep a smile on his face as he keeps on driving. I’m sat here in the back, thinking about how I got here, and at the same time, trying to get my mind of this god-damn clunking sound made by this car.

We all have to go to some crappy-ass log cabin, eat some marshmallows and do whatever else families do, that all might be fine, but only if this was a normal family.

I’m looking over at my mom right now, in her black, worn-out biker jacket and torn jeans, she sure don’t look like a mom. And I look over at Dad, with his buttoned shirt tucked into his clean trousers and his smart combed hair, how did they ever hook-up in the first place?


Mom up and left us when I was young. I don’t remember much about her, expect for a few photos Dad left around, and that her name was Rena. She was a real looker, that’s for sure, with medium-length, sexy cropped black hair and pouty lips. She had quite the figure too; I remember one picture of her in a red and black bustier dress which really accentuated her fine breasts.

Dad took down those pictures as I got older. Maybe his reasoning was that I was thinking of her less as a mother, but more as a hot chick, and he didn’t want me to remember her like that. Overtime, me and Dad coped without her around, when I was in my teens, I just thought of her as an ingrate who up and left her family.

So you could try to imagine the shock I had when my dad approached me on the eve of my 18th birthday and told me he had a major surprise: he found my mom and she was coming home.

That whole day, a flood of emotions drove towards me; I was angry, confused and surprisingly, strangely intrigued. On the day of my 18th birthday, I decided to give her a chance. Besides, I thought she may still be hot; it had only been fourteen years since I last saw her.

After Dad went to go get her, I looked at the one picture Dad had of her. It was on his bedside, and it was taken a few months after I was born. Looking at that picture, those eyes, those lips, those tits: a sick part of me got excited at the prospect of having her around.

I was thinking she may be apologetic, very apologetic towards me, I expected her to be overly apologetic, if you know what I mean. I waited with gleeful anticipation for her to come through that door, and when she did, my jaw hit the floor.

Her hair was cut short; she had some rock-band’s t-shirt on and a leather biker jacket over it, she also had on some torn-up blue jeans on and black-combat boots. She stomped into the front door with a disgruntled look on her face; she additionally had a rolled-up cigarette in her mouth. I was in utter disbelief, what happened to the woman in the pictures?

She tossed her bag to the floor and mumbled, “Hey.” She then walked off, went into the spare bedroom, cevizli escort and went to sleep. That was some greeting from my long-lost mom.

If it was not bad enough having a thirty-five year old Grunge groupie for a mom, she also had a horrible attitude. She turned out to be the kinda girl your momma told you to stay away from — thing was she was my mom. She came back home late at night, drank and smoked a lot and just displayed general rudeness to all around her.

In the mornings, she would walk around the house in nothing but a long t-shirt, which caused all sorts of problems. For example, whenever she went outside to pick up the milk, the neighbours got a full-moon and then some! All my neighbours know if my mom is shaved or trimmed, and I know that ain’t normal!

I was expecting this seductive raven-haired beauty and now I got a trashy rocker chick living in my house. It doesn’t matter to me that she’s moderately attractive; it’s still a huge letdown, I should also mention she pretty much ignores me.

Dad told me she has a “no sex rule.” From what I can tell, she never put-out to any guys, not even my dad, maybe she had enough men from all her travels, I don’t know. I never even got a solid reason for why she left, none at all.


It’s now six months later and Dad decided we needed to overcome all our hostility, so he arranged for us to go to his old log-cabin. We have been on the road for three hours and it’s getting restless. This damn clunking sound seems to be getting louder and louder.

“Hey Dad, you think you should check on that?”

“Oh I don’t think it’s that big of a problem,” says Dad, sounding quite sure with himself.

The clunking doesn’t seem to be getting any better, if anything, it’s getting worse every second.

“Dad, I really think you should check up on that sound.”

“We all don’t want to explode,” chimes in Mom.

Dad pulls over the car, he gets out the car to check on it. He opens the bonnet, a loud bang comes from the car and a puff of black smoke goes into his face.

“Well, we’re fucked,” says Mom.

Dad looks at the car, thinks for a bit, and walks up to us.

“Ok, here is the plan,” says Dad. “You two go book yourselves in that motel, while I drive to the next town to fix this car. Since it will take all night, you two better get some sleep.”

“Whatever,” I reply.

I’m pissed that we got into this stupid situation, it’s his entire fault. I’m looking at Mom and she doesn’t look too happy either, but with her mostly-blank, expressionless face, I can’t really tell. Spending Saturday night in a dirty motel with my mom sounds god awful.

Dad drives off and Mom starts to walk in the other direction.

“Whoa, whoa Mom, the motel is right there.”

“I know that, I’m going for a shower.”

“The motel has a shower.”

“Yeah I know, I been to enough motels to know that,” she seems really ticked off. “You go to the stupid fucking motel and I’ll go wherever the fuck I want.”

She’s such a great mom isn’t she? She picks up the bag Dad had left behind for us and walks off into the woodland area. I think about what to do, and decided to follow her.

I’m following her, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s cause I don’t like being alone in a strange rural area, maybe I’m a pussy. I been walking for what seems like ten minutes now, down this path my mom went on, it’s so freaking dark here. Maybe there’s a shower for Park Rangers here; maybe she’s blown one off and get’s free showers now. Hold up, I hear a sound over the next hill.

I walk over the hill and see a gorgeous ravine. I look down, and holy fuck, it’s my mom buck naked! She’s washing herself near erenköy escort the ravine. Her body – finally free from those rags she wears – is on display in her fully beauty.

The water flowing down her finely-formed breasts, nicely shaven vagina, her sexy, smooth skin dripping wet, her figure, wow! She got the curves in all the right places, that must be a body crafted by years and years of hard sex; in-shape but got stuff for the guys to grab and suck on, wow!What a scene this is, to see the moon reflecting down onto the water and back onto her, wow.

She looks so natural when she’s walking around naked. She’s changing into some new clothes; she puts on a tank-top and my dad’s sport-shorts. Walking around a forest with nothing but a loose-fitting tank-top and basketball shorts, she really is brave.

I’m running back to the motel now; I have lots of thoughts in my head. I never imagined that she would look so good naked. Better hurry back to the motel.

Looking out the motel room window, waiting for Mom. I see her coming down the pathway; her breasts are jiggling as she walks. She crosses the road and right behind her a car blaring some heavy-metal stops and leers. There seems to be four guys in the car.

“Wooooo, wow check out her!” screams the driver of the car.

“Hey baby, come over here and let’s do things together,” says some dumb red-haired Irish guy.

She is just glaring at them, awaiting their move.

“Hey, we all open to sharing you, I don’t mind being naked with other men while I’m with a woman,” says the idiot Irish guy while his friends look at him with contempt.

Mom speaks, “Let me get this right, you four will gangbang me while listening to that band?”

They all nod and agree with that statement.

“Ok, let me explain something to you: I have been gangbanged by THAT band, so can any of you tell me why I should lower myself to fucking the fans?”

Unbelievable! Did she just say that? The four guys look so disappointed, by the look on her face you can tell she’s not lying. The four guys drive off. She’s walking into the motel. She’s grinning while she walks. This is the first time I have ever seen her smile.

I sit on the bed of the motel, trying to act cool. Mom walks in. Up-close her tank-top shows off a lot of boob, I try not to look. She walks over and sits on the floor next to my legs. I feel like I should say something.

“So, um, Mom, I heard what you said to those guys.”

“Oh fuck,” she says. “How much clearer does it need to be spelled out to you? I fucked lots of men while I should have been a good mother, you don’t need me to fucking confirm it you.”

“Yeah I kinda guessed that,” wow, is this embarrassing.

An awkward silence has hit the room. What else could I ask her? I think I will just stay quiet.

“You at your age must think I’m quite useless. I mean, you don’t really need a mom now do you?”

“Umm,” I say, “I guess your kinda right.”

I think for a second, “So why did you come home then?”

“A purpose,” she replies, “for one reason: tonight.”

Huh, what is she on about? I just sit here confused.

“While I should have been at birthdays and Christmases, I was fucking men and women, sucking cocks, licking pussy, and doing every single sexual thing you can think of.”

I just nod to whatever she says, is she on something? I have no idea what she is on about.

“So let me ask you, Son, what is the one thing I can do for you, that no other woman would be willing to do for free?”

Oh. My. God. Did she just say what I think she said?

“Umm, sex advice?” I say stupidly. Oh god, she is going to be so mad that I said that.

She esenyurt escort shakes her head and says, “No not advice, the way for me to show you is by actually doing it with you.”

Sex with my mom!? Now! This is unreal. She unbuckles my jeans and takes my underwear off. She goes right for the cock, taking it out and holding it.

“What I like to start off with is a good blowjob.”

She puts the cock in her mouth. Oh my, oh my. It feels absolutely incredible, not my first blowjob but easily feels like it. I can feel the experience she has, she must have had thousands of cocks go into her; I feel that in her technique.

She masterfully positions and moves the cock around her mouth. She licks to the point that I could cum, but stops rights before I do.

“Leave them wanting more,” she says.

She takes my shirt off, I take hers off. I start to feel her boobs up, so soft and warm, I go in to take a suck from them. I peel off her shorts to feel her ass. I grab handfuls of her hot ass. She’s kissing me on the neck and puts me down on the bed. She comes on top and we start to make-out.

While we kiss, she positions my erect cock into her pussy. She begins to ride my cock. I slap her ass hard, start getting aggressive.

“Yeah, Son, show me your anger, take me hard.”

Oh wow, I’m fucking my mom. Who cares that she’s my mom, she’s hot. I slap her flat ass hard, hoping to leave a mark.

“Fucking slut,” I mutter, “fucking slut, whore, bitch.”

“You get turned on by using insults, Son?”

“Yes, bitch.”

“Hmmm,” she seems turned on by it, “keep going.”

The bed is rocking very hard; loud squeaking noises can be heard from it. Hope it doesn’t break.

She keeps riding me while I rotate around slapping her ass and sucking her tits. She has a smile on her face as she rides me. She makes deep, “Ohhh” sounds as she rocks genteelly on me.

“So mom,” I say, “why you leave?” Yes, I know, this is a perfect time to bring this up.

She looks at me with a smile, “Because I wanted to do what I wanted to do.”

That is her big reason for leaving her family and going off to have sex with many men and women? Whatever, I’m gonna fucking own this bitch.

I grab her and put her on her back. I start thrusting hard right into her. I feel up her chest and tits with my hands, you can tell this is a body crafted by years and years of sex. After a couple minutes of thrusting, I decide to turn her over.

I get her on all fours; I give her a playful, but hard, slap on the ass. She giggles approvingly. Honestly, I’ve never seen her so happy. I never done anal before, hope this goes well. Surprisingly, I put my cock easily into her ass, I suspect her ass is used to this. I pump her sexy ass full of cum, slapping it at the same time.

“Harder,” she says, “be rough with me.”

I oblige her request and pump her harder. I put my fingers in her mouth; she licks and sucks them while I shove my cock deep into her ass.

I’m ready to cum, so I turn her over and keep pumping into her. I’m at bursting point now; I’m so ready to cum. I get set to cum on her chest.

“No son,” she says, “cum inside me.”


“Inside me, please!!!” This drives her over the edge, she’s screaming now!

“Cum inside me Son! Cum inside me! Oh fuck cum inside me!!!”

I oblige her request and a huge wad of cum goes right inside her. I lay down on her chest, completely exhausted…feeling sleepy…


Its morning, I must have fallen asleep. I wake up in the bed with the sheets covering me. No mom around, I look to the side and see my dad standing above me.

“I see it went well,” says Dad.

“Huh, what, you, you planned it?”

“No Son, she did.”

My mom walked out the bathroom, completely naked, with water dripping down her body. Dad tossed her a towel and she began scrubbing her hair.

“I see you bonded,” says Dad with a smirk.

“Yeah, yeah, Dad…we bonded.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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