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After a great deal of effort I have finally gotten Steve to ask me out on a date and I am very determined that it will be a date that neither of us forgets in a hurry. Steve will pick me up at 7.30 to go to an opera and a late supper. I start my preparations for the night at about 4pm by turning on the taps to draw a bath. I slowly slip into the warm bubbles scented with my favourite perfume, feeling the water revitalising my body as it slowly laps over my trim figure, making nipples stand rigid as cool air gently wafts across them. The bubbles fade and I wonder how it would feel to have small pert breasts instead of the firm, well-rounded bust that nature has provided for me. Leisurely I reach for the soap and wash my long legs, moving slowly up my thighs, and physique the heat of the water, stimulating images of the evening to come; beautiful music, good food and a very handsome companion.

I step on to a dry mat feeling the cool air delicately caressing my body and enticing already erect nipples to harden. Grabbing for the towel from the warming rack, I wrap it round myself tightly before I move to the bedroom to finish drying off. I casually discard the towel onto the floor before moving to the dresser, where I pick up a bottle of Toujours Moi De Corday and apply a measure that can only be described as scandalous to my body. Moving to my chest of draws, I open the lingerie drawer and remove a maroon corset. Looking at the garment, marvelling at its rich satin texture, I wrap it around my body and slowly move up the front, hooking the eyes and repositioning myself in front of the mirror. As I reach the top, I slide my hands across my breasts to set them fully into the cups and step back a pace to admire the display offered by my full white breasts against the deep red of my corset. I take out a fresh pair of stockings, sit down on the bed and gently unroll them over my long shapely legs, revealing the gold Tiger embroidered above the ankle and hook the suspender strap into their Georgian lace tops.

I walk back into the bathroom and watch the gloss form as I brush and dry my waist length thick brown hair; I imagine how it would look spread out over satin pillows. Selecting a range of muted reds, I start my make-up for the evening, a moisturiser followed by a foundation that will give flawless soft glow to my complexion. I pay extra attention to the shape and colour of my eye shadow and outline my lips with a pencil, so the lipstick will last all night. Just a hint of blush on the cheeks brings out the colour of my hazel eyes and mascara to defines lashes and fame my face. Standing in the wardrobe I cautiously consider outer clothing for the evening, finally reaching for a black evening dress that displays my cleavage to full advantage, whilst tastefully flaunting my figure and a hem that just bushes the top of my knees. Wrapped in a silk dressing gown, I lay the dress out on the bed and choose a pair of stilettos that would show off my legs to their best advantage. Perusing the jewellery collection I settle for a pair of long ulus escort gold drop earings with a matching necklace that nestles an emerald between my breasts, knowing it will catch the eye as I move around the room.

I slowly slide into my evening gown before returning to the bathroom mirror to apply lipstick and check my make-up one last time. I check the time on my bedroom clock and stand in front of the full-length mirror again to survey the overall affect of my efforts; smiling gently as the doorbell rings and the evening begins.

Grabbing my overcoat I open the door and there he is before me, not so tall but muscular with short brown hair, my charming escort for the evening. Dressed in a formal dinner suit, he is standing almost at attention. A quick peck on his cheek, quietly pleased at his wide hungry eyes as I slip passed him heading to his car. I feel his eyes still on me as I lean over the back seat laying my coat out with his and settle into the passenger seat. He watches the hem of my dress slide up a little as I wriggle back, showing just a hint of the Georgian lace. Steve places his hand on my thigh, squeezing softly as he leans in for a kiss. As a soft moan escapes his lips, I feel the softness of his body pressed close to me. His eyes are strolling over my body at every opportunity during a delightful evening of teasing and enticing him, brushing against him stealing kisses in the audience. I regularly catch Steve watching my body as I move, an enchanting blush flowing over his face, the evening we share delightful. We enjoy a wonderful meal in a quiet restaurant and good seats at a local production of my favourite opera and eventually we return home for a nightcap and coffee.

I open the door and invite Steve to join me for a drink. I put on some quite music and turn the volume down so that we don’t have to compete with it while talking. Meanwhile I have Steve pouring us both a scotch from the bar. Coming over, he puts my drink on the table, reaching round me. I turn to face him, gently take the glass from his hands and set it down next to mine.

My intention is to kiss him, to say thankyou for lovely evening, but feeling him so close, the smell of his aftershave and the warmth of his body begin to overwhelm me. With Steve’s arms around my waist and his body pressed up against mine, I become aware of his breathing and know he’s thinking and wishing for the same thing. The kiss we share is a lot more passionate than the peck I had in mind. Breaking away for breath I know that tonight will be different. I slip Steve’s jacket off his broad shoulders and kiss him again, his hands running over the soft black velvet gown I had chosen for the evening. I feel his hot breath on my neck as he pulls me closer, hand moving across the cleavage exposed by my dress. I can feel the tension in his muscles with his arms wrapped around me, guiding me toward the sofa.

Stripping off Steve’s shirt I run my tongue over his chest and slide my hands over his thighs, feeling the outline of his stiffening cock yenimahalle escort straining against the material of his trousers. Sitting on the sofa in front of him, I undo Steve’s trousers and slide my mouth over his emerging erection. With a sharp intake of air Steve leans in to me and shudders as I flick my fingernails against the base of his tool, lifting and stroking his swelling balls. His hands reach down and lift my breasts out of the top of my dress, playing with my exposed nipple rings. Bending down to suck on my nipples he pushes me on to my back and runs his warm hands up the inside of my thigh, feeling my silk stockings and tracing the line of my suspender strap. With his hands moving around my bottom, he pulls me hard up against his throbbing cock. Encouraging me on to my feet again Steve undoes the back of my gown and watches as it slips to the floor; exposing the maroon corset I am wearing. With a groan of appreciation and hard member throbbing, his tongue once more explores my neck and chest.

Taking Steve’s hand I lead him up the stairs into the master bedroom, towards my queen size bed where we can be more comfortable. Backing him up against the bed I lightly push him down and then take his member in my mouth again while his fingers invade my pussy. Knowing that he’s too excited to take much more, I straddle his hips and move down over him, sliding him deep onto my wet hungry tunnel. The lace of my stocking clad thighs gripping his hips, watching the color rise in Steve’s face, hearing his breathing become more ragged, feeling his muscles twitch and flex with each thrust of my hips as his hands push me down harder, forcing himself deeper and deeper into me. His movements getting more urgent and less controlled, feeling him shuddering and seeing the tension flow out of him again as he cums deep in side me the combination of our juices flowing and wetting us both.

Stretching my body alongside his, I kiss him and trace the lines of his muscles with my fingers, brushing my hand across the tip of his cock and down his long shaft. Steve flicks his tongue around my nipples squeezing them gently between his teeth, fingers stroking my clit. Sliding down the satin sheets he runs his tongue across my hot wet clit, pinching it between his teeth and probing my pussy with his fingers. Teeth pulling gently at the lips of my pussy, tongue flicking, stroking my clit, as my lips open further and reveal a rich pink flower for his attention. His fingers rub my bud and stroke each petal, delving deeper until I become aware of his fist inside filling, stretching me. I slowly lick him clean of our juices, tasting the mixture of his come and mine, licking and sucking it from his tool, feeling him harden and delightful warmth spreading through my body. He rolls me onto my stomach and enters me from behind, hands clasping my breasts he pulls me hard on to his straining member. I feel his thighs against me, the sound of our bodies smacking together. His fingers circling my nipples, flicking the gold rings that pierce them back and forth enticing them to swell and harden further, Steve’s hand moves down my body and strokes my clit causing me to gasp for breath.

The sweat of our bodies rolling together darkens the sheets where it pools with each move. As Steve thrusts deeper into me the urgency is building in his body again. I can feel him tighter; harder the strength in his hands becomes more demanding as I respond to his every need. Rearing up on my knees I push him back and break contact, feeling his body sliding against mine with only sweat between us. Turning carefully I stretch him out across the bed and take his hard throbbing muscle into my mouth, watching the look on his face as my lips slowly engulf his entire length. So hungry he rolls on top of me and starts to devour my soft pink flesh, driving hard into the back of my throat. Enjoying the taste of his excitement and the feel of his hot breath I pull back enough to slide him between my ample breasts. He moans as the gold chain running between my nipple rings scraps lightly over his flesh.

His tongue and fingers working furiously, I sense the warmth and smell of his body as I gently nip and suck his flesh, so many things to overwhelm my senses. The feeling of being so totally consumed, driven right to the edge, I sense his ability to push me even further. Bolts of electricity running through my body causing my muscles to jump and move on their own, the need of our bodies becomes so strong it is hard to control, drowning in the sensations of movement, sound and feel. Working together, driving each other harder, closer to the edge drawing out each sensation. Steve’s weight shifts on top of me as he turns around and plunges deep inside me, I wrap my strong legs around his hips, locking him in deeper as we move together my legs supporting and encouraging him. His mouth on mine the two of us so hungry as we devour each other feeding each other. Our tongues entwined, I am unable to get enough of his taste. So much to feel, so hard to tell where his body ends and mine starts, locked together in timeless passion that reduces all thought to moans and shrieks of absolute pleasure.

Steve’s hands squeeze my breasts, his tongue and teeth against my nipples, hard strong thrusts, and my legs slip from his hips as I raise mine to meet him. The weight of his body presses down, sweat running down my mine it is getting so hard to breathe feeling the tension build and seeing the color is rising in his face. Our bodies working together, I feel electric shocks running though my muscles as they dance. Pulling him into me harder, wanting all of him, gasping for breath, my body shudders, wet silky muscles of my slit caressing and sucking, as I feel Steve filling me with his hot white cum. Each shot of his sticky cum sends spasms of pure lust jolting through me, my climax combining with his, our bodies collapsing together, bucking and writhing, the seemingly endless feel of him filling me. A fresh flood from my body matches and entices each shot from his. A final heave as both our bodies subside, the tension flowing out slowly, relaxing, still wrapped together. The sound of his fast heartbeat slows in my ear as I lay in his arms, my head on his chest, watching the light of dawn spread across the morning sky.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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