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Ann has noticed me with my Doberman on evening walks. We set out around the same time and usually nod or smile at each other when we pass. It is my Doberman that caught her interest at first. My dog is a show dog and because of Patra, Ann took a very keen interest in my dog. Patra is Ann’s darling canine companion. It Is time for Patra to get a mate, she thought of my dog. Ann knew where I lived; She had seen me turn into the iron gates many times. Entering the small yard, she looks around for my Doberman. When nothing came tearing towards her, Ann tentatively advanced to the front door and rang the bell. A harsh buzz sounded inside, she hears me moving around and coming to the door. I open it and my steamy gaze caresses her from head to toe. Returning my look, she took me in for the first time. I looked so… male. Why hadn’t she noticed me before? A familiar stirring in the pit of her stomach caught her attention for a moment. Staring at me, she almost forgot what she had come here for.

My low ” Hi” brought her back to reality. My small smile nearly sent her back into oblivion. With a little effort she got herself in order and followed me inside. Denim-covered buttocks, the tight fit revealing my firm shape. How she would love to have her hands there, grabbing them, feeling their tautness beneath her hands, kneading them? God, she can’t believe she is lusting after me in our first meeting! Sternly pulling herself together, she hoped he wasn’t a mind reader. With a private smile, she cleared her throat and plunged into her reason for coming. ” Patra, she means, my – my Doberman, well, she’s in heat and I wondered if you would lend your dog…,” Ann trailed off in embarrassment. She is stuttering like an oversexed teenager! What is wrong with me? It wasn’t as if this was the first time she had gone to acquire a mate for Patra. ” Sure, next three days… in the evenings… let’s say, around seven?” I asked in a low voice sending shivers down her spine. Blushing, like I’d agreed for sex between us instead of the dogs, Ann nodded and made my escape.

All of the next day Ann is foolishly thinking of me, which just served to stimulate her anticipation. At six-thirty she had butterflies in her stomach and she is plotting various scenes in her head, all ending with her seducing me. Her fantasies flashing in her mind, naked… her imagination filling up the areas she had not seen and building them up according to her fantasies. Needless to say, Ann aroused by the time she is ready to go. The look on my face when I opened the door is very flattering. I leisurely ran my eyes over her slender graceful figure, making her feel warm inside. I’m wearing a tight fitting shirt that showed off my chest and hip hugging jeans. Did I have to incite her already overworked imagination? Afraid that I’d guess the direction into which her thoughts were going, she glances down at Patra. I took the hint and moved aside to let us in.

Leading Patra inside, we let her loose in the backyard. My Doberman came running and she took off with him. We went back to the living room and sat down, facing the floor-to-ceiling windows that looked onto the backyard. It was a mistake. After about five minutes of introductory conversation the dogs came back and started doing it right there, in front of us. The coupling was beautifully framed by the huge glass window. This was the final straw. I could no longer keep up the pre-tence at normalcy. Openly ogling now, Ann can’t stop looking at them. Her body is visibly getting aroused looking at the dogs having sex, and she knew that I’m watching her. Still, she can’t look away. The Doberman sniffed Patra’s cunt and started licking it. Ann saw his red member protrude between his legs and he climbed on top of Patra and started to push it inside her. Her gaze is fixed on the animals’ display of raw sex and Ann hears a soft moan then she realized that the sound had come from her, surprising her. Her breasts are swollen, the nipples hard, her pussy wet and dripping.

Ann hears me get up and come towards her, yet she can’t look away. Ann is mesmerized by the frenzied thrusts the Doberman Sex hikayeleri was now making and Patra’s little whimpers. I took her hand and led her closer to the glass window. We were standing about three feet away from the fucking dogs. Standing behind her, I folded my arms around her and cupped her tender breasts. I start to massage them slowly. Ann is on fire as she feels my hands working on her. I unbutton her blouse slipping my hands inside. Pushing up her bra, I squeeze her naked breasts making her moan in ecstasy. ” Hmmm… you like that, huh?” I whisper in her ear. Ann only mumbles incoherently. I place one hand against her abdomen pressing my crotch into her buttocks. Ann feels my hard penis push into their softness. My other hand is playing with her nipple. My mouth is biting her earlobe, my groin moving against her rounded ass.

The dogs had finished their display and were now out-of-sight. Suddenly, I turn her backing her up against the glass. I lift the front of her skirt as she held her long legs apart for me. Placing my hand on her soaking panties, I cup her mound and start rubbing her through the sticky, wet material. Ann joins me, moving against my hand, pushing her wet cunt onto my hard hand. Ann realized she wanted to touch me too. Reaching for the snap of my jeans, she opened it, sliding my zipper down in a rush then pushing her hands inside. Ann feels my huge bulge through my shorts and presses her hand against it. I growled something unintelligible slipping my hand inside her panties. Shifting herself opening her legs wider to give me the space I needed, she continues grinding into my hand. One finger slides down her slit, into her dripping hole and my thumb is on her throbbing clit. I move my thumb, she bucks against me and I chuckled. Suddenly, I pull my hand out moving away from her.

Ann is bewildered until she realized I wanted to get more comfortable. Dragging her to the couch, I push her down and knelt down in front of her, between her open legs. I tore her panties off as I shed my clothes. Ann lays her head back feeling me nuzzling her clit with my nose. I press my mouth to her wet cunt licking the juices flowing out. She has her hands on her breasts; pressing, tugging, squeezing. Then I pull her onto the floor, on top of the thick carpet spreading her legs wide, I crawl between them, kneeling in front of her. I’m gritting my teeth, trying to push my way inside her tight glove. Ann is writhing and bucking as she is being stretched and ripped apart, she tries to pull away from my cock. That can’t really be my dick, can it? She hadn’t seen a cock so long and so thick before now. She had heard stories about big cocks, the biggest cock has experienced was six inches long and only two inches thick. She feels the smooth texture of the large mushroom head trying to enter her, she is afraid that I’m really going to rip her in half.

Ann feels herself being stretched wider than she ever has been in her life, I feel as thick as soda can. I keep pushing into her, her screams muffled by my hand over her mouth. Unable to help herself, she continues to milk the tip of my dick. She can’t help the spasm as she came again, her wetness flowing over my entering shaft. I’m not a third of the way in as she came again. The new rush of juices and her muffled scream is my undoing. The constant milking of my strangled cock head, sends me over the edge. I slam into her, the position will not allow full penetration, but allows enough for satisfaction. I pull out almost completely, taking a little of her insides out with me. I slam back into her again, trying to bottom out, but unable to. Lifting her legs up a little, I’m able to go deeper. Slamming into her rough and hard, I thrust in and out faster. Her whimpers are higher pitched and I knew she is cumming again. I pull out all the way for a moment, letting her squirt her juices onto me, making me hornier then ever. Slamming back into her, I bottom out, the head slamming against her cervix, she screams bucking up against me wildly. Pistoning in and out of her, my pace is fast as I feel my orgasm coming to a head. Sikiş hikayeleri Her extra juices made the sound of my groin slapping against her ass amplified, her pussy is squishing loudly with each stroke. Then I came hard inside her, deep inside her. I slam so hard, I feel like I had reached a part of her soul.

Moments after my heat started to flood inside of her, my cock throbbing and jerking, Ann came one last time. This orgasm is different, with my huge cock stretching her to the limit. She feels like she is going to explode with all my cum inside of her and nowhere for it to go. She pushes against me, relieved when a stream oozes out of her, more relief when my softening cock followed. Ann then passed out, with ecstasy and exhaustion. Ann wakes up looking around as I walk back into the room. Standing in front of her, she gasps staring at my grotesquely large hard cock jutting out at her. Her slender body ached all over and her pussy is very sore. Looking at the long shaft that had just skewered her made her shiver, her pussy is so sore from being stretched so wide by the girth of my cock. Ann hears me growling at her ” I’m just getting started. Are you ready?” Ann is shaking her head whimpering ” No…No…I’m so sore… It is to soon.” Though she knew she can take it, she is fearful as she watches me shove my cock back into her slowly. Ann watches in amazement as inch after inch disappears into her. She can’t help but squeeze me every few seconds, the action pulling me in deeper.

My heat is rising fast as I read her body, her pussy feels more wet than before, hotter and throbbing every time I thrust into her. I hold still deep inside her letting her squeeze and milk my cock with her pussy as she shifts her body this way and that, arching her back, thrusting her cunt up at me to make my penetration of her deeper. Ann feels my swollen head again slamming against her cervix and she smiles. Knowing that she has again taken every inch of my cock, I’m filling her hungry sore cunt completely. My pelvic bone slapping against her clit from time to time making her jerk and buck uncontrollably. Her hands are on my buttocks, she feels my muscles relaxing and stiffening with each stroke. Her wet pussy making slurping noises as I slam into her again and again. My pace is fast and hard leaving her out of breath, panting like the dogs. It isn’t long before she has a shuddering orgasm. A few seconds of a spasm with her vagina clenching on my hard cock like a vise. Her body tensing, laying still for a moment before she is plunged headlong into ecstasy. A massive orgasm crashing over her, she is writhing and bucking wildly, dirty words spewing from between her clenched teeth. Finally it begins to subside and she slumps back onto the carpet, worn out but ready for more. I let her rest for a few moments before turning her over.

” Get on your hands and knees, I’m going to mount you like a bitch in heat,” I commanded. Without a word, Ann got down on her hands and knees like a dog, truly a bitch in heat. Then, turning so her ass is toward me, she raises herself into a squat, gripping her ankles and bent forward, lifting her ass in the air as an offering. I immediately kneel down and firmly grab her shapely buttocks in my hands, forcing them upward to meet my hard rough invasion. I found her pussy lips are swollen as I wedge my massive cock between them. Her fuck hole is open and slick as my cock slides in filling her with ease. Our bodies glistening with sweat, as I now sat up reaching around to take her tits in my hands. They are a handful, I lift them from underneath and squeeze them, I give them a hard squeeze causing her to groan. As I fondled her breasts, she displays her wanton desire, spreading her legs further apart as she grinds her hips slowly and sensually on my cock. Ann got back down on all fours and screamed as I drive my massive cock into her, she feels my chest laying on her back as I roughly mount her. She has never been mounted from behind like a dog. Her cries of lust rose to screams as I drive my massive cock relentlessly in and out of her clenching pussy. Erotik hikaye

I furiously slam in and out of her. Our bodies drenched in sweat, as her juices run down her legs, adding to our mating. My thrusts in and out of her, rang out in wet slapping and sucking, joined with her groaning and my grunting, made the animal fucking sounds complete. Our primal mating, is now a noticeable slurping sound as she begins pistoning up and down on my cock. In our animal lust, I reach forward again taking hold of her hanging tits. I’m pulling down hard on her long, thick nipples, squeezing them. I milking her slippery tits. My treating her like a cow renews her animal heat: Her moans and howls grow more lustful, as she bucks her hips backward to meet my hard deep strokes. As she begins to fuck me back, it isn’t long before… we both reach our sweet release… ” AAAAAUUUUUUUGHH.” I’m now cumming, I’m cumming hard. Ann and I both cum with a massive orgasm. She is crying out over and over as the waves of over whelming pleasure washes through her heaving body, as I hammer my exploding cock upward into her pussy as she wildly rode me in her ecstasy. Ann is hurting from the pressure and strain. Her whole body is aching and sore, she collapses on her stomach, trembling as I collapse on top of her.

I raise up off of her, Ann looks back at me realizing I’m getting hard again. I grab her hips rougher then before, she got into the doggy position again. She got ready for me to slide my big cock into her pussy again. Suddenly, I shoved her down so that she is on her stomach with me on top of her using my knees to spread her legs open. She didn’t realize her predicament, but did feel something is not right about how I’m acting this time. Suddenly my cock is at the entrance to her ass and I start to push down. Ann lurches forward trying to squirm away, yelling at me ” Hey! Wrong hole! Stop…Your to big…It won’t fit.” ” Not tonight” I said ” I’m fucking you up your ass!”

” No way” She said. Only then Ann realized that I’m holding her down and that she can’t get up. Ann starts to panic and starts to struggle, but she can’t get away. I’m stronger and bigger and she is smaller than me and she is in trouble. My cock is pushing hard against her tight asshole, it seems there is no way it is going to go in. It is to small of an opening for my big cock. It hurts as she groans and pleads with me to let stop and let her up. Telling me ” It hurts so bad.” I ignore her pleas continuing to push till finally she feels her anus give as the head of my cock is inside her, stretching her and opening up her anus.

That is the first time, she has ever experienced having anything in her virgin tight ass, she screamed. Ann is humiliated, part of her wanted someone to stop me, but another part of her didn’t want anyone to see her impaled by my cock. My cock slowly, painfully continues to force it’s way deeper and deeper into her ass as she begs me to stop and begins to whimper. Her ass is on fire as she moans and is shaking her head as tears run down her face. With a grunt from me, I stop pushing and she can tell my cock is finally buried to the hilt up her ass. Then I start to roll my hips and gyrate in a circular motion as I lean forward biting and licking the back of her neck. I try to snake my hand under her body to pinch her nipples but she closes her arms around her boobs. My right hand snaked under her body covering her pussy as my index finger slides in and starts rubbing her clit. All of sudden, everything changes. Her clit hardens instantly, her nipples are erect as her hips are now gyrating. Her ass is still on fire, the feeling of fullness is incredibly intense and then a massive orgasm crashes into her, that was the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced.

Ann is moaning and shaking as the waves continue crashing over her. I’m groaning as she feels my cock swelling inside her and then a warm feeling rushes into her ass and she screams as she came over and over. Ann passed out awhile when she woke up I sitting on the sofa. She has cum dripping out of her sore ass, her pussy is sore, her body aches and her is covered with bites and hickeys. But she is so relaxed, she is limp as a noodle. I asked him “Why he had done it that way” ” I was still horny and my cock was hard.” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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