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This is my first ever story, have read it over but please I don’t want a bunch of English teachers abusing my grammar. Constructive criticism is ok, but no stuff like that was shit etc.

I had always known that I was special as child while I was growing up. Not just because that’s what my parents used to say but because I knew I had these powers. I discovered that I could shape shift at the young age of 13, but knowing already what happens to freaks with powers like that I kept it to myself. Of course this is also the time I was extremely horny and this I learnt how to control this power to fulfil my fantasies. This went from everything from enlarged penis size to forming breasts and even experimenting with creating a pussy and sending myself to orgasm after orgasm. One side effect of this was that I had no sexual fatigue and could stay hard for hours and cum multiple times. Being a young hormonal teenager this was fantastic as I could cum over and over again, and being a teenager I did this a LOT. Once I learnt how to shapeshift I was quite often left thinking what it would be like to have tits. Now most boys think of it but I could do it. It was normally the first thing that I would do before easing one out, was to sprout a perky set of nice B-C cup breasts. One time whilst watching porn I wondered what cum actually tasted like. I was intrigued by how this girl could fit such a huge cock down her throat and not choke to death. So I decided why not give it a try? I sprouted a nice set of DD breasts and then set about enlarging my cock. I made it long enough so that I could squeeze it between my breasts. I was alarmed at how good it felt so I stretched my cock out a little more until it Sex hikayeleri was poking out the top of my breasts just below my hungry mouth. I decided what the hell and gave my head a little lick. I jumped a little from the immense amount of pleasure this sent off as precum began to ooze out of my cock. I gave it another lick, tasting the precum. It was salty but still tasted good. I began to bob my head up and down on my own cock as I squeezed my breasts around it. The amount of pleasure coursing through my body was immense. I began to see how far I could take it to replicate the girls I had seen in pornos sucking cock. I got to the back of my throat and all of a sudden gaged. This won’t do I thought and gave it another go, trying to force my cock down my throat. Try as I might this still didn’t work. Deciding I might as well see if I could remove my gag reflex by shape shifting my throat to remove my tonsils and the parts that caused me to gag. I tried again and was rewarded with a sensational feeling as I could feel my throat expand around my large rod. I was in a world of bliss as my tight moist throat squeezed my rock hard cock. I began to furiously bob up and down bringing myself ever closer to orgasm. Just before I was about to cum I lifted my head for air, and reduced the size of my cock. I gave it a few pumps with my fist and then began to squirt cum all over my magnificent tits. As my cock deflated I rubbed the cum over my tits and then taking a scoop, licked my fingers clean. Man I tasted good, I could see this happening a lot more in the future I thought to myself.
A little later on at the age of 15 I found out with my first girlfriend at the time that I also had the Sikiş hikayeleri power to modify other peoples body’s and also enter their thoughts and change them however I felt. This was a fantastic discovery for me, as my girlfriend at the time Emily. While she was an extremely beautiful blonde, with long slim legs and an astonishingly sexy ass, she didn’t have very large tits. She was maybe an A cup but definitely no more than a small B. I accidentally discovered that I could enter her thoughts one night while we were in her room cuddling on her bed. I didn’t quite know what was happening at the time but soon realised and began snooping around. I learnt that she was beginning to get very horny and as soon as I saw that I began elevating her hormones making her even hornier. Before I know it she’s on top of me kissing me passionately while grinding her pussy against my crotch. She pauses for a second, sitting up and unbuttoning her top and then stands up and removes her sexy short shorts. As she lies back down on top of me I can now feel the heat coming from her drenched pussy as she grinds against me. She had always come across as shy but once the hormones started running she transformed into a horny vixen. She lifted her hips so that I could position my rod to enter her. As I rubbed my head over her folds and up to her clit, she suddenly went silent and stiff. Next moment she let out a loud moan and began to shudder in the throes of orgasm. While she was still shaking and moaning I took the opportunity and pushed my hips up, causing my rod to bury itself in her snatch. I wasn’t able to get all the way in on the first push because she was so tight! It felt as though I had put Erotik hikaye my cock into a vice and then put the vice into a furnace! She was hot, tight and wet, what else could you ask for! As she came down from her orgasm she began to ride my cock forcing me deeper and deeper into her moist pussy. Then to my surprise she leans over and whispers into my ear “I want to feel your hot cum shooting into my tight cunt.” The dirty talk almost pushed me over the edge, then out of the blue I feel her fingers fondling my balls. I was so close! Next thing she reaches under me and buries a finger into my virgin asshole. This sudden surprise was all I needed to send me over the edge as I began pumping her pussy full of hot cum. I swear I had never cum so long and hard before, as I thought that it was easily twice the amount I normally cum.
Emily moaned as she rolled off me, causing my deflating cock to unplug her pussy as excess cum began to gush out. She plated a sweet kiss on my lips and whispered “Thank you” into my ear as she began to drift off to sleep. After all this excitement I decided to see what she was thinking and delved into her thoughts. Looking through I see some of her deepest and darkest fantasies and begin to think how fun they look. I decided to call it a night and fell asleep with Emily firmly held in my arms.
I awoke to a buzz and all of a sudden lots of movement as Emily started to through my clothes back at me on the bed. I suddenly realized why, her mother would be home any minute! Sneakily I changed and clambered out the window, turning to give Emily one deep sensuous kiss before leaving before I had to face the wrath of her mother.


End of part one, more parts to come, and will feature development of powers etc.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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