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hi i am Rose this story is about how I was turned into rose from Ron by my family. I am a 20 with 34D boobs. My family consists of 3 members my sis julie of age 25 and 36d, aunt susan of age 35 and 38d and mom of age 42 and 40d .
My story started when I was 18, all the three ladies loved me a lot . they took lot of care of sister used to make me bath some day my sis was making me bath so playfully I splashed water on her and she was completely wet so I asked her to remove her dress and have bath with me at that time I don’t know about sex . so sis opened her dress completely I saw her boobs and a 5 inch cock in between her legs,mine was very small I was surprised seeing her boobs and dick, I asked her can I touch them. she laughed and said ok I squeezed her boobs and then I touched her dick and asked her how can I make mine large as her she said by masturbating and showed me how to do . I did same as her whit her cock and my face was just before her cock and suddenly she cummed on my face and some went into my mouth she said to swallow it and asked me whether I liked it, I said yes and asked for more . she put her cock into my mouth and asked me to lick it and suck it I did as she said and I liked it a lot she was moaning lightly and she released lot of cum and I drank it completely and asked her for more. she laughed and said she will give more tonight. I said ok and completed our bath.I waited it to be night to so that I can taste her cock . at night when she came into my room I immediately lifted her gown to taste her cock she laughed and said slow down , she rested on the bed and signalled me to continue . I lifted her gown and put her cock in my mouth and started sucking it . she increased her pace and fucked my face hard and shot a load of cum . she said me to lay down on the bed. she removed my pants and made turn back to expose my ass she squeezed those and inserted one of her finger in my ass hole a chill ran inside my body I felt very strange . she spit on my ass hole and put two of her fingers in my ass and moved in and out next she took her cock and put her cock into my ass I felt a lot of pain and she started fucking me slowly and I shouted ‘ ahhh uhhh ahhhhmhhhhh’ she shot her cum in me then she asked me to be like a dog and she got Porno hikayeleri ready to for next round and inserted her cock in me and fucked me harder I shouted more in pain and pleasure ‘ ahhhhhhh uhhhhhh ahhhh mhhhh’. just before she was about to explode she turned me around and left her load on my day I was eager to get fucked by my sis so both of us went into our room early and in that excitement I forget to close the door . my aunt came to our room and has seen me sucking cock and being fucked. but we don’t know that .
Next morning my aunt asked me stay at home instead of going to school . mom and sis have left the house . I was in hall watching tv . aunty has called me she was in her room. I went in, she said ‘ wear the dress that is on the bed ‘ I have seen that and said ‘ it is a girls dress I wont wear it ‘ she replied angrily wear it and made me stand before the mirror after I wore dress she said ‘ look how cute you are ‘ even I liked it but did not admit it first time . she brought her make up kit and applied powder and some lipstick she brought some new girls sandals for me I resisted she saw me angrily so I wore them . she made me stand before mirror again . asked me how do you feel I said ‘ disgusting’ she shouted what ‘ I said I liked it a lot ‘ she smiled and took some pictures . she then asked me ‘ do u like sucking cock ‘ I was shocked and said doughtly ‘ yes’ . she laughed and asked me to come near her . she kissed me on my lips and kept her tongue into my mouth and kissed me I too did as her . she made me kneel down and lowered her pants and panties she has an 6 inch thick cock pointing me she told me to go on I kept her dick in my mouth and started sucking it she liked it and made it faster , she shot her load into my mouth she lowered my skirt and panty and hit me on my ass playfully. she then inserted her whole cock at once, her cock is huge to fit into my ass but she did it forcebly and started ramming me hard I stared shouting ‘ahhh ohhh harderfaster mhhhh’. she shot her load in my ass and both feel down on the bed she kissed me again and we slept. she fucked me for four more times that day in kitchen and bathroom in different angles ‘ I enjoyed a lot. she told me not to say anything to anyone . I said ok and also said I Sex hikayeleri liked being dressed like a girl a lot . the next day she took me to out brought me some new panties, bras, dresses , other girls stuff . from that day I started dressing like girl whenever I am alone , I even started wearing panties everywhere . no one except my aunt knows this . our holidays started my sis has gone out of town due to some course for some three months . that night my aunt called me and said ‘ come to my room as rose ‘ I blushed and said ok . mom was in kitchen preparing food for us. I went to my room dressed up in pink panties and white top and pink frock and applied pink
lipstick and went to my aunts room . she was already nude and waiting for me on her bed. she saw me and said ‘ my cute little princess’ and gave me a lip to lip kiss and patted my ass for fun I went down and took her cock and kissed it I stroked it and then started sucking it she moaned slowly and then suddenly mom entered the room
And said ‘ seems like rose is doing it very nice ‘ I was shocked to listen those words I removed my mouth from aunts dick ,at the same time she cummed so it fell all over my face . mom laughed seeing it and and said ‘ aww poor rose u couldn’t take it ‘ she came near aunt they both kissed each other mom turned towards me and said ‘ ur looking so good in this dress rose ‘ I blushed and she came near me and gave me a smooch . aunt told me to stand like a dog . mom stood near my face she asked me to remove her lower with my mouth I did it, she was wearing panty she told me to remove her panty also using mouth . when I did it I saw a 7 inch cock in there she saw me and gave me a signal to go on I kept her cock in my mouth it was so hot I licked it sucked I twirled my tongue around it she was enjoying it and said ‘ u r doing it great rose go on make me cum my princess ‘ my aunt came back of me and fucked my ass so hard both of them cummed after 15 mins . moms cum was so good . they changed their positions and mom started fucking me . and I was sucking aunts . after another load of cum was shot into me aunt was exhausted .

now mom made me lie on the bed sideways and lifted one my leg and placed it on her shoulder and inserted her cock in my ass and started Sikiş hikayeleri ramming I am enjoying it a lot and said ‘ ur such a great fucker mom ahhh mhhhh , fuck me hard harder mom harder ‘ she increased her pace and fucked me real hard ‘ after lot of time she cummed in me . I was completely drained I lay dead in bed mom came near me and gave me a kiss and said ‘ u really have great strength rose I am proud of u darling ‘ and she too slept beside me .

next morning by the time I woke up mom and aunt both were not there in the room so i went o my room and got ready and wore a blue dress and went to kitchen too see them . mom saw me and said ‘ ur looking so cute in this rose ‘ and hugged me and kissed me. aunt then asked me ‘ do u want to become a girl completely , bcz u look so cute like a girl ‘ I blushed and said yes both of them were so happy by listening so and hugged me and kissed me . they took a doctors appointment for the next day . and the rest of the day me mom aunt had many times sex .

next day mom dressed me like girl and took me to a specialist , he asked me whether I wanted a sex change I said yes he asked whether I want my dick or not I said no because I never used it . later he asked mom about the size of my boobs some other things . he said surgery will be after 5 days . we went home and had lot of fun . after 5 days I underwent so many surgerys to completly turn into a girl. by the time I was completly changed into girl and went back to home my sis came back.

so that night I was in hall watching movie alone mom called me into her room . when I went in it was a treat to me all of them were nude and ready with their guns to shoot cum into me I was so happy seeing them so . I went near them and put my moms cock first in my mouth and sucked it I changed cocks reapetedly and all of them shot heir cum at once and I was all in cum then . mom laid me on bed side ways and started ramming my pussy hole this is my first time I felt very strange and good when mom rammed my pussy aunt was fucking my ass hard . sis kept her cock in my mouth and I was sucking it, all of them fucked me very hard . triple penetration . three of them changed positions and fucked me very hard in different angles . I was in heaven then, after all of them fucked my three holes. we were tired and slept on one another . from that day until a week all of them fucked me a lot . and at the end of the week we had a deal that only one will fuck me a day and on sunday foursome .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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