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John Wilson cursed himself roundly as he walked along the corridor towards the Dormitories. He had wrestled with his conscious all through the drive back to school but the impressive hard-on he had had for days now had proved more powerful than his sense of self-preservation. So here he was, skulking along a school corridor at midnight going to find Jenny. He’d been masturbating so much over the past couple of days he was worried he’d give himself Repetitive Strain Injury… not to mention blisters!! He hadn’t been able to think properly or concentrate on anything since their meeting in his office a few days before and knowing that she would be alone in an almost empty school all weekend was more than he could stand. He had to have her again!

Opening the door to the dorm John crept through and closed it quickly behind him, pausing in the doorway to allow his eyes to refocus. It was dark in the room, only a light emanating from the open bathroom door gave a dull glow to the large bedroom. The radio was playing and a soothing soul singer was crooning away as his eyes fell on the bed nearest the window where Jenny lay… wrapped in the arms of another girl!!

John stared at them, hardly breathing. Jenny lay naked on her back, her hair spread out on the pillow, her gorgeous breasts rising and falling gently as she breathed. The other girl curled around her, a camisole pushed up on her chest exposing her smaller breasts, peaked in large dark pink nipples. A pair of white panties around her knees that she hadn’t even bothered to pull up over her round ass before she fell asleep. God they looked good! It was obvious what they had been doing and John found his cock twitching with the sudden mental image of the two girls together.

He recognised Jenny’s companion as Prudence Hamilton. She was a quiet studious little thing, always neatly dressed and polite. In as much as he had noticed her at all he had thought she seemed younger than her years, timid and certainly innocent. She possessed none of Jenny’s obvious sexuality or rebelliousness and he would never have suspected in a million years that the obedient straight-laced girl could ever do anything like this. But then, who knew better than he how persuasive Jenny could be!

His breathing seemed unnaturally loud to him as he walked closer to the bed and looked down on them. What the hell was he going to do now?

The headmaster assessed this unforeseen development. He should wake them, make them dress then split them up. He couldn’t allow this sort of thing to happen in his school. What if the parents found out? What if the school nurse had found them?

And what if the nurse finds ME?! John thought wildly. He should just forget he had seen anything, turn around, get back in his car and go home again. Frankly, how on earth could he say anything to Jenny about her behaviour after what had passed between them in his office? He couldn’t stand there talking about decent moral behaviour when he had already let her suck his cock and had cum all over her pretty young face only days before!

Prudence was an innocent though, it was his job to protect her wasn’t it? He had a duty to speak to her about this and make it clear it had to stop. Oh dear Lord!!… What if Jenny had told Prudence about their escapade in his office? What if Prudence had then told someone else? His stomach lurched with worry at that possibility!

He shook his head to clear it but the sight of them was so damn distracting. They looked so peaceful and…well… delicious! He sighed angrily. And what was he protecting Prudence from exactly? From being corrupted? Was this really so dreadful? The girls had made out, they weren’t taking drugs or stealing cars for Gods sake… they were safe and secure in their dorm room and so what if they were finding some pleasure in each other?

His mind raced as he fought for some coherent and sensible solution but the purely male compartments of his brain weren’t remotely interested in his moral dilemma. All they were thinking was how turned on he was by the sight of his young charges naked and entwined on the narrow bed. His head was filled with images of what he wanted to do with them… to them… what he wanted to watch them do to each other. He groaned and tried to ignore the dull ache in his balls as scenarios played out in his mind. He had to just leave now before he made things worse but his feet seemed glued to the floor.

Prudence shifted in her sleep, rolling over on her side. The movement caused Jenny to stir and before John could react she opened her eyes and saw him standing over her. He couldn’t speak or move and despite himself he was thrilled to see the adoration in the blinding smile she gave him.

“Sir!” She whispered and made as if to rise from the bed, stopping only because Prudence was lying on a strand of her long hair. Her smile faltered and her big eyes became worried when she realised what John was seeing. He saw her mind working frantically as she sought çukurambar escort an explanation. Then a calculating look came over her pretty face and she raised her voice saying loudly, “Pru wake up, Mr Wilson is here.” John’s heart thumped wildly as Prudence sat up on the bed and rubbed her eyes like a sleepy child. “What? What did you say….”

The sentence ended in a sudden flash of activity when Pru saw her headmaster standing by the bed. She cried out and jumped up, babbling incoherently as a red blush flushed across her face and throat. Pru realised she was naked and grabbed at the bed spread, yanking it up to cover herself. The astonished girl clutched the fabric tightly to her chest as apologies and declarations of being drunk and not meaning to do anything wrong tumbled from her lips.

John was staring at Pru as she prattled on, her hair curling in disarray around her head and shoulders, her eyes wide, full of tears and shame. To his astonishment the fear in her face was incredibly sexy to him, her distress and vulnerability acting as an even more provocative turn on than her naked body had been.

She was pleading with him not to tell her parents or to expel her, that she and Jenny had just been playing and they wouldn’t do it again, that she was sorry… and all he could think of was the painful throbbing of his cock and how much he’d like to push her down on the bed and fuck her.

John heard Jenny’s voice soothing the other girl, “Pru it’s alright! Sir understands we were just fooling around. It’s OK. I’ll handle this. Calm down!”

He felt Jenny move to press her naked body close to his and looked down at her face as she gave him her most seductive and longing look. “Please Sir, you wont say anything to her parents will you? It wasn’t her fault. It was mine. I though it would be a laugh to get her drunk, to dance a bit and have some fun. She’s such a good girl usually, I just wanted to show her some things, teach her a little. We were just playing. You know what I’m like, it was all my fault. Don’t punish her. Please Sir?” Jenny licked her lips and a devilish smiled played around the corners of her mouth, blue eyes sparkling with mischief as she breathed, “We’ll do anything you want Sir…..”

Prudence was staring at John in fear and embarrassment while Jenny’s cajoling voice filled his ears. She rubbed her sweet naked body against his side and he knew she was manipulating the situation in her own sly but clever fashion. He took a deep breath and tried to think but he was functioning with the more primal parts of his brain… and he already knew what he was going to do. Had known since the second he saw the girls together that he wasn’t going to be able to walk away from them.

John returned Pru’s gaze. He held it for a heart beat… then another… and then he grabbed Jenny, kissing her roughly while he pushed his groin against her belly. Jenny responded instantly, moaning into his mouth when she felt his erection, her arms going up round his neck. John caught a slight scent about her and her mouth tasted musky and sweet. He knew that he was tasting Pru’s pussy on Jenny’s lips and his cock strained painfully against his jeans.

Pushing Jenny away John glanced toward the frightened Prudence again. She was looking thoroughly confused now and he felt exhilarated by the thoughts and images assailing him. He smiled to himself and rapped out sharply, continuing to stare at Pru.

“ I can’t just ignore this Jenny. You’ve both been naughty dirty little girls and you deserve to be punished. I’m very disappointed in you both. You’ll have to behave yourselves and make it up to me.”

Prudence opened her mouth as if to speak but Jenny understood completely and interrupted quickly. “Come here to Sir Pru. As long as we do as we’re told everything will be fine. Come here and say you’re sorry.” Jenny held out a hand and Pru took it, moving in front of John and glancing back and forth between her girlfriend and her headmaster.

Before she could say anything John snapped, “Put that bedspread down, it’s a bit late for modesty now.” Pru obeyed and John saw that she had managed to pull her panties up and cover her breasts while he had been talking.

He sat on the bed and motioned the girls to stand in front of him. Jenny was smiling, her eyes bright. Pru was still looking scared but with a bewildered expression, and he noticed how she clutched Jenny’s hand for reassurance.

Looking up at Prudence’s face John held her gaze before saying gruffly. “Well? What have you got to say for yourself?!”

Glancing at Jenny, who nodded, Pru moved forward to stand directly in front of John. She was aware of an atmosphere she couldn’t understand or control and she fidgeted slightly, twisting her hands together, eyes cast down as she whispered, “I’m sorry Sir, I’ll be good now I promise.”

Pru stiffened in shock but didn’t pull away when John reached out and pushed his hand between demetevler escort her legs. His fingers and thumb rubbed the crotch of her panties, back and forth, squeezing her pussy and ass hard in his hand. She closed her eyes in shame when her cunt contracted at his touch, she couldn’t believe that her body could react like this when she was in such an awful predicament.

She had been stunned by seeing her headmaster kiss Jenny and by her friends eager response. Obviously there had been something going on between them before now. Pru felt completely out of her depth, she was adrift from everything she felt secure with and knew she had no control over what happened to her next. Both girls were totally dependant on Mr Wilson’s whims and while Jenny seemed overjoyed by that prospect, a mixture of fear, embarrassment and bewilderment overwhelmed Pru.

“Look at me Prudence!” John’s stern voice brought her back to the moment and she opened her eyes. She whimpered when his fingers squeezed her crotch painfully and John let her go, growling, “Soaking wet! You have been having fun haven’t you. Have you ever been with a man Pru?”

Pru blushed again and he saw worry in her eyes as she shook her head. He was delighted by her innocence and suddenly he couldn’t wait any longer. “Well, it’s my job to educate you so tonight you’ll learn more than you expected. You’ll do what I tell you or you’ll be sorry. You’re obviously as much of a little slut as Jenny, so I see now reason not to treat you as one! Do you understand?” Pru nodded and moved closer to Jenny as the other girl whispered in her ear, “It’s ok, just do as Sir says.”

John stood up and ordered Jenny to lie on the bed and spread her legs. Jenny giggled delightedly and instantly obeyed. Propping herself against the pillows she teasingly put her hands behind her head and pulled her knees up to her chest before opening her thighs and placing her feet on the outer edges of the single bed. John looked down at her juicy bare pussy and licked his lips.

He reached out, pushing Pru closer to the bed and barked, “Kneel between Jenny’s thighs and show me what you filthy little girls were doing before I got here.” Pru reluctantly knelt up on the bed between her friends outspread legs. She sought reassurance from Jenny who just smiled, “Just do what I did to you hun. That felt nice didn’t it?” Pru took a deep breath and dropped her head, tentatively kissing the soft skin around Jenny’s pussy. She could smell Jenny’s scent and despite the peculiar circumstances it aroused her and she wondered what the taste would be like. Pru was utterly confused by the Headmasters behaviour and by her own feelings and thoughts.

Mr Wilson moved to the end of the bed behind her and at the sound of him pulling down his zipper Pru’s heart pounded. Quickly she turned to see what he was doing, afraid of what was about to happen. When she looked up at John he scowled. “Do as I say!”

Pru swallowed but found her voice. “I…I’ve never done this before Sir, I’m not sure I can.” She yelped in shock as Mr Wilson raised his hand and slapped her ass hard. “Lick her pussy you dirty little bitch!”

Pru blinked back tears, shocked by the aggression in his voice. She was utterly lost in this situation, frightened of upsetting John and of what could happen to her. Yet she was also ashamed to find that her pussy had twitched with pleasure when he had smacked her. She realised that part of her was excited by the thought of licking Jenny and making her friend cum as she herself had cum earlier in the evening. So taking a deep breath she tried to focus on what she knew John wanted, and what Jenny seemed to want too.

She breathed out slowly, then mumbled meekly, “Yes Sir.” And dipping her head to the mattress she ran her warm tongue along the length of Jenny’s slit and quickly pushed it inside the wet folds. Remembering what Jenny had done earlier Pru tried to emulate her friend’s actions. Lapping up and down her girlfriends slippery lips, flicking the tip of her tongue around the entrance to Jenny’s cunt a few times before pushing in deeper and wriggling upwards to seek out her clit. Thinking that the faster she made Jenny cum the more pleased Sir would be, Pru focused hard on pleasuring her friend.

Jenny moaned her encouragement, wriggling under Pru’s exploring tongue. “Hmmm yes, just like that.. that’s so good….lick my clit faster hun, Sir wants to see how well I taught you.” Pru did as she was told.

Pru felt Mr Wilson’s hands on her hips and then her panties were pulled down. She tried not to react but as she felt him slide a finger into her pussy she gasped and lifted her head, turning quickly to stare at him. She was speechless when she saw his hard cock inches from her ass. He was stroking it in his other hand while he fingered her pussy and she knew what he was about to do.


John was so hard and desperate to cum as he watched the prim little Prudence dikmen escort reluctantly start to lick his gorgeous Jenny’s bald cunt. Jenny was wriggling and moaning, her big tits bouncing as she revelled in every second of it. Watching Jenny writhing about on the bed with Pru’s head buried between her thighs was just bliss for John. Pru’s firm round ass stuck up in the air just in front of him, the small white panties had ridden up between her cheeks and he could see the wet patch over her pussy.

He stood at the end of the bed stroking his cock slowly. The tip was weeping precum and he knew he couldn’t hold back too much longer as he relished the sight of the two girls enjoying each other.

With his free hand John reached out, pulling Pru’s panties down to her knees to expose her pink folds and puckered little asshole to his hungry gaze. Her virgin pussy was wet and glistening and he could smell her scent as he slid a finger into it to feel how tight she was. He heard her gasp and when she turned to stare at him he snapped. “Did I tell you to stop? You lick that pussy like the dirty little slut you are and don’t stop until I say so.” Pru didn’t react, she was staring at his cock as if frozen, her cheeks and chin shiny with Jenny’s juices.

He felt a surge of lust and laughed out loud. “Yes Pru, I’m going to ram this big hard cock into your pussy. I can do whatever I want with you. I’m going to use you because I want to and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re my whore now and you’ll do as I tell you or be expelled. Now get your pretty face down on that bed and fuck Jenny’s cunt like I ordered.”

Jenny was writhing and crooning to Pru to carry on. A few seconds passed but Pru didn’t move, still mesmerised by the sight of John’s hard pulsing cock as his fingers stroked the thick shaft. Growling, he pulled his finger out of her and slapped her across the face. Pru flinched when her head snapped round, more from shock than pain, as he hadn’t hit her hard. He saw her eyes glaze over slightly and she whimpered, “Yes Sir!” Before turning and burying her face in Jenny’s needy pussy, this time with real enthusiasm.

To Johns delight Pru had raised her ass higher as she eagerly pressed her face against Jenny’s pussy and lapped at the creamy juices. Her obedience caused a tightening in his balls and he took hold of her ass in both hands. Kneading and stroking the warm plump cheeks John eased the swollen head of his cock between her soaking pussy lips, rubbing it up and down her slit, priming her body for his use.

Without his urging the young girl’s hips swayed back towards him and she shifted her knees to spread her legs wider. He groaned with pleasure, pressing into her, his weeping cock head just at the entrance to her cunt.

“Oh Yes! You want it now don’t you cock teasing slut?” Pru moaned but didn’t reply and, griping her ass in his strong hands, John rammed his big throbbing cock hard into her tight young cunt. Pru lifted her head and gave a gasping cry, but then immediately returned to eating Jenny’s pussy while the other girl lay spread eagled on the bed, arching her back and moaning as she got close to her orgasm.

John was exultant as he pumped into Pru, “Oh yeah. That tight little pussy is just dripping for my cock now isn’t it?”

Pru’s body was as hot and incredibly tight as he had imagined and he grunted deep in his throat, thrusting into her, pulling his straining cock almost out of her pussy and then slamming it deep, over and over again. Her muscles were squeezing his swollen shaft and his balls slapped against her wet skin. John groaned, watching as his thick shaft slid in and out of Pru’s small hole, stretching her walls and using her virgin cunt for the first time.

His every thrust pushed Pru’s face harder into Jenny’s dripping slit and John watched, riveted, as Pru’s lips and tongue hungrily worked on her girlfriends spread pussy. “Yes. You lick that cunt you dirty slut!”

The smell of Pru’s now dripping cunt and her sudden compliance to his wishes were glorious and he panted, “I’m going to fuck you both everyway I want and I’m going to make you fuck each other whenever it pleases me. You’re my whores now, I own you!” John felt a powerful rush of triumph as he looked down at them, he didn’t want this wonderful feeling to end.


Pru had given herself over completely to the sensations vibrating through her groin and belly. At first she had been so afraid of John’s anger, of his lust and strength that she had just tried to please him. But, to her relief, the sweet creamy taste of Jenny on her tongue was wonderfully sexy, the wriggling hips under her mouth so inviting, that she was soon lost in what she was doing.

The sight of John’s stiff cock had mesmerised Pru. She had never seen an aroused man before and it seemed huge to her, angry and threatening. The thought of that ridged shaft ripping into her, hurting her, inspired only fear and shame. Yet after her initial tension she had felt a powerful surge of lust, resulting in a gush of moisture between her legs. She admitted to herself that her curiosity and desire were now far outweighing her natural shyness and caution…and besides she reasoned, she had no choice but to do as her headmaster instructed.

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