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I’ve been dreaming for years that someone would revolutionize the sex toy industry. Many milestones have been made — cyber skin making dildos more realistic in texture, long distance remote controlled vibrators to tease your partner from another room and now controllable from around the world. I still wanted more. I dreamt that one day there would be dildo that could be sensored to please the giver. That day has finally come with the help of technology developed by NASA engineers. Meet the latest invention in cyberdildonics: robotronic dildos. The outer layer appears no different than cyber skin but underneath laid thousands of sensors connected to tips at the base of the dildo which press against your pussy. The sensors transmit touches into different vibrations sending the waves to the tips, thus to the clit on the other end. There is an inner tube which always some cum to be pulled to the tip due to suction but it doesn’t shoot out. It has its limitations — it doesn’t ejaculate per say, it doesn’t feel exactly like the real thing, and it isn’t for those with small bank accounts but it’s the most revolutionary toy to be designed to date. As the owner of hundreds of disappointing toys tossing thousands of dollars down the drain I decided to become an inventor myself and join the industry.

Years ago I had an intense sexual fling with a friend, Tiffany. We were friends with benefits. She was bi-sexual and loved to experiment. I spent hours watching her service my rubber cocks wanting so badly to know how a blow job felt. Our fling tapered off back into merely a friendship without ever getting the change to have that questioned answered. Who better to test the capabilities of my new creation than the woman who sparked its creation?

I met her for lunch and we played catch up informing each other on what had happened since we bursa evi olan escort last saw each other. I didn’t mention my latest invention. I was waiting for the perfect moment. We usually only had an hour in our hectic schedules to see each other but I convinced her to free up an afternoon. We decided to visit the local state park as it was a gorgeous, sunny June day. We worked our way down the trails towards the creek and one of about 15 small waterfalls in the park. We sat together on a rock and took in the view. I loved how peaceful it was here and private.

“How’s work going,” Tiffany finally asked.

“Oh, it’s going well. I created the perfect invention I said glancing towards my crotch,” I merely smiled as her gaze followed mine.

“Oh,” she said with an undeniable curiosity.

“I am sure I still have some kinks to work out. I have yet to give it a full true test. It’s the most high tech strap-on compatible dildo to ever be created so far,” I said placing her hand between my legs.

She rubbed the bulge, “How so?”

I smiled, “I can feel you.”

Her eyes widened in surprise, “How? What do you mean?”

“Sensors,” I said simply. I didn’t want to get lost in technical jargon and lose her attention. She was still rubbing me. I knew she wanted to see it. I stood up and looked around to ensure we were alone. I knew a Park Ranger could come by any minute or not for hours. I slid off my shorts and swim trunks. I stood hanging before her.

“So no one’s ever sucked it before,” she said hoping to be the first to share this with me.

“Nope. You would be the first, that is if you want to of course,” I said already knowing her desire. She smile at the honor of taking my “blow job virginity.” She took off her shirt and bra exposing her D cups and pink erect altıparmak escort nipples. My pussy tingled as her tongue ran across the head. It felt amazing, a sensation like any other. The sensations from her tongue were different from the vibration caused by her hand jerking me. The combination was mind blowing, “Oh suck me baby, suck it.” I ran my fingers through her hair. She sucked faster as she looked up into my eyes. She forced some cum out into her mouth and moaned. This was enough to send me over the edge and I pulled her close as I came, “Mmmmmm baby.”

“Did you like that,” she grinned. I could barely speak.

My legs felt like rubber but I helped her up. The rock was too uncomfortable and we moved to an open field. I laid her down and removed the rest of her clothes. I pulled off my shirt so I could feel my skin against hers. “I do have one suggestion,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“You need to be able to explode and shoot your load all over me,” she loved the feel of a guy’s cum all over her tits so it was no surprised she’d want to feel the wetness of her woman all over her body. She grinned slightly and pulled me close for a kiss, “Now fuck me!” Her pussy was glistening with wetness. She pushed me off her onto the grass and climbed on top me. Every inch disappeared between her legs. She was so sexy when she took charge. I placed my hands firmly on her tits as she rode my cock. It started to rain unexpectedly but she didn’t care. She was going to make this an unforgettable experience. Her body flushed and quivered as she came. I could no longer delay my orgasm after watching her, “Fuck yes, Tiffany. Oh god.”

She climbed off me and climbed between my legs, “I love how you’re always hard.” The benefit of is it never did go limp but your pussy still grows sensitive! gemlik escort She licked her own wetness off of me and in what felt like seconds I came again. I laid there for a few minutes caressing her as I caught my breath.

“Can’t keep up anymore,” she taunted. I had longed for her touch for so long. I was going to keep going until I could no longer control every muscle in my body. I climbed between her thighs and leaned over her. My arms were tucked under her shoulder blades, hands gripping the top of her shoulders. She wrapped her legs around my torso allowing me to penetrate her deeper. She squeezed me so hard with her thighs as she came I thought she was going to break my ribs. I slowed my thrusts and began to build her climax again. I moved my hips slow as I sucked on her nipple with my lips. She gasped and squirmed. Her back arched and I knew she was close. Her nails sank into my back as she climaxed, “Now what was that about not keeping up?”

We both lay there exhausted and the rain helped cool us off. She ran her nails across my chest sending chills down my body. She kissed my neck and nibbled at my earlobe. She was ready for another round, “There’s still a sensation you haven’t felt.” She got up on all fours and put her sexy little ass in the air. She was beckoning me to fuck her. I rimmed her ass with my tongue. She was aroused and ready to be fucked. My dick entered her asshole slowly and felt a long slow vibration against my clit. I came into her ass. I pulled her hair and smacked her ass until she exploded. She liked it rough and I was never one to disappoint her.

We fooled around until late in the afternoon. I removed my strap-on to receive her tongue against my warmth. The new experience had been amazing but nothing compared to the hotness of her breath against me and the intimacy of nothing being between us.

We had rekindled our relationship. She never disappointed me. She left every desire fulfilled and always found a new fantasy to keep things hot. She was sexy and shameless. She pushed my boundaries and took me beyond to explore desires I didn’t know existed. No other lover has ever pleased me more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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