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We lay on the floor in the middle of a nest of pillows and blankets in front of the TV, playing Playstation 2 games. It’s very interesting how many different ways you can find to flirt with someone using only an electronic car. Eventually, through wins and losses, we ended up draped over each other, a tangle of arms and legs. I tried not to get too distracted by it, but it was so hard to press buttons on a little controller when all you can think about is how warm her hip is where it presses against your side, how soft her hair is where it falls across your shoulder, how smooth her skin is where it touches yours. Suddenly, she hit pause, and looked up at me. I looked down, surprised, just in time to catch her lips on mine.

I froze, a tangle of feelings and thoughts. I had waited so long for this moment, agonized over exactly how it would happen, and now that it was happening, my mind was blank. My lips moved on auto pilot until she brought her hand up to thread her fingers through my hair. I moaned softly and sank down into the pillows as her tongue flicked over my bottom lip, demanding entrance. I couldn’t deny her, especially not when she grabbed my lip in her teeth and nibbled softly. I brought my hands up her arms and up over her shoulders, pulling her closer. She slowly crawled on top of me, her perfect breasts pressed against mine, long legs straddling me. I held her head, and slowly kissed down her soft neck, pausing to nip softly at her collar bone, then up again to capture her earlobe between my teeth.

Suddenly she giggled, and pulled away gently. I froze emek otele gelen escort again, assuming I’d done something wrong, flaming red with embarrassment. “No, no,” she whispered “I don’t want to stop, I was just remembering how long it took me to build up the nerve to do this…I never thought you would…” She trailed off uncertainly.

I looked at her in surprise. “What? I can’t believe that.” I kissed her firmly, then rolled us both over, pushing her into the softness of the pillows as I slowly stroked her breasts through her shirt, kissing her neck all the while. She pushed against my hands and murmured “please, please” over and over again. I smiled at her before I slowly raised her shirt up to reveal her beautiful A-cups, tipped with small dark pink nipples. Her chest was flushed with excitement, or embarrassment, but it just made the moment more wonderful.

“Don’t look at me like that.” She said, suddenly. I jumped, confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Like I’m so perfect. I know they’re too small.”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it. Leaning forward to take one hard nipple between my lips, I flicked my tongue over it while I cupped her other breast in my hand. “You can’t really believe that, can you?”

Her hand crept up my arm, to the back of my neck, holding my head to her chest. I smiled and rolled her nipple between my fingers while I continued softly flicking the other with my tongue.

“I want to see yours” I looked up at her, surprised, but happy. I sat up to take off my shirt and bra, feeling emek anal yapan escort a flush of excitement at the look of lust on her face. I never thought I would see her look at me like that. Wonderful. She pushed me back a bit so that she could sit up and cup my breasts. Touching the steel barbells through my nipples, she asked “Did that feel good?”

I laughed again, and pushed her back to kiss her deeply, pinching her nipples a bit now, reveling in the feel of her body pushing against mine, begging for more. “Yes,” I growled softly “It felt very good”

I slowly got rougher with her breasts, using my teeth, lips, tongue and hands until she was moaning loudly and bucking wildly beneath me. Then, in a rush, her begging and writhing changed, she started pushing her pelvis against me. I eagerly took advantage of this, kissing down her flat belly to her waist, then slowly pulling down her pants. She helped, then laid back, legs tightly clamped close, shyness momentarily overcoming lust.

I stroked her legs, softly, kissing her belly and hips and thighs, all over, avoiding the area she was obviously shy about. After a minute or so, she slowly relaxed again, bringing her hand up to cup my face, and guide it to the closely trimmed area between her legs. I resisted, leaning down to kiss between her thighs, down to her knees, then back up and down the other leg. Soon she was begging just as strenuously as before, finally tangling her fingers in my hair to guide me where she wanted me.

As I stared at her, all soft and wet and emek escort hot in front of me, I blew softly, enjoying the little buck of pleasure. I kissed her softly, all over, flicking my tongue out occasionally to taste her sweetness, always avoiding her clit, dipping my tongue just inside her pussy to make her squirm even more. I had to lean back a second later when I realized she was so wet she was dripping down over her asshole. I never knew a girl could get that wet. I ran my finger up that trail of moisture to its source, slowly sliding one finger inside her, wiggling it around a bit until I found the spot that made her push against me the hardest. Once I had memorized how it felt, I sucked her clit into my mouth. She cried out at the suddenness, bucking hard against me. I kept ahold of her, sliding another finger in between wild clenches of her muscles, moving them slowly, trying to keep a steady tempo between my tongue and fingers.

Then, everything fell into place, her hips matched the smooth thrusts of my hand. I sped up, a little bit at a time, feeling her whole body getting tighter and listening to her moaning and begging change into a louder, less coherent train of “oh my god”s and “oh please”s.

“Oh god, Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum!” she screamed. I used my free hand to pull her closer to me, and slid in a third finger, keeping my rhythm as she suddenly stiffened, her whole body becoming hard and tight. I heard her keening, like a scream off in the distance, then as her orgasm broke over, she gave up and screamed out loud. I kept licking her clit and slowly fingerfucking her until she spasmed away from me and rolled over, begging “no more, no more”.

I couldn’t keep the satisfied grin off my face and I climbed up to lay beside her. When she rolled over again to cuddle against me, it just made my smile even bigger. Not often a girl gets to live her fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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