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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.

My name is Emma and during COVID I decided I would start to write porn. I wrote a few stories based on an experience I had. I then wrote one re telling the story that made me come up with it. I’ve had a naughty sex life and I had a few more stories I could write.

My new favourite thing was feedback. I would get emails sent to me from members on the site I posted messaging me about what they liked about them. Some of the time it was assholes telling me what I did wrong, but for the most part it was positive. Many of them were guys that thought they had a shoot with me, and if they lived closer they might have. One message however was from a women called Robin. She loved my latest lesbian story that I had written.

We messaged each other for a few days and I got to know her a little. She was an older lady, almost 60, and had been married to a man for most of her life. She had discovered a love for women at some point and now classed herself as a closet lesbian. Reading stories and watching lesbian porn was her only way to experience it though. She was desperate for a chance to be with another women but was far too scared to try.

With COVID seeming to go away a bit my work was needing me to work in a different office for a few days to help then out. I loved this part of the job as it meant I could travel a little and staying in hotel rooms was always fun. I told Robin where I was going and she told me that it was only a short drive from her.

We spent the week before I went talking to each other and I liked to turn her on with some naughty talk. She loved this and was more then happy to talk dirty back. It was during this that I had an idea. I messaged her saying that we should meet and that she can sample my pussy. The thought of making someone older then my mother eat me out was a turn on. Making an older straight women was even better. Plus with lockdown my sex life had died a bit and I needed someone to get me off.

She seemed unsure at first but I told her that this was her best chance. I also asked her how many 25 year olds were willing to let someone over double their age go down on them. It did not take much convincing after that. The next week I was booking into my hotel room for the next few days. I showered and shaved and checked myself out in the mirror. My dirty blonde hair was still wet but I liked the look. My bahis siteleri body was slim and toned with nice perky boobs. I put on the robe that the hotel gave me and waited. The hotel I was staying in had external walk was so that you did not have to enter the main building to get to my room. This helped Robin as she did not want to be seen coming for some reason. I think she was worried that the hotel staff would know why she was their.

I had given her my room number and I did not have to wait long before their was a knock. I told her to enter and she did. Robin walked into the room. She hand greying hair hanging loss to her shoulders. She was slightly overweight and she had told me before that she had lost a load of weight to try and improve herself. She wore loose trouser and a loose blouse.

“Hello.” I said in a sexy tone.

“Hello.” She replied barely being able to look at me.

She had told me that she would find an excuse to leave if I gave her one. So I did not. I walked over and shut the door that she had left open and grabbed her hand. I walked over to one of the two armchairs in the room. I stopped her and walked in front of her. I removed my robe before I sat down. Her eyes would not look at mine but they did stare at my exposed body.

“On your knees.” I demanded. She hesitated but finally sank to her knees.

“Now eat my pussy.” I told her, opening my legs wider.

She stared at my pussy as she slowly leant forward. With a tentative tongue she reached out and touched my pussy. With that small tastes she licked a bit harder. She was now giving it her all and I could just lean back and enjoy. It had been a long time anyone had gone down on me and I missed it. It was even better making someone so much older then me do it. For someone’s first time eating pussy she was doing a good job of it. I was giving out low moans and was enjoying the pleasure I was getting. I felt my orgasm build and was able to suppress it a few times, I wanted this orgasm to be a big one.

I was no longer able to suppress my orgasm and I screamed out in pleasure as it rocked my body. I grabbed Robin by the hair to make sure she did not stop as my juices soaked her face. I let go of her when my muscles failed and I collapsed back into the chair. I had left a small towel on the floor by the chair and she used it to clean her face off. Once her face was clean she used the towel to try canlı bahis siteleri and dry up my soaked pussy and thighs.

“Aren’t you a good girl.” I smiled down at her.

“Thank you.” She said.

“Don’t thank me yet. I want to see you here after I finish work tomorrow.” I told her. She gave me a quick nod before she got up and left.

I liked the idea of having someone to eat me out after work and looked forward to it all day. I had let Robin know what time I would be back and I was happy to find her waiting outside for me to arrive.

“Some one is keen.” I laughed. She just gave me a shy smile in answer.

Inside the room she watched as I removed the white blouse I was wearing to expose my black bra. I left that on as I removed both my skirt and panties. I sat down in the same chair as last time and opened my legs. She did not need to be asked this time and got straight on her knees. She wasted no time in getting to my pussy and was quickly licking away. I girl could get used to this kind of service.

I came quicker this time but still just as hard. She had to leave quickly after to get back to her family, but not before I told her I wanted her back again tomorrow. For the next 3 days I was there I made Robin meet me after work to service my pussy. She was waiting everyday. I told her on my last full day to be here early tomorrow to please me before I left.

I had just finished packing when she knocked at the door. I let her in and I quickly found myself bottomless with this horny old lesbian eating me out. She had gotten even better the more she had practiced on me. I had my head back as I was enjoying it and did not notice the door open. I did hear it close and my head snapped down. The cleaning lady had come into my room. She did not notice us at first as the chair was to the back of the door.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry.” She said when she finally noticed us. Robins head shot up as she heard the lady speak. She looked like she was about to run so I quickly grabbed her hair to stop her.

“It’s ok.” I said with a calm smile.

“I thought you had already checked out.” She told me, not knowing where to look.

“My friend here was just pleasing me before I left.” I said and stroked Robins hair. She look terrified. I got a better look at the lady now and she was pretty for an older women. She was maybe late 40s and slim. She was looking back and canlı bahis forth between me and Robin but she did not look disgusted.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Sara.” She said.

“Nice to meet you Sara. Would you like my friend to please you?” I asked. Robin looked even more scared then before.

“Maybe.” She laughed. “It’s been a while since I was pleased by another women.”

“She’s very good. Trust me.” I replied giving Robin a smile. The fear in her seemed to disappear. She must have realised she might get to go down on another women.

“Come.” I told Sara pointing to the chair that was next to mine. She walked over and sat down.

“Robin be a good girl and help her out of those leggings.” I told her.

Sara was wearing slim leggings and her work polo top. Robin did not need anymore encouraging as she moved over to kneel before her. She reached up and pulled the leggings down to the floor. Her pussy was covered by a pair of thin and lacy panties.

“Then too.” I said.

She quickly obeyed and Sara was now sat with legs wide and pussy bare. She reached out and grabbed Robins head. She pulled her down until she began licking her pussy. She must have needed this as she was soon moaning loudly. I got to sit back and enjoy the show.

Sara did not take long before she got close to cumming. She tensed up and pulled Robins face as close to her pussy as she could. With a load moan she came, her body twitching as she enjoyed her orgasm. When she released Robin I wasted no time myself as I pulled her back to my own pussy. I was so turned on that I was cumming myself in less then a minute.

Once we had cleaned yourself up I managed to pack up the rest of my stuff and start to leave. I said goodbye to Sara and she thanked me for the fun. I gave her a wink back. I left with Robin and she was folding a piece of paper away that Sara had given her. I gave her a big knowing smile as we said goodbye.

Over the next few months as I messaged Robin she told me of her new secret relationship with Sara. They would meet up and Robin would please her. She did not feel comfortable to get naked herself until she lost more weight. When she finally did she told me how amazing it was when Sara returned the favour. Now that she was more comfortable in her skin, and the fact that Sara was very naughty I started to get a few pictures and videos of them. It turns out that two older ladies could be very hot. It was then that work told me I had to go back to the same office as before for a few more days. I did not mind at all.

I hoped you enjoyed this story. Thank you Robin for the inspiration.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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