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It started as a simple quest. Nothing more than paying a woman to have sex with me because I’d always wanted to find out what that felt like. Though, knowing myself, I should’ve known it wouldn’t be simple at all. For one, I knew it couldn’t be any woman. It had to be one that I was attracted to and wouldn’t cause me to hate myself in the morning. In the end, I found her. Little did I know that this woman would cause me not only to stop hating myself, but would open doors that I didn’t know I had the key to, expressing my passion in ways I never thought myself capable of. Here follows the story.

These places always look the same. Dark, musty, hazy, and very dimly lit. In the dark, you can dream whatever you want to. That’s definitely the goal here, for both entertainer and patron.

I’ve gotta say, there’s always something about the way a stripper looks. No matter what her body is, she is always powdery and scented. It gives the illusion of cleanliness that one can’t help to resist. I’ve only started frequenting these places and always I go for the one that looks the cleanest. I also prefer the ones who look like they’ve taken care of their bodies. There’s definitely something very undeniably sexy about a woman whose weight is evenly distributed. Today, I wanted to do more. While clubs like these aren’t here for prostitution, there are rooms in the back that practically beg for it. Rooms where the air is darker and the boundaries even hazier; rooms where I might be able to fuck a woman, if only for tonight. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something alluring about paying a woman to have sex with you.

It’s not as though I’m unattractive. I’m not one of those guys. If I tried hard enough, I could probably have the woman of my dreams. But that’s not the point here. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. Tonight may finally be the night I experience what that feels like.

For the past couple of nights, I’ve been getting dances from a petite dancer that was without a doubt the best looking one there. She had brown hair that flowed past her shoulders a bit and pouty lips that framed her beautiful smile. Her breasts were naturally rounded and full, but not overbearing. But that was almost nothing compared to the hips and thighs she possessed. From that alone, you knew she was healthy. Well rounded, yet athletic at the same time. But that wasn’t all. Out of all of them, she was always into giving lap dances. While it’s unspoken between entertainer and customer, you could tell when a stripper is turned on from giving you a lap dance. She was definitely one that enjoyed her work the most when she gave them. If she could, she would most likely rip your clothes off and fuck you on the stage. She would be that horny most of the time. It was this quality that made me decide to try and get her in the back room. Knowing her, my odds were already pretty good.

‘How you doin’ tonight, sweetheart?’ she asked, always with a smile for me. She knew I preferred her.

‘Horny as usual. I’m sure you know that.’

‘Really. I couldn’t tell,’ she said teasingly, brushing her hand on my crotch when she knew no one was looking.

‘You available for a room tonight?’

She leaned in close to my ear, her warm breath setting me on the edge of arousal. ‘You know I won’t fuck you,’ she said in a whisper. There was no hiding my intentions from her.

‘I know. I still want you to dance for me, though,’ I replied, placing my hand on the small of her back and pulling her closer to me when I knew no one was looking.

‘All right, sweetheart. Let’s go,’ she said, lacing her hand with mine and leading me to the counter next to the rooms. After a couple minutes to sort out the details, she took my hand again and led me to the room located in the very back.

The room had a rounded bed in the middle, piled on with pillows and velvety soft blankets. Yeah, I thought to myself, like they really don’t expect anything to happen in these rooms. She led me to a cushioned chair with a high backing. I felt like a king as she sat me down. She locked the door and slowly walked back to me. Within seconds, she was dancing in front of me.

To start with, she leaned over my chair and brought her beautiful breasts to my face. I inhaled as they lingered for a second. Then she stood and slowly took off her top. Soon, I saw them. Breasts so perfect, I could have held them forever. She let her top fall to the floor and squeezed both her breasts together. Then, she turned around and sat on my lap, laying on me and still squeezing herself. Her hair fell on my face and I closed my eyes to savor the scent of it. I didn’t dare move a hand to touch her. Not yet.

She sat up a bit and lifted her hips. Soon, with her buttocks in front of my face, she slid her thong down over her hips. There, I saw a cunt I could’ve licked in that very moment, despite the fact I’d never done that before. Shaved and beautiful, she sat kızılay escort again, fully naked and me fully aroused, my cock as hard as a rock. She then began gyrating her hips on my lap. She leaned back on my chest for support, letting one of her arms cradle my face, running her fingers through my hair. Her hips moved back and forth on my crotch, nearly making me come right there. I wouldn’t let myself. I still had a goal.

She sat up and positioned herself for my favorite move. She placed her hands on arms of the chair and put her legs together. She then gyrated her hips again on my crotch, this time moving them slightly up and down on it. It was then I placed my hands on hers and soon, she got the signal. This was her favorite part. Interlacing her hands in mine, I supported her now as she rubbed my crotch hard and fast. I knew she could hear me moan as this was happening, but I was pretty sure I could hear her moan as well. I imagine the friction did wonders for her clit.

Harder and faster. Up and down. The sensation was incredible, but she stopped. Breathing heavily and laying on me. I could hear her panting and felt her breath on my cheek as she turned to look at me. I looked at her intensely and moved my hands boldly to her pussy lips. She gasped. It was a gamble. This was definitely against club policy, but she didn’t stop me. She actually placed one of her hands there along with mine, her other arm cradling my face again. I stroked her down there, all the while hearing her moan. Again, she moved her hips on my lap as I kept stroking and stroking, until finally, I felt her shudder from trying to keep somewhat quiet as she climaxed. Clearly, she didn’t want to make it obvious that rules were being broken back here. The energy of it radiated through me as it aroused me even more. Resting on me, she stood and grabbed my hand, lifting me out of the chair to lie me on the bed.

She lifted my shirt as far as it could go and rubbed her hands on my torso. She brought her face to my chest and lightly bit on my nipples. All the while I felt her hot breath on them. Then came the best surprise I had as she straddled me: she brought one hand to my crotch to undo my belt and zipper.

‘What the…I thought.’

‘Shhh,’ she said putting a lone finger to my lips. ‘Just lie still for me, handsome.’ Pulling my pants down a bit, she placed her hand on my cock, rubbing it up and down a few times. I closed my eyes while moaning and savoring every squeeze. Then, I felt something wet at my tip. She was teasing her cunt with my dick, rubbing the head up and down her pussy lips. I hoped she would drop herself down on it any second now, but she moved down through my legs instead, pulling my pants and boxers to my ankles. She then licked the inside of my calves and then up my thighs until she was back at my cock. Taking it in one hand, she stroked it up and down while she kissed right under the head. The sensation was incredible as her lips wet the underside of my foreskin.

‘Don’t get many uncut guys in here,’ she said while still playing with the length of my shaft.

‘Is that a problem?’ I asked, not at all wondering if she really believed it was.

‘No. I just find uncut guys are more sensitive…’ she pulled down my foreskin revealing the pink head of my prick, ‘…right here.’ Her lips enclosed on the tip and slid up and down on the head only, making a very pleasurable suctioning motion. She was right. I did tend to be more sensitive than most cut guys, but her sucking was neither hard nor soft. So I enjoyed every second of it. Seconds soon turned into minutes. And in those minutes, she moved on from the head of my cock to engulf my shaft with her lips, licking and sucking it up and down. She used her other hand to cup and fondle my testicles, even pulling on them gently, which sent a shock through my body when she did. I had to concentrate very hard not to come whenever she did that in tandem with licking me. Even then, she knew when to back off. She was planning on making this last for me and knew exactly how to do that. As the clock hit about half an hour in this room, I started to worry, though.

‘Um…’ I caught my breath hoarsely trying to find it in me to ask a question, ‘won’t your people be checking up on us soon?’

She kissed my cockhead. ‘Baby, when I lock that door, they know exactly what’s going on in here. Why do you think they keep the music so loud anyways?’ She took one long sensuous lick on the underside of my dick, which caused me to spurt right then and there. Some of it shot onto my stomach while the rest just spilled over her hand. She kissed my cockhead and lapped some of it up. She even took two of her fingers and brought them to my mouth so that I could taste myself. I couldn’t resist tasting as she offered it to me on those fingers of hers. I would’ve licked and sucked the rest of her right then if she would’ve let me. She smiled at maltepe escort me devilishly as I finished licking her fingers. But I still couldn’t help looking at the door thinking the bouncers would come bursting in at any minute. She sensed this.

‘Are you really that worried about getting caught?’

‘It’s not that. It’s just that I want to pay you and do everything I want. But I don’t think I could totally relax here.’

‘Well. What would you mind if we did this at my place then?’

I looked at her with surprise. That was more than I expected

‘You serious?’

‘I have a nice place and I get off work here soon. I was only going to stay longer for you anyways, baby. So maybe if we went there, you could relax. What do you say?’

I kissed her. ‘I say fuck yeah!’

We agreed to meet up at her place after her last hour was up here. I got dressed and left the room with her. After I settled my bill with the club, I left, eagerly waiting for what was to come.

At around half past midnight, I rang her apartment doorbell. She answered it promptly wearing a short bathrobe with what I could tell was nothing underneath.

‘Hey, Raven,’ I said somewhat stupidly. What did you usually say in these situations?

‘James, call me Felicity. You can use my real name here.’

‘Ok,…Felicity. It’s a pretty name.’ Again, what do you say in these situations?

She chuckled. ‘Thanks. I’m glad you think so. Now follow me,’ she said as she grabbed my hand. Her place was nice as she said. Clean and organized. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but then again, she was one of the club’s highest earning strippers. Still, it turned me on to knew she had standards. I got the feeling she didn’t do this with just any guy. She led me to the bedroom door and turned out the lights in the living room. Then she opened the door to reveal candles that gave the very comfortable looking room a soft warm glow. She closed the door behind us and began to undress me.

‘How much is this going to run me?’ I had to ask. She already had me dressed down to my boxers and socks.

‘Well, that depends,’ she said as she kneeled down, pulling my underwear down with her. She kissed the area around my bare crotch, moving slowly up my torso.

‘On?’ I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she kept kissing. She met my face and kissed me deeply, our tongues meshing together hungrily. My hands found myself rubbing the back of her silk robe, keeping her with me. She then moved next to my ear.

‘On how much I enjoy this.’ She squeezed my dick as she whispered the last word. I nearly came right there. She had a musty smell about her from work, but she was still perfumed and powdered. I had my eyes closed and found myself nuzzling her neck. I heard her moan slightly from this. ‘You already made me come once. I want you to do it again.’ Her other arm had enclosed my head as she held me to her. I felt her covered breasts lightly heave as they pressed against my own naked chest. So soft and sensual. Who knew a stripper could be this intimate? It was then an idea came to my head. If I was going to pay for this, I was going to get my money’s worth.

‘Can you show me how?’

‘What? To make me come?’

‘Yeah!’ I said into her ear.

‘You already know how.’

‘With my hands, maybe. But…’ I felt a little embarrassed at what I was about to ask.

‘But?’ she asked. I could hear the smile in her curious question. She must have thought I was cute for being embarrassed.

‘I’ve…man, can’t believe I’m going to say this.’

‘Just say it then,’ she said as her fingers continued to play with my hair.

‘Fine.’ I swallowed. ‘I’ve always….wanted to go down on a girl.’

She slightly shifted and lifted her head slightly to look my in the eye. ‘Are you serious?’ She smiled and kissed me again. ‘That’s what you were embarrassed about?’

‘Yeah!’ I said, wondering what was so funny.

‘James, you know how many girls would love to hear a guy say that?’

‘A lot, I’m guessing?’

She laughed. ‘I don’t think there’s a girl out there who doesn’t secretly want a guy go down on them.’

‘So you’ll teach me then?’

She stepped back and slid her robe down, leaving only her naked body for me to look at. She then went to the bed and laid herself down, looking at me the entire time. ‘Come here.’

I took off my socks and went to her as she got comfortable and bent her knees. She looked at me then. ‘First, before we go south, we’ll start with the top. We haven’t done this yet.’ She took my hand and placed it on one of her breasts. ‘This will warm me up. I’m going to tell you what to do step by step. Go ahead and massage me.’ She squeezed my hand on her tit to signal me to start. I, of course, had no problem with taking her instruction. I fondled and rubbed my hand around her breast, even squeezing it at points. mamak escort This excited her, especially when I got bold enough to pinch her nipple a little. She had her eyes closed as she enjoyed this.

‘Now go ahead and kiss it.’

I did as she said and kissed her nipple as though it were sacred. Then I kissed the area around her nipple. I couldn’t get enough. And apparently, neither could she as she held my head to her chest.

‘Now suck on it,’ she said almost breathlessly. I placed my lips on her areola and lightly suctioned on her nipple. In suctioning, I would also lick it, hold it in my mouth, pull up and let it drop out of my mouth. I did this several times and not once did she take her hand off of the back of my head. I even placed my hand on her other breast and massaged it as I paid attention to her other. I soon found myself switching between her tits and at one point, I found it in me to lick up through the valley in the middle of them. She liked this too, as was evident by the fact that she now held my head with both hands.

‘Oh jeez, you’re good. I didn’t even have to tell you to do that’

I could help smiling. ‘Got carried away I guess.’ She smiled back.

‘No, that’s great! Now…’ she moved her leg and positioned me closer to her so that I was between her legs. I had to resist the temptation of taking her right then and there. ‘…I want you to kiss down toward my pussy. But take your time.’

I had no problem with that. Still holding her tits in my hands, I kissed each of them once. Then I moved to kiss on their undersides. Soon, I was lightly kissing her middle. She closed her hands on her breasts along with mine as I took my time. As I moved my kisses to one of her sides, I moved my hands away from her tits and moved them along her body. I kissed her other side and soon, before I knew it, I was at her bellybutton, kissing under it as my body moved to lay flat on the bed, with only my head and shoulders still around where her legs met. I continued to kiss below her midriff when she grabbed my hands to stop me.

‘Okay,’ she said, swallowing to regain her breath. ‘Now I want you to sit up.’

I did as she said and rested on my heels between her. She placed one of her calves on my shoulder. ‘Now kiss my leg slowly.’

There was almost nothing sexier than to have this gorgeous woman’s leg resting up on me. I nuzzled my nose down her calf and began kissing her ankle. My hands moved up from her thigh as I did this. Soon, I bent further and further, slowly kissing and sometimes licking the inside of her leg, rubbing it with my hands. I could already tell she wanted me to do this to her other leg, so as I neared her cunt, I took the initiative and placed her other leg on my shoulder. This surprised her as I sat up and repeated the process lovingly with her other leg.

‘Oh, you’re getting good at this.’

‘Thanks,’ I said as I was again near her cunt.

‘Now lie stomach down like you were before.’

I again did as she said.

‘There’s a part where my leg meets an area around my cunt. I want to you lick there on both sides.’

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and proceeded to slide my tongue up and down both of these cracks. I heard her moan and felt her arch her back slightly, her arms moving to hold the pillows around her. She eventually rested her thighs on my shoulders as I continued to do this. Soon, when she felt she had enough, she reached her hands down and lifted my face to look up at her.

‘Now, I want you to suck on my pussy lips for a bit. Then you’ll use your tongue to lick around my lips and then inside. But don’t go too far up yet. I’ll let you know when you can. Got it?’

I didn’t even answer. I just lowered my head and took one of her pussy lips in my mouth. She quivered and swung her head up as she moaned in that irresistibly sexy way. Her hands grabbed my head as I sucked on the other part for a bit. She tasted incredible and the scent of her coupled with the mental aspect of all this was almost too much. I basically held this woman captive between my face and arms and all she could do was cry out in pleasure. The power I held over her was intoxicating and just made her taste even better when I finally took my tongue and licked up inside her pussy. She bucked slightly at this and closed her legs a bit on the sides of my head. I flicked my tongue inside and just to see what would happen, I took it out and darted it in and out, making my tongue a makeshift cock that was now fucking her. I heard her moan every time I shoved it inside. She grabbed my head even more and in doing so, she inadvertently pressed my nose to her clit, which made her cry out even more. I even got a little adventurous and took my tongue out to move down a bit and lick her asshole. She bucked again.

‘Oh my God!’ she said breathlessly.

I licked her asshole even more and ran my tongue around it firmly. Then I brought it back to her pussy and shoved as much as I could inside her.

‘Up! Now, up! Lick my clit,’ she pleaded, obviously finding it hard to say the words. Of course, obedient as I was, I obliged and slid my tongue up to where her pussy lips met. She gasped when I made contact. I flicked it again and again only to hear her in a frenzy, panting quickly and frantically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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